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edit 3: and please don't say you can't find an occult or a plato's.. i always find my rings from vendors even at normal.. if you say that, it's clear you just don't want to

that just doesn't add up.. an accomplished hero character has 455 health..
botebote77 suspects something :). More inconsistencies? Of course after 1000 hours of playtime he has all the demon's bloods and what not. Knows the game pretty well too.

I'm surprised people jump in to feed the guy again.

I've been with a templar through that same area, start of act 4 legendary, and formycids are really a bad example. Lamias just above can do more, and any archers even more. Both would make an opposite example.

I didn't try to get max pierce resistance on that character though, and exactly for the reason that block exists.

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 15 July 2018, 10:15:52 »
You do not trust me so much to send me to google translate, Medea?  :)

Sure, there are no strict rules how to spell same letters in different languages, Alvyss, or maybe Alviss. There is one thing that I can think of. At there are drop tables for items with monster names in them, maybe these heroes can be found there with ctrl+F for something like relic recipes. Geomancer's name is Alviss according to that database, and I cannot find the others two, maybe because they cannot drop anything.

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 15 July 2018, 00:10:22 »
What is this thread?

I can find a few in store, but their names are not in english, and I do not know them. Might ask google, but not sure it knows either. But I can try to guess

- geomancer Alvyss

- Terror the Dark?

- Blerg the bloated draugr

Hunting AE / Re: Elemental Archer Sage build showcase
« on: 14 July 2018, 19:24:01 »
Actually, it made an impression of having better clear speed than dragon hunter sometimes. Same places, same mobs, less shots needed and no extra spells. That must be because rune weapon needs charges first, or even combination of that and bramblewood instant debuff on hit. But thats when mobs are not fast and dangerous, otherwise she has to run backwards too much like in the video. Dragon hunter is a much better boss killer, when she actually gains these charges. And much more resilent in melee.

Maybe that poor DA on sage can be improved radically by equipping something like chest from the Freyja set, but that will make more changes necessary, like where to get more energy regen or cost reduction, resists, strength if its not enough, etc.

Hunting AE / Elemental Archer Sage build showcase
« on: 14 July 2018, 15:33:30 »
Hello, you might remember my previous elemental conversion build, dragon hunter. This time I have a new one.


This one went with storm mastery that has some others useful assets for elemental weapons user, instead of intelligence there is flat damage and percentage damage increases in skills like storm nimbus and eye of the storm. Since the build cannot scale intelligence properly needing lots of dexterity for bows, it scales flat and % damage from both gear and skills.

Stat distribution is 8 points in strength, then dexterity : intelligence 1 : 1 until level 64, then all in intellinence. Normal and epic stat points rewarded for quests go in health (12 points).

This is the epitome of glass cannon with low DA, hp, no defensive stats anywhere except squall damage reduction and not much CC.

Hunting mastery is still there with its debuff in flush out, volley WPS, wood lore and minor utility skills like herbal remedy and find cover/trail blazing. Maxed movespeed is a useful asset for survival especially since this build can't do much else in certain situations having rather poor crowd control. Marksmanship is also used as main attack with no better alternatives.

Build puts points in multiple crowd control skills, thunderball, freezing blast, ensnare and monster lure. This is because their effects do not affect all mobs equally. Yotuns for example are not affected by any of them, and I had to go through most of legendary Yotunheim with spear and shield. Eldyotuns are immune to freezing, but can be stunned and immobilized. Crystal golems can't be stunned. This forces the build to use different combinations in different places. Squall, besides its debuff is used to put impair aim on archers and is the only reliable tool here.

Spell breaker is a versatile utility skill to remove buffs and reset skills on mobs, casting it proves useful on half of all the mobs in the game. Casters and magical are most affected of course. Kelpie, for example, are fully neutered, everything they do seems to be a spell and they can only follow you tragically after this, while slowly losing health to electric burn and squall.

Gear screens:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Using bows and other two handers strips the character of 1-2 resistance sources and maxing them is harder. Bows aren't easy to use in Anniversary edition game.

