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Farming Runs / Re: Some of my playthroughs
« on: 26 April 2018, 21:28:43 »

played a few minutes.. all fafnir runs.. no tricks seem to work.. tried scroll of the sky's rage and greater scroll of the earthquake, stun don't work.. divine scroll of sun's blessing, maybe he's weak against burn? nope useless.. distort reality, maybe he can be petrified even for a very short time.. nope no luck.. greater scroll of necromancer, undeads should be immune/resistant to vit and poison right? all 3 skeletons dead in 5 seconds or less.. the best scrolls that work seem to be maddened god and unbroken fortitude.. and the best strategy seem to be kill as fast as you can while being very careful.. no effective strategies found and i got 2 deaths hohohohoho.. the damages he deals seem to be vit, poison, burn, and maybe bleed (but not sure).. but it looks like it's all DoTs

excalibur1, is it ok if your thread deviates a little? maybe we can use this thread to share our legendary craftsmanship results.. that way maybe we can crack this quest reward a little
i'll start.. i've only done this quest 3x.. once on my sorcerer(legendary only) and twice on my haruspex(normal and epic).. i don't save my save files just before i complete the quest so what i get is what i get.. i wasn't able to take pics of before and after but with the help of tqvault, my affixes are:

sorcerer(legendary only): stalwart polaris of shelter
from tq-db: stalwart is lvl 40 req, of shelter is lvl 25

haruspex(normal): insulated aphrodite's favor of reasoning
insulated is lvl 15, of reasoning is lvl 8

haruspex(epic): savant's visor of the shadowlord of regeneration
savant's is lvl 32, of regeneration is lvl 36

i'm curious to see what other people got

edit: anyone tried upgrading a blue item? maybe you have better chance of getting good affixes? or yellows? lol.. it's not impossible though, in diablo 2 if you use the act 5 socket quest reward on a legendary item, you only get 1 socket.. if you use it on a white item you get much more.. i remember one of my favorites was a white chest armor with 6 sockets

or santa's? is it possible to upgrade santa's shield? bludgeon of true sight? shinobi shozoku set? armament of gaul set?

eh? i don't want to reminisce but it's somewhere buried in the xmax hardcore challenge thread.. i think I'm being nosy why am i even posting there? :/
Spoiler for Hiden:
maybe because a few times I've seriously considered joining but realized hardcore and me don't go well together.. i quickly bore if I'm playing only 1 char.. also, if i find a certain boss fight to be challenging/fun, i can't help but do it again and again.. it's also in my nature that when i go against Hades and Dactyl don't appear, instead of advancing i save and exit and do it again until he appears
it's nothing against your video.. maybe it started with 1 of my classmates when he said he wants to play it single player.. we were like huh? why? he said he wants to play it no cheats, no manipulation of save game files, just the way the game is intended to be played.. that was years ago but even now when i look back at it, we were good but even though we didn't resort to custom made items, all our strongest characters were stained with some form of cheating

paid program damn.. i guess I'm in the other half.. i use windows movie maker because it's free :)

hey Deepblue sorry if i was rude.. it's just it's difficult for us to give any help if you don't provide us the necessary info about your characters.. a pic? titancalc link?  stat distribution? difficult to beat bosses? this is the 104th comment on your thread and you still haven't provided us with any

and again.. please.. be a little more lively

the cave of whispers? lolz i thought you were gonna say Hades because of course Hades would be difficult with those shitty items.. not even a demons blood.. let's just stop this now.. i don't want to help Deepblue anyway i imagine it will just go like:

Deepblue: I'm very weak i can't do it I'm just no good
me: where did you put your skills? attributes?
Deepblue: i can't show that because I'm very weak i don't know what to do maybe I'll just start a new char


edit: the giant spider i admit i had problems with it when i was still fairly new to the game.. that was years ago in TQIT.. but when i got more experienced in the game, it has never been a problem on any of my characters self-found or not.. Barmanu has always been more difficult, or Hades, Typhon, Dactyl, demon bull (legendary version).. the giant spider it has never ranked in my most difficult to beat bosses

