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They should do pretty well up until Act 4 Normal.  The IT expansion boosted difficulty all round and they do tend to go down quickly in that Act.  Can't say how well they perform in Act 5 since I haven't run a petmancer through there yet.

Before Act IV Normal, they don't really die, but they're not really contributing anything either. Most characters at that level will struggle to have enough points invested in pets and their synergies for them to be effective.That combined with the fact that they tend to die by  Act IV Normal (by which time they could be effective skillpoint wise), makes that pets are still pretty much useless in Normal in my opinion.

Also, pets are supposed to die in Normal. You'll see a significant boost to pet life expectancy in Epic.

Even maxed, my wolves were dying left and right in Act IV Normal. In Act I Epic, I can just summon them once though, and they'll live and steamroll through an entire session.

This is what I'm currently working towards. It's my favourite character.

@Rorarimbo @botebote77


Apparently Thunder Strike works with bow. See this video; it's on one of the very few YouTube channels I've subscribed to.

In my opinion, this is huge. Because of the stun and the confusion, it should work for both physical, as well as elemental builds, though the elemental variant will probably benefit from it more. Still having triple arrows from Volley, 5~9 fragments from either Runeword: Burn, or Scatter Shot, paired with 5 projectiles at will, from Thunder Strike, is awesome.

Farming Runs / Re: Some of my playthroughs
« on: 19 April 2018, 08:37:15 »
That build looks really nice actually. Nine out of ten mages rely on either Ternion, or some projectile or wave based attack spell. This one doesn't.

I'm wondering though, about Energy Shield. I've never used it because it states that it protects against Lightning and Cold only, and whenever I get shafted in this game, it's either by Fire or Life Leech, but never by Lightning or Cold. Is it worth it, or does Reflection apply to all damage types, and do you simply put a single point into Energy Shiled, just to max Reflection?

Edit: Increasing projectile speed has another, possibly much more important effect, at least for bows and thrown weapons: it increases range. I never noticed it before, and bows have a pretty tremendous range on their own, but thrown weapons benefit a lot from it. After I stopped playing my Dragon Hunter (at least temporarily) and went back to my Stonespeaker, I noticed how much closer I needed to be to enemies to actually deal damage to them.

Dang, I'll have to try it out then. It would make Marksmanship 10 times better since more range also equals more damage through Piercing Shot.

I know there's no specific weapon for rune or warefare like there is with defense (the crushing blow passive), I've decided on dual wielding axes, never used axes before so that'll make it a bit different too.

I haven't tried this in a long time, so I'm not sure, but back in the day I'd always go for a sword in my main hand, and an axe or a club in the off-hand. That way you got the base attack speed and thus absolute chance to proc of the sword, but the higher damage per hit of the axe or club when it did proc.

That build just seems a bit.....I dunno, bet it requires a lot of getting hit, standing in large groups of enemies to work.

That's usually the case with dual-wield melee ;D

Yes, you'll lack defense, but you'll compensate for that with three things:
  • high damage: kill them before they kill you, also works well with some life leech gear
  • passive and LMG-triggered CC (crowd control) and defense
  • redundancies

Ignore Pain, Hamstring, Dodge Attack, Runeword: Explode, and Tumult, all bolster your defense, and/or stun or slow enemies, while
you are actively attacking.

Below 40 health, Sacred Rage kicks in (buff and enemy debuff). Then there's Seal of Fate (enemy debuff and CC), Energy Armor (buff), and Battle Standard (buff and enemy debuff).

I'm not a pro so I can't figure out all the little itricacies of each and every single piece of gear in the game.
I'm not like you guys.

You're thinking about it too much. It's not like I'm a TQ pro-mathematician. In fact, I hate playing like that.

@Laionidas yeah that skill distortion seemed off sorry dude :( ..  the 2 synergies of battle rage is not worth maxing.. 1pt is enough, even zero would be ok.. and since it's a late game build, i assume you consider +4 all skills.. casting ultimate max energy armor would be very difficult then because it's a dual wield str/dex.. sure you could keep items like pelaron and seal of the high priest just to cast it.. but by legendary, energy armor would dissipate too quickly it's very irritating to switch items constantly.. and the runeword:feather, why?

Like you said, very late game, and grabbing Runeword: Feather can help while the offensive ability bonus lasts.

Energy Armor could be cast while under the effect of Battle Standard. Then just chug a pot after.

