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Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Masteries Sink Points
« on: 31 March 2018, 00:58:18 »
good day people.. I've made the boring task of counting how many skill points you can spend on each mastery.. i know this doesn't mean anything, i mean why would you want to max a skill you hardly have any use for? and there's not enough skill points to max each skill anyways.. but, well (shrugs) :}

nature is the mastery that gives the most sink points, while warfare the least

runes: 228
spirit: 232
nature: 256
dream: 232
storm: 230
earth: 246
rogue 228
warfare: 196
hunting: 204
defense: 202

numbers include mastery points (32) ie: warfare mastery, defense mastery

Sport / Conqueror vs Conqueror PvP
« on: 26 March 2018, 01:39:15 »

I think i saw the red dude cast warwind in the 2nd rd.. some shield charge/batter here and there

so this is where marcin tybura started  O0

MMA fighters buy swords, shields, helmets of all kinds

This is Spartaaaa!!!

Heroes & Bosses / Black Elf Debuff
« on: 20 March 2018, 19:35:27 »
I actually don't know where to post this but i think these findings deserve it's own thread. And while black elves doesn't necessarily mean hero monsters, a pack of these is much more dangerous than most hero monsters, even more dangerous than an ordinary boss monster.

Alright so black elves are dangerous but what makes them dangerous is the debuff they cast. So dangerous i died testing this :)) . I've done this test before on epic 3 times and since the results i got were consistent, i decided to only test normal and legendary twice. Take note: the debuff gives flat absolute reduction in physical, pierce and vit.

Again for those not familiar with the mechanics of resistance reduction, this guide by the veteran apocalypse80 is a great help

so here are the values:

1st test:
physical resist: from 0 to -34
pierce resist: from 21 to -13
vit resist: from 42 to 8

2nd test:
physical resist: from 0 to -34
pierce resist: from 56 to 22
vit resist: from 76 to 42

epic: (I've done this before so i only copy paste)
1st test:
pierce resist: from 24 to -14
physical resist: from 18 to -20
vit resist: from 65 to 27

2nd test:
pierce resist: from 61 to 23
physical resist: from 26 to -12
vit resist: from 36 to -2

3rd test:
pierce resist: from 24 to -14
physical resist: from 18 to -20
vit resist: from 45 to 7

1st test:
physical resist: from 14 to -28
pierce resist: from 30 to -12
vit resist: from -4 to -46

2nd test:
physical resist: from 14 to -28
pierce resist: from -11 to -53
vit resist: from 47 to 5

conclusion: black elf debuff gives a flat absolute resistance reduction of -34, -38, -42 in normal, epic, and legendary respectively

Now i discovered something too: although the RR is flat absolute, multiple black elf debuffs don't stack. Meaning if two or more black elves cast their debuff on you, you only get debuff as if only one black elf debuffed you. I had to test this on xmax to confirm. Only on normal but i would assume the mechanics are the same in epic and legendary also. This might've been intended or else it would've been suicide in xmax legendary

This had me thinking that maybe multiple debuffs of the same skill don't stack.. Anyone tested double squall or double study prey on multiplayer?

* good as of version 1.54

Gameplay / Open PvP Coop
« on: 18 March 2018, 02:14:43 »
Ok so i know PvP is not popular in Titan Quest. But it is possible in-game and some players may be interested

To start, me and my nephew used to have fun killing each other in gladiator PvP mod downloadable at kirmiziperfect. But it's just 1v1 because we don't have anyone else to play with. But back in my college days, we would spend hours playing diablo 2  1v1 PvP, team PvP, free for all PvP, 2v1 PvP, anything. We even came up with new strategies specially made for PvPs.

Don't worry about deaths, should you die in gladiators PvP mod, the deaths don't reflect on your main game. I don't know about other PvP mods, but in gladiator mod, what you do in PvP does not get saved on your main game. There are gladiators outside but we don't use that, we stay inside and a player signals the start of the fight. Also, there's a mystic, caravan driver, merchant and arcanist near the rebirth fountain.

So if anyone is interested, just reply to this post. I may not be even able to join because I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys.

Rules (all are subject to change):

1) matchups are to be decided by players themselves, whether 1v1, 2v2, etc

2) no use of defiler or any cheat engine. custom made items are not allowed

3) difficulty is to be decided by players, whether normal, epic, or legendary difficulty

4) i suggest a level division. like 40-50, 50-60, etc.

5) i suggest a limit to potions. me and my nephew use 10 HP and 10 MP only. that way the fights don't take very long and we find some balance for weapon users and casters

6) In the case of team PvPs, if one dies, he/she should wait in the rebirth fountain until the fight is decided

No bragging please. You might win 1 PvP but you can always lose to other PvPs :)

Players with strong PCs are requested to record and post video PvPs. Requested, not required. That way we get a small taste of the fun, even by just watching :)

Now, nobody might participate but that's ok with me actually. For those who want to join just reply to this thread. For those not interested, that's ok but you are always welcome to join should a PvP match pique your interest one day :p

General Discussion / The Theory of Hybrid
« on: 15 March 2018, 11:17:37 »
(title in honor of the late Stephen Hawking)

Yes, it's taken from The Theory of Everything. In TQ, Everything could mean strength, dexterity and intelligence. And if you have all 3, you have a hybrid. duhhh  ???

Hybrids are complicated, just like Stephen Hawking. Complicated enough that i don't feel I'm good enough to write a definitive guide about it. Instead, I'm hoping this thread turns out to be a discussion about hybrids.

So what is classified as a hybrid? The simple meaning in gaming is a mix of 2 completely different builds . And yes, the meaning just came from me so anyone is allowed to dispute it. Because it's a mix of 2 different builds, i personally think for a build to be classified a hybrid, it has to meet the following requirements:

1) must have a good amount of strength, dexterity, and intelligence

2) must deal a good amount of physical damage as well as elemental or vitality damage

Are those requirements fair enough? I hope so. Thus, a pure int or a mostly int transmutation rune build is not a hybrid for me. It's a fake hybrid. I'm not saying it's weaker. I'm not saying it's cheating (heck no). But you didn't go the hard way so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a hybrid? I really hope many people chime in on this. As i said i don't feel I'm worthy enough to write everything about hybrids. Not that i haven't played a successful hybrid before but i just feel that hybrids are complicated enough that any combination can benefit from being a hybrid. Ok, maybe a conqueror can't deal elemental damage. And maybe it benefits most by ignoring int. But frankly, i wouldn't be surprised if someone pro comes out and proves otherwise. Yeah that's what i mean, complicated. But I'll start anyway.