Chest - Prowler's cuirass with Eldhrimnir stew for energy regen, this is a resistance chest with energy regen relic that has even more resist

Helm - Golden Agris - used for damage conversion to elemental. This or a similar item is necessary for adequate DPS

Hands - Stonebinder cuffs with primal magma - easy +3 all skills for a dexterity build, primal magma here is a way to get adequate fire resistance. I'd love to use cold essence there but 20% fire resistance in legendary is unbearable.

Feet - Boots of Freyja - resistances, DA, recharge

Necklace - Shavo's relic - 60% elemental damage is to scale it without int. There aren't many items like that unfortunately, I can remember Hesione's golden veil but have a necessary competitor for the helm slot

Ring 1 - Common ring with arctic prefix and legendary eitr - lots of flat damage on one item

Ring 2 - Common ring with occult prefix and legendary eitr - for cast speed and more flat elemental damage

Apples of Idun artifact is for vitality resistance and that rare stun resistance

Main weapon - Bramblewood bow with Anubis wrath for lifesteal and attack speed - there are no better bows in the game still and that one has lots of flat elemental damage on it. I tried a bramblewood with lifesteal on it and chill of tartarus relic to capitalize on stacking slow (with arctic ring), but 170% attack speed with 30% slow is better than 140% as with 60% slow.

I forgot to add secondary weapon set, there is a chtonian spike spear for offensive ability the build is lacking, and a shield from act 2 normal with shade of Hector relic, a pure stat stick for DA.

A video with Mimir's maze, Doppelganger and Mimir himself

Nature AE / Re: The optimal Ritualist build?
« on: 14 July 2018, 11:59:16 »
I have no idea how caster ritualist performs and will not speculate now.

I've been complaining here that full summoner ritualist still suffers a slowdown at the very end of legendary when using not ideal gear. It is the result of monster hp and damage scaling, though, how much damage do you think these pathetic wolves do?

Spoiler for Hiden:

- 5-9K per hit, like an average hero. Damage is acually not the problem, though adding more of it helps. It is how they distribute it, AI that makes them run in different directions. Their hp is also still too low for that part of the game. When they do so, they are almost instantly debuffed and at low health, so I have to call them back, heal out of their near death experience and point at mob manually or else they run in same directions again, several times per fight. That is not comfortable.

A summoner would only use stats for gear stat requirements but still needs lots of them. I did a summoner champion with almost 1 : 1: 1 str : int : dex ratio, stonebinders, armor of Odysseus and a staff, but that was before Anniversary. When using pet jewellery and no %str or %int items you might still need something granting stats even to equip your main stat gear. Highest requirement on staves is 640 int, str gear is 600+ str, stonebinders - 425 dex, prowlers cuirass - 480. I think I went 2 : 1 int : dex on my ritualist and still can only equip best staves only with requirements reducing items.

3. Is spear a good choice for melee?
If you invest in its damage its good, like all things I guess. I would dare say spears are actually best melee weapons in the game, but it doesn't mean you don't need to invest in them when using them.

Other Modifications / Re: QuickFire/Instant Cast
« on: 13 July 2018, 21:25:29 »
Ok, got it, thank you.

Other Modifications / Re: QuickFire/Instant Cast
« on: 13 July 2018, 20:37:54 »
It would be awesome if it worked with 1 2 3 4 q w e r a s d instead of 1234567890. But I have no idea how to do it.
I've updated it:!zWJVRKpI!4Nq4yKTMp-w9LkiaJZ8KS7JpA6f3pPjoCS7Uy8PNDZs
Thanks for the effort, but what is this, a compiled exe? I have both autohotkey and autoit installed, a script would suffice. Or you can even tell me what to do. This exe file does nothing.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 13 July 2018, 15:28:57 »
Stonespeaker has to be one of the better combinations left for earth in ragnarok. I haven't tried it, just judging from the surface. Fire elemental damage needs to deal with fire resistance and fire damage absorbtion some mobs have. For absorbtion there is rune weapon that hits with 3 elements, and for resistances - a debuff in aftershock, even if not very convenient, it should suffice for bosses.

