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Hunting AE / Elemental Archer Sage build showcase
« on: 14 July 2018, 15:33:30 »
Hello, you might remember my previous elemental conversion build, dragon hunter. This time I have a new one.


This one went with storm mastery that has some others useful assets for elemental weapons user, instead of intelligence there is flat damage and percentage damage increases in skills like storm nimbus and eye of the storm. Since the build cannot scale intelligence properly needing lots of dexterity for bows, it scales flat and % damage from both gear and skills.

Stat distribution is 8 points in strength, then dexterity : intelligence 1 : 1 until level 64, then all in intellinence. Normal and epic stat points rewarded for quests go in health (12 points).

This is the epitome of glass cannon with low DA, hp, no defensive stats anywhere except squall damage reduction and not much CC.

Hunting mastery is still there with its debuff in flush out, volley WPS, wood lore and minor utility skills like herbal remedy and find cover/trail blazing. Maxed movespeed is a useful asset for survival especially since this build can't do much else in certain situations having rather poor crowd control. Marksmanship is also used as main attack with no better alternatives.

Build puts points in multiple crowd control skills, thunderball, freezing blast, ensnare and monster lure. This is because their effects do not affect all mobs equally. Yotuns for example are not affected by any of them, and I had to go through most of legendary Yotunheim with spear and shield. Eldyotuns are immune to freezing, but can be stunned and immobilized. Crystal golems can't be stunned. This forces the build to use different combinations in different places. Squall, besides its debuff is used to put impair aim on archers and is the only reliable tool here.

Spell breaker is a versatile utility skill to remove buffs and reset skills on mobs, casting it proves useful on half of all the mobs in the game. Casters and magical are most affected of course. Kelpie, for example, are fully neutered, everything they do seems to be a spell and they can only follow you tragically after this, while slowly losing health to electric burn and squall.

Gear screens:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Using bows and other two handers strips the character of 1-2 resistance sources and maxing them is harder. Bows aren't easy to use in Anniversary edition game.

Chest - Prowler's cuirass with Eldhrimnir stew for energy regen, this is a resistance chest with energy regen relic that has even more resist

Helm - Golden Agris - used for damage conversion to elemental. This or a similar item is necessary for adequate DPS

Hands - Stonebinder cuffs with primal magma - easy +3 all skills for a dexterity build, primal magma here is a way to get adequate fire resistance. I'd love to use cold essence there but 20% fire resistance in legendary is unbearable.

Feet - Boots of Freyja - resistances, DA, recharge

Necklace - Shavo's relic - 60% elemental damage is to scale it without int. There aren't many items like that unfortunately, I can remember Hesione's golden veil but have a necessary competitor for the helm slot

Ring 1 - Common ring with arctic prefix and legendary eitr - lots of flat damage on one item

Ring 2 - Common ring with occult prefix and legendary eitr - for cast speed and more flat elemental damage

Apples of Idun artifact is for vitality resistance and that rare stun resistance

Main weapon - Bramblewood bow with Anubis wrath for lifesteal and attack speed - there are no better bows in the game still and that one has lots of flat elemental damage on it. I tried a bramblewood with lifesteal on it and chill of tartarus relic to capitalize on stacking slow (with arctic ring), but 170% attack speed with 30% slow is better than 140% as with 60% slow.

I forgot to add secondary weapon set, there is a chtonian spike spear for offensive ability the build is lacking, and a shield from act 2 normal with shade of Hector relic, a pure stat stick for DA.

A video with Mimir's maze, Doppelganger and Mimir himself

Runemaster AE / Rune Weapon Dragon Hunter Build showcase
« on: 17 June 2018, 17:29:46 »
Header means this is not really a guide, just a brief description of what the build ended like, and how, and why.

TitanCalc link

This is a strong build, perhaps not at the level of some broken builds of TQIT time, but not some elemental hybryd weirdo like they used to be in TQIT time either.

Hunting has some very useful things for an elemental attack build, first of all flush out which makes dealing with 60% all resist monsters have in legendary simpler. Then also volley WPS and wood lore passive. Overall, hunting does not have much for elemental build however, being focused on piercing, there is also herbal remedy, find cover and that's about it. Because of that, dragon hunter is almost all about rune mastery, and takes every skill there, except guardian stones.

This is essentially an elemental attack build with spells. It features capped run speed, almost capped attack speed and very high cast speed to be very nimble. It relies on using skills or just outrunning foes rather than facetanking.

