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Um, that might explain why I've had no success with the Cauldron quest in Act 5.  I put all quest items in the last bag.

Yeah, pathing isn't the best in some places for pets.  Even in some open areas (ruins before Spartan War Camp) they'll stand around doing nothing.

Welcome to the forum and to the game Melancholia.   :)

If it's on a staff it affects only the staff attacks.

+skills versus resistances really depends on whether you need to boost your resistances or not. If you already have +4 to all skills then I'd go for the resistances.  You get a resistance penalty in both Epic and Legendary so it's always good to keep an eye on how they're doing.

Stats - again this depends somewhat on how you play.  If you're relying on your pets to do damage and are staying out of the fray then you really only need enough dex to be able to equip gear/weapons.  The rest can go into int.  If, on the other hand, you're getting into the thick of things then boosting your dex will help you stay alive - you should probably go 1/1 int/dex in that case.

If you want you can put some into health and/or energy if you need it, but here's a little trick to keep in mind from TQ forum legend Poinas.  There are 3 quests where you get bonus attribute points as part of the reward: the Chiron's staff side quest, when you hand in the Hand of Balance and the Eye of Chaos as part of the main quest and the Terracotta Soldiers side quest.  You get 2 points for each of these so that's 6 points per difficulty - 18 in total.  Use these to boost your health/energy.  Each point boosts these by 40 so if you put all into health that would increase it by 720 for example.  Bear in mind that while you can buy back skill points, you can't do the same with attribute ones - once they're allocated and you close the window that's it, you can't change them.

As for item drops they can get stuck at times, even did it in the original game occasionally.  One that particularly stands out is the Staff of Khufu - that sometimes takes a long while to actually show up.  What I've observed is that the items are still moving, even fractionally, so don't show up until they're completely still.

You will find a lot of throwing items because Ragnarok introduced throwing weapons so the devs obviously want them to be plentiful for people to try out.

Finally if you're enjoying the game you might want to have a look at Grim Dawn.  It's made by one of the developers who worked on TQIT originally and it also uses the TQ engine though much upgraded and improved.  It's similar too in that it has the dual mastery system, but also has factions, a devotion system to add even more diversity to your builds and of course lots of loot to find.

There is also an expansion for it called Ashes of Malmouth and a separate arena battleground DLC called The Crucible.  Both are available through Humble, Steam or GOG.  There's also another expansion under development called Forgotten Gods which is due out some time later this year.  What's pretty unique in the gaming world is the relationship the devs have built up with the fan base - they give regular updates on what's happening with the game and also do live streams on a Friday fairly regularly.

You'll find me there too - I'm a playtester and recently became a moderator of the forum as well.  We're a generally friendly and helpful bunch too so no problems asking questions if you do decide to try out the game.

We are not siding with anyone.  As said before, if you don't like something that's posted DON'T REPLY TO IT.  Ignore it, ignore the poster, do something else, chill. 

That said, this topic has gone off topic.  Deepblue has plenty of advice/info to work with so I'm locking this down.

Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: Today at 18:29:18 »
Don't have any from Act 5, but here's an example from the rest of the game.


It should roll on both types.  If it doesn't sounds like they've been changing a lot of things in the expansion which won't make sense for the rest of the game.

Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: Today at 18:02:52 »
But Hallowed should roll on both melee and mage - I've got both kinds in my Vault.

Thanks for the explanation efko.  Didn't think of the forum putting locked thread at the end of open ones.  Makes sense I guess.  Just used to closed ones staying where they are and being marked closed.

Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: Today at 16:05:15 »
I've only got chest armour and weapons in my Vault, but I've not been in Act 5 much yet.  If you're getting it on other things, that's something Nordic's changed along the way.

Added to the leaderboard and good luck with him.  Are you playing with Ragnarok too?

Think I know where you mean - where the skeleton archers and a mage usually stand in the ruins.  You can get through one way, but can't come out the same way.  Been like that forever and never fixed as far as I know, not even in any patches. Here's where Flix.

You get near the wall

and then when you click into the square formed by the walls you do a quick teleblink to the other side.

Only works the one way though - can't go back that way.

Not fixed as I just did this ingame a little while ago.

Shouldn't be a problem.  Enjoy.  :)

Yes, but those threads have been moved.  The topics are still open for replies - just in another part of the forum.

To which none of you have to reply of course.

No, this forum setup we have doesn't seem to have a close thread option, only to lock it.  I tried it a couple of times and when it's locked it disappears completely.  Admins/mods can continue to reply in it if needed, but it can't be seen by anyone - which is a bit weird when you think about.  ???  efko understand it more than me though, so maybe he'll have some ideas/suggestions how we can get a close option.

If I lock this, the thread will no longer be visible to anyone - which means all the info it contains will not be available to other members.  Is that what you truly want done?

That's the impression this from the Steam page gives:

"Countless bug fixes and other improvements, including ten years’ worth of community fixes"

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: Today at 07:25:29 »
Happy 55 birthday. You are oldest person that I've met in world of forums and gaming and I'm happy to hear that people enjoying their time in this way. In my country exist complex that something is not wrong with a person who is still in gaming after 25 or even after 20 years of life but I disagree with that. I wish you health and many more years with us  ^-^
All what I saw in life is that with years we are getting more experienced, but our brain remain young entire life. This year i was witness of ultimate example of this theory but that is another story. Happy birthday and share your cake with us so we can enjoy with you  :D

No, he's not.  I'm older and oldage is older than me.

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