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Installation and Tools / TitanCalc
« on: 29 March 2018, 20:47:26 »
Link for the original TitanCalc here:

Rogue IT / MOVED: Question About Open Wound
« on: 28 March 2018, 13:39:00 »

Crate announced on the 5th March 2018 that they were working on a 2nd expansion for the game entitled Forgotten Gods.  This should be released later this year.

Crate Entertainment / Crate Entertainment Grim Dawn website
« on: 11 March 2018, 22:33:55 »
For those who may not know Crate Entertainment was started by one of the developers who worked on Titan Quest and Immortal Throne at Iron Lore.  His name is Arthur Bruno and he bought one of the projects that Iron Lore was working on when they went bust.  He continued to work on this on his own with a few other people helping out as and when he needed them.  Word slowly spread of this new project which was now entitled Grim Dawn, Arthur set up a forum and people started asking if they could make donations to help with funding the work.  This was eventually done and then in 2012 a Kickstarter project was started by Crate which proved very successful - they doubled their target figure.  This funding enabled the company to hire more people to work on the project. The game went into early access on Steam in 2013 and was fully released on 25th February 2016.  An expansion for the game was one of the Kickstarter goals and this expansion entitled Ashes of Malmouth was released on 11th October 2017.

Grim Dawn is Titan Quest's spiritual successor - it uses the TQ engine and has the dual mastery class combo.  But it's not a clone of TQ, oh no.  Much work has been done on the TQ engine and many additional features give Grim Dawn it's own uniqueness in the world of RPGs.  Crafting of items, factions both hostile and friendly, a devotion system to name a few add depth and complexity to the game.

If you'd like to know more about the game the forum link is here:

Installation and Tools / TQVault - AE and Ragnarok support
« on: 18 January 2018, 12:12:57 »
If you've been looking for an updated version of the Vault try this:

Reads Ragnarok items and also works with mods - I can see my LoC toons again.  :)

General Discussion / Post your TQIT/TQAE/R Collector finds here
« on: 15 January 2018, 20:26:00 »
Okay, this is a boasting thread pure and simple.  Show off your latest acquisitions all you packrats.  ;D  Tell us what goodies you've found recently to add to your overflowing collections.  Screenshots of the Collector required to verify your claims.  ;)

AE version of the Collector which works with TQIT and AE (note - not complete item-wise)

Updated version of the Collector which works with TQIT, AE and AER

Leaderboard: (as at 21.03.18)

Pazuzu 1710/2281 (74.66%)
Medea Fleecestealer 1524/2284 (66.73%)
Malgardian 1048/2278 (46.01%)
AlcyonV 736/2284 (32.22%)
Prosoro 551/2245 (24.54%)

Just wondering if anyone had played this on their mobile and how it compared.  I remember the thread on when the demo came out and was pretty scathing about it.

TQAE masteries / Ragnarök TitanCalc
« on: 15 December 2017, 14:51:46 »
Updated version of the AE one to include Runemaster.  Trickster doesn't work at all and site sometimes is down if it's viewed too often - free hosting strikes again.

Been changed around a bit and now Trickster is accessible.

Also available here:

Anniversary Edition News / Console versions in 2018
« on: 14 December 2017, 22:14:53 »
Nordic have announced the game is coming to consoles next year.

Wonder if it'll be better than that mobile version they made - which seems to have faded into oblivion.

Dream LOC IT / LoC Dream skill changes
« on: 08 December 2017, 12:41:51 »
Warning - may not be up to date!

Player Skills

Distortion Wave: Removed Physical damage and replaced with vitality damage
 Chaotic Resonance: Removed physical damage boost replaced with vitality damage boost.
 Distort Reality: Removed physical damage, replaced with vitality damage
 Distort Reality – Temporal Rift: Boosted electrical burn
 Lucid Dream: Added chance of electrical burn damage to attacks.
 Trance of Empathy: REMOVED
 Trance of Terror: New skill replace trance of empathy. Adds chance of fear, petrify. Adds vitality damage and electric burn damage to attacks. Chance of ADCtH.SummonsNightterrors: Smaller versions of Nightmare. 2 summons to start, 3 summon limit @ lvl 16. Synergized Melee attackers. Strong against vitality and lightning, weak against poison and pierce. All Nightterror Special Attacks require 2 summoned Nightterrors to activate! (note: summoned doesn’t necessarily mean alive, they will synergize with the corpse of a fallen comrade)
 Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 1 ~ Negative Energy Locus: Chance of life leech and causes extra damage to demons.
◾Level 5 ~ Terror Surge: Short wave attack that causes electrical burn vitality damage and chance of fear.
◾Level 21 ~ Become Ethereal Nightterrors
◾Level 26 ~ 4 summon limit

