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Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 23 November 2021, 19:49:18 »
i don't know. can't remember. the most dangerous hero by far i think is still Toxeus, the one NOT in secret passage

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 22 November 2021, 13:04:12 »
Couldn't take a screenshot but Durgos Hawkeye. His dot was deadly, even regrowth + health pot couldn't save my ass, I just died within a sec or two.

just want to say (anyone playing deathless can take this as a warning), heroes in TQ can be dangerous. usually they are almost harmless, but sometimes they can be dangerous. they differ from bosses in that the equipment they drop, they are using that. like Typhon and Hades, the equipment they drop, they're not using those. but heroes, they are using those. there was a time i was almost killed by a random hero monster. i was getting hit but it was nothing. then one of its shots, just one hit then DUDUN. that sound when your health gets very low. when i killed it, i saw it was using a weapon with a x% chance of xx damage

i did a full reformat about couple of months ago so my character i have here is gone

but here is anastasia

Spoiler for Hiden:

forgot to take screenshot of megalesios corpse, but it's seen in greatest monster killed

world chess championship is about to come and i'm a fan of nepo, so i'll try to watch. and i watch nba almost everyday too so those are gonna take my time. but i'll try to finish act 2 before then

i'm giving medea full control of this thread. anyone can join..... but before that, i'm adding a rule i'm borrowing from tqrunner - no pressing the Esc button to avoid incoming possible death

General Discussion / Re: Diary of a teenage Juggernaut
« on: 18 November 2021, 23:20:43 »
i searched on twitch and watched a little bit. dem that must feel satisfying. you used thrown weapon on secondary and frequently changed items. i totally get that. gratz that's very nice

edit: yeah. there should be a rule against pressing ESC button on hardcore challenges. i never did that on my earth/rogue deathless run

ow. i did that? dem i don't remember. i don't want to be the host though

200+ str, 400+ int, 400+ dex

i should add that it should be low 200. probably just enough to equip neiths will and shield of rumination. if you're already using blue dragon scales, you should probably hold off from adding any points to str for now

400 dex because you'll still need some DA. and it opens your option for a SB cuffs and/or hunters helm

it's not easy. but there's something i used to do that made it so much easier. just target 300 int and 300 dex end of normal. then 400 int 400 dex, end of epic.

of rumination - merchants. iirc act 3 normal and onwards

so you're really serious about str. it's almost impossible. but whatever. it's your game. your choice

know what? i've played enough self-found that i can name recharge items that you might get, without looking at tq-db

oracle helm almost wouldn't matter as you'd replace it as early as.. about act 3 normal.

amber necklace. your game could hinge on this honestly. act 5 normal. sometimes it drops, sometimes it don't

those shields almost doesn't matter because a green shield of of concentration or of rumination is almost always better. except maybe rings of the rhine. but honestly a green shield of rumination socketed with legendary rigid carapace with 40% pierce res completion bonus might be better

those helms don't matter because same with shield. the problem is recharge suffix on helms only appear on mage helms. and shields, all shields are strength. (edit: no not all shields are strength, but you know what i mean)

so the best advice i can give you is 200+ str, 400+ int, 400+ dex. go for neiths will + green shield of rumination socketed with rigid pierce res. you can go for 2 neiths will because of warfare, but that might kill your resists

you'll still need all skills for ancestral warriors lasting legacy so SB cuffs.... but nnngggghhhh. bracer slot is your chance for more recharge. there are act 5 bracers with recharge that drops on self-found runs. this is where it gets complicated really. hard choice here

that golden fleece with recharge, forget about it. you'll never get it. i don't care what tq-db says.

i really think the devs missed making an early to mid game recharge artifact. there are only 2 recharge artifacts: talisman of the jade emperor and gambanteinn. talisman of the jade emperor requires incarnation of jade emperor, which only drops in act 3 legendary. gambanteinn is worse because it requires an act 5 legendary relic. it's like they didn't think about self-found players

if you plan to also do this deathless... well... good luck... you'll need it. you're crazy

@MedeaFleecestealer can you make a self-found, no deaths challenge? i don't want to host it. rules would be simple: play it untwinked and you're not allowed to die. that's it. and maybe no cheating. you can only do what the game allows you to do (except twinking)

i know it's possible with nature refresh. permanent outsider or permanent ancestral warriors

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Old player needs help
« on: 10 November 2021, 20:04:56 »
It's a waste of time if you expect any decent help from this site.
[insert stabbing emoji]
well... i suggested a youtube channel managed by this site long time ago. I'm even willing to contribute all my videos. maybe even add new ones?

site could even use a social media account i think. could be managed by the highest admins here

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Old player needs help
« on: 09 November 2021, 21:30:40 »
OP, nah I'm not mad nor disturbed. how can i be when medea is twice my age?  ^-^

and we have a forum friend here who's silent now but hopefully he's ok, he said few months ago that he's 98 yrs old

i have never played a diviner so sorry i can't help with that. i don't even remember what a diviner is lol

Around the world / Re: What's your first video game/s as a child?
« on: 09 November 2021, 10:38:45 »
oh yes classic

if you're aware, tank is also battle city. i have it listed on mine

Around the world / What's your first video game/s as a child?
« on: 08 November 2021, 02:54:55 »
tell me your age without telling me your age

my first video games were family computer games pacman, super mario, battle city, galaxian, ice climber, bomber man, etc

get in here lurkers, whether you still play or not  O0

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Old player needs help
« on: 08 November 2021, 02:49:53 »
wait... so you played this game 10 yrs ago as a child, and you see yourself as "old player"?

geez my first video games as a child were family computer games, pacman, super mario, battle city, galaxian, etc. and there are some people here older than me. what does that make us, like prehistoric cavemen? lol jk

but to answer your question, if you have that * staff in your vault, that's probably the best starter weapon. for casters some oracle sets. for melees honestly just the best weapon you can equip

but since you said you have ragnarok and atlantis, i say just go through with it without cheesing with overpowered items. you'll discover some things like small torch being the solution for warrior chars having problems with alastor. (it's well known now that alastor can be a pain for warrior characters early game). or you'll find some weird items like bow with +1 to defense. or staff with physical damage

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