• Able to wear just about anything

• Because it deals different types of damage, it benefits greatly from %total damage

• You don't have to be squishy because you can wear strength based gear including shields

• You won't have a damage dealing weakness against any type of enemy because you deal different types of damage. I mean you can deal good damage against undeads, beastmen, water nymphs, everything.


• Not recommended for beginners

• Not recommended for self-found characters

• Can be gear dependent because you might have to wear stat enhancing gears or requirement reduction gears.

• You can't concentrate on a certain type of damage

Personally, i build my hybrids by going either str/dex first or int/dex first. Not a lot of dex, just enough to meet requirements. Then after i get my strength to about 400, i wear strength enhancing gear like robust ring of something, Symbol of the Polymath, etc. If i start int/dex first, i stop at about 350 int and wear int enhancing gear like Socrates' ring, Plato's ring, etc. From there, i start putting points in strength and gradually go full hybrid. Requirement Reduction gears also help like Odysseus' Armor, Rhesus' Whitewashed Armor, etc. The new XP scaling also helps.

Hybrids are not easy but certainly doable. It might be difficult at first but when your hybrid finally takes shape, it can be very rewarding. Rewarding because you've done something complicated. And also because... heck the wide item selection is huge. If you have items in your TQvault already, your character can really become an all-rounder. High armor? high resists? +4 all skills? high CDR? With hybrid, getting all of those is possible. But to have those, you have to have the necessary gear and you have to be well versed in the game to make the necessary planning.

Building a hybrid can be tricky. One can say a hybrid is a jack of all trades but a master of none. Good at everything but excelling in nothing. All things considered though, a hybrid is perhaps the most balanced build in the game. But because it's the most balanced, it's either the safest build to make or the riskiest build to make.

So what do you think about hybrids? Do you think it's a nerf or do you think more people should try it? Do you think it's easy enough and I'm just making it sound complicated? :) Share your opinions/experiences here

ps: thanks Typhon for indirectly giving me an idea for a title

Before this forum was created, we had a mini contest like this at reddit. It wasn't really a contest but i lost horribly to these:

I still cringe at the sight of that half humanoid female insect

Now i want to recreate that fun in this forum. Doesn't matter if it's not your in-game items. Just wear what you think look cool together.. or terrible together.

I'll start. These ones i ithink look cool

This one for the ugly looking category

Rogue AE / A Comprehensive Analysis of Rogue Skills
« on: 27 February 2018, 22:40:53 »
Before i started writing this, i actually had to convince myself that I'm capable of writing a guide with comprehensive in the title :) . But Rogue is actually my favorite mastery and i have tried it as a melee, ranged, petmaster, and mage. I actually wrote guides on knifethrower mage sorcerer and petmaster illusionist before but i have tried it with other masteries as well.

I will be listing every skill, list its description, rank it from 1 to 5, and talk about how i use it.

I decided to use this ranking system but foreword: just because a skill is ranked 5/5, doesn't mean it's recommended for every build. The same for 1/5 or 2/5. Just because i ranked it low doesn't mean it's useless. A skill is just like a weapon. A blunt weapon or a small knife may not look scary but in the hands of a true master, they can be deadly. Remember when John Wick once killed 3 people with a f****n pencil? heh :))

1/5 - hardly worth putting any points to
2/5 - below average. not that good but not useless either
3/5 - average
4/5 - good. above average. not perfect but a good skill nonetheless
5/5 - great skill. recommended for most builds

I've included some spoiler videos if you want to see how a skill works and also to show some hidden tricks

Abbreviations you will see in this guide:
CDR - cooldown reduction
CC - crowd control
CS - Calculated Strike
PGB - Poison Gas Bomb
SB cuffs - Stonebinder's cuffs
AoE - Area of Effect
AE/R - Anniversary Edition/Ragnarok

Rogue Mastery lvl 32:
+56 strength
+80 dexterity
1120 health

Calculated Strike and Lucky Hit:

Calculated Strike:
Used in place of your normal attack, every fourth hit with calculated strike will deliver increased damage. Assign this skill to your left mouse button.

skill lvl: 1/8
100% Chance to pass through enemies
3 charge levels
+45% (physical) damage
35 piercing damage

skill lvl: 8/8
100% Chance to pass through enemies
3 charge levels
+156% (physical) damage
103 piercing damage

skill lvl: 12/8 (ultimate max)
100% Chance to pass through enemies
3 charge levels
+221% (physical) damage
159 piercing damage

Lucky Hit:
Uncommonly good fortune provides a chance that calculated strikes will slip past enemy armor causing tremendous damage.

skill lvl: 1/6
44% chance for one of the following:
78 (physical) damage
+70% pierce damage
120 bleeding damage over 3 seconds

skill lvl: 6/6
44% chance for one of the following:
228 (physical) damage
+215% pierce damage
414 bleeding damage over 3 seconds

skill lvl: 10/6
44% chance for one of the following:
348 (physical) damage
+351% pierce damage
744 bleeding damage over 3 seconds

Both skills have been boosted in AE/R. Calculated Strike now has 100% chance to pass through enemies. Lucky hit chance proc has been boosted from 33% to 44%. The damage likewise has been boosted. Most people used to leave lucky hit at level 1 pre-AE but I've had a good amount of experience with this and i think lucky hit procs quite often now. Calculated strike now passes through enemies every 4th hit making this a good skill for bows as well as throwing weapons. I recommend fast attacking weapons for this to make empowered hits proc more often. Also notice that this has no energy cost. It might not mean much but it can be annoying having to constantly drink mana pots especially if you focus on strength and dex. If you make this your main attack, i say both are worth maxing.

rating: 3/5

I think this is better than psionic touch if you have to choose between the two. Not better than onslaught. Better than marksmanship but only early game, late game marksmanship would be better especially if you have lots of all skills. Compared to rune weapon, probably CS is better if you go str/dex. If you go int, rune weapon is worlds better. If you go hybrid, it's complicated :)

Blade Honing:
While active, this skill ensures that any bladed weapon used by yourself and allies will remain razor sharp and inflict increased piercing damage.

skill lvl: 1/6
16.0 meter radius
+16% increased piercing ratio
3 piercing damage
+50 energy reserved

skill lvl: 6/6
16.0 meter radius
+56% increased piercing ratio
15 piercing damage
+50 energy reserved

skill lvl: 10/6
16.0 meter radius
+88% increased piercing ratio
31 piercing damage
+50 energy reserved

• Blade Honing provides unique bonus. Rather than simply increasing one's Pierce Damage, it affects property found on swords and spears that converts percentage of one's Damage to Pierce Damage

• Pierce Ratio bonus is multiplicative. Using 30% Pierce Ratio spear and 4th level Blade Honing results in 42% Pierce Ratio.

