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Nature AE / The optimal Ritualist build?
« on: 14 July 2018, 01:58:53 »
I wanna make an "immortal" Ritualist, kinda. Have a very good impression of the class from playing Legion of Champions - my first and only LoC character to reach Legendary with 0 deaths was Ritualist. But LoC is a pet focused mod, I don't know how well the class performs in vanilla... Also I was never sure about stats (especially Dex). Some questions I have about the class in vanilla:
1. Should I go for Str or Int, or pure petmancer?
2. What gear to look for?
3. Is spear a good choice for melee?
4. Any possibility for pure Str caster, using buff from SotP and the physical skills from Dream?

General Discussion / Missing Storyteller NPC?
« on: 12 July 2018, 13:19:42 »
Hey, does anyone know where is this NPC located, telling the story of Persefone?
Here is the story:

xtagJudgment_Storyteller_A2=There is a story that must be told. It is a tale of our lady Persephone, Queen of the Sunless Lands. For she is daughter of Demeter, goddess of growing things and bounty, and it was not by choice that she came to rule here. No, it happened when she was a girl. As the young goddess played among the fields, picking flowers, he burst forth from the ground, the Lord of the Dead, Hades himself. In his arms he took her, and down into his domain, and there took her as his wife. Demeter mourned; nothing grew and famine spread. At last Helios, who drives the sun and sees all beneath him, reported the deed. With Zeus himself as her emissary, Hades was forced to return to the world Demeter's daughter. But before she went, he played a trick – he fed her three seeds of the pomegranate fruit. For he knew that those who eat of this realm are bound to it. When the truth was out, Demeter wept and tore her dress, but could do no more. Although she might leave, Persephone must always return. And so she was made Queen of this realm.
xtagJudgment_Storyteller_A3=It is said our Dark Lady is now imprisoned by her Lord, chained in place. I wonder, could such a thing be true?
xtagJudgment_Storyteller_A7=They have no children. There is no new life here.

I searched alot in Hades, but haven't find it yet. It would be a shame if it's missing, the story is good.

Gaming / Assassins Creed: Odyssey
« on: 07 July 2018, 20:14:13 »
I haven't been a big fan of AC series, but this does seem interesting:

This might be the end of my boycott for Ubisoft Games, damn, lol.

Found this tutorial on Steam. It's for another game, but the main things apply for TQ:

Other Modifications / [MOD PACK] Collection of old mods
« on: 24 June 2018, 15:10:49 »
Hey, I uploaded a pack with some of the mods I have. Not all are on KirmiziPerfect, there are some from German and Russian forums or from old Most of the play-as-creature mods are not adapted for AE, I plan to do it when i have time. Enjoy ;)!365BHQTA!37DZAr6ppY4qPiBfFv3llg

Battle Nymphs

I made this small mod which replaces the female character with a nymph. Features and info:
- Load the mod from custom game. It doesn't matter which character you choose, you will be redirected to the main game, where you can play normally.
- Added a summonable vendor, which sells nymph skins only. To summon it, go to Unlock Content and type code "nymph". An flower amulet will drop.
- No armor looks good on nymph mesh, so they are made invisible. You will see them equipped in inventory, but not on your character.
- The nymph uses human animation for the most part. Some of the staff animations are remade to fix some wonky looking stuff.
- Added a Database Addon Version. It doesn't block achievements and work with most Custom Game mods. How to use: After you download the archive, extract it and open "battle_nymphs'' folder. Inside you will see folder Creatures. Copy it to your "Titan Quest Anniversary Edition/Database" folder, and place it next to database.arz. This will change the female character to a nymph in the main game AND in mods. Enjoy ;)

Spoiler for Hiden:


Download V0.2 (Only used as database Addon for now):

Download V0.3 (Same as 0.2; remove 0.2 in Database folder and put this one)


Wild Cats

This mod was partially done for a long time. I started it in times of old forum, now it's more finished. It changes the female char to a maenad/catwoman. Most of the skins are made by amgoz1 for Soulvizier, I just adapted them to be used for the player. There is only 1 skin made by me for now and 1 skin made from Fonzy from old (was nude but now its clothed).

v0.1 (Database Addon only):
- All greece dyes, egyptian dyes and loincloth (Egypt/Babylon) dyes are now maenad skins (see below)
- Adjusted attach points in mesh for helms and greaves.
- Added my invisible hair on helms pack, made for creature mods
- Made some hybrid animations between human female and maenad.