Anyway, it was a hastily assembled TitanCalc, more as an example of how to run with dual-wield Onslaught.

Generic rules may look like these

If you are a physical damage character you put nothing in int, and go str : dex 2 : 1
If you are pierce with bows/spears you go 1 : 1 str : dex in older versions and perhaps 2 : 3 now in AE/ragnarok.

In AE, I'd go Str:Dex 3:2 for physical damage characters actually. You want to be able to reliable hit what you can do damage to.

I've now tested it with a copper knife and a glacial ring and it does not understand cold damage either. As well as conversion to elemental in rune mastery. So its not like the old defiler in the slightest.

Damn, this game is about numbers, displaying damage is like a core ARPGs functionality, not providing it in the base game is  >:(  >:(  >:(

The base game is 12 years old.

It was released years before Diablo III, Path of Exile, Van Helsing, Torchlight, Sacred 2, Grim Dawn, or any other modern ARPG. There might have been games before that did feature detailed numbers, but those games also tended to drown the player in numbers. Priorities were different for Titan Quest, which is the reason it is still so much fun, and still looks so good 12 years later.

Also try different builds, another gameplay can suit you more.
I think I've pretty much tried everything.
In any kind of game I've played, I've been crap in any kind of playstyle.

Sorry if this post is all over the place with quotes and stuff.

With time playing this game, I may only have 148 hours in AE but I have 689 in the original (plus IT) on Steam and god only knows how many on the old physical copy.

Try a different character. It's random, but sometimes you can just feel unlucky with a certain character, especially when it comes to drops.

Build a character around a piece of gear you allready found, or go for a cookie-cutter build. This one looks like fun. You'll get a lot of offensive ability from skills, so you don't have to worry about stats too much, and it's perhaps the king of procs.

Edit: Or is it just me being an idiot and these numbers are for normal attacks, not lmb?

Don't want to call you an idiot, but,.. yeah,..  ;D

Crate fixed it in Grim Dawn.

My only journey into epic difficulty in the original game was as a brigand and I simply dodged everything and shot every target full of arrows.

AE is a bit different, but mostly though, you just shafted yourself by playing the most overpowered build before AE, that since AE has been the most nerfed  ;D

Marksmanship does give damage, but it's piercing only. For a piercing build this might make it worthwhile, since even if it doesn't scale, the many +% pierce bonusses and items a piercing build would be going for do increase its effectiveness. Piercing damage in general has become more significant with the AE, as the influence of dexterity relative to that of strength has increased.

Elemental or poison bow users should stay well away from Marksmanship beyond one point if you ask me though. Marksmanship mostly seems to increase projectile speed, but that has no real effect, other than remvong the need to lead targets. That might be usefull in itself, but it is something that can easily be compensated for with player skill, and doesn't warrant sinking another eleven points into.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello and Intorduction
« on: 12 April 2018, 15:45:23 »
Hello to the forum.

I've been playing TQ since it first came out. I have played through many times. I'm glad that the forum is here with up to date information. And I want to thank those that put it together.

My favorite builds are Conquerer and Bow Hunter. My current main is a lvl 63 Conquerer in act IV on Epic. I also have a Runesmith around the same level. I just like the Conquer more.  I also have several alts around level 10 and a mid 30's Pyromancer in act III normal.

Well thats all for now.

Conqueror is a good character to have as a main of as a first character after coming back. It's good at farming gear for other later characters.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello
« on: 12 April 2018, 15:42:54 »
Probably nobody from the old forums remembers me, wasn't that active.

Nope, but welcome anyways, good to see this community grow  :)

General Discussion / Re: flush out
« on: 11 April 2018, 13:08:38 »
because flush out boosts arcane blast and it's different in AE, the liche spams it.. i felt arcane blast was better for my build.. lvl 1wraith shell only because the liche don't die.. i use SB cuffs btw

Yup. I  suggested maxing Death Nova and Wraithshell too, because with Ragnarok, you should have the points available. I guess @botebote77 maxed Outsider instead, which is a good choice, but I personally don't like investing 15 extra points in a temporary pet on long cooldown. That's a really subjective choice though. Anyway Death Nova and Wraithshell are a mere afterthought, even in the build I suggested.

cool, ty.

when do you suggest i start using the LK? i tried him last night on giza plateu and it couldn't even use its powers because i killed everything too quickly :D

Whenever you feel you do need it. I'd recommend staying away from pets before Epic, but you're allready in Epic, so really, whenever.

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