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Don't mess with life drain, it is mostly the same as before.

Spirit can be played as vitality damage mastery with vit damage staves, there are currently 3 in the game. Highest damage one is Praxidikae. You need it to try the whole thing.

I wrote some observations on vitality ternion diviner link. Torstein159 published a video not long ago link.

Vitality diviner is a build that can be considered top but with its staves requirement its heavily gear dependant of course. My diviner did something like 7,5K damage per projectile with deathchill, its 22K point plank. How much hp does legendary Typhon have? I don't remember the exact number, but he is the toughest boss in the game along wtih Hydra, and he died in 8 hits. Most bosses do not have that much and die is 3-5. Its like you come to the place, cast dark covenant, drop circle of power, hit-hit-hit its over. Liche is not needed there as he will always be too late. Maybe with mods like massboss he won't.

Constructs are immune to vitality damage and you should consider having another type to deal with them.

General Discussion / Re: TQ Fans Forum Layout Ideas
« on: 20 March 2019, 13:07:01 »
Good thing you're reconsidering this. I'm sure, the reason general is the "main hub" is because 90% of people are confused or not even aware the others exist. People see "mod" written all over it and stop at that. Definitely separate mods from masteries.

You can using modified " game.dll " file to show direct dmg of character. It can help you see how good gear change affect to your attack dmg.
I think last time we tried to check it it turned out that modified game.dll makes floating numbers show your physical damage on ranged attacks, much like melee attacks do. Any non-physical is lost, but its what you actually need to know. Unless you know how to adress that specifically.

If you are interested in it, Koderkrazy made it into cheat table, and that one actually displays non-physical.

i can't switch them, because they provide me with flat int, flat str, and +20% int.
And that int is from Durinn. Looks like you crafted yourself into a corner or something. Maybe you can replace one str/health ring with int mana though, if max strength you need is 320.

caster gear is so poor in TQ.
you really are a hater it's unbelievable.. but i won't start an argument.. sorry but i don't mean to be rude
Caster phobia! And then you ask "why do you hate us so much?" You really need a... different fix in gaming, this one is getting old. Its not hate, its stating and discussing things. By old team design decisions, warriors items in this game got warrior related stats, like strength, health, DA, pierce resistance, armor. Caster items got intelligence, mana and regen, cast speed, skill interruption protection and reduced recharge. They just forgot to spare some of the other part to both. New team tried to fix this mess with new items and redesigning old ones, but not nearly enough, there are still fuckton of shit caster gear, and try to get simple cast speed as melee without elemental related green rings or the like. And while lacking cast speed and recharge can be unpleasant, lacking resists and DA might be really painful.

If you remove Ragnarok items, what would you have for boots slot with decent resists and DA/hp, not counting demonhide? Leggins of the defiled, Santa's boots. Looks like all? Blackbeard's booties, if you are a fire mage perhaps and desperately need cold and lightning res.

And if you need to invest in strength as int character to get some basic defense stats, the game might have problems with itemisation.

I had demonhide greaves from someone's else shared stash but never used them because never dropped them legitimately.

If you are using stonebinders you have +5 all skills. I won't look over your skills now to see whether you really need that or not, sorry, maybe later in the evening. But if your lich is "optional" then perhaps not. You can replace these demonhides with leggins of the defiled, Freija's boots or boots of the allfather. Or perhaps look better among dex and str gear when you have stats like these, caster gear is so poor in TQ.

discs of Mani Belisama's greaves both have ok droprate in game. Or you can take very common Tracian shin guards for 20% str, then replace one of your rings with either Apollo's will or star of Elysium

General Discussion / Re: Juggernaut - True Hybrid?
« on: 03 March 2019, 13:15:03 »
Batter tends to be my RMB skill and it is fantastic at clearing out the weaker mobs around you, even at 1 point because of how the shield abilities work
I'm sorry but that is not going to fly. Elemental melee juggernaut needs some amazing gear to be anything decent, and you want to do that without conversion and with one pointer skill. Then add some of the worst damage spells in the game.

When it falls apart mid to late epic, if you will even care to try to continue. Remember, that your way out is to drop attacks and use best spells available together with a strong debuff. Or perhaps go all attacks, but then its best done as a physical build.

General Discussion / Re: Juggernaut - True Hybrid?
« on: 02 March 2019, 20:49:23 »
Just looked at that titancalc and I am confused.

You have seen my recent post on flame surge, did you? Link. And that does not stop you from wanting flame surge on a juggernaut?

What do you need batter for at one point exactly? You are aware that ring of flame costs 16 mana per second while doing approx nothing? Defense WPS with spells are redundant, better use one or the other. Unless you want to go physical spells, but I thought you want fire.

You can always swap flame surge with volcanic orb. And at that point you will just have to decide how you get debuff, which is important for you. I believe its best done with throwing weapons like winds of Asphodel, or perhaps some combination of Monkey Kings, Shen-Nong and twisted Coil of the Parasite.