Known Issues / Things to do:
- There is some clipping for greaves and hair pigtails with the helms
- Direct replacing female sounds with maenad ones doesnt work after AE (i havent found the reason yet)
- More skins will be added in future
- Not all animations are done yet


General Discussion / QualifyingWeapons - "Magical"
« on: 07 June 2018, 14:35:14 »
Does anyone know what is a "Magical" type of weapon?

General Discussion / Which Xmax versions do you play most?
« on: 21 May 2018, 11:59:35 »
Title says it. Do you prefer x2, x3, x4 or Xmax?

Texture & Skin Modding / [MOD] Blond Haired Girl
« on: 13 May 2018, 07:07:24 »

This mod changes the base female hair and the hair on all female helmets to blond.
The mod comes in two versions:
1. CustomMapsVersion - it is used as a normal loadable mod. Put folder "blonde_girl_full" into your CustomMaps folder. Launch the mod from Custom Quest Menu. The mod will "jump" to the main game where you can choose a character.
2. AddonVersion - if you want to make blonde char your default, place the folders inside AddonVersion in your game instalation Database folder (next to database.arz). Play the game normally or with mods, doesnt matter, the hair will stay blond. To unistall, just delete the folders.

Use the Source Files if you want to merge this mod with another mod. It's allowed to include in any mod, just dont forget to mention me in the credits ;)

The mod should work fine both with Immortal Throne and Anniversary Edition. Enjoy!

Sport / A Danish guy shows great archery skills
« on: 15 April 2018, 18:13:01 »
Check this out:

The idea of going pure dex was always tempted me, but the only time i tried was with Illusionist in LoC. With all the pets i can't say if the build was good or not. Anyone tried this in vanilla? And what class did/would you choose?

Installation and Tools / Tools Database - Links & Descriptions
« on: 10 March 2018, 12:22:16 »
Ok, after a big cleanup of files, I made a database of all the TQ related tools i have untill now. Some are saved from old forum, others are not directly connected to Titan Quest, but can come handy to someone. Here is a link to the database:

I'll make a list later and add some descriptions and maybe separate links.
If you know a tool that is better, newer or you think it should be included in the database, I'll update the list. Or if you can tell the name of a creator or description thats missing.
Note: All the tools listed here are freeware. I won't add any payed programs in the list. If you are searching for one, buy it.

* * *


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. TQ Animation Tools 1.0
Creator: Tamchi
Description: A pack of several tools which allow you to edit the game .ANM files.
List of tools:
TQ Animation Callback Editor
TQ Animation Combiner
TQ Animation Composer (Description by Tamchi) - This tool allows you to combine animations to make new ones. You need .NET Framework 4.0 to use this.
You can load up to two different animations and choose the bones and callbacks you want to keep. You can choose how to shorten/lengthen the animations if the frame counts don't match. it automatically selects bones in the second animation if you uncheck them in the first or they don't exist yet. (Works in both directions.) You can't crop/scale animations yet, but it should be really easy to write a gui for that: Most of the necessary functions are already included in the library. You still have to use notepad if you want to edit the callbacks though. I plan to extend the program to let you rename bones and create new callbacks.
Resizing a single animation would require a different gui approach.
Edit: Finding focused items in WPF on right-click is completely crazy. I will add the editing functions in a different program.
TQ Animation Cropper
TQ Animation Specials

Spoiler for Hiden:
1. ARC Encryptor 4.1.2 (32 & 64 bit)
Creator: Elfe
Description: Arc Encryptor is a GUI for the game's archivetool that lets you pack and unpack .ARC files.

2. ARZ Explorer 1.0.1
Creator: Vorbis/EJFudd
Description: A tool for viewing and unpacking .ARC and .ARZ (Database) files.

