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Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Gambanteinn question
« on: 15 July 2018, 23:32:31 »
i have my own answer here but I'm not 100% sure so might as well ask

Gambanteinn has 25% chance of +200% elemental damage.. that proc elemental damage should also apply to spells right since it's from an artifact? like ice shard, volcanic orb, eruption?

actually even if it's from a weapon i think it should apply also to spells because it's also %elemental damage, just a proc

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 15 July 2018, 14:22:56 »
wow.. here's to hoping you can play past those 2 years

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 15 July 2018, 11:55:02 »
Hey botebote77

Am aiming to release later this year after beta testing.  On that note, I'll likely invite some of you guys from the TQ community to take part in the beta  8)
I'm in

don't want to do any more tests I'm too lazy for that.. i can't even use my PC right now it's having problems.. btw those are not my mechanics too i merely provided links to

1) steamcommunity
2) titanquest.wikia
3) something that i previously debunked

and I've tested quick recovery before and it works.. so it's not useless because the only way it would be useless is if it doesn't work

one thing i noticed about your tests, you used it against empusa but empusa deal AoE damage right? shield can't block that right? it's not that i don't trust you man but i think empusa is not the right monster to test it with.. actually i don't care if it's before or after.. it's not a big issue for me

What is it about? the game itself or something else?

this it but i wanted to keep it light, so...

About Diablo, yeah that synergy bullshit right?
yes exactly

General Discussion / Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 15 July 2018, 09:51:39 »
(This is not a critique or resentment to the game.  Sometimes itís good to have fun  ::)  )

Aloha!  So letís talk about items.  I know many items are good, some are so so.  But some are just plain out weird.

What is up with that reduced int requirement for armors and weapons? Why would you need to reduce int requirement when the item itself requires high int already?  Well i know it has itís uses butÖ really? -30% int requirement for a lvl 48 mage item?  The reduced int requirement for weapons is even more weird.  The only int based weapons in this game are staves.  Reduced requirements, especially as high as 30%, is usually sought out so you can keep said stat to as low as minimum.  So basically, if you want to equip a staff, you would want to keep intelligence to as low possible because why would you need int for a staff weilder right?  Eh?  Is that right?  bonkers.

Veterans know that the best use for that is if you want to twink your toon to equip lvl 48 or below staves but with higher int requirement like Caduceus and Eye of Osiris to name a few.  But veterans also know that itís a poorly thought out design because soon you can equip it anyway without the need for -30% int requirement.  The boots will just outgrow itís usefulness and itís a shame because itís part of a pretty good set.

80% Reduced Defensive Ability.  On a bow.  Really now. Well yeah itís still useful for a petmaster and for multiplayer.  Ok ranger, because this is one of the best weapons for a ranger right?  Surely a good tactic for a ranger is equipping a bow that reduces defensive ability right?  Forget about your own damage, the important thing is your wolves deal more damage.  And multiplayer because if you want to play an archer on  a multiplayer, surely you would want to be a support.  Right?  Get a grip.

So letís talk about Ragnarok items..

Devs:  Itís Ragnarok and part of the new content is we will be adding a new type of weapon
Us:  Ok weíll farm for them
Devs:  Yes.  Weíll make sure you find them.  Lots and lots and lots of them
Us:  This is too much really.  We want to find other items too  :-\
Devs:  You're welcome  >:D

Devs:  You know you should really try a club for a Hunting toon
Us:  Eh? Why would we want a club when a spear or bow is the ideal weapon?
Devs:  Because weíll make it very good for you
Us:  Ok Iíll use it for my conqueror
Devs:  No please. Weíll even add +2 to Hunting

there  ;)

Devs:  Weíve included many new items.  You should try them
Us:  Ok weíll mix it with some of our items
Devs:  Ah no.  Those vanilla items are outdated now.  You can forget about them.  Weíll prove it to you

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 15 July 2018, 06:57:00 »
it's not surprising at all.. normal i hardly buy any potions if at all.. late legendary most of my characters buy health potions.. i think the only characters that don't is my haruspex and skinchanger.. those 2 characters are focused on survivability.. buying health potions does not mean that your character is weak be it normal or legendary.. some are just focused more on survivability, some on offense.. nothing wrong with that

