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Gaming / Re: Whats else you play ?
« on: 25 April 2018, 18:14:43 »
Got tons of games, don't really know what specific types I like really.
Games with a really strong stealth gameplay don't interest me as much though, I suppose that narrows it down.

Don't what specific games I could mention, could always post my Steam game list or something.
I barely finish any of them because they get too hard too fast. Still play them regardless though.

I mean so far this druid is much easier than anything I've done so far, but Olympus and Typhon is where it all starts to get really hard and I really struggle (and can just barely kill Typhon), so that might be the best time to show stats and things. I'm so far only halfway through Act II.

Although this char is probably only possible for me due to the summons doing all the work, I'm just keeping them healed and using squall and plague.

Just kinda feels like I'm already getting on everyone's nerves.
I'll leave if so...

I don't want to, but I'm pretty used to doing this with every gaming community I join and quickly annoy without really doing anything. I tend to have that affect on people.

and my mere existence and lack of any kind of skill in anything is still enough to throw me out of communities.
A week seems to be a new record.

Don't even have to do anything.....

Great, didn't take long to become a complete joke.
Forget it then, I'm hopeless....Who the hell finds normal even slightly difficult.....

It's true, I'm the kind of cancer many gamers talk about when it comes to ruining gaming.

watch 3 Ylvas do the work for you.. not good for the game

Aren't you basically doing that with summons anyway?
Also it's at the end of the game so....what else is there to do except start a new char if you're doing multiplayer at that point in time. If you're going back onto previous difficulties then things would be too easy anyway since you're at the end of Legendary.

Ok got a third wolf after finding the 2nd mastery stone ever in the game at the beginning of Act II due to bad rng, first one I found was all the way back in Helos not far from the village.
Then I lost the wolf due to very powerful hero monsters, not 5 minutes after getting it.

Didn't even get the achievement for having 3 wolves and a nymph.

Wasn't all bad though, Rhakotis shopkeeper had a spiritcaller's amulet of servitude (elemental damage + health and armour bonus to pets)
Also managed to find a beastcaller staff too. So a full set now and starting to move onto spiritcaller.

Soooo......bad idea then.
I mean, videos like that one just posted.....yeah, all mastery combos are amazing, it just needs you to be really good at building characters.
I don't really know why some people find it surprising when one of their builds is really amazing.

It's all down to the player and their knowledge of the game.

Sometimes I hear mentions of Ice shards being good but then I also see builds that don't use it, so I have no idea about it.

So what is the best early game skills from storm that you mentioned at the start of your post? You didn't actually say.
Or were you referring to Ice shards?

Yeah that's what I'm looking at. Good for knowing how many points to put in each skill (and it's always single point or max out)
It's why I knew to use the phys. damage pet bonuses and not vitality or elemental.

......Huh, actually for Druid it's saying use elemental damage for pet gear..
I'm guessing to increase the storm nimbus damage

I managed to max wolves by removing the single points in heart of frost, the 1st upgrade for plague and survival instinct, and I was close to levelling up during this time so I dumped those points in the wolves too.

Yeah that's what I was trying to do with points in the masteries because I'm already getting to the point where I don't have enough dex for stuff when normally I'd be just fine for all gear as I find them.

Sounds like I already messed up the build......

Max wolves and look for those + items I mentioned.  And better the wolves die than you do.  ;)

Trying to max wolves but I still need to add points to mastery so I can have enough energy, intel, dex, etc.
I did manage to buy three jewellry pieces with summon bonuses though, all three in phys damage.
Also plague isn't really all that useful with just a single point as well as one point in the 1st upgrade.
Also need to get squall and it's upgrade.

So far the only blue I've found is the necromancer staff which could be useful if I hit targets after the wolves inflict bleeding on them.

Right now regular enemies are easy, I don't even have to lift a finger except if their health goes down a bit too much.
Bosses are kinda easy if I kite them in circles.

So far so good, Bosses aren't too hard but I do have to use potions sometimes when I get hit and try and lead the boss in circles.
Have had one or both wolves die sometimes because they'd go after a certain target in a large group and targetting them and making them return to me would only work for a second before they turn around and go back to fighting.

Wolves are level 8 now so I'll start focus on getting Squall.

Edit: More wolf deaths because they keep aggroing everything.
Still......I did find out that hitting a bleeding target with vitality damage does a lot more damage than on a non bleeding target.

Yeah I remember that.
The first actual boss, that centaur gave me a bit of trouble though.
The wolves don't hold aggro for very long so I ended up taking a lot of damage from all the centaurs chasing me meaning that the wolves also could barely hit the moving targets.

Also before that, when I only had 5 points in (so no 2nd wolf), the summon died to a huge pile of undead it decided to aggro...

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