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I don't really know if it's because of class combo or playstyle or what.
I've played many different class combos and I don't know if I even have a playstyle.

It doesn't help when the anniversary edition is much much harder now.
I managed to get past normal Hades on a brigand by a pattern of dodge, shoot bow, dodge, shoot bow.
Th...that probably won't work on this version.

They've never used words like "noobs" or whatever.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 14 July 2018, 13:45:13 »
Think the only time I buy them is at the very start so I have some just in case.

Ok I've taken a break and I'm going to have another shot at this.
Probably won't use my previous char because I was told that you shouldn't climb the mastery tree as fast as possible and I already did that with my current, leaving me with less points to add to skills and make them powerful enough to take on IT endgame.

I want to do a mage char, pets but I don't mind using spells as well.
I'm clearly not as good at this game as the entirety of this forum.

Still haven't made it to the new dlc yet.
Does this game really have to be this complicated and complex to even pass normal?
It's normal, not the hardest difficulty ever, why do you need to be a pro just to pass normal?
I'm starting to think this game is not beginner friendly in the slightest (and I'm not a beginner either but I may as well be)

I'm talking to myself aren't I?
I'm the most hated member (or the only) in this community, for no other reason but because I'm shit and my personality isn't perfect.
It wasn't like this on the old forum.

General Discussion / Re: Which Mastery is your favourite?
« on: 25 May 2018, 13:22:19 »
I don't really know which one is my favorite.
They're all pretty tough to use.

Ok I'll see what I can do...
I'll stick with my druid since I still like using pets.

I'll probably have to go back to the petmaster build I was using instead of trying to go full caster since I started having a worse time trying to do anything than when I just went with pets.
Doesn't help my char was built for a petmaster build (gear I mean, with pet jewellry and stuff) and not a caster.

Or maybe I've got too many pets and I'm not doing enough damage myself. Towards the end of IT here, It's very hard to keep pets alive, especially when there's so many and since it's a petmaster build, I'm doing that a lot and hardly have time to attack, which is mostly about throwing down plague and squall.
Would an Elementalist (Earth+Storm) work better?

It's those retarded champion spawns that usually catches you by surprise that ends the challenge.

It doesn't help that Djiin champions spawn in pairs either.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Scrools
« on: 20 May 2018, 13:26:22 »
I never used one. For me it's close to cheating.

Cheating implies breaking the rules, and these are part of the game.
Plus they aren't exactly "press button to win", they can give you a little bit of an edge but they're not exactly boss killers on their own or anything.

It's like having potions vs not having them.
Bosses can be done without them but having them gives you an advantage.

I still have trouble with bosses even when I do use them.

Used a Sky's Rage on Cerberus, still almost died when it wore off before I could defeat the boss.
It didn't wear off when Cerberus had a sliver of health left either, it's was like a good 25-35% left.

Didn't really even phase Typhon either so I still had a really hard time.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Scrools
« on: 19 May 2018, 19:17:40 »
Yeah me neither.

Sky's Rage seems to be good for stunning bosses for a while (if you can stun them at all that is)
I barely beat Cerberus this way.

I suppose you just keep them for bosses or something.
I might try using scrolls more on my next attempt to play this game.

Ok I think, there's no point in asking what the easiest mastery combo is, because everyone has a different one.
Casters probably aren't a good idea due to relying too much on being good and not being hit at all. I make a lot of mistakes so I'm going to get hit......a lot.
Also I often can't kill stuff before they reach me.

So something tanky. Warrior type, sword and shield, that sort of thing.
Taking lots of hits so I have a chance to fix a mistake, and I have to be up close anyway so I don't have to worry about killing fast before they reach me.

So I'm thinking either strait up Conqueror,
Paladin (Storm+Defense) so I have squall that can help me a bit with large groups (and provide a little extra damage since sword and shield types don't do too much of it)

Although I do get battle standard with Conqeror.....

I know how to build a Conqueror's attribute points, but not a Paladin's (With Conqeror, it's basically alternating between both in Str. and Str.+Dex.)
and I'm guessing with gear I just get lots of defense and resistences?
Not entirely sure about mastery progress though since I was told not to just put single points in each skill I need while climbing the mastery as fast as possible.

General Gameplay LOC AE / Re: Artefact :Scroll of Oneiros
« on: 18 May 2018, 12:33:29 »
It's a bit silly to have an L5 Artifact requiring an ingredient that doesn't drop until Act 4.