Nature AE / Re: The optimal Ritualist build?
« on: 15 July 2018, 01:59:01 »
there is one downside to a pure strength dream caster

good luck getting very high physical resistance when facing mobs and bosses that deal thorns damage

this is one advantage of an elemental build.. it's easy to get high elemental resistance and absorption

ternion cold staff is the only other cold damage skill
but we want a cold spell

i once said somewhere before that i think it's better if freezing blast be replaced by a less CC focused but more damage cold skill.. mmm sorceress blizzard diablo 2

edit: but ice shard is pretty strong if you focus on it and if you manage to solve energy problems.. except it's weak against frost elementals.. but that's just fair considering there are also fire elementals

Guides AE / Re: Mage Haruspex Build
« on: 14 July 2018, 18:33:49 »
after rereading my guide, i think i might've been a little too harsh on the old build Haruspex :)

of course a veteran can make it work

perhaps it's the result of some of what I've read :D

still, this clears mobs faster, also has high DA, and much probably safer because of  monster lure and all those CCs

Nature AE / Re: The optimal Ritualist build?
« on: 14 July 2018, 17:25:30 »

How would you distribute stats for a Str/Int char? Distortion Wave seems like a good choice indeed, but I never figured out how to make a proper build which focus on the physical part of it...
i very rarely play it anymore.. good thing i wrote a guide

my endgame items have been changed a bit iirc the chest armor is now batrachos breastplate with golden fleece, Athena's battle greaves, Pelaron, then ring of taranis in favor of crest of murong i think.. basically a little less resists in favor of a bit more damage.. but still positive resists

Hunting AE / Re: Elemental Archer Sage build showcase
« on: 14 July 2018, 16:47:41 »
my my i see elemental conversion without rune has been done already.. mine is dreamkiller and I'm planning to equip golden agris + gambanteinn for 100% conversion.. I'm a little worried after seeing you only got your int to 500+.. but i think i can get it higher.. i have finished gear set-up theorycraft already computing how my resists would be on legendary.. I'm not impressed with your kill speed :(

I like that you show spell breaker works on golems when they decide to do that thorns skill.. i think I've mentioned that in another thread but only in text.. how lucky of you Doppelganger dropped one of your items.. Doppelganger hates me

Nature AE / Re: The optimal Ritualist build?
« on: 14 July 2018, 12:45:09 »
never played ritualist but i can safely say that traps are so much stronger than wolves.. plus you can throw them and stay far back behind.. like i did with Typhon here:

Spoiler for Hiden:
last part.. actually i could've thrown it much farther if i zoomed out my view.. for traps, 3 jewelries are enough

but that one is not ritualist

but for playing HC, i really wouldn't recommend a pure petmaster.. people think it's safe because you don't have to fight.. i say it's safer if you can kill mobs and bosses much quicker

Nature AE / Re: The optimal Ritualist build?
« on: 14 July 2018, 05:34:20 »
i am not here to provide answers.. i am here for more questions :D
the (4) though i can answer

what is pure petmancer stat distribution? some people make it pure int to equip a pet buff staff.. but i think that would be a mistake because you will end up with much higher int than you need.. i have seen str+dex+int petmasters with dex being the highest endgame to get as much DA as possible.. that one i can agree with.. but my skinchanger, the closest i have to a pure petmaster, is str+dex+int until end of epic and then start of legendary onwards, i pumped only health.. but that is because i did not rely on DA for survivability but briar ward + damage absorption combo.. something only possible for a skinchanger.. for what it's worth, i think stat distribution for a petmaster should be str+dex+int because since you will not deal damage anyway, you are better off equipping the best items you can find whatever the requirement is.. but do not start hybrid stat right away, start with 1 or 2 stats except pure dex

random thoughts: i think the best character for a HC run would be something you enjoy playing so you can focus on that character only.. i play many characters and when i focus on one character, then switch to another, there is always a time for adjustment so i can get used to it again.. that time for adjustment can sometimes lead to a death.. there is also the case for my mage Haruspex.. it went really smooth i could've played it no deaths.. until i got bored playing it because it's too repetitive.. when i got to 3 Fafnirs, i found it enjoyable again i couldn't resist the urge to play them like 10x.. boom 2 deaths :)) .. i don't regret it though

