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the AE vanilla have fixed alot of things, also it have the community fan fix.

Not seeing any major bugs, maybe some pathing issues, but nothing serious.

hello Melancholia!

1st of all welcome to the forun!

about the itens having delay, i read few days ago, its semi-common bug from steam, i still ddint see that on my game, but it can appear. no fix im afraid.

General Gameplay LOC AE / Re: LoC Heroes/Bosses
« on: Today at 16:37:59 »
couple more

the bigger the bags the better it would be :D

i guess its fine, since it adds only more space

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: Today at 13:05:19 »
bit off topic here:

the thing is nordic team are working on alot of games at same time, if we had a perma dev team , most of thing could be different, but anyway they did a great job on this game, aniversary edition, active patchs and current expac, but who knows the future.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: Today at 10:37:10 »
i hope im not being late,

HAPPY .(late)..BIRTHDAY..Bumbleguppy!!!!

Hope you had a glorious yummy cake! :DD

you know we all are supporting you, every decision, move, toughts, everyhting you can think of ! we are a happy big familly :)!

good to see you around here!!

P.s : still playing your masterpiece! its kept me with joy every season!

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 18 July 2018, 12:28:51 »
they nerfed sapros because it was to powerfull , giant tooth replace the main spot.

giving random attributes/bonus for new itens from expac could work, testing crazy combos and skills.

i have no ideia why "you are failing", you seen have good gear,  just try find sone new rings , since you dont use pets atm.

about the skill, just use squall+ plague and ice shards and everything will die super fast.

i have a ritualist ( have way crap gear than you) and its fine, no deaths and is in epic , using mostly the plague skill, if you have problem with survivability, use briar ward, its a great escape tool.

about your resistance, their are fine, maybe except your pierce resistance, enchant hag skin and it will fix some machae issue.

Also heart of oak will boost your survivability.

bit off topic:i will not judge you our anything , but being passive-agressive isnt the right decision, people are trying to help you and posting " i will be banned / hated person" doesnt help the case. in this case you.

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 17 July 2018, 18:51:57 »
yes i noticed.

giving two sets same bonus its kinda rush-over things, its a bummer

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 17 July 2018, 16:32:53 »
happy to hear the beta is close.

good luck on it :)

Sport / Re: Funny Videos and pictures about sport
« on: 17 July 2018, 16:31:44 »

this one wins for me XDD

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 17 July 2018, 16:29:16 »

And comparing those two mage leggings, I guess it simply shows the amount of creativity, or should we say, laziness of these guys..

if im not wrong, archmage set and adept set its from vanilla version, no ?

General Gameplay LOC AE / Re: LoC Heroes/Bosses
« on: 17 July 2018, 15:03:20 »
theres alot of new heroes/ mini bosses in the mod, you can find most in normal but theres way new more in epic/legendary.

the most difficult/hard imo, is the wolf near the ice caves ,act 3, super nasty.

i still have some pics of new foes

i think it is possible , since minotaurs have humanoid shape, it could be worked on those 2x animations

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 16 July 2018, 16:49:02 »
fun fact:

with the AE version, the devs added some fixed heroes spots around the game, for exemple in act 3 you will alway find the neanderthal shaman in that cave, in every season.

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