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Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 13 July 2018, 21:36:41 »
Shouldn't it be weapons primarily, spells secondary ? build up int%, then bombard with buffed up spells..

I'm also running a pyro at the moment and I thought about using flamesurge as a primary attack but man does it suck so much..

So I bought the points back, chose nature and now aim to create a strong summoner.. but I have no idea if it would worth the hassle.. core dweller dies so quickly even in the first act and even when I use pet jewelry.. I mean how could a "40HP + 10 Armor" help him when he already has 600ish health to being with? is it worth to build his tree that early in the game? that %100 health bonus reward in Act III may also change how they fare in normal but I'm not sure..if its not worth it, I'm gonna remove nature and choose rune instead.. stonespeaker might actually be fun with all that offensive stuff..

In short: no.

He's good, but not in Normal, like most pets. The point is that you do want him maxed at the beginning of Epic, and preferably all his synergies except Wildfire around Act III Epic, so either you have to start building up his tree early, or save up, or buy back skillpoints later.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 13 July 2018, 18:55:48 »
Stonespeaker would rather be a spellcaster occasionally using weapons. Spells primary, weapons secondary.

Oof,.. I'd really have to disagree on that one. I'm currently playing a dual-throw Stonespeaker, which is 100% a weapon user. It works because of Runeword: Feather allowing for a much smaller strength investment, while Transmutation makes sure that even the points invested in strength (and dexterity), are not wasted.

Blazing through Act IV again. Still some occassional silly deaths, because I'm horribly undergeared armour-wise. I've got a lot of Legendary armours, Monster Infrequents, and Greens stashed, but they're all strength based so I can't wear them. Oh well, I am rather over-geared on the offensive and jewelry sides, so I'll just have to make do untill I get across some better armour. I really don't feel like farming in Epic for now.

On a different note, I am considering buying back ALL the points I invested in Ring of Flame and Soften Metal. It looks decent enough, also in a literal sense: the visuals are nice, and it's a great mob killer in Normal. However, I find that its offensive capabilities scale poorly, and on a ranged character, enemies are not getting close enough, or at least they shouldn't. When they ssometimes do, you want a defensive buff or enemy offensive debuff more than an offensive effect, but the only thing you're getting in that area is 15% reduced enemy offensive ability for 3 seconds,.. that's hardly worth 20 skillpoints. Then you also get an enemy defensive debuff in the form of -110 armour for 3 seconds, but that's it. The rest is 33 flat damage and 57 flat fire damage per second, which'd be good if you were facetanking, as it is per second, and in combination with other aura's or trances, but simply isn't on a ranged intelligence based or hybrid character. Aside from the skillpoints, it consumes a lot of energy too, which is not so much a problem on a build that doesn't consume much otherwise, but still dangerous when facing energy leeching bosses. It's just annoying too, having to watch that energy gauge, lest your enchantments deactivate, because you were just a tad too late rinking that potion. I might even be better of dumping those points in Unleash, even though it's electrical burn damage.

i actually think it's better for a slayer.. marksmanship over onslaught.. less damage but it pierces.. and you won't benefit from runeword:explode and burn much anyway because the weapon forces you to a str + dex build.. scatter shot might be better for a str + dex build.. no sacred rage but you'll have enough damage from battle standard, study prey, art of the hunt, and call of the hunt.. no menhir wall but you'll have monster lure.. might go well with tracker's hood.. then either SBC or sentinel's armbands

unless if you want to build it int + dex berserker but then that high percent physical damage would be wasted

and the DA stacking: 128 + 125 + ultimate max wood lore

Good point.

For now I'm sticking with my Stonespeaker though  ;)

I'm going to asume "ranged" means bow or throwing weapons here, as Throwing Knives are more of a casted skill, and don't work at that well at any actual "range".

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to make a ranged Dreamkiller. However, I do think a lot of the specific skills that make Dream such a strong mastery, lose their value. If I'd make a ranged Dreamkiller, I'd go heavy on pets, and I'd pick Trance of Empathy.

The latter is quite a thing. Players tend to go for either Trance of Wrath or Trance of Convalesence for more defensive requirement, but I don't see why this build would need any energy regeneration buff. It's not a caster, you're not spamming any skill, and pets should not require any significant in-fight expenditure. That taken into consideration, the health conversion of ToE probably results in higher health gain than ToC's health regeneration buff, while ToE's reflection beats ToC's damage absorption

calculated strike vs psionic touch

which one is better for bows?

You have to bear in mind that what this class misses most is main attack AoE.

I was thinking PT at first, because it does give at least some AoE, but CS is clearly better. The damage is higher and the 100% chance to pierce results in higher multi target damage.

Feeling really stupid again: I was dying a lot in Act III Epic, because I was careless/impatient, but also against Dragonians, even though my main attack damage at max charge Rune Weapon is about 2200~2300. Increasing damage and defensive buffs seemed to do little. It's only then that I noticed that the Dragonian Warlocks' aura looks a lot like my own Heat Shield. Usually the Warlocks died quickly, but so did I. Yup, I'd been increasing my fire elemental damage, and prioritising Warlocks as a target, whenever I was losing health,.. only to have it reflected right back in my face.