i do believe that there are different ways to building a class and i do like that you are considering different builds for a ritualist.. i do not believe that there is a hierarchy to class builds, something i think many people will not agree with.. i think some are just harder to build but not necessarily better than others.. what i mean to say is i think a ritualist is just as good as any class for a HC run so long as you can find a build and playstyle that suits you along with a good gear set-up

now for 4th question, i think that would be difficult.. distort reality has 12 seconds cooldown and at 80% CDR, you can only get it to as low as 2.4secs and the damage would still be not enough at least for a str build.. distortion wave would be better for that because the first 2 skills scales with str and the reduced armor really helps.. the problem is the energy cost is HUGE for a non-int build.. you can wear golden fleece and seal of the high priest but would that be worth it for a physical damage build? i don't think so.. i think the best build to utilize distortion wave is str+int and i think the devs made it that way as evidenced by the fact that the first 2 skills scales with str but the 3rd scales with int.. this one i can say from experience.. my Haruspex has no other attack but distortion wave and my first dreamkiller, part of that theorycraft is reducing armor with distortion wave then letting traps deal physical damage.. my bracers were also twisted coil of the parasite to reduce resists via throwing knives

finally, i think character building should be free and not be bound by any rules so please feel free to build a str build dream caster and prove me wrong :)) i promise i would not be mad.. in fact, if you succeed, i would be happy because there is another ridiculous build.. pls share it with us if you decide to do so

edit: hey right maybe it's possible with tranquility of water and sanctuary, then plague of course.. i say go for it  >:D

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 13 July 2018, 22:19:47 »
I'll also butt in although might not be necessary :/

first off, i agree with what Firebrand had to say.. throw volcanic orbs first then finish the rest with weapon attacks.. do not engage mobs, let them engage you.. that is what i would do if i play a Stonespeaker.. in fact that is what i do primarily with my spellcasters.. I've played storm so many times already and i always prefer casting lightning bolt first.. the stun, even for 1 second really helps.. VO has 1.5.. but what is more important is you hold the advantage when you can attack while mobs are engaging you instead of the other way around

side story: i think i remember a thread in the old forum where people are saying distortion wave is better than distort reality because distort reality would require you to be near mobs.. well, I'm not one to say which skill is better but i can say that if that is their reasoning, they are using distort reality the wrong way.. you do not get near mobs just to cast distort reality, you cast it when they get near you.. those 2 skills should be used differently.. i wasn't able to butt in that time because i never registered

back to the story: rune mastery might not be good spellcasting wise but it can be good as a secondary mastery.. the reason is runeword:feather, reckless offense, energy armor, menhir wall and rune of life.. rune of life is a really good skill for gear optimization for any character not just for a spellcaster.. the reason is you have the option to not go with demons blood.. you have the option to go with 2 purple rings instead of always getting at least 1 green ring.. or you can still go with 1 demons blood but not get more vit res from items allowing you to focus more on %damage, DA, all skills or whatever you need

back to rune spellcaster: i can only speak for my thunderer.. in fact, i feel silly that i did not trust my own theorycraft at first when i played my thunderer.. it's turning out to be right up there with my sorcerer and haruspex (my 2 best spellcasters).. i can't say the same for a stonespeaker though because the best str based weapon i can think of is might of Hephaestus but that only gives 50% fire and burn.. 2 would just result in 100%.. 1Persephone's alone gives 100% cold.. Lykaion Malleus gives about 60%? Lightning as well as recharge and energy cost.. i said str based so as to take advantage of runeword:feather so you can go all int or mostly int.. since there seems to be no worthy str based weapon to be a spellcaster, perhaps a mix spellcaster/weapon user is the best route.. Chakram of the Sun and Laevateinn comes to mind

now the reason why i wanted to butt in was because nobody seemed to mention magical charge.. The OP clearly said a build for normal and "old and slow".. and magical charge is one of the best skills for normal if you are playing self-found or mostly self-found and also playing slow :]  .. earth has many good skills for normal but they are best for fast paced players imo.. still, a mix of spellcasting wouldn't hurt.. eruption alone is reason enough :)

ps: my windows 10 is acting weird again.. too much lag.. again.. sheesh

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