Nightterrors ~ Hypnotic Gaze: Moved from Nightmare, added electrical burn damage.
Nightterrors ~ Singularity Field: On hit chance to activate, increases total speed and adds dodge for a duration.
Nightterrors ~ Synergy Bolt: Big vitality and lightning burn damage with ADCtH and chance to petrify. Big.

 Inherent Petskills
◾Level 1 ~ Dreamdeath Detonation: Large Radius dealing electric burn and vitality damage when your nightmare dies.
◾Level 1 ~ Psionic Beam: Pew Pew Pew. Deals Electric Burn, and Vitality damage. Along with %reduction to enemy health and a chance of slow.
◾Level 5 ~ Dream Surge: Fires 10 projectiles dealing, you guessed it, electric burn and vitality damage.
◾Level 11 ~ Psionic Chain. Psionic Beam hits multiple enemies.
◾Level 21 ~ Becomes Ethereal Nightmare
◾Level 21 ~ Eye of Hypnos. Monster lure with a big taunt aura then a 3 meter Sleep aura. Monsters run up and…bam: asleep.
◾Level 26 ~ Nightmare Surge: Replaces Dream Surge with 18 projectiles that have a greater range, additional physial damage, shorter cooldown. Bang!

Nightmare ~ Static Field: Party aura that adds vitality and electric burn % boost for a duration.
Nightmare ~ Master Mind: Added Fear and Conversion resistance.

Spirit LOC IT / LoC Spirit skill changes
« on: 08 December 2017, 12:40:55 »
Warning - may not be up to date!

Player Skills

Ternion: Pretty much copied from Munderbunny’s original Occult mod. Changes the drift of the three projectiles.
 Ternion – Arcane Lore: Reduced the explosion radius. Big elemental, vitality and bleeding damage boost.
 Life Drain/ Cascade: Changed to Spirit Strike and Spirit Strike ~ Cascade: Charged finale left-mouse-button skill, %life damage, ADCtH and Life Leech over time damage.
 Death Ward: Added life regen and movement bonus for duration of spell. Heel-n-toe!
 Spirit Ward: REMOVED I copied Munderbunny’s idea by adapting the skill to the Liche King and boosting the damge versus undead.


Summon Skeleton Warriors – Bonus damage to Undead inherently. Equipment is only for show, shields do not block. NO LIFE REGEN. Max 2 summon limit. Strong against vitality damage and poison, weak against fire. Also kicks the buttocks of any undead.
 Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 1 ~ Hand of Thanatos: Flat bonus damage to undead and, %Damage reduction and Flat Damage reduction from undead.
◾Level 11 ~ Leaching Vortexk: 360 arc Attack: Does less damage than normal but has large life leech and %chance of fear.
◾Level 16 ~ Circle of Anguish: AoE spell causing Fear, Slow, and dealing Vitality Decay.
◾Level 25 ~ 3 summon limit
◾Level 26~ Chill of the Grave. Aura that Reduces speed, cold resist and Life Leech resist of enemies. Also has a chance of scaring anyone that comes near

Skeleton Warriors ~ Vampire Strike: Main source of healing, big ADCtH and Life Leech over time. Adds 3 seconds of fear.
Skeleton Warriors ~ Revenant Heart: Toggled Self-Buff. Big damage absorption and Chance for Life leech and life leech retaliation.
Skeleton Warriors ~ Revenant Rage: Big damage boost, and boost to Life leech