3. ARC Unpack 1.0
Creator: Tamchi
Description: A tool for extracting multiple .ARC files at once. Just drag and drop the ARCs over ArcUnpack.exe


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. Art Manager 1.6
Creator: Elfe
It can now always with the option "Delete Unassociated Resources" be formed without having to restart the AM every time again. (Tools -> delete unassociated resources).
No other program is needed to run this version of the AM, not even version 1.5. I emphasize once again that version 1.5 and 1.6 are not consecutive versions, but work independently.
Added tool "File Summary". (Tools -> File Summary)
Added "Status Report" tool. (Tools -> Status Report)
Option to compress the models added. (Tools -> Convert Textures to Compressed)
Integrated option window integrated. (Tools -> Options)
New - icons
New Font for Popup Window (I can understand it well, if you want the old one back, because the new one does make some things harder to read, if desired I will upload a version without changed font, if necessary).
Templates Editor extended. (It seems a par of the added options are still not working properly, maybe it's better if you do not use this editor for that yet.)
Explanations of DBR entries on / off. This option can be switched on / off in the DB Editor in the menu bar under "View -> Descriptions". (For more information and extended explanations, there is a post here: )
MAX server repaired! The installation includes a file that fixes this problem and fixes the option to convert .max files to .msh / .amn files. To enable this fix, a little extra manual work is required, the instructions for which are available at the installation later in this post.
.Msh files can be archived (taken from 1.5, auto and self-created assets possible.)
.wav files can be archived again (note for violos: wish fulfilled Smile)
Other features that I may have forgotten.

Download and run the installer. Please select the installation path of your TQIT's for the installation, if you choose another directory, the AM will only give an error message at startup. The main features are already installed, so the following things need to be done to fully install the MAX Server:
Open the following path with your Windows Explorer: User \ Documents \ my games \ titan quest immortal throne \ tools.ini and open the Tool.ini file.
You will see several options for the toolset. Those who are interested in us are called "3dsmaxserver". The installation has a new file called MAX_Server.exe installed in the installation path of TQIT. Please write this hinder the option. For me it looks like this:
3dsmaxserver = D: \ Program Files (x86) \ THQ \ Titan Quest Immortal Throne \ MAX_Server.exe
Save the file and run the Art Manager 1.6.exe.
Congratulations, the installation is done. I hope that makes modding easier / faster and probably. It is easier for some newcomers to find their way.
All rights to the code of this program are still going to THQ / ILE. Please let me know if I have breached EULA rules or contractual arrangements. In that case I will delete everything immediately.

Note: To install, place ArtManager 1.6 in your TQIT base folder. It was made for vanilla Immortal Throne v1.1 only, but relinking the Tools directory and switching the TQIT's database.arz with TQAE/Ragnarok one can do the trick.


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. GDDefiler
Creator: SoulSeekkor
Description: Allows editing of Grim Dawn and Titan Quest characters. Supports Ragnarok.

2. TQDefilerNET 1.3.7
Creator: SoulSeekkor
Description: Allows editing of Titan Quest characters.

Spoiler for Hiden:
1. Clear All Fog
Creator: p0a
Description: With this mod, you can reveal all dark corners on the map that you have not explored yet. For it to work, you must have visited the area first.

2. MapDecompiler (Fix)
Creator: p0a (fixed some crash issues by knightsouldier here:
Description: A tool for extracting the game map files.

3. ModMerge
Creator: Tamchi
Description: A tool for combining two or more mods (needs better description and usage).


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. MeshView
Creator: Tamchi
Description: Gives many options for viewing and editing .MSH files.

1. MeshViewer
Creator: Tamchi
Description: A tool for previewing meshes and textures. Its simplier, but faster than MeshView if you only want to see the texture.


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. 7Zip
Description: A tool for extracting and compressing files into archives. Similar to WinRaR and WinZip, but gives better compression. You need it to extract all the tools listed here.

2. Anti-Twin
Description: A simple tool for finding and removing duplicate files.

3. Bulk Rename Utility
Description: This tool can rename multiple files at once, giving different options. Good for renaming .dbr files enmasse.

4. Dupe Guru
Description: Another duplicate hunter.

5. Fraps 3.5.9
Description: Can record game videos and calculate FPS (Frames per Second).

6. HandBrake 1.0.7
Description: Used to compress videos to a smaller size format. Good before uploading to Youtube.

7. Reshade 3.1.1


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. Soulvizier Skill Calculator
Description: Offline mastery calculator for Soulvizier mod.

2. TQ Offline Equipment Database 2.0
Creator: Lufe?
Description: Offline database of TQIT items + 3 mastery calculators.


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. Titan Quest Fanpatch 1.17a

2. Patchfix 1.17c
Creator: Spectre


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. TQVaultXL_1.1.5.1
Creator: HandballFreak
Description: Offline storage for Titan Quest items. Supports custom game characters as well as Ragnarok.