• This skill switches off if you change to a weapon that isn't a sword or spear (ie: hit the W key to use a bow instead of your melee weapon+shield combo. You have to manually reactivate it upon changing back.

It's still accurate in AE/R so i don't think i have to explain much further. Max this skill if you use sword, spear, or throwing weapon. (If you actually attack with a weapon heh :)) ).  This also seem to affect throwing knife (skill)

rating: 3/5

Lethal Strike and Mortal Wound:

Lethal Strike:
A single deadly hit that multiplies the damage of a normal weapon attack.

skill lvl: 1/8
12 seconds recharge
52 energy cost
+225% physical damage
+225% pierce damage

skill lvl: 8/8
12 seconds recharge
68 energy cost
+500% physical damage
+390% pierce damage

skill lvl: 12/8
12 seconds recharge
74 energy cost
+600% physical damage
+450% pierce damage

Mortal Wound:
Stuns victims of Lethal Strike and greatly magnifies the impact of poison and bleeding damage caused by the attack.

skill lvl: 1/8
15 energy cost
+60% Bleeding Damage
+60% Poison Damage
3 Seconds of Stun

skill lvl: 8/8
15 energy cost
+305% Bleeding Damage
+305% Poison Damage
3 Seconds of Stun

skill points: 12/8
15 energy cost
+445% Bleeding Damage
+445% Poison Damage
3 Seconds of Stun

The %damage on lethal strike is just ginormous. Shield Charge and Phantom Strike might be better for melee but at least Lethal Strike can also be used for ranged weapons. In fact, i think it's better used for ranged weapons because you can stun from afar. I like using this against a mage in a pack of mobs. Interestingly though, you need high base damage on your weapon to fully benefit from the added damage. So while i prefer throwing weapons for calculated strike, i prefer bows for lethal strike. What i did with my illusionist is i equipped a throwing weapon and shield on main, and a bow on secondary. I then set plague as my right click on my main, and lethal strike as right click on my secondary. So if i want to attack with lethal strike, i switch to secondary, right click, then switch back to main. The downside is i have to recast blade honing again. One of my favorite attacks with my illusionist is plague, lethal strike, refresh, lethal strike. That is a good boss killer. I used illusionist in this example because it's the one character i have that uses both calculated strike and lethal strike. On my assassin, i use onslaught instead of calculated strike. But I've made an interesting discovery, if you equip 2 throwing weapons, be it dual wield from warfare or reckless offense from rune, there is a chance you attack with 2 weapons if you attack with lethal strike. It doesn't seem to happen with melee though, only throwing weapons. Now while i think lethal strike is worth maxing, i think mortal wound is not. Poison and bleed now scales with dex but i still think there are better skills you can spend your points on. I recommend max lethal strike and 1pt mortal wound for the stun. Maybe when you've maxed all your preferred skills and you don't know where to spend your extra skill points on. But chances are it will only happen late game. Also, there's a noticeable delay when your attack speed is very low (below 100%). This can be annoying and sometimes dangerous when attacking with left click, then suddenly attacking with Lethal Strike. When you've reached an attack speed of about 120%, there is no noticeable delay.

notice the delay at very low attack speed. I'm hitting the other target so it's more noticeable
Spoiler for Hiden:

watch for the dual wield lethal strike
Spoiler for Hiden:

rating: 4/5

Open Wound:
Adds a chance to inflict bleeding damage when attacking with a sharp or pointed weapon.

skill lvl: 1/12
33% Chance of 27 Bleeding Damage Over 3 Seconds

skill lvl: 12/12
33% Chance of 309 Bleeding Damage Over 3 Seconds

skill lvl: 16/12
33% Chance of 441 Bleeding Damage Over 3 Seconds

It's a passive skill so it's worth a point i guess. It has been boosted in AE/R and bleed now scales with dex but it's still useless against undeads and constructs. It seems to affect throwing knife (the skill) provided you equip a spear, bow, or throwing weapon. But it's still meh

rating: 1/5

With a deep knowledge of anatomy, attacks can be directed at vital points in the body increasing the chance and effectiveness of bleed damage.

skill lvl: 1/8
36% Bleeding Damage

skill lvl: 8/8
120% Bleeding Damage

skill lvl: 12/8
199% Bleeding Damage

Another passive skill but this is unlike open wound which is only a chance to proc. This boosts all your bleed damage be it from skills or items. And incidentally, rogue has probably the best skill to spread bleeding damage: throwing knife. If you make throwing knife as your main attack, it's worth maxing. If not, maybe just 1pt. If you pair it with dual wield tree as a melee, this is 1-max.

rating: 2/5

Throwing Knife and Flurry of Knives:

Throwing Knife:
Throw a piercing blade at your opponent capable of causing prolonged bleeding.

skill lvl: 1/12
6.0 seconds recharge
18 energy cost
1 projectile
10% chance to pass through enemies
48 Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
15 Piercing Damage

skill lvl: 12/12
1.6 seconds recharge
29 energy cost
1 projectile
10% chance to pass through enemies
204 Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
58 Piercing Damage

skill lvl: 16/12
0 seconds recharge
33 energy cost
1 projectile
10% chance to pass through enemies
270 Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
81 Piercing Damage

max this with +4 from gear to get zero cooldown

Flurry of Knives:
Learn to throw additional knives at once and cut down enemies with a lethal flurry of razor-sharp metal.

skill lvl: 1/12
15 energy cost
1 projectile
26% Pierce Damage

skill lvl: 12/12
24 energy cost
4 projectile
48% Pierce Damage

skill lvl: 16/12
30 energy cost
8 projectile
66% Pierce Damage

• This skill carry over many unusual damage factors and effects.

• This skill use Casting Rate rather than Attack Speed.

