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General Discussion / Re: Chat
« on: Today at 17:05:40 »
Guys what do you think to add Lilith Masteries to challenges? I think it is not possible to finish hardest difficulty without dying also very high chance to fail some quests.

Important thing to mention is if you go with Hard-mods, there is high chance that you will never try soft mods after that. I think if I new for Soulvizier earlier and if I tried to play it, in that case I would never try other soft mods, except Lilith Masteries because its another much bigger map with really nice mastery trees, but again Soulvizier offers much much more than anything else that I tried to play. But Lilith on hardest difficulty is real challenge, many failed side quests will happen, it will look like you are chasing monsters, but most of time you will run for life and some of them won't stop  :))

Hello and welcome to the forum :)

if you playing on steam,

Go to steam workshop, if you like any mod, just click subscribe .

For playing the mod, go custom maps in main menu, click and enjoy.

(Note: dont use your mains characters into mods, it will probally broke it).

If you dont use steam,

Check the mod you like to try, download it, then you put the mod in

My Documents/My games/Titan quest Immoratl throne/Custommaps
Its in AE board so probably he plays AE, ragnarok?

There are 2 kinds of mods, soft mods - which changes only mastery skills to your character and monsters and hard mods, which do big changes to your game. Soft mods are easy to install, but for hard mods you need to make a backup for something, not sure atm is it about entire IT or AE game or specific folders because hard mods change original game and without backup you can't replace files.
On your place I would go with Asylums or Destinies 1st because you should feel difference between original game and new masteries with some other small changes. If I'm right Destinies have superb mastery combination, Chivalry and Purification. Asylums have Sentinel, Senguirary (something like that, other name is Incubus), Predator - combination of those is really fun to play. Tried Incubus with Shaman, but shaman makes you too weak for this game, Incubus is strong with powerfull pet, but based on vitality damage, so better to play with with Predator - bow/spear or Sentinel who is pure tank.
Then try to play Lilith Masteries, set game to be hard to play with difficulty changer, don't go with some easy, pick Alchemy since its the best mastery there, offers you protection + damage auras, a lot of casting things and energy regeneration, 2nd mastery should be one of these: Archery - projectil master, a lot of fun while playing it, stronger with every level, Mysticism - very powerful skill comes from there Exorcism and is staff/sword based mastery but not easy to play when switching from staff to sword, you have always to turn on damage aura for sword, Construction - pet based mastery with good energy regeneration, offer traps, cast and run mastery :)
Then you can try Legion of Champions (haven't tried it yet) or Soulvizier which is for Immortal Throne only and so far another dimension of titan quest game.
Also there are Diablo2, some new mods. I tried Paths some time ago and it doesn't seems good for unexperienced players. At least for me it was game with million questions, could not find myself there.

Other Modifications / Re: [Tool] TQ Blacksmith
« on: 07 December 2018, 17:33:03 »
Nice to hear that you found solution  :)

Other Modifications / Re: [Tool] TQ Blacksmith
« on: 06 December 2018, 03:38:07 »
Welcome to the forum  ^-^
Anyone know how he can fix this?

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Version 2 Development LOC
« on: 05 December 2018, 18:07:31 »
ANybody remember Munderbunny's mod Underlord?

He had a special system where an aura appeared in boss locations in epic and legendary that nerfed your dodging and life leech and manaleech resistances. I spent a couple hours implementing that system today. -33% dodge in epic and -50% in legendary. -25%  and -33% leech resistances.

Ok, just registered to tell this one to you. Munderbunny implemented this system in TQ:IT to remove boss cheese through 100% dodge that was real in TQ:IT and was capped at 80% in TQ:AE. So I'll suggest not to remove the aura debuff but slightly nerf it for now. Also I'll hope you won't forget to increase aura ranges from standart ones. At this moment just going through old Legion of Champions, if I'll have any more suggestions I'll right them up here.
Welcome to the forum mighty hero  ^-^

New Members Introduction / Re: Farewell, I'll be gone for a while
« on: 28 November 2018, 03:32:43 »
To add, your mod is your hero and your masteries are your pets, so don't let them stay unfinished for too long  ;)

New Members Introduction / Re: Farewell, I'll be gone for a while
« on: 28 November 2018, 03:16:37 »
Well forums are like that, take a break and clean your brain from toxicity/or to say some sort of madness which happens when we spend too much time on forum things or game, making self-pressure on ourselves. Keep visiting forum once in 1-2 weeks to see if there are private messages so we can still be in touch.

Looks awesome, better than ever before, it will be perfect when finished completely.

