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Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: Today at 18:36:45 »
I have a stack of both by now

With Ragnarok's MIs, it will only depend on whether its a melee or mage item. So getting an Hallowed Dvergr helm should be impossible (that's how it worked last time I checked.) Even then, there seem to be some exceptions that defy this rule.
That would explain what is happening with veteran.

And for some reason, Ragnarok MIs have obnoxious rates. Dvergrs MIs are literally raining, but I have never seen a nixie MI or ihchtian MI.
Kelpie items are common in my game, not as much as dvergr but I even stacked some with good affixes for low level characters. Have seen some fjord ichtian armors and a helm on lower difficulties, like two armors and one helm. Even tried farming the helm for my templar - nope - that thing is obnoxiously rare.

Valkyrie boots are like stonebineders, got first pair after ~40 attempts. Right after Asgard portal there is a spot with 4-6 valkyries that can be rerolled many times per session. Clear the spot, exit to main menu, rinse, repeat.

Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: Today at 16:07:47 »
I think Veteran's can roll on just about everything except mage armor, staves and jewelry.
Kill me, I don't remember a single item like this one from before Ragnarok, nor have them in stash. Unless it is a bug itself that was fixed. Or my memory fails me.

Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: Today at 15:51:30 »
Can veteran's prefix even roll on anything other than chest armor (and weapons)? I keep getting items with it like gloves and helms, all of them new act 5 monster infrequents, and monster frequents.

Not that I would complain about an item like this one.

No educational value left and no way to fix that? Whatever, its better than 17 more pages of Deepblue's angst.

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: Today at 10:33:01 »
Slayer, what kind of slayer? Hunting is a mastery with sizable marksmanship tree and several skills related to pierce, then warfare is similarly sizable onslaught tree and dual wield melee WPS. If you take either of these out you are left with a big pool of unspent points that will have to go to skills like battle rage or ancestral horn for no better alternatives.

I have a dual wielding slayer, but she's dual wielding bone darts, and had no jagged silk at that point. With a spear and shield on weapon swap. Using both marksmanship and onslaught trees. Shield is Zenon's third paradox, sort of a solution to archers, esp undead.

There are no special people on the internet, just trolls. No uncurable learning disability too, in non-offending words. Thats the best marker of a troll by the way. Whatever trouble people come to discuss to the internet, they do not need to be told about solution more than once.

Admins would always want to stay withing the rules so nope, no bans are going to happen, no point of asking for that. Most optimal way out would be to close the thread, otherwise he would return to it periodically to necro it. For that we just need to agree this discussion is toxic and does not need to be going further

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 17 July 2018, 22:46:27 »
People here are so negative about developers, is it just bad experience. Sure this team overdid some things, 100% DA on Batrachos is op, but not on +1 all skills -recharge three resist chest The worse side of this is that with bleed and vitality res affected by penalties, such gear is sometimes required if you want your resist to be positive. Not maxed, just above zero.

Perhaps Nordic needs some sort of channel for feedback if they want to keep updating the game.

This whole "I don't know how to do it" thing is needed to make you write more pages of text, get tired, and annoyed. Before he invented it he posted his sceens in the funny screenshots thread just fine. Once you wrote enough to help him he "fails" again with a spectacle.

Ok Tower of Judgement....

1st floor: Full of squid things, they almost one-shot me and my pets.
2nd floor: Mastery stone, so three wolves at a really good strength, last a split second against a melinoe hero and I'm back to two weak wolves again.
3rd floor and beyond are just going to be suicide.

I just......can't fathom anyone clearing normal......does everyone cheat or something?
Who writes like this? Thats some not very good acting.

In your place I would reconsider if you want to engage in this funny scheme further.

edit 3: and please don't say you can't find an occult or a plato's.. i always find my rings from vendors even at normal.. if you say that, it's clear you just don't want to

that just doesn't add up.. an accomplished hero character has 455 health..
botebote77 suspects something :). More inconsistencies? Of course after 1000 hours of playtime he has all the demon's bloods and what not. Knows the game pretty well too.

I'm surprised people jump in to feed the guy again.

I've been with a templar through that same area, start of act 4 legendary, and formycids are really a bad example. Lamias just above can do more, and any archers even more. Both would make an opposite example.

I didn't try to get max pierce resistance on that character though, and exactly for the reason that block exists.

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 15 July 2018, 10:15:52 »
You do not trust me so much to send me to google translate, Medea?  :)

Sure, there are no strict rules how to spell same letters in different languages, Alvyss, or maybe Alviss. There is one thing that I can think of. At there are drop tables for items with monster names in them, maybe these heroes can be found there with ctrl+F for something like relic recipes. Geomancer's name is Alviss according to that database, and I cannot find the others two, maybe because they cannot drop anything.