• Properties applied to Throwing Knife:

• armor, jewelery and artifact flat damage bonus

• armor and jewelery charms'/relics' effects

• any kind of percentage damage bonus from any source

• any on hit effect provided by armor, jewelery and artifact

• Properties NOT applied to Throwing Knife:

• any kind of flat weapon damage

• any kind of flat shield damage

•non-damage weapon properties

• non-damage shield properties

Many people think this is a bad skill now because of the 10% chance nerf. It's not. I have used this skill extensively and i can say with certainty that this is still a very good skill. Actually, it might be better now. Bleed and poison now scales with dex and throwing knife is probably the best skill to spread those DoTs. But the bigger reason is the cooldown now depends on the skill level rather than CDR. That means you won't get hostaged by CDR items anymore allowing you to get other necessary attributes like resists, life and mana steal, etc. Also, that opens up more knifethrower builds besides sorcerer and magician because you don't have to concentrate on int anymore. I know it's always been possible to get very high CDR without getting int but honestly, that is very gear dependant and would limit your item choices even more. Now it's not a problem anymore, heck legendary SB cuffs alone gives +3 all skills. I have even written in one of my guides how to be a full knifethrower as early as lvl 25. And because this carries weapon buffs like storm nimbus, earth enchantment, battle standard, rune weapon tree (except transmutation) etc, you can make this your main attack and have a powerful caster toon. Or if you want it to just be a utility skill, it's a very good CC because it carries envenom skill tree including nightshade and mandrake. Imagine an AoE CC with no cooldown. And while this skill doesn't benefit much from bonus from weapons, it triggers chance to proc skills from weapons like Study Prey from Mbuti's Advocate, Summon Ancestral Warriors from Key of Elysium and Summon Spriggling from Staff of the Chosen, and also non-weapons like Dvalin's Simulacrum. If the devs make the chance to pass through back to 100%, this would be overpowered and break the game.

mage sorcerer
Spoiler for Hiden:

this one was a take 2 i admit :)
Spoiler for Hiden:

rating: 5/5

Items / How to get desired completion bonus without TQvault
« on: 24 February 2018, 10:15:23 »
how to get desired completion bonus from charms and relics without using tqvault, defiler, and without exit to desktop.. i find this hard to explain in words so i put it into video instead

some characters you see in import section are not actual characters.. either for testing purposes only or taken from another pc for pvp fun

completion bonus is not random.. it depends on the last piece you finish it with.. this is how to take advantage of that feature

be careful not to accidentally delete your character.. if you do, i'm not to blame :)

welp so i post here again (to the possible dismay of some people here :)  ) .. but I've always wanted a dedicated TQ forum and this is it.. and one of my earliest comments in this forum still holds true

"you have answered my question.. thank you.. i hope you pull more TQ gamers in this forum.. let me help by posting an unusual build and an unusual question and perhaps it can attract new and even experienced gamers.. that is my hope and i wish this forum the best"

now to my actual post:

for those who know me, i usually don't express disappointments to updates in this game.. this might be the first time I'm expressing disappointment in this game.. there is one major flaw with update version 1.54.. not a bug but a flaw

- Added a special ally.

yiva is very tough.. not a fast mob killer but very tough.. with minimal support, yiva could kill toxeus 1 on 1 even in legendary, the thorns is not enough to kill her as she is a runesmith (rune/defense).. and because she is a runesmith, the game becomes like a multiplayer with you finding a random buddy online but without the difficulty bump.. from my tests, squall and energy shield (from storm) is enough for her to kill toxeus.. HoO and regrowth is also enough.. granted, the game only becomes easier near end game after you beat loki.. but still, the joy of farming secret passage has greatly been diminished.. I've always found it fun trying to think of ways of how to beat toxeus.. from using %less damage from undead, to using monster lure from hunting, to not opening the gate and killing toxeus from outside.. gone are those days, the devs pretty much decided you just stay away and let yiva do the job

oh and that primrose passage, yiva can clear the whole map alone (one sidenote: you can't open orbs if yiva is still present.. after clearing the map, you have to disband her first before opening orbs).. what happened to you being the hero of this game? your character has been reduced to a mere spectator.. what happens if yiva dies? you just save and exit and talk to yiva in scandia again, no need to farm another loki's wand.. not getting yiva for the sole purpose of gimping my toon is against my philosophies for this game or any other games of this genre, which is exploiting every resources the game offers (without cheating) to further strengthen my toon.. again this only happens near end game.. but the joy of farming and the joy of finding ways to beat toxeus has greatly been diminished

i know many people will disagree with me.. many people want this game to be easier.. but people who are in my position i think will understand

« on: 30 January 2018, 22:43:47 »
absolutely not mine.. this is a guide by poinas.. but i made some notes regarding changes in AE

Here are the damage types of each and every boss.

Number for Estimating the Attack’s Threat (NEAT) gives you a rough estimate on how lethal the attack is.

6 – Avoid at all costs, 100% guaranteed death.
5 – Death without maxed resistance, death even with 80% resistance if you have low maximum health.
4 – Quarter to half of your health gone with high resistance. Death or near death with no resistance. Requires instant potioning.
3 – Some resistance needed against this attack. Keep guzzling potions non-stop and you’ll be fine.
2 – You can take several of these attacks without needing a potion.
1 – You’ll more likely die in boredom watching the boss trying to kill you with this attack, than from the actual damage.


Bad-arse mofo // The name of the boss
Fire breath (4): Breathes a cloud of fire at you. // Skill name, NEAT rating and what does the attack look like.

50% poison, 25% fire. // recommended resistances.

The .doc and .rtf files can be found as an attachment.

Act 1

Melee attack (2) : Swings a sword. Physical.

No resistances needed.

Poison bomb (3) : Thows a projectile at you. Green cloud of poison.
Melee attack (2) : Swings a sword. Physical.
Summons small spiders that do physical damage : (1)

20% poison.

Melee attack (2) : Swings a club. Physical.
Stomp (2) : Stomps the ground with his leg. Physical.
Wave (3) : Sends a rippling wave towards you. Physical.
Roar (3) : Polyphemus spreads his arms and roars. Skill disruption, slow, 25 % health reduction. Consists of 5 “projectiles” so your HP gets reduced (with no resistances) by a minimum of 25% and by a maximum of 76%.

25% vitality.

Gorgon Sisters – Medusa, Euryale, Sstheno
Hypnotic Gaze : Medusa shoots two projectiles from her eyes that stun you.
Melee and ranged attacks. Physical, piercing then poison (Sstheno), cold (Eryale), fire (Medusa).

30% pierce and 30% poison.

*note by botebote77: their stun attack is no longer stun but petrify

Arctic Breath (4) : Breathes cold damage on you, 85% total speed reduction for 6 seconds.
Fire Breath (4) : Breathes fire damage on you.
Poison Breath (5) : ~40% reduction to HP, poison damage, 60% reduced resistance for 8 seconds, 85% chance to fumble attacks for 8 seconds.

80% poison resistance. Stay in melee range even if you’re a mage.

Staff attack (2) : Normal attack with a staff. The game randomises a staff for him, so it’s either fire, cold or lightning.
Circel of Decay (2) : Alastor is surrounded by this aura. 50% cold, 50% vitality. Slows attack speed.
Ranged Blast (3) : Casts a magical bolt at you. 50% cold, 50% vitality. 15% HP reduction.
Summons skeletons (2) : Cold and physical.
Life –and mana leech (2). Leeches life and mana.