Things that I noticed, on menu bar when I place cursor it says only 5 games, it will be better to be on that list all games, but for Titan Quest and Torch, M&B should be 1 button and when placing cursor over it, then should appear to the right separated games like TQAE and TQIT. "About" page should be updated with info which you had before and everything relevant. Some download links seems to be broken

General Discussion / Re: Hunter Bow or Throwing?
« on: 27 November 2018, 14:57:51 »
Is throwing weapons possible in Immortal Throne or IT mods? I noticed that only in Soulvizier spears can be thrown, but not sure which mastery allows that. Also which types of weapons can work that way, saw spears, not sure for knives, and can it be dual throwing?

Not sure, but I think Bumbleguppy's Legion of Champions mod has throwing knives in it.  The AE v1 does I know, but so long since I played LoC IT I can't be 100% sure for that.  Don't think dual wielding them is possible.
Ichtians around coast have ability to throw spears in Soulvizier and they are doing nice damage, so maybe I just have to investigate more. I think I saw somewhere but it costs energy to use, so its casting thing, not attack type.

General Discussion / Re: Hunter Bow or Throwing?
« on: 26 November 2018, 17:43:23 »
Found some junk from years ago I'm looking at. Thought this might be of interest. It's a discussion Irma 2 and I had because I was looking for a second weapon other than a spear.
Getting in an acceptable format was a pain.

From text document:
    1. I'd use bow as switch on all of them except Haruspex who can get a spear in the second slot. With a point in Psionic Touch and investment in the Phantom Strike tree, bow Haru can become a bow/spear hybrid quite easily. Sage, Avenger and Ranger get nothing for spear, not even a LMB attack. So I'd keep them on bows.

For bow switches, the primary bow is always about damage. So I'd avoid sockets like Anubis' Wrath and focus instead on Artemis' Bowstring or Valor of Achilles to max out damage. When you have taken damage and want to recover, you can switch to the secondary bow, which could be damage prefix (Relentless, Murderous, Veteran's, etc) with ...of Devouring as suffix and Anubis' Wrath socketed, preferably with +% attack speed as completion bonus. Suck back all that life instantly.

But ADCtH is not the only viable characteristic of the second weapon. Don't forget resistances and special damage types either. Here are some examples:
Apollo's Curved Bow: 84% Poison resistance. Cerberus, anyone?
Astrapi: 90% Lightning resistance. Gives extra protection when kiting Typhon, Grays, Megalesios
Atalanta's Bow: +100% Damage to Beasts. Cerberus, anyone? Also useful against those pierce resistant Turtles.
Helios' Fury: 88% Fire resistance
Painweaver: 64% Bleeding resistance. Useful against Yaoguai's gore attack.
Sybaris: Great energy leech and ADCtH. Very useful if you're an archer who runs out of the blue stuff frequently. Instead of socketing Spectral Matter, just switch to Sybaris when you're running low on energy or health.
Teucer's Warbow: 21% elemental resistance

That's not to say that you'll necessary prefer these weapons to your primary. But it is something to consider. I would always sacrifice some DPS in order to get 80% capped resistance to whatever boss I'm fighting.

Then there is the issue of those Undead skellies, their decent pierce resistance and their resistance to ADCtH/life leech. Your primary weapon may do a passable job against them. But I'd prefer a good damage secondary bow like Vet's of Annihilation socketed with something like Blade of Thanatos (+% Total Damage so it boosts both physical and piercing) with a completion bonus of +50% Damage to Undeads.

In Undead-heavy areas, pair that bow with swap-out armour items like Bellerophon's Leggings (+60% Damage to Demons and Undeads) and Phantom Bane (+70% Damage to Demons and Undeads) and those Undeads cease to be a problem. You can, of course, also keep a bow in inventory with a socket that adds +50% Damage to Demons, and then use that as secondary in late Act IV where most foes are Demons.

Unfortunately, it seems that ...of Necromancy and ...of Demonology don't roll on bows or, if they do, they're extremely rare. Nevertheless, the socket/Bellerophon's/Phantom Bane combo gives you all the damage help you need.

In summary, your secondary weapon is not there to replicate the properties of the first, nor to give you an entirely different means of delivering damage (bow -> staff, for eg). It is there to address special situations where your primary bow may not be ideal. So there is nothing wrong or "wasted" about carrying two bows. Quite the contrary, it is a luxury and one that you should exploit to fullest advantage.

General Discussion / Re: Hunter Bow or Throwing?
« on: 26 November 2018, 16:19:23 »
Is throwing weapons possible in Immortal Throne or IT mods? I noticed that only in Soulvizier spears can be thrown, but not sure which mastery allows that. Also which types of weapons can work that way, saw spears, not sure for knives, and can it be dual throwing?

Humor / Re: Funny Videos
« on: 22 November 2018, 22:22:07 »
Spoiler for Hiden:

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