Liche King
 Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 1 ~ Spectral Bolt: Zaps enemies at range. Deals Elemental damage, % reduction to health and Vitality damage. Also has a flat bonus to undead.
◾Level 1 ~ Spirit Ward. Party Aura buff. %Bonus damage to undead, Flat damage to undead, and % reduction to damage from undead. Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS
◾Level 5 ~ Soul Blight: Sends a projectile that explodes in a radius injuring and debuffing enemies.
◾Level 13 ~ Spectral Energy Bolt – Cascade: Your Liche now zaps multiple enemies.
◾Level 16 ~ Soul Jar: Deals Life and Energy leach and Petrifies enemies for 8(!) seconds
◾Level 21~ Becomes Liche Lord
◾Level 21~ Soul Jar gains a radius.
◾Level 26~ Soulblight produces fragments on impact (like Volcanic Orb: Fragmentation), all hits reduce all resistances by 75%. Main projectile velocity increased for better chance to hit moving targets.

Liche King – Death Nova and Wraith Shell: Pretty much the same
Liche King ~ Soul Strike: Replaces arcane blast. Powerful sphere that deals Vitality damage and decay, energy leech and can cause fear.

Summon Spirit Totem: Summon a skeletal totem that attracts enemies and lowers their resistances.

Skeleton Berserker – Summon a dual-wielding giant skeleton to deal amssive damage to foes. Boss killer!

Storm LOC IT / LoC Storm skill changes
« on: 08 December 2017, 12:39:36 »
Warning - may not be up to date!

Player Skills

Storm Nimbus: Toggled Aura
 Storm Nimbus – Heart of Frost: +%frostburn
 Squall – Cold and Lightning damage
 Squall – Obscured Visibility: Added frostburn, moved all projectile fumble from Squall
 Lightning Bolt: Shortened cooldown, increased lightning damage
 Chain Lightning: Increased lightning damage
 Freezing Blast: Added frostburn, though the damage reduction of the debuff nerfs it for the most part. Oh well.
 Energy Shield: Reduced cooldown
 Energy Shield – Reflection: No longer only reflects, but also adds retaliation damage.
 Thunder Storm: Light version of Scroll of Sky’s Rage


Storm Sprite: Like firesprite in that they do little physical damage, but they are pretty fast, 2 summon limit. Strong against ice and lightning, weak against fire.
 Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 1 ~ Static discharge: Psionic touch style attack. Does Lightning damage and has chances of a variety of effects.
◾Level 9 ~ Static Discharge Arc. Static Discharge spreads to other enemies!
◾Level 21 ~ Become Snow Daemon
◾Level 21 ~ Big Chilldriver: AoE Stomp attack that may result in frostbite.

Storm Sprite ~ Storm Breath: Wave attack doing lightning and cold with chance of frostburn, freeze and stun
Storm Sprite ~ Frost Shield: Adds dodging attacks and projectiles, retaliation and health regen.
Wisp: Similar to Vanilla TQ. High Dodge. Boosts other pets with eye of the storm.
◾Level 1 ~ Plasma burn: 2 target attack that does lightning damage. Max targets increase with level
◾Level 5 ~ Thunderclap: AoE attack causing stun and dealing lightning and electrical burn
◾Level 16 ~ Lightning Blast: High damage chaining lightning attack.
◾Level 21 ~ Becomes Thunder Wisp
◾Level 24 ~ Lightning Blast: Big Zap
◾Level 24 ~ Chain Lightning: Zap Zap Zap Zap Zap Zap

Wisp ~ Eye of the Storm: Party buff spell: Adds elemental and frostburn damage as well as light and cold resists. Gains duration with levels.

Nature LOC IT / LoC Nature skill changes
« on: 08 December 2017, 12:38:39 »
Warning - may not be up to date!

Player Skills

Heart of Oak: Total speed increases by level
Heart of Oak – Tranquility of Water: Removed %chance and made a flat %mana cost reduction per level. Mana Leech protection. Mana %regen.
Heart of Oak – Permanence of Stone: Added vitality damage resistance.
Plague: Susceptibility now lowers poison resist and elemental resist.
 *new skills*
Gaea’s Avatar: Toggled buff with big Strength, Dex and Int bonus plus healthy damage bonus
Roots of Willow: Party buff aura that adds acid damage to attacks. begins with very small radius that improves with levels.
Roots of Willow ~ Oxidation: Massively increases the acid damage done by aura
Roots of Willow ~ Erosion: Chance to decrease enemy Offensive Ability and armor for a time