20% cold, 20% vitality.

Fist hit (3) : His default fist attack. 30% fire, 70% physical.
Stomp (4) : Stomps the ground. 50% physical, 50% lightning. Stuns.
Fist swing (3) : Throws his fist at you. Physical.
Fire Breath (4) : Breath a cloud of fire. Fire burn.

60% fire, 50% lightning.

Minotaur Lord
Melee hit (4) : Dual wields axes. Physical. Not a problem in normal, devastating in legendary.

Statues (2) : Physical and piercing.
Thunderball (2) : Throws a thunderball at you. Lightning, stuns.
Specrtal Blast (3) : His default attack. Lightning.
Energy Blast (3) : Throws a projectile at you. Vitality, stuns, skill disrupts.
Summons pets (2) : They leech life from you and give it to Megalesios. They do some physical damage too.

Act 2

Melee attack (2) : Physical.
Posion Cloud (3) : Breathes a cloud of poison at you. 54/68/82% slowed for 3 seconds.
Summons minions (1) : Summons small bugs. Physical.

40% poison.

Scorpos King Nehebkau
Earth Fury (1) : Physical, slows attack speed.
Sting (2) : Stings you with his tail. Poison damage.
Poison Gas Bomb(2) : Throws a small bomb at you. Mostly poison, some piercing and bleeding.
Summon minions (1) : Summons small scorpions. Physical damage.

30% poison.

Bite (2) : Default attack. Physical.
Lightning Breath (4) : Breathes a cloud of ligntning at you.
Pounce (4) : Stomps you with his paws. Tons of poison, some physical and little bit of piercing.
Poison Quills (4) : Shoots quills from his tail. Lots of poison, moderate piercing and physical. Makes you fumble attacks for 3 seconds, skill disrupts.

65% poison, 50% lightning, 25% pierce.

note by botebote77: there is a trick here.. before manticore casts his skills, there is a noticeable animation like he steps back or something.. so when you see the animation, quickly get behind him and attack again.. the stomp attack though, the animation is difficult to distinguish from his normal attacks

Light of Ra (5) : Columns of light appear. Fire damage.
Fireball (2) : His default attack. Throws a fireball at you. 50% physical, 50% fire.
Summon minions (2) : Summons two bone hounds. Physical damage.
Sandstorm (2) : Physical, 5 seconds of 80% fumble with bows and staves, reduced offensive ability, 1 second stun in legendary, 3 seconds of skill disruption.

Melee hit (3) : Physical.
Sandblast (2) : Attacks with a small projecile. Low pierce damage, slows run speed for 2-6 seconds.
Fireball (2) : 50% physical, 50% fire.
Sandstorm (3) : Physical, 3 seconds of skill disruption, 75% reduced total speed for 3 seconds, 150 reduced offensive- and defensive ability for 3 seconds, 50% reduced resistances for 3 seconds, 80% chance to fumble with bows and staves for 3 seconds.
Summon minions (3) : Summons sandwraiths. Physical.

No resistances needed.

Act 3

Deathring (3) : Releases a ring of lightning. 4 seconds of fumble, 1 second of stun.
Fire Breath (3) : Fire damage.
Bite (2) : His default attack. Physical.

30% fire, 30% lightning.

Melee attack (2) : Dual welds maces. Physical damage.
War Shout (1) : Minor vitality, minor elemental, 3-5 seconds of stun.
Blizzard (6) : A shower of icy meteors from the sky. Massive cold- and physical damage. About 8500-9800 (75% cold, 25 % physical) damage per projectile in legendary, 15 projectiles. How does 100,000 damage sound to you =)

80% stun resistance.

Gargantuan Yeti
Freezing Breath (2) : Cold, 4 seconds of freeze.
Ice Blast (2) : 10% pierce, 90% cold. 3 seconds of slow.

20% col resistance.

Static Charge (1) : Passive buff. Minor lightning retaliation.
Heart of frost (1) : Passive buff. Slowed movement and attack speed retaliation.
Energy Blast (3) : A purple projecile. 40% vitality, 60% cold. 3 seconds of 50% reduced total speed.
Eruption (4) : A small volcano. 40% physical, 60% fire.

40% cold, 40% fire.

note by botebote77: i would also advice heavy vit res especially that vit res has a difficulty penalty now

Dragon Liche
Buffet Wings (4) : Dragon Liche spreads his wings. Cold damage, 7-9 seconds of skill disruption, 8-9 seconds of 75% total speed reduction, 8-9 seconds of 100% chance to fumble.
Freezing Breath (4) : Cold burn, 70% reduced run speed for 2 seconds.
Decomposition (4) : Spills some green goo on you from his stomach. Steals pets for 10 seconds, ~50% reduction to health, poison damage, 50% reduced total speed for 10 seconds. ~300 reduced offensive- and defensive ability for 10 seconds, ~50% reduced resistances for 10 seconds.

60% poison, 35% vitality.

Fire Bull Yaoguai
Ring of Fire (5) : Fire burn damage.
Gore (5) : Wriggles his head. 15% physical, 85% bleeding.
Demon Charge (3) : 50% physical, 50% pierce. 4 seconds of skill disruption.
Summon Minions (1) : Summons three shadowstalkers. Physical damage.

80% fire, 80% bleeding. Ignore bleeding in normal.

Telekinesis Drop (3) : Boulders drop on you. Physical damage.
Energy Blast (4) : Shoots purple rays at you. 40% physical, 60% cold. 33% reduced total speed.
Short Range Blast (3) : 50% cold, 50% vitality. His default attack.
Summon Minions (3) : Summons three fire sprites. Physical and fire burn damage.

50% cold, 50% fire, 25% vitality.

Bolt of Zeus (3) : A bolt of lightning.
Poison Bolt (3) : Spills poison on you. 33% reduction to health, poison damage.
Titan’s Wrath (4) : Breathes a cloud of fire at you. 7 projectiles, fire damage, 18% reduction to health.
Life- and mana leech (4) : Inhales sucking the life out of you. 33% health reduction, life leech, mana leech, mana burn damage, ~60% chance to fumble ranged attacks.
Meteor Shower (5) : 60% physical, 40% fire.
Thorny Aura (4) : Thorns grow on Typhon. Bleeding retaliation, physical retaliation, pierce retaliation, 33% damage reflected.

note by botebote77: life leech damage has been nerfed in favor of longer duration.. it is resisted by vit, not life leech res
(ver. 1.43 changelog: - Typhon's Life Leech now does less immediate damage and more over time)

Act 4

Graeae – Deino, Enyo, Pemhpredo
Large Projectile (3) : Vitality, lightning, 0-5% reduction to health. 15% reduced total speed for 1.5 seconds.
Small Projectile (3) : Lightning, 0-5% reduction to health. 15% reduced total speed for 1.5 seconds.
Lightning Clap (3) : 0-10% reduction to health, lightning damage.
Thunderstorm (4) : Red haze appears under your feet. 25% vitality, 75% lightning. 15% reduction to health.