Rogue AE / Re: Poison damage deserves better
« on: 28 February 2019, 21:16:00 »
If rogue mastery is not a poison mastery, which one is? Raptor.jpg

TQAE Trading / Hallowed TQ Vault of the Mammoth
« on: 27 February 2019, 19:15:36 »
I'm getting bored with Titan Quest, and with Grim Dawn expansion coming and personal time shrinking will likely have to abandon it sometime soon. I'll push some of my item collections to the public - since similar vaults with legendaries exist here already, what I am sharing is mostly greens and monster infrequents collected over my playthroughs. Some of these were cherrypicked from older stashes, others collected in ragnarok time with lower pretentions.

dropbox link

Threre are four stashes in this file, one with an assortment of basic items, one with jewellery, one with MIs and one with shields. They are probably located in C:\Users\your username\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest\TQVaultData , and work with TQvaultAE

Rogue AE / Re: Poison damage deserves better
« on: 27 February 2019, 18:00:07 »
Showcasing phys/pierce primary poison secondary damage

Whoever tried to build a corsair should know that unlike brigands they lack debuff, so using some on gear is necessary. This one does it with Hugin and Munin, one Monkey King and Shen-Nong. Another one I made long time ago used Mbuti Advocate.

When using spears with defense WPS you are technically losing DPS on part of your attacks: some of these WPS hit with both weapon and shield, while others with shield only. Shield damage is much lower than that of spears. This may be avoided by not investing skill points into corresponding WPS though. For swords it is the opposite, sword damage is approx on par with shields, so you don't lose on shield attacks. And whenever you add weapon + shield WPS into rotation you gain.

Guides AE / Re: DW Spellbreaker - Hardcore and Farming setups
« on: 25 February 2019, 22:13:52 »
Surviving on battle standard with 800 DA as a melee is hilarious, last time I played with that much I tried to never let anything near. BS is an object that can be destroyed by the way. And deathchill... yeah, nullified.

Earth AE / Re: Using flame surge skill
« on: 24 February 2019, 15:55:12 »
short range with not enough reduced resists.. late game ToW does not hold for me.. unless maybe it's a tanky enough melee build
Thats a feauture. Close range spells are a thing in other arpgs, there are others close range spells in dream, and this one was meant to be played that way. But it has issues with numbers.

Earth AE / Using flame surge skill
« on: 23 February 2019, 15:59:55 »
I've been trying to build an evoker around using two close range spells, flame surge and DR/TR with TOW. Ran into problems with flame surge damage in epic act 5. Looks like a clear warning, if it has issues in epic, it will run into a wall in legendary, and I don't seem to know how to fix it. Or perhaps I do, 2x seals of Hephestos, Eye of Ra, Hesione's Golden Veil, but I don't want to do that. It will ruin resists and other stats and playing melee with poor defenses is unpleasant. I'm not sure it will suffice to fix it either.


Flame surge was buffed in anniversary but apparently is still a poor skill. Its damage is approx on par with ice shards. Ice shards can shotgun, while flame surge hits with one projectile per cast unless the target has a very large hitbox.

Skill has one more infuriating "feature": it can't hit certain mobs that hover above the ground, like valkyries and Hades in final form.

Bah, spear brigand.

Pre Anniversary edition strength gives more damage than dexterity for spear attacks, common distribution is 1 : 1 str : dex. Post anniversary dexterity gives more, but you still need quite some strength for items, for other dexterity builds I went 1 : 1 until approx level 60, then all in dexterity.

Here is a rough draft for IT TitanCalc. For Ragnarok its the same except you will have oh so many skill points and nowhere to spend them, just max whatever you wish.

First priority for maxing is calculated strike, then hunting passives and resists, wood lore, herbal remedy. Study prey (debuff), pierce auras and buffs, art of the hunt, blade honing, call of the hunt. Lethal strike (boss killer), envenom weapon and flash powder (CC). You can use throwing knives with envenom weapon instead of flash powder. Or both, but I think its redundant. In Ragnarok you can also max envenom weapon skill line fully, mortal wound modifier to lethal strike, throwing knives and anatomy to add some poison and a little bleed DOTs. But its best done with just some poison gear, like parts of the assasin set, Ismene's helm and the like. Poison gives you ranged DOT attack (knives) and kills off any wounded mobs, like running away or confused.

Max both masteries and calc strike first, leaving everything else at 1 pt as usual. Then add points to skills in the order described.

15 if you used to know mechanics you should read it. Overall its 98 positive changes per 1 negative and 1 weird. Anniversary is a good feat, Ragnarok on the other hand...

1 - Nordic replaced nonfunctional MP with something thats supposed to work. Strange, but I never tested it.

2 - See the changelog.

3 - Yes, but they will gain a few levels and some skills might work different, see the changelog.

4 - No.

5 - most people here are not into meta, its a group of modders each into their own thing, so no. But maybe check this post

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