Runemaster AE / Re: Runic Elemental Shotgun
« on: 24 April 2018, 08:00:15 »
i also don't have winds of asphodel but just looking at tq-db, it looks to be flat.. it's just like monkey kings trickery but with much higher RR value which according to apocalypse80 is absolute.. what an OP weapon that is.. here's the thing though, those fire giants including Surtr, do they have fire resist or fire absorption? i don't know that yet.. if it's fire resist, RR would work, if it's absorption, it won't.. your touch of nyx though has flat frostburn damage.. it's DoT but elemental DoT now scales with %elemental.. rune weapon tree also deals mix elemental and those fire giants and maybe Surtr should be susceptible to cold.. so it might be enough

this is what i meant by the way

unedited, uncut, nothing but store bought shitty items and mana pots
i even have 40 unspent attribute points
notice that i maxed nature even though i only spent a single skill point.. that is to get those free attribute points.. it's even better if you don't play it accomplished hero because you'll have much better items.. epic and legendary, time to invest in nature skills.. plague, pets, HoO and briar ward.. but yeah play how you want to play.. if you want wolves from the start, that's up to you.. if they can take down Typhon and Hades why not? me i can't say because i don't play pets only chars

Farming Runs / Re: Some of my playthroughs
« on: 23 April 2018, 21:33:17 »

i thought Maddened God would last longer.. i also held little hope that monster lure would work on Fafnir (lelz).. have to find other tricks then

i also realized this is one of the reasons why i can't play hardcore :(  .. i respect you hardcore guys (and girl/s)..  it's not you it's me lolz.. these kinds of fights i enjoy so much it's hard for me to resist doing it a few more times.. not just because of the loot.. i was literally smiling while i was playing this.. hadn't had this much fun playing TQ or any other games in quite a while

this loot was just a bonus but a very good bonus

wew where else can you get a +1 ring :)

edit: hmm i didn't notice TQvault doesn't list it well.. it's actually

fire and lightning res
50% chance of fire/burn/lightning/EBD
+1 to all skills

i always find it confusing when people say you can't play casters because they are gear dependent.. it's like when you are playing casters it's impossible for you to find any items whether by loot or by merchants.. when i play i make sure my casters are wearing something :)

edit: if it's a naked character, I'd still rather play casters.. imagine a conqueror with no items.. that would be hell :)

3 players playing petmasters? I've never been in a party like that.. also, she's more than a pet, as we've said in the link provided, it's like having a boss with you.. after beating the game, most people farm.. Ylva makes things easier.. I've always found pure petmasters to be very boring :(  also i doubt it can handle 3 Hades or 3 Typhon

you can get the wand and ylva in all difficulties.. even normal loki's wand works on epic and legendary.. you still have to beat loki though before you free king Gylfi.. but that just means if you beat loki and you didn't get the wand, you can get to the next rebirth fountain, farm it in normal.. then use the normal version wand to free king Gylfi in legendary.. she's really durable but you can't carry her across difficulties

what I'm thinking is if you play it in multiplayer, does each of you get Ylva? because that would really be unfair.. let's say you're playing in a party of 3, if each of you get Ylva, it's like it's now a party of 6.. but the difficulty never changes.. you can control her so you can just set her to aggressive and watch 3 Ylvas do the work for you.. not good for the game

mammoth.. I've played lots of self-found ice shard builds pre-AE.. granted it's pre-AE but you need those same things you mentioned.. i just drank lots of mana pots.. are you sure you've played it even once? I've played it self-found ice shard prophet, self-found ice shard elementalist.. I've played it paladin but can't remember if that one was self-found

edit: I've even tried it accomplished hero character with nothing but store bought yellow items.. and yep it's still good.. i just drank lots of mana pots.. I've also talked to several players on reddit saying they're playing self-found ice shard.. all of them saying they're having no problems.. those ones playing AE.. ice shard has always been known to be very good in normal and weak in legendary.. it's always been the flaw of ice shard but if you know what you're doing, you can still make it viable in legendary.. Deepblue probably don't know what he's doing but that's where i come to help.. when it comes to casters, modesty aside, i consider myself a pretty good player  :) .. but Deepblue of course you can just go the pet way it's always up to you.. in fact it's beneficial to me because it's not my specialty so i don't have to think and butt in

so you're playing a druid i see.. an int build focusing on pets? if you don't mind drinking mana pots, storm has one of the best early game skills that can tear down enemies much quicker than the wolves can.. it's good against everything except the water/cold elementals in act 5 but by then you should have a few points on lightning bolt already which is actually their weakness.. as you advance difficulties, it will wane a bit but that's where nature comes in.. endgame looks like this:

the idea is briar ward gives you protection and energy regen.. then for damage, double resist reduction.. it's actually not that hard to build because ice shard is just very good early game you could do a lot of farming with it.. well it's up to you.. just good luck

beat loki.. it's near end of act 5.. the drop chance is quite high.. i think you'll get one in about 5 tries.. but beating loki is not easy.. the reward is Ylva (a secret ally).. talk to her in Scandia.. the yellow quest mark will turn white, then talk to her again

loki's wand

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