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Shirai Kuroko is now lvl 15 at Crisaeos Falls.. still a stormcaller

Spoiler for Hiden:


i still don't know what my 2nd mastery will be but i always start storm the same way so I'm almost mechanical at this stage

Shirai Kuroko looks more like her onee-sama railgun.. if anyone even knows what i mean

the legendary blacksmith quest

added an 8th rule

@icefreeze , it's ok?

1) you don't have to complete all maps.. so completing the primrose key is not needed if you already have it
2) yes.. twinked and self-found are allowed
3) as long as it doesn't change anything except appearance, yes
4) no

- Can i use TQVault to storage items and combine all health/mana potions to 1 slot( to save inventory space)?
- Just Corslet of Freyja vaf Gian's Tooth is not allowed? All other items allows?
- Should discover, run to unlock( no fog) all place on maps, except when you don't have key to open some place.
- Dactyl at x3 is somehow not danger as at xmax or Massboss, the most dangerous thing with almost builds is Torxeus :v

1) yes
2) yes except cheat items and the orb *
3) do you mean completing all maps? if so, no except hydra, secret passage and primrose passage (for those with ragnarok)

(added some clarifications on rule 2 hybrid part)

First character to join: Shirai Kuroko
she is just a stormcaller for now.. lvl 7

Spoiler for Hiden:

Greetings to everyone. I am proposing a new hardcore challenge. This is centered around xmax x3 and hybrid stat characters. Due to those eccentricities, I don't know if anyone is interested to join :) but anyway i am listing the rules just in case

1.) Must be played xmax x3. The Achaean Pass quest seems to be bugged on any versions of xmax. For that quest, completing it in vanilla is allowed. Why only x3? Because i lag too much in full xmax. This way, those who play on low end PCs can also join

2.) Regarding the hybrid part, the more i think of it, the more i think this part is complicated. So i decided to make it a little simple. Feel free to put your stats wherever you want, so long as beginning act 3 epic, you are required to be wearing at least one warrior item and one mage item. No requirements on stats so as to allow the use of requirement reductions. For characters with rune, you are required to equip at least one warrior item besides weapon and shield. But i don't mean low quality warrior or mage item. Mage items should be at least with 350 int requirement and Warrior items should be at least with 400 str requirement. Those are because some purple mage items only require 350+ int and some purple warrior items only with 400+ str.  Again this rule only starts at epic act 3. Why epic at 3? Because at xmax HC challenge, you only get listed on the fallen heroes once you reach epic act 3. AND it's difficult to play hybrid starting from lvl 1. You can choose whatever class you want and whatever playstyle you want (even a petmaster) so long as you meet above requirements

3.) Unedited pics of 1st and 2nd page is required after every boss kills (pls hide the pics in spoilers)

4.) You are NOT required to kill random bosses like Shadowmaw and Dactyl BUT if they spawn, you are required to kill them. Secret maps (secret passage and primrose passage) should be played. If you don't have overlord yet, farm for it and go back to the secret passage. Same for primrose passage. You are NOT required to complete all maps

5.) No escape quits

6.) No accomplished heroes

7.) Use of corselet of freyja and giant's tooth is NOT allowed. (i just hate those stupidly OP items). Use of the orb * is also not allowed as well as any edited cheat items. No MIshop mod items

8.) Transfer of legendary blacksmith quest reward enhanced items between characters are allowed but the use of said items are limited to one on normal, two on epic, and three on legendary. This is to prevent equipping 6 legendary blacksmith enhanced items.

Twinking is allowed but if you want to play self-found, feel free to do so. Potions are allowed but if you also want to play no potions, you are a crazy masochist. Feel free to do so. Just a reminder, this IS a hardcore challenge. One death and you're out

I am open to suggestions so if you want to suggest some rule changes or additional rules, pls post it in the comments section

If anyone is interested to join, I will update as much as i can. You will just see it on this main page

So why the title? Let's just say it's a tribute to the first character to join this challenge

botebote77 - Shirai Kuroko - stormcaller lvl 15 Crisaeos Falls (twinked)


have you seen my thread Dreamkiller: A Hybrid Shoddy?

it's almost identical

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 21 March 2019, 23:37:49 »
seems like you multiplied the monsters? looking nice
i generally don't like monstrous enemies.. the size of nidhoggr is enough.. the size of that giant turtle is just right too
do you like us to test self-found? actually I'm too lazy to farm so maybe I'll just limit my twinking to about 2 items.. and no purples on normal.. no OP items until legendary
at least with me testing, you can be sure you get feedback from a caster's point of view.. and one who spreads his stats between str, int and dex  O0

General Discussion / Re: TQ Fans Forum Layout Ideas
« on: 20 March 2019, 09:31:25 »
i have no idea either except
Pieces Interactive is now taking over console updates

General Discussion / Re: TQ Fans Forum Layout Ideas
« on: 20 March 2019, 08:14:13 »
i have no vote whatsoever  :-X
however, if you guys decide to merge general discussions, i think you should include the console versions too.. like maybe mention in child boards.. there have been few posts about consoles but presently the forum is only divided between TQIT and AE/R
i do like the title on the mock pic btw

Defense AE / Re: Journal Thread: Hybrid Stat Melee Conqueror
« on: 20 March 2019, 02:36:11 »
adamantine sickle of kronos at lvl 64

Spoiler for Hiden:

helm of the conqueror
hale of might w/ demons blood
myrmidons pendant
scholar's archmages clasp of spirit (normal craftsmanship quest)
priams gate
odysseus armor
thoths glory
weightless master forge greaves w/ pristine plumage

without sacrificing resists.. at least on epic.. I'll have to rethink when i get to legendary

actually it's not much better than my previous set-up.. but this is the first time i can use the sickle for a legit character.. so it'll stay like this for a while

ether strike doesn't feel like it's better than shield charge.. except it doesn't have cooldown and has lower energy cost.. but spamming ether strike drains mana fast and i don't have any mana steal.. so now I'm trying maxed inspiration (huh?) and permanent rally.. that solves energy probs.. i can max inspiration because i took out all my skills from shield charge

ps: dem i forgot about the mana regen from inspiration.. that and armor handling helps casters.. it's around 2011 since i played my ice shard paladin

impressive  8)

i try to steer away from corselet of freyja because it's too OP.. but high DA almost doesn't matter against Typhpn

hmm it seems more suited for better farming without making things too difficult.. not good for challenge.. playing it self-found is not for me.. I'm too lazy to farm.. playing it no potions is also not for me

and it seems the one on kirmizi is not updated @Pinhan Pain

it's this one:

monsters get tougher with more players I'm sure of it.. i used to play multiplayer before

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