50% lightning, 25% vitality.

Oar Hit (2) : His default attack. 60% physical, 20% cold, 20% vitality.
Geysir (4) : Pillars of water rise from the river. 50% cold, 50% vitality. 10% reduction to health.
Bolt (3) : Charon shoots small projectile at you. 50% cold, 50% vitality. 10% reduction to health.
Tidal Wave (3) : Charon launches a wall of water at you. 50% cold, 50% vitality. 10% reduction to health, 35% reduced total speed for 4 seconds.
Stomp (4) : Charon hovers upwards and then smashes you with his oar. 40% cold, 60% vitality, 10% reduction to health.
Summon Minions (2) : Charon summons two spirits. The mimions have aura that reduces your health by 3-5% once per second.

50% cold, 25% vitality.

Bite (3) : His default attack. Physical damage.
Acid Bite (4) : Almost the same as normal bite, but does lots of posion damage over 12 seconds.
Acid Breath (4) : Breathes poison on you. 10% reduction in health, poison damage over 1 second.
Acid Puddle (4) : A puddle of poison appears at your feet. Poison damage, 5% HP reduction.
Crack Fire (4) : Acid flames emerge from the cracks on the floor. Poison damage, 5% HP reduction.

80% poison resistance, any physical resistance is a bonus.

Undead Typhon
Melee Hit (3) : Physical.
Bone Shard (3) : Typhon throws bones. 25% pierce, 75% physical, 3% reduction to health.
Bone Spire (4) : Spikes on ground. 20% reduction to health, 33% pierce, 66% physical.
Bone Trap Grenade (1) : Pierce damage, entrapment.
Spirit Breath (3) : Vitality, 10-15% reduction to health.

25% pierce, 25% vitality, some entrapment is recommended, any physical is a bonus.

Form 1:
Sickle Sweep (3) : A roundhouse sickle sweep. 20% vitality, 80% physical, 10% reduction to HP.
Shadow Bolt (2) : 33% vitality, 66% physical, 5% reduction to HP.
Shadow Star (5) : Large purple-red orb. 33% vitality, 66% physical, 5% HP reduction.
Form 2:
Sickle Sweep (3) : A roundhouse sickle sweep. 20% vitality, 80% physical, 10% reduction to HP.
Shadow Bolt (2) : 33% vitality, 66% physical, 5% reduction to HP.
Shadow Star (5) : Large purple-red orb. 33% vitality, 66% physical, 5% HP reduction.
Shadow Balls (3) : Launches 6 projectiles. 50% vitality, 50% physical, 5% reduction to HP.
Shadow Cloud (3) : A red circle follows you. 50% vitality, 50% physical, 10% reduction to HP.
Form 3:
Expanding Ring (3) : 66% vitality, 33% physical, 10% reduction to HP.
Minibolt (3) : 50% vitality, 50% physical, 10% reduction to health, 15% reduced total speed.
Shadow Bolt (3) : 50% vitality, 50% physical, 10% reduction to health, 15% reduced total speed.

Secret Passage
Regular attack (3) : 3% chance to cause mana burn damage, life leech, pierce and physical damage.
Distort Reality (3) : An wave that ripples from Toxeus. 35% physical, 35% vitality, 30% electrical burn, 1.5 seconds of stun.
Lethal Strike (3) : A special hit with his weapon. Mostly physical, can be some pierce too.
Phantom Strike (3) : Toxeus disappears, reappears and hits you. Mostly physical, can be some pierce too, energy leech, 1.5 seconds of stun.
Distortion Wave (3) : Toxeus shoots you with a wave. 20% physical, 80% electrical burn, 50% slowed for 4 seconds.
Envenom Weapon (2) : Buff that adds poison damage to Toxeus’ attacks.
Bladestorm (3) : Pierce, poison, bleeding, 15% reduced total speed for 8 seconds.
Distortion Field (2) : Passive buff with 15% chance to activate, physical retaliation.

Max every resistance for every damage type that you deal, Toxeus reflects it back to you.

KP link

note by botebote77
unfortunately, this was also written for TQIT so none of the new bosses, including act 5, are included.. Dactyl also isn't included

Farming Runs / 160 Farming Runs
« on: 26 January 2018, 13:08:43 »
Inspired from some of those 100 runs or so posts i saw somewhere before, i decided to make my own. However, this one is different in that i decided to do 20 runs from 8 bosses instead of just 1 boss. The primary aim is to compare boss drops from old acts to new. The bosses i decided to farm are:
Act 1: Hydra
Act2:  Aktaios Telkine, Manticore
Act3: Typhon (I’m old school I still consider Olympus as part of act 3)
Act4: Secret Passage, Hades
Act5: Fafnir, Surtr
All in Legenday of course with exit to desktop after each 10 runs. No xmax because i die against 3 surtr sometimes :) and also because zeus is very irritating against typhon. I decided to list only arcane fomulas, blues, purples and some worth mentioning greens. So here are the results:

1st run: zero
2nd run: zero
3rd run: zero
4th run: arcane formula-effigy of the panther
5th run: mark or ares, black pearl ring, necklace of harmonia
6th run: Battlemage Circlet
7th run: zero
8th run: Rod of the Ancients
9th run: zero
10th run: arcane formula-tounge of flame
11th run: Golden Shield of Pelaron
12th run: Achilles Shield, arcane formula-talisman of the jade emperor, Naglfar, Divitiacus' Protective Weave
13th run: necklace of harmonia, Lykaion Malleus
14th run: Scale of the Black Dragon, Adept's Diadem
15th run: Apollo's Will, Warrior's Buskin, arcane formula-conqueror's mark
16th run: zero
17th run: Caduceus
18th run: Orpheus' Garland
19th run: arcane formula-effigy of the panther
20th run: zero

1st run: zero
2nd run: zero
3rd run: zero
4th run: Achilles Shield, Bloodthirst the Glutton
5th run: Crest of Taurus, Archmage’s Mantle, Umbral Crown, Soul Quencher, arcane formula-effigy of the panther
6th run: Athena’s Mirrored Shield, Spear of Renenutet
7th run: Shiva’s Companion
8th run: Hallowed Babylonian Helm of Erudion
9th run: zero
10th run: zero
11th run: zero
12th run: zero
13th run: Hades Aspis, arcane formula-elemental rage
14th run: zero
15th run: zero
16th run: zero
17th run: zero
18th run: zero
19th run: Spear of Renenutet
20th run: Myrmidon’s Pendant