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 15 July 2018, 00:10:22 »
What is this thread?

I can find a few in store, but their names are not in english, and I do not know them. Might ask google, but not sure it knows either. But I can try to guess

- geomancer Alvyss

- Terror the Dark?

- Blerg the bloated draugr

Hunting AE / Re: Elemental Archer Sage build showcase
« on: 14 July 2018, 19:24:01 »
Actually, it made an impression of having better clear speed than dragon hunter sometimes. Same places, same mobs, less shots needed and no extra spells. That must be because rune weapon needs charges first, or even combination of that and bramblewood instant debuff on hit. But thats when mobs are not fast and dangerous, otherwise she has to run backwards too much like in the video. Dragon hunter is a much better boss killer, when she actually gains these charges. And much more resilent in melee.

Maybe that poor DA on sage can be improved radically by equipping something like chest from the Freyja set, but that will make more changes necessary, like where to get more energy regen or cost reduction, resists, strength if its not enough, etc.

Hunting AE / Elemental Archer Sage build showcase
« on: 14 July 2018, 15:33:30 »
Hello, you might remember my previous elemental conversion build, dragon hunter. This time I have a new one.


This one went with storm mastery that has some others useful assets for elemental weapons user, instead of intelligence there is flat damage and percentage damage increases in skills like storm nimbus and eye of the storm. Since the build cannot scale intelligence properly needing lots of dexterity for bows, it scales flat and % damage from both gear and skills.

Stat distribution is 8 points in strength, then dexterity : intelligence 1 : 1 until level 64, then all in intellinence. Normal and epic stat points rewarded for quests go in health (12 points).

This is the epitome of glass cannon with low DA, hp, no defensive stats anywhere except squall damage reduction and not much CC.

Hunting mastery is still there with its debuff in flush out, volley WPS, wood lore and minor utility skills like herbal remedy and find cover/trail blazing. Maxed movespeed is a useful asset for survival especially since this build can't do much else in certain situations having rather poor crowd control. Marksmanship is also used as main attack with no better alternatives.

Build puts points in multiple crowd control skills, thunderball, freezing blast, ensnare and monster lure. This is because their effects do not affect all mobs equally. Yotuns for example are not affected by any of them, and I had to go through most of legendary Yotunheim with spear and shield. Eldyotuns are immune to freezing, but can be stunned and immobilized. Crystal golems can't be stunned. This forces the build to use different combinations in different places. Squall, besides its debuff is used to put impair aim on archers and is the only reliable tool here.

Spell breaker is a versatile utility skill to remove buffs and reset skills on mobs, casting it proves useful on half of all the mobs in the game. Casters and magical are most affected of course. Kelpie, for example, are fully neutered, everything they do seems to be a spell and they can only follow you tragically after this, while slowly losing health to electric burn and squall.

Gear screens:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Using bows and other two handers strips the character of 1-2 resistance sources and maxing them is harder. Bows aren't easy to use in Anniversary edition game.

Chest - Prowler's cuirass with Eldhrimnir stew for energy regen, this is a resistance chest with energy regen relic that has even more resist

Helm - Golden Agris - used for damage conversion to elemental. This or a similar item is necessary for adequate DPS

Hands - Stonebinder cuffs with primal magma - easy +3 all skills for a dexterity build, primal magma here is a way to get adequate fire resistance. I'd love to use cold essence there but 20% fire resistance in legendary is unbearable.

Feet - Boots of Freyja - resistances, DA, recharge

Necklace - Shavo's relic - 60% elemental damage is to scale it without int. There aren't many items like that unfortunately, I can remember Hesione's golden veil but have a necessary competitor for the helm slot

Ring 1 - Common ring with arctic prefix and legendary eitr - lots of flat damage on one item

Ring 2 - Common ring with occult prefix and legendary eitr - for cast speed and more flat elemental damage

Apples of Idun artifact is for vitality resistance and that rare stun resistance

Main weapon - Bramblewood bow with Anubis wrath for lifesteal and attack speed - there are no better bows in the game still and that one has lots of flat elemental damage on it. I tried a bramblewood with lifesteal on it and chill of tartarus relic to capitalize on stacking slow (with arctic ring), but 170% attack speed with 30% slow is better than 140% as with 60% slow.

I forgot to add secondary weapon set, there is a chtonian spike spear for offensive ability the build is lacking, and a shield from act 2 normal with shade of Hector relic, a pure stat stick for DA.

A video with Mimir's maze, Doppelganger and Mimir himself

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