Bogdweller: Calls forth a bogdweller from out of the swamps to fight by your side. 2 summon limit.
 Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 1 ~ Vine Whip: 360 Arc 2 target max, Poison + Pierce with chance of stun, Max targets increase with levels.
◾Level 1 ~ Bog Rage: Like Psionic touch but with Pierce and Poison
◾Level 1 ~ Prickly Hide: Passive Pierce + Bleed resist Chance of retaliation
◾Level 5 ~ Seed Burst: AoE Projectile Spell Pierce + Poison. Chance to fumble attacks and adds slow
◾Level 16 ~ On death casts large seed burst
◾Level 21~ Becomes Bogdweller Elder
◾Level 21~ Summer Vine: Big Crowd Control 360 Arc attack 8 target max. Lots of damage and elemental damage.

Bogdweller ~ Swamp Gas: Duration area of effect, chance for fumbled attacks, impaired aim, stun, sleep fear and confusion. Ultimate crowd control.
Bogdweller ~ Swamp Surge: Wave attack that inundates enemies with toxic, acidic swamp water.
Bogdweller ~ Spontaneous Regrowth: Big regen, damage absorb, but procs on hit instead of life meter…makes a little different gameplay as you never know if it will proc when they are in trouble. Of course, that’s what Regrowth is for…

Sylvan Nymph: Excellent support pet, high chance to dodge and boosts your allies while bombarding the enemy with her super fast bow.
◾Level 1 ~ Bow Attack: Chance to pass through enemies, deals piercing and % of enemy health
◾Level 1 ~ Volley: Similar to bow attack but launches 3 arrows!
◾Level 1~ Summon Fairy*: See Below
◾Level 5 ~ Plague Arrow: Area of effect explosion. Chance to pass through enemies.
◾Level 5 ~ Summon Wisp Pet**: See Below
◾Level 21 Becomes Forest Nymph: Basic attack is now a 3-projectile burst every shot, life and dex boost

*Sylvan Nymph Pet ~ Fairy
 She is basically a little Piglet Swarm by herself. Her initial skill is a low radius taunt, instant cast so no time wasted. She has a passive chance to cause fumble and confusion and a good chance to randomly change targets. She does almost no damage and doesn’t last long but it is a fun flavor skill. Also Casts regrowth

**Sylvan Nymph Pet ~ Will O’ Wisp abilities: LEVEL = WISPS LEVEL. To see what level you can unlock a wisps ability via skill points in Sylvan Nymph add +4. (IE: Wisp will cast bramblethorn only if Nymph is at level 9)
◾Level 1: Summer Rain: heal and regen single ally
◾Level 1: Come At Me Bro! Short range taunt skill that does a token amount of pierce damage in a 3 meter radius. Taunt+Pierce should make the monsters mad enough, but the Wisp controller says Flee! So basically the Wisp runs up, casts taunt and runs Because the Nymph hangs so far back, don’t expect this to happen very often, though.
◾Level 1: Zephyr: The Will O’ Wisp grants slightly increased total speed and additional attack speed for a time. 10 to 18 second duration
◾Level 5: Bramblethorn: The Will O’ Wisp grants greater Acid and Pierce damage for a time. 10 to 18 second duration
◾Level 11: Autumn Grief: The Will O’ Wisp curses a single enemy with slightly lower physical resistance. 8 second duration
◾Level 15: Gaia’s Blessing: The Will O’ Wisp grants increased dexterity, strength and intelligence for a time. 8 second duration.
◾Wisp has 30 second life span

Sylvan Nymph ~ Nature’s Wrath: Moved down a level to open up sooner
Sylvan Nymph ~ Song of the Wood: Duration aura boosts damage and adds damage absorb. Big, big radius.

Quillvine Thicket ~ Summon quillvines that spawn their own briarwards. Excellent for enemy distraction. Has a LONG cooldown period. (Refresh, anyone?) Start with one, 2 at level 10, 3 at level 21. At 21 they get an acid AoE grenade skill. Stinging Nettle has a chance to do Acid or Poison damage now.
Quillvine Thicket ~ Vile Thorns: Boost damage, attack speed, and adds poison to your Quillvines.
Quillvine Thicket ~ Sanctuary: Each Quillvine casts Sanctuary as the original Nature skill

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