Aktaios Telkine:
1st run: arcane formula-morpheus dreamweb
2nd run: zero
3rd run: zero
4th run: Battlemage Robe
5th run: Apophis Serpent
6th run: arcane formula-silver heart
7th run: zero
8th run: zero
9th run: zero
10th run: arcane formula-talisman of the jade emperor, Bracelets of Aman’Da (grants skill spellbreaker oh wow)
11th run: Mark of Ares
12th run: Umbral Crown
13th run: zero
14th run: zero
15th run: Amazonian Spear
16th run: Shavo’s Relic
17th run: Eye of Flame, arcane formula-talisman of the jade emperor
18th run: arcane formula-conqueror’s mark
19th run: Orpheus Garland
20th run: Alexander’s Bracer, Nebuchadnezzar’s Greaves
*no archmages clasp.. still, this is one of your best bets for it along with Alastor and Secret Passage

1st run: Kuan Ti's Sorrow, Eye of Flame
2nd run: zero
3rd run: Hera’s Shield
4th run: arcane formula-sigil of bast
5th run:  Prometheus’ Gift, arcane formula-morpheus dreamweb, Adept’s Diadem
6th run: zero
7th run: zero
8th run: arcane formula-symbol of the polymath
9th run: zero
10th run: Hera’s Shield
11th run: zero
12th run: Alexander’s Pelta, Chiron’s Loop
13th run: Qin Warbow
14th run: zero
15th run: zero
16th run: Unyielding Shackles of Tartarus
17th run: zero but I got 1 Axe of Tereus from minotaur mobs on the way to Typhon
18th run: Artemis Silver Bow
19th run: Caduceus, arcane formula-glorybringer
20th run: arcane formula-maiden’s kiss

1st run: arcane formula-elemental rage
2nd run: Battlemage Bracers
3rd run: ordu thumb ring
4th run: Spectral Defender
5th run: Priam’s Gate
6th run: zero
7th run: Myrmidon’s Pendant
8th run: Necklace of Harmonia, Eye of Reveries
9th run: zero
10th run: Battlemage Bracers, Bronze Heart of Talos
11th run: Protean Armor
12th run: zero
13th run: Gera’s Walking Stick
14th run: Abyssal Shield
15th run: zero
16th run: arcane formula-maiden’s kiss
17th run: Diomede’s Buskin
18th run: Alexander’s Greaves, Legionnaire’s Gauntlets
19th run: Rod of the Ancients, arcane formula-tyrants fist
20th run: zero
Not one overlord

Secret Passage:
(I decided to not list those santas, detectives you know what)
1st run: zero
2nd run: zero
3rd run: Permafrost Bracers, arcane formula-thot’s glory
4th run: Shavo’s Relic, arcane formula-Eye of Ra, Impenetrable Brocade Wraps of the Pegasus
5th run: Polydegmon
6th run: Hallowed Wreath of Grace
7th run: Prophecy
8th run: zero
9th run: Silvercharm of Cassandra, Plouton’s Cornucopia, arcane formula-Marduk’s Tablet of Destiny
10th run: Wall of the Damned, Bracers of the Nehemean Lion, Adept’s Diadem
11th run: Heartsong Armlets
12th run: Tracker’s Hood wew
13th run: zero
14th run: Legguards of the Flameborn wew
15th run: zero
16th run: zero
17th run: zero
18th run: zero
19th run: Plouton’s Cornucopia, Kael’s Visage
20th run: arburing, arcane formula-Glorybringer

1st run: Impenetrable Aesir Winding of the Pegasus just looks bad
2nd run: zero
3rd run: zero
4th run: arcane formula-Apples of Idun
5th run: zero
6th run: zero
7th run: zero
8th run: zero
9th run: zero
10th run: zero
11th run: Eye of Reveries
12th run: zero
13th run: zero
14th run: zero
15th run: zero
16th run: zero
17th run: zero
18th run: still zero
19th run: trash
20th run: garbage
And why no andvaranaut this time?

1st run: zero
2nd run: Arcane formula-Gambanteinn, Hesione's Golden Veil
3rd run: zero
4th run: Deimos
5th run: zero
6th run: zero
7th run: plouton's crown
8th run: zero
9th run: zero
10th run: zero
11th run: zero
12th run: zero
13th run: zero
14th run: archmage's mantle
15th run: zero
16th run: zero
17th run: band of souls
18th run: zero
19th run: zero
20th run: arcane formula-ikon of zeus, Arcane formula-Gambanteinn

act 5 boss drops terrible? lol

i know 20 runs/boss is only a small sample size but after doing all these runs, there's no way i'm doing more. Farming just isn't my thing anymore. Took me about 9 hours in the span of 3 days including writing and transferring items to vault

characters used: Sorcerer, Prophet

Runemaster AE / Ragnarok Version of the Dual Wield Icesharder
« on: 25 January 2018, 11:21:54 »
Foreword: This is just theorycraft and not an actual character. I actually wrote this like a month ago but forgot about it and only remembered when I was reading Laionidas thread
This is a variation of the dual wield Thane (storm/warfare) icesharder. For those who do not know yet, it utilizes 2 persephone's caress to boost ice shard (2x +100% cold and frostburn damage)

What I'm thinking is Thunderer (rune/storm) also allows dual wielding through reckless offense but it also has access to runeword:feather making it possible to concentrate on int and not sacrifice too many points on str. An iceshard thane has the potential to be a tanky mage but an iceshard thunderer has the potential to deal lots more DPS. Thunderer actually has some protection in energy armor but lots of -%energy cost would be needed like incarnation of golden fleece (-30% energy cost). Pelaron has -20% but it’s a shield and it defeats the purpose of this build so it’s out :)

Rune of life gives added vit resist and sacred rage can maybe be useful for a glass cannon like this.

Rune also have rune weapon which can boost DPS of iceshards to maybe epic proportions. I just don’t know if the time to charge up the skill is worth it. Other rune skills like runic mines and menhirs, I don’t know yet if needed. But seal of fate I think can be a good boss killer especially when paired with squall and eye of the storm

The skills I would recommend for storm would be squall(max), heart of frost(max), eye of the storm(max), spellbreaker(at least 1 on each), energy armor(at least 1 on each), storm surge(1 pt), and of course ice shards(max).