It's not that uncommon in the base game either as the molten orb artifact (also level 5) needs rigid carapace which only drops in Acts II and III

I'm not sure why you don't know the deaths of your old character, there is a death count on your character panel so you don't have to record deaths manually. Or is that because you deleted all your old character? I know some people may have such habit. They prefer start over from nothing again and again.

I'd never be able to keep track of all my characters if I didn't do that anyway since I'd have made so many.
Plus it means when I do find the right one, I'm just focusing on that one, I won't be feeling like playing any of the others so I can focus entirely on one.

Deaths on my Druid are up to......8 I think right now.

Only died once to a hero monster in either act II or III
The rest are in Hades palace (normal), which I can't get past.

I don't know the deaths of all my old chars.
I don't really get too many deaths on normal but I know when I'm starting to have trouble due to almost dying a lot, whereas in earlier stuff I don't die at all.
Basically when I start to struggle a lot against even basic enemies.

The reason I don't have any good items stored is because I've only recently discovered the new version of TQ Vault, previously I was using the storage spaces for artifacts and filled it up after a while.

If the game was on a higher speed I would have noticed a difference from the start.
I've played enough of old TQ to know what speed it should be.

Hm.....let's see....

1. With Typhon, a lot of it is due to how frequently he attacks. I haven't actually died to him, he's just really relentless.
With melee types, I often can't get away from him fast enough before he takes some of my health and restores most of his so I end up back at the beginning, it goes on forever and at that point I'll probably just be wasting all my potions and getting nowhere. With ranged, I can't get within range to hit him and have a chance to dodge his attacks at the same time, if using pets he always has spiked armour up, or if he kills pets, puts up the spiked armour the second I summon something and it attacks him. It's mostly just because it's either an endless fight or takes so long due to me trying my absolute hardest not to die and almost dying a lot.

With Act IV......I've only gotten that far with my Druid and since I rely on pets for pretty much all my damage due to the build it's really hard to kill stuff when they die a lot. Even trying to keep them alive is hard. It gets worse toward Hades palace because I almost die a lot to Machae and my pets don't last at all. Also Gigantes can often chain stun me even if they're not quite next to me.
If I don't die, I've quit and come back later due to the Dactyl and since the save points are so few the further you go, I'm stuck in a loop of trying to get further but not quite.

2. Sometimes I have, Usually if it's been a ring or two that have tons of bonuses like resistences but I barely get good items to use in this one. I often keep relics and charms I'm trying to keep to make artifacts when I have the recipes for them, especially if they're hard to make on a first run like sabre and peng claws as an example.

3. I think I tend to buy more at the start and usually for melee. Otherwise I tend to pick up all I find so I end up with a stockpile.
I don't really know how frequently I use them, I just tend to panic chug them at times. Berserker was a little different since I would try to see how long I could go with sacred rage active and only use a potion when I'd hear the near death sound.

4. Normal I guess? I never touch it.

5. I don't know, I guess I was never asked. Asked for gear screenshots but I don't really know how to do that.

6. Suitable....let's see......well I'm starting to wonder if a caster or mage type build is right for me because there are a lot of skills to use. Like maybe they're a bit too complicated for me to use, to know when to use them and stuff. Maybe a more defensive build if I die a lot as well (possibly glass cannons are a bad idea for me to do). That sort of thing. Playstyle, mindset and current skill and all that.

Everyone has something that works for them because maybe what's they're like as a person, how they do things and stuff.
Some people might just try something and just know it's the right one for them.

I'm often trying new builds because someone suggests it and it just seems interesting to me and might be fun.
and who knows, might just be about right for me.

I can't just pick a favorite, I like anything. So it has to be what would just work for me.
Lately I'm thinking anything super defensive with a sword and shield, so anything using defense or even a pure Conqueror. I'm thinking this because going the more defensive route would give me more leniency, more of a chance if I make mistakes, which I do a lot, to recover. It might be what's best for me.


1. I think I've just been really unlucky and always had Dactyl wherever I go and since he's often at the back of a group of regular Gigantes, it's often too late to escape.
2. Yeah maybe, I guess the mastery climbing is also so I have lots of health, energy, etc and not just earlier access to higher tier skills. I do like builds that go a bit more indepth without expecting me to be a really good player though.

Sorry if I couldn't answer everything fully, I'm often far too focused on trying to get through the harder parts and staying alive,  and easier parts like Act I, I don't really notice as much and kind just breeze through.

Damn, you work fast.

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