Now that I just let Corey piss about and wait untill the Warlocks' Heat Shield expires, I'm not dying anymore, and actually steamrolling through the later stages of vanilla.

That said, the careless/impatient deaths still happen sometimes. The main reason for this is that even on agressive stance, Corey is slow, not as in his physical speed, but he's mentally slow. He keeps dragging behind me, and I have to manually send him forward every so many meters. It would be nice if there were some kind of setting to have your pets walk in front of you, instead of behind, though Wolves allready seem to do that on their own account.

Finally, I just got another double-drop:

Not too happy about it for now, but it might end up working in my favour, if I want to find two Chakram of the Sun. For now I might in facte use the Chakram of the Lawless to level. My unbuffed damage is going down by about 200, but that's with one. I've kept enough skillpoints in reserve to max out Reckless Offense straight away. I'm assuming that with both of them equiped, my damage will be significantly more than with Zhu Rong's bow.

If the speed buffs, and experience increases stack, it's almost too good to be true. Stacked they would also give +4 to all skills in Warfare mastery. That'd be amazing on a dual-throw Beserker build.

Wait, why then would you not just create an Accomplished Character?

How come you have billions of HP?

Yeah, that doesn't look exactly legit, though on the other hand, if he really did have billions of HP, he'd never get down to so few. I'm guessing he's using some kind of mod that breaks down and divides HP points by a factor thousand or so.

Lol, I like that, how the game decided for you.

By overlevelled I was thinking more of farming him in Epic, when your character has allready moved on to Legendary. He probably won't be as overlevelled as you are, but still come with a fair enough chance to drop duplicated Legendary items.

Regarding the equiping: what if you enter the Maze nekkid, run like a maniac, and only equip your gear after he has spawned? You'll be fully geared right, while he is only equiped with what you were carrying nekkid. That should even work for duplicating armor, not just weapons.

I agree with what the others said: neither.

You'll need to determine the minimum amount of strength to equip your preferred gear, with both Armor Handling and Runeword: Feather.

Then grab as much dexterity as you need for your weapon, and to reach an acceptable amount of OA (no point being strong if you can't hit anything). Runeword: Feather and gear can also help with this.

Finally, pump the rest in intelligence, and go for max conversion and elemental damage. I'm not sure though whether Transmutation carries over to Defense's shield procs. I think it does, since Rune Weapon appears as an overall buff in the condition bar, but if it doesn't, this build is pretty much handicapped.

armor handling at 10/6 gives -30% str requirements so theoretically you can make a predominantly int hybrid that can wear str armors

Also note that Armor Handling and Runeword: Feather both decrease the strength requirements for shields, so you should be able to equip any end-game shield without investing too much in strength.

As I suggested before: wouldn't it work facing the Doppelganger using an over-levelled character, equiped with only the item you want a duplicate off?

This is ridiculous,..

I just found three of these during a single quick progress-driven non-farming run of Epic Valley of the Kings, and I allready found an identical one a few days ago:

Sometimes I really hate how this game shafts you by letting you find the same Epic or Legendary item that you don't need on any character over and over again, while some items or that last piece of a set never drop.

RNG, my arse! There's no way how the same item can come up like that three times in a row, through complete randomness. There simply is something wrong with the seed system used.

anything's possible.. even a chocolate banana

You've definitely been reading too much Denki-gai now!

edit: you can even make dried squid taste very well with peanut butter

What's wrong with dried squid in the first place? Also, I thought that if you wanted to make it tatse nicer you should have rice moonshine with it, not peanut butter,..

I'm with @Hector on this one. It's workable as a CC, but unrreliable in its role, resulting in it dropping significantly lower on my 'must have skills/skills worth the investment' list. When I cast a CC spell, it's because I am in need of a certain effect. Having a good chance that the skill's intended effect does not work as it should, is not acceptable. Also, as I said before, even if it's only one or two mobs phasing through, if they're Jotun, which come in packs of only three to begin with, it's kind of a bad deal.

Something else alltogether: I just found out the other day that Guardian Stones is not a true synergy of Menhir Wall, but rather a separate skill,.. I feel so stupid for not noticing before! It actually makes both skills even worse in my opinion, though it does leave the option to get Menhir Wall, while ignoring Guardian Stones. I think this way I can get both Menhir Wall as well as Seal of Fate + Aftershock on my Stonespeaker. Menhir Wall is still not what it should be, but on the positive side, you do get a fully maxed individual skill at 10 points instead of 22. That's a big difference.

I can give you a reason.  Equipping a cold based weapon and watch foes shatter into little pieces of ice that melt away.  ;D Frostbite, Snowblind, Demeter's Sorrow and Glacial Maul.  Love using those with a Paladin or Thane.

Yeah, but then are you not really playing either a faux hybrid (Int. based character using a melee weapon for elemental distribution) or a comparatively simple Storm enhanced physical character (using Storm only for some conditional effects, not really for elemental damage, and/or not really investing in any of Storm's dedicated spells)?

This is a serious question by the way, not cynicism towards your statement :)

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