I think the best way to farm Persephone’s Caress is by doing Minotaur runs because he wields two axes but I believe I got 1 from secret passage before. If you already have 1 you can simply duplicate it in your tqvault if you’re open to that (I’m not). Dvalin’s Simulacrum bug has been fixed in later versions iirc. But I encountered a hero boss doppelganger somewhere in mimer’s maze before. I’m not sure if it has a chance to drop your own items but I believe so.

Early assessment indicates that this is a classic glass cannon focusing on DPS with little regard to defense (could be fun then)

I can’t make a proper titancalc link because I haven’t played this yet so I don’t know how many points to put in rune weapon for example (if any) or max or only 1 point on reckless offense.

When Esdese-sama is finally laying waste to enemies in legendary, perhaps a better info would come :)

General Discussion / most hated God in TQ
« on: 18 January 2018, 17:27:04 »
for me hands down zeus.. especially when fighting typhon.. he doesn't even do anything and his speech is irritating.

when playing xmax, he can cause you to die by just talking

Guides AE / Resistance Reduction Guide by apocalypse80
« on: 15 January 2018, 22:02:28 »
This guide also appears in KP but is so helpful this deserves it's own thread in this new dedicated TQ forum:

Resistance reduction comes in 2 flavors , absolute and percentage.
In the absolute case , the target’s resistance goes to ; original – debuff.
In the percentage case , it goes to ; original*(1-debuff%).
If the target’s resistance is negative ; original*(1+debuff%)

The 2 effects (percentage and absolute) are NOT always labeled correctly in the game.

Things with a percentage reduction ;
– All skills that reduce all resistances (ToW , soul blight , squall)
– weapons “of the betrayer”
– some epics/legendaries

Things with an absolute reduction ;
– All skills that reduce specific resistances (study prey , necrosis , triumph , plague)
– dark medicine and monkey king relics
– some epics/legendaries

As far as I see , percentage and absolute reduction are correctly labeled when they appear on most equipment.
So you know what you are getting when you pick up a sapros or pyrophoric lop.

If it is not obvious , percentage reduction has no effect on a 0% resistance.
It is possible to push resistances negative with percentage reduction , but good luck stacking 100%+ of percentage effects.

So for example if you hit a target with study prey (-50) , you’ll reduce his resistance to physical and piercing by 50 points = a 70% resistance will become a 20% resistance.
If you use squall (-30%) you’ll reduce his resistance by 30% = a resistance of 70% will become 49%.


Now this is the complicated part.


For effects on gear just add them all up apart from the ones on weapons and shields.

If both weapon and shield (or weapon and weapon) have the same type of effect (like both having absolute reduction) then only the stronger one will apply.
If they have different types of effects then they’ll both work.

You need to hit the opponent with the weapon/shield that has the debuff on it for it to work.
The effect is not shared by the weapons and the same goes for shields

So add the weapons effect (or effects) to your total , for a x absolute and y percentage total reduction.

These stack up as already discussed ; resist = orig_resist*(1 – pc_debuff) – abs_debuff.


For a start , multiple skills with percentage reduction DO NOT stack (or so it seems).
Yes , that’s right , squall and ToW don’t stack.
Only the strongest will apply.

Multiple skills with absolute reduction do stack.

Combining skills with different types?
In this case the absolute reduction happens BEFORE the percentage one.
So it’s ; resist = (orig_resist – abs_debuff)*(1 – pc_debuff)


Here is where I almost went insane.

For a start , percentage debuffs from gear don’t stack with percentage debuffs from skills , the stronger one is applied.
Absolute debuffs from gear stack with everything.

Then there’s the order.
Apparently skills get applied before gear , that simple.
It doesn’t matter what kind of reduction you have.

Which leads to this if you have percentage and absolute effects from both gear and skills.
resist = (orig_resist – skill_abs_debuff)*(1 – pc_debuff) – gear_abs_debuff

Where the “pc_debuff” is what you get from gear or what you get from a skill , whichever is larger.


You (somehow) have study prey (-50) , plague (-39) , ToW (-30%) , sapros the corrupter (-60) and a weapon “of the betrayer” (-40%).
And you use them all to nuke an opponent with a 30% physical resistance.

For a start , check the gear.
The 2 weapons don’t have the same effect , one is absolute the other percentage , so they stack.
A total of -60 and -40%.

There are 2 absolute and 1 percentage skill , so they stack.
A total of -89 and -30%.

Then combine the 2 ; absolute effects always stack , but the percentages from gear and skills DON’T.
The total effect from gear is -40% , the one from skills is -30% , so the one from gear will apply because it’s stronger.

And for the total calculation
1) absolute reduction from skills
resist = 30% – 89% = -59%
2) percentage reduction from skills ; we don’t have any , it’s overriden by the betrayer weapon.
3) percentage reduction from gear , because the resistance is already negative we use a + instead of a -.
resist = -59%*(1+40%) = -83%.
4) absolute reduction from gear
resist = -83% – 60% = -143%


If there is a lower limit to how far negative you can push an opponent’s resistance then it must be very low.
I’ve pushed an opponent’s resistance below -1000% and it still worked.
KP link

Personal Sidenotes (by botebote77):

1) This guide was written for TQIT but is still true for TQAE/R

2) When comparing the three skills that give resistance reduction (squall, study prey, and susceptibility), study prey and susceptibility both give absolute resistance reduction and so is better in terms of lowering a resistance as low as possible.. However, squall reduces all resistances including secondary and tertiary resistances.. So squall might be best if you deal many different types of damages

3) In the case of spreading resistance reduction through attack skills, i found ternion, throwing knife, and thunder strike with 2 throwing weapons equipped to be the best.. Do not make the same mistake as i did by selling all my the frail.. The resistance reduction given by it is absolute and is a whopping flat 30.. If you get lucky enough to find Twisted Coil of the Parasite, it should be a no brainer that you should keep it.

4) Wherever you are now apocalyse80 good sir, domo arigatou gozaimasu

Guides AE / List of LMB skills
« on: 15 January 2018, 09:56:32 »
Rogue: Calculated Strike, Lethal Strike, Poison Gas Bomb, Flash Powder, Lay Trap

Hunting: Ensnare, Marksmanship, Take Down

Defense: Batter, Shield Charge

Warfare: Warwind, Onslaught, War Horn

Dream: Distort Reality, Distortion Wave, Psionic Touch, Sands of Sleep, Phantom Strike

Spirit: Ternion, Enslave Spirit

Earth: Volcanic Orb

Storm: Lighting Bolt, Thunderball

Nature: Sylvan Nymph

Runes: Thunder Strike, Rune Weapon

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