Stats are 1 : 1 dex : int all the time, this is a dexterity/intelligence hybrid like nothing that used to be common in IT. 7 quest rewards, or 14 points, go into energy, mostly for energy armor sustain.

I started it as a developed character at level 40 to avoid dealing with gear and stat issues a hybrid may face at early levels. It should be bossible to level it from level 1, starting as rune and relying on flat elemental damage gear for damage and +strength gear for requirements. Items like storm eye epic ring and rares with "electrified of frost" or similar rolls. Flat elemental damage on throwing weapons, bows and spears, with Zeus thunderbolt for even more flat elemental. That should suffice until the end of normal when rune weapon gets enough points to matter.

Rune weapon skill except energy drain, runeword: feather and wood lore are maxed first together with masteries, everything else is at 1 pt. Then resistance skills, rune of life and herbal remedy, and flush out for debuff. Next rune mastery spells in any order, I started with seal of fate for nuke and runic mines for fun and utility, but it can be thunder strike instead. Energy drain and Menhir wall are left for the last. Energy armor is leveled cautiously, for its price to not exceed available mana pool. Build has leftower points when using blessing of the Moirae weapon, these can go in study prey, trail blazing and art of the hunt, however, these do not benefit the build itself and may only help other people in multiplayer.

DPS tooltip for rune weapon is of course deceiving without charges, it shows dps of non converted physical weapon when the build is intelligence and elemental damage based. Fully charged rune weapon is below

Gear screens are below

Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Most of these legendaries are improved by Durinn and Dvalinn, some pretty impressively.

Armor - prowler's cuirass with dragon's blood - this is still a very solid chest for resists which can be enchanted with relics.

Dragon's blood relic in chest is debattable, 20% chance of 100% resistance is not the same as 20% resistance of course, but since hero mostly takes that damage in many hits it helps a glassy character with low DA anyway. Dragon hunter's ring has more of that, but for pierce. Dragon's blood competes with Golden fleece here which could have made energy armor much more sustainable.

Hands - Stonebinder's cuffs with primal magma - together with dragon hunter's ring grant +4 all skills so these aren't needed anywhere else on gear, freeing up some slots for other stats.

Helm - common item with impenetrable of focus with cunning of Odysseus - just something with recharge and a resist, and cunning of Odysseus relic for dps that can be replaced with some resist relic if needed.

Feet - Esus travelling boots - are mostly for resist, that extra movespeed proc isn't necessary, its already capped.

Shield - Hera's shield is there for hp, resist, and its minor debuff, though it also has str/dex/int that can help with stat requirements.

Necklace - Polydegmon - is one of the main DPS boosting items. Build puts lots of points in dex to use stonebinders, then gets missing intelligence from items like this one. Build also needs good energy regen and luckily Polydegmon has just enough, together with 80 int (+40 from legendary craftsmanship quest).

1st ring - Dragon Hunter's ring

2nd ring - Rare ring with occult prefix and demon's blood - is a way to get decent cast speed.

Main weapon - Blessing of the Moirae might be a BiS weapon or one of the best available.

Spear is just something with flat damage picked along the way, used only against shadow lurkers, nixie and some mobs at Iggdrasil.

Out of scrolls, scroll of the sun blessing adds 150 flat fire damage and by that increases displayed DPS by 1,5. Primordial chaos also has flat elemental, but also % total and 40% damage absorption which is the same as "all damage taken reduced by 40%". Legendary frost nova can be used for utility. Normally this build does not need these extras, but in late legendary act 5 something like sun's blessing can speed up the process.

How really viable this and distortion wave are in legendary for a generic melee build? When you are stacking strength, %strength and physical damage but perhaps not going over the top with that and want to use them as direct damage AOE spells. What about eruption used by juggernauts and battlemages?

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Flat damage scaling
« on: 13 April 2018, 09:49:40 »
Are there resources or writeups left where the subject is discussed in detail? The changelog states "damage from items" now scales with strength, dexterity, etc.

However I think there was a mess in the original game with what things scale and what things don't scale with stats and %damage, like valor of Achilles scales while peng claws do not. Seems like peng claws do not scale even now. There is more, I remember guides at the time advised against leveling marksmanship above 1 initial point for some reason. Maybe it was just that kind of flat damage that didn't scale, but now it does not give any damage at all. Investing into skill does not change dps tooltip. Thats with throwing weapons btw, maybe I need to test a bow too.

Humor / Its terrible how the Aces are doing
« on: 02 April 2018, 18:59:25 »
If they have to rally another world to protect their own. And the only thing their opponent really needs is a well placed portal (defence breach)

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