Spoiler for Hiden:
1. Underlord Templates
Creator: Munderbunny
Description: Custom templates used in Underlord mod.

2. TQIT Templates
Creator: THQ/IronLore
Description: Templates for Titan Quest: Immortal Throne.

Spoiler for Hiden:
1. Extension Changer (+Fonts)
Description: Used to change font file extensions from .ttf to .fnt (used by the game) and vice versa.

2. Notepad ++

3. Text Crawler

4. WPS Office
Description: A free substitute for Microsoft Office. Can open .doc and .docx files.


Spoiler for Hiden:
1. Awesome Bump 3.14
Description: AwesomeBump is designed to generate normal, height, specular or ambient occlusion, metallic, roughness and other textures from a single image. Features:
Converts normal map to height map (bump map and vice versa)
Extract the bump from the arbitrary image
Calculate ambient occlusion and specularity of image
Perspective tranformation of the image
Creating seamless texture (simple linear filter, random mode, or mirror filter)
Generate roughness and metallic textures (different types of surface analysis are available)
Real time tessellation is available
Saving images to following formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, TGA
Edit one texture which contains different materials
Add some grunge to your map with grunge texture
Mix two bumpmaps together with normal map mixer

2. Grid Extractor
Creator: Tamchi
Description:This tool can quickly extract large amounts of texture grids per drag-and-drop. You can specify the pen width, foreground and background colors and the image size too, if you use the command line. The defaults are 512x512 pixel image size and a 1 pixel black on transparent pen.
This program's way of calculating the coords is different from the one in MeshDrawCS, so the result should be more accurate. You still won't see any improvement in MeshDraw because of it's bugged texture coords.
Note: You can paint on the grid directly or place it as a layer over existing texture in a painting program (I use Paint.NET) for more accuracy.

3. Hugin Panorama Stitcher 2018.0.0
Description: You can use this to make a panoramic screens for Titan Quest main menu. I stiched my menus manually, but it can be usefull to someone. Examples of normal vs panoramic image:

Left - normal; Right - panoramic. The trick is altering the image so when you cut it on half and switch horizontally left and right part, the two parts "stitch" without visible border between them. The clouds must continue to go smoothly when the halfs are normaly arranged or with switched places, sea line must be perfectly horizontal, etc.
Final result:

4. Paint.NET 4.0.21 (+Plugins)
Description: Paint.NET is image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins.
It started development as an undergraduate college senior design project mentored by Microsoft, and is now maintained and developed by Rick Brewster. Originally intended as a free replacement for the Microsoft Paint software that comes with Windows, it has grown into a powerful yet simple image and photo editor tool. It has been compared to other digital photo editing software packages such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Corel® Paint Shop Pro®, Microsoft Photo Editor, and The GIMP.

5. Sage Thumbs
Description: A tool for previewing many image file types, including .TGA as thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

6. Tattoo 3D Painter
Description: A simple and easy to use 3D Painting program. To make it work, extract partial data with MeshView as .obj and load it with Tattoo. You can now paint directly over the mesh. A quick tutorial for using Tattoo is included in the archive. Here is a crude example of a Ragnarok polar bear recolored to panda with the help of this program:

7. Texture Viewer 1.1
Creator: Tamchi?
Description: A tool for previewing Tex files.

8. Un Mirror UV
Description: A tool which can turn symmetric mesh to assymetric one, allowing you to make the left and right part of the texture look different. To do this:
1. Drop a .msh file on un_mirror_uv.exe to make it assymetic. When you open the mesh again, it will look like split in half.
2. Make a skin with double width and mirrored left and right part. You can now make the left part different from right one.

3. Use the modified mesh you made with un_mirror_uv for your custom assymetric texture.
4. Final result:

Installation and Tools / ArtManager 1.6.exe Error
« on: 08 March 2018, 03:55:21 »
The program gives error on start:

Anyone know what causes this?

General Discussion / Your favorite tracks from Titan Quest
« on: 04 March 2018, 03:56:59 »
Which parts of the game sountrack you enjoy most?

Here are some of my favorites:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Hi people, I have this little problem. I play the GOG version more than Steam, and everything is saved on C drive. Is there any way to setup my save directory for Titan Quest on different drive, so it donesn't get wiped out on reinstall?

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