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Yay, awesome! Now make the starter do the same and not die halfway to a spider in the cave of whispers or something. I also don't play summoners except in TQ, nature pets at least look good, its not some ugly zombies you know. What is the problem with wolves though?

80% vitality resistance. Sorry, I don't have another video with trash gear or something like that, it was done once and now she's in epic. If we were talking about how to defeat Hades without breaking a sweat its just that, vitality resistance. I'm sure botebote can do it with 0% and I can, but thats not the point.

Typhon killed more wolves, at low health he casts nothing but meteors, so its just meteors, meteors, meteors every 5 sec. Wolves die. But we have more wolves than he has meteors

My only current character in legendary TQAER is ice shards druid and drinking potions is not what I consider good or convenient even if they are dirt cheap. 70% mana cost reduction isn't difficult by the way when you do have a few items to put on. Golden fleece + spellbound necklace is already 50%, add two rings with 10% each like Persephone's and Horus and voila, mana and mana regen are not needed.

Even if you take away mana cost reduction, consider what else you need to make it work, its full list of stats like I wrote here above, while a summoner only needs some yellow jewellery to get to excellent performance.

Ice shards caster druid is gear dependant. It needs lots of mana cost reduction while also needing high cast speed, -recharge and int/elemental damage together with all the defense stats. Perhaps you can get by in normal with golden fleece in chest and low ice shards levels, but don't go deep into this until you can assemble something like 70% reduced mana cost from gear on the go. At which point together with briar ward 32% reduction spells cost no mana.

I didn't max them until late act II... Was too busy with stats for item requirements and all

Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: 23 April 2018, 12:41:14 »

These lol op boots are from normal but seem to have incorrect armor value. Like they are heavy armor. There is a bunch of act 5 MIs like that.

Act V is easy on pets until Muspelheim aoe damage. I've spotted t3 pet jewellery in normal Corinth shop by the way. So its not all grim for you in normal, you just need to get to act 5 to upgrade. Next tier t4 pet items are still around act III epic though.

Summoner starts very slow. If someone thinks starting as melee is slow and painful they shouldn't try summoners. It catches up later, but in Greece boss fights are looong and drawn out. Buy a few scrolls for bosses, storm witches do fine. Megalesios is the biggest bastard, not just because he converts summons, his limos will heal him. Assign a hotkey to "select all summons" in the menu if you didn't already, to order pets to attack limos instead. There are 1001 other situations where this hotkey will help too.

Yeti health buff seems to help, they aren't exactly tanks but at least late normal aoe does not oneshot them and I can heal them out. Moment of truth will be past tower of judgement I guess.

Wasn't there at least one brigand? I almost forgot about defensive ability, be sure to get some too.

Pet gear? Two rings and necklace with pet damage, staff with pet damage. Update them as soon as you can. You start with beastcaller's (tier 1, level 3), then spiritcaller's (tier 2, level 14), summoner's (tier 3, level 28) etc up to the new tier 6 and 7. Somehow tier 3 pet jewellery is never in normal shops, though it drops in act 4. But you can always start one of your old characters and buy some in early epic, especially since you say the game is hard for you. Oh, wait, you don't have any. Well, don't know why would you shoot yourself in the leg like that.

For a druid that damage should be elemental because wisp can buff it and does some itself, while you can debuff it with plague and squall. Spirit class can use vitality because it can debuff it with deathchill. All the rest use physical. Wolves strength of the pack skill buff physical and plague debuffs physical, so its the safest choice overall. It does not matter in early game though, in normal Greece just use what you can, then start specializing once you get access to tier 2 and higher.

In TQAER some artifacts and other items got pet stats too, try to get yourself razor claw for normal/epic.

Summoners do not need any damage except this pet damage, so fill the rest with all the resistances you can get, and maybe some hp. If one of your masteries is nature, try to get -40% recharge for briar ward. Briar ward will solve 3/4 of your survivability issues and help your pets too. Thats in epic and later, don't bother with -recharge in normal, its scarce there. If you heal alot and also cast spells you will appreciate reduced mana cost, though its not always easy to get outside jewellery (and your jewellery is reserved for pet stats).