Comparing it with hybrid attack builds like avengers and the like, everything that elemental mastery can do, rune can usually do better. It has inbuilt skills for that and is more about using weapons than casting spells. Rune weapon, runeword feather and runeword explode.

Stonespeaker would rather be a spellcaster occasionally using weapons. Spells primary, weapons secondary. Though maybe you aren't forced to do that and can build the opposite.

Other Modifications / Re: QuickFire/Instant Cast
« on: 13 July 2018, 14:21:05 »
It would be awesome if it worked with 1 2 3 4 q w e r a s d instead of 1234567890. But I have no idea how to do it.

I have no idea why you people so religiously defend such things as if your life depends on them.. I'm really throwing the towel here, you win..
I actually felt bad about tholuneve more than I did for myself here, because he used all that time to write those long paragraphs just to be refuted again and again to no end..
Arguing on the internet is tireing isn't it? If he spent all the time writing it he won't be regretting it, but why do you even do that? Its clear without explaining, what is important is yours conclusions.

Situation: the skill does not live up to your expectations. What do?

Lets get rid of it quick, not wasting a single point in it


Keep it if you have points, there are no useless defense layers.

You are going to throw block out of the window in a dedicated block build. You mad bro. TQ is a simplistic game ofc, maybe it will tolerate that too for what play time you have left on that character.

Also, its not like weather you know, the wind has blown and your block has broke. Its numbers that can be fixed, you just have to find a way to tell the people working on it. :)

So before we say something is good or bad, I think we should look at the mechanism first, and that is where the problems raise.
The first mechanism is what botebote77 already mentioned, block recovery cap: In AE/R, shield recovery time (or maybe just call it block cooldown) has been capped at 90%, which is 0.25 sec or 0.3 sec.
Personally I think that is the second most stupid change AE made.
You are not supposed to have that. Nothing that resembles invulnerability, or can possibly be made into such, has its place in the game. It is broken mechanics that trivialize the game. Make it too uneven depending on whether you have it or not. Damn, why am I pushing this idea here over and over, like its new.

Instead you get a not-out-of-ordinary defense mechanic that you can add to all the others that you use. Or not, perhaps you do not want it, players shouldn't be penalized for not taking skills because they are press this button to win.

Apparently, though Nordic did the first step of nerfing it, they didn't do the second one, that is balancing the flat numbers against mobs in game. Max damage blocked, but maybe block recovery cap too. When expansion mobs level and stats went up, these flat numbers went out of touch again. What was it in previous time, summoners and their pets? It should require an active dev team willing to do that sort of balancing though, so not sure if Nordic gets to the problem any time soon.

I don't know where zero sum attitude comes from, but would have thought Titan Quest had these stats like that because its old. "Balance" wasn't common enough to pursue at the time in a single player game.

I'll be going to act 5 legendary with -50% bleed resistance and less than 5K hp now, and without briar wards or menhir walls. Thats where I'd appreciate 100% uptime quick recovery. If I only had it  :(

Perhaps it is not fair that the build that is supposed to be classic defense, heavy armored melee, benefits from it the least. But the skill itself is fine and not broken. It has to do with armor values on heavy armor being almost in the same range as damage blocked on shields. Armor can be improved but "+%damage blocked" stat does not exist, or is it so rare that I do not remember a single item with this. It exists in Grim dawn.

Sure, developers are strange  :)

I believe its the mentality of all or nothing that is wrong. Invulnerability ftw or not touching the skill. The skill offers you a small-to-average boost to defense, which might be critical, or it might not. With changes to make all these caps to stats like block too the game made a grim dawnish turn. And look at that game, if it gives you hp skill, its 25%, not over 100%, 5% DA not 100% DA. Small increments to sum up into decisive advantage. A small thing you say? Excellent, might be just the thing that tips the balance to your favor.

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