General Discussion / Re: Funny screenshots
« on: 20 April 2018, 17:02:08 »
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It strikes me every time I see it: what are they all doing there? Some top-of-the-food-chain predators like sabertooth, and yeti, swarm that place like flies. Common top-of-the food-chain animal density is like one per hundreds square km. Not in hack and slash games though.

Still, why wouldn't you show us the stats of your characters? Two pages with main and secondary resistances, OA, DA etc. It might also reveal something about your gear.

Hades is trivial with capped vitality resist. Get yourself a demon's blood on a ring, or better two (if normal ones).

Sure, you can do whatever you want when you know what you are doing. And when you don't, its better to stick to more established routes.

Pretty sure you need actual skill you can develop and not just trust in yourself on it's own.
Nope, not at all, this game is not about skill, it is about gear. With appropriate gear you should be sleepwalking through normal content. Not even excellent, just appropriate. If you're not trolling us here I fear no build swapping will help you. What possibly can is showing us your problem builds and their stat pages. What happens when you think you fail. Sounds like you just come to the fight with inappropriate stats but then you seem to know what the words "DA" and "resistances" mean and I don't know what to think.

and now I shouldn't be using summons until a difficulty I probably won't even make it to....
Not using summons in normal was common in TQIT because their hp did not scale well in act IV. I think I leveled most of my summoners that way. As casters, or even melee (champion). Now there is an extra reward for killing giant yeti boss which gives you +100% pet health. From what that guy I linked you above writes even with this they are fragile.

Of course no one considers normal, its fast and gone. It is in legendary where people start having issues and it is there where summoners are simpler to play than your average attack build.

Why don't you want to use staves exactly? Regrowth is an expensive skill and you will use it on cooldown. If you are not going to use caster gear you won't have mana, its a fail from the start  :). Trance of convalescence is deep into dream tree but you are going to need mana a lot sooner. To get trance sooner you will have to start as dream, but then it is going to be a different build altogether. Dream is best started as a caster with int gear (again) including staves. And only become a summoner in epic. Its an easy thing to do, maybe not as easy as a conqueror but simpler than a pure summoner through normal. Like this

And in case you actually want a summoner, here is a better plan for level 12, level 24 and level 30
Accelerated growth at max early. Main skill leveled up sooner like you're playing a caster (and wolves are your main spell). I've tried briar ward in normal and it has absolutely pathetic health there. So while it does work as a decoy its not for long, not to mention cooldown which you will not be able to adress for quite some time. Briar ward becomes good in epic (and excellent in legendary, just like other pets). 1 pt in both distort reality and temporal rift might be a better pick to help your pets in normal, but it also comes much later, around middle to late act IV I guess.

Concerning Lucid dream, it locks out the others passives in its tree, so you have to have at least one point in it to unlock them anyway. And you do want to unlock them. Why wouldn't you want free DA from a mastery skill? If you want to skip some points, put less in nightmare and nymph.

Farming Runs / Re: Some of my playthroughs
« on: 19 April 2018, 13:01:12 »
Two things about the new energy shield:

1 - it was changed from flat to %based absorption, up to 85%
2 - at around level 75 you will likely have enough skill points for all the skills you wanted, and also those you didn't, as well as those you never even considered. So yeah, my caster druid has it maxed, and it is very useful against all the new reflect mobs.

Thats some nasty confusion you have here  :)

1 - affix determines grade, if an item has at least one rare affix, it is rare, if at least one magic and no rare - it is magic.
2 - ehm, what stats do you want to know? Armor has armor and stat requirements, weapons damage range and stat requirements again. Maybe pierce ratio if it has any piercing. Thats all you can learn about a white item
3 - Its very build and situation dependant really, I don't want to be too generic here so won't give any advice. Sometimes you want resistances more, other times maybe something damage related. Then there is attack, cast, total speed, life and mana regen, mana cost reduction, -recharge etc etc which you may or may not want depending on what you're doing
4 - because it has a debuff on it (chance to reduce all resist). Debuffs are one of the strongest means to multiply damage in this game.
5 - No idea what is s-tier, really

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