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it's this one:

monsters get tougher with more players I'm sure of it.. i used to play multiplayer before

if i set up the challenge and make the rules, no one will join lohoholz.. so it will just be like a journal thread.. i can't make any rules anyway because i haven't even tried the mod yet.. hope someone can answer: how does it compare to xmax? which mod spawns more monsters? are the bosses just 1 but become way tougher? are there any bugs in the mod? bugged quests?

can we have a 6 player difficulty challenge? actually i haven't tried the mod yet but full xmax (x10) is too laggy for my rig especially in act 5.. which mod spawns more monsters anyway?

personally i would take it one notch harder: the hybrid stat 6 player difficulty HC challenge :) .. take any class you want so long as you invest on all 3 stats

but i imagine most people would find the hybrid part unnecessary  C:-)

General Discussion / Re: Diary of a teenage Juggernaut
« on: Today at 00:26:51 »
it's not my fault   :'(
and really.. self-farmed hybrid with all those restrictions, what you're doing is really difficult

General Discussion / Re: Diary of a teenage Juggernaut
« on: 17 March 2019, 09:53:02 »
I'm really impressed you're doing this self-farmed.. just from memory, my very first attempt at a hybrid stat character was Poinas harrowing ternion build.. he suggested getting all 3 stats in his guide so iirc i went with 1:1:1 stat ratio distribution.. it was a failure.. it wasn't that his guide was bad, it was just my lack of knowledge of the game.. i was still fairly new to the game so it was self-farmed.. it was very long time ago in TQIT

then i tried again with earth + something.. iirc it was also 1:1:1.. i had some items already so it was partly twinked.. it was also a failure :D

then I'm not sure but i think i tried again with dream + something.. long story short, i failed again lolz.. they were mostly cases of couldn't wear items that 2 stat builds could already wear

it was only in TQAE that i finally learned.. these days I'm too lazy to farm and i have many items already so i twink all my characters.. i once thought that if you want to play a hybrid, you have to plan the items you will wear even before you create the character.. but from experience, my planned gear combination don't always end up that way.. and in this game, just 1 gear change can mean 2 to 3 gear changes.. so I've developed my rule that on epic, i wear requirement reduction items before i spend my stats

after all these hours of playing and after all those failures, building hybrids is fairly simple for me.. but i do it fully twinked.. you are doing it self-farmed.. I'm still holding my applause until you get to legendary :)

ps: i don't doubt you can do it though

Defense AE / Re: Journal Thread: Hybrid Stat Melee Conqueror
« on: 16 March 2019, 00:19:04 »
On a side note, do you only raise your INT in order to gain access to certain items, or do you plan to equip weapons that do elemental damage? There are now some items that convert physical damage to elemental, so it could be a very interesting route.
i thought about that.. but it seems worse because both warfare and defense only boost physical.. and it seems it's even worse than my converted to elemental dreamkiller.. and that dreamkiller is my weakest character i don't even want to continue playing it.. my other dreamkiller (the trapper one) outperforms it by a mile even with less powerful items.. but still out of habit I'll still probably try it.. this is still more of an experimental build than a serious build

about shield charge, it seems you're right.. i tried not rapid clicking and my misses drastically lessened.. i still miss sometimes but it's probably because of the animations.. i have to get used not rapid clicking

update about char
start of act 3
Spoiler for Hiden:

helm of valholl of the mammoth w/ +2 erebus
hale of might w/ demons blood
eye of reveries
myrmidons pendant
talisman of jade emperor
Odysseus armor
leggings of the defiled
archmages clasp
it is what it looks like.. with those items, it's OP at least for this stage of the game.. even x3 manticore wasn't a threat.. this will change against x3 Barmannu and x3 Typhon because with the close combat nature of conqueror, there's no way of cheesing them.. i might change some items just for them (equip less damage from beastmen for Barmannu)

conqueror is really boring to play i have to equip a bow (meerkwood) on secondary and be an archer sometimes just to not get bored.. just the same old hack, hack, hack, slash, slash, slash with no variety on playstyle

long time ago even before ragnarok, i wrote something titled archers without hunting.. i don't even remember what that article was about but this fits the bill

i don't have nidbow so i never realized power strike procs that much.. now i know why it was used for throwing knives (rogue skill)

why is runeword burn and magical charge only lvl 1? meh skill distribution for late game is no big deal to me because skill reallocation is easy in this game.. and usually by this time the player gets a feel of what is good for his or her char

the playstyles:
(2) YOLO is funny but i don't think that's for me.. I'd rather stick with (1).. but still if it was me, i would also probably try it just out of habit

Streaming and cool TQ videos / Re: Twitch Streaming Fun
« on: 15 March 2019, 10:55:27 »
ah no.. i couldn't tell if it was good or bad because when i posted that comment, i was doing other things so i was only able to watch for 2-3 minutes.. it's just when i tried getting my attack speed high with staff before, without sacrificing any of the things i mentioned, it was hard for me.. so really it was just a question

Streaming and cool TQ videos / Re: Twitch Streaming Fun
« on: 15 March 2019, 09:25:36 »
so weird.. i couldn't see the first page but.. raising attack speed, while also raising cast speed, recharge, DA, as well as getting good resists wasn't a problem?

edit: and on only 9 items? how?

General Discussion / Re: Diary of a teenage Juggernaut
« on: 14 March 2019, 03:53:32 »
tqrunner, have you experienced this on your char?
shield charge missing

hmm I'll look to continue and update that on the weekend

thing is, a caster can wear what the player wants it to wear.. same with melees, what prevents them from wearing archmages clasp? other people's opinions? there are no rules in this game

edit: to all: who decided dex gear to be warrior gear anyway? people used to say every character should get dex.. then dex gear should be for every character.. although as far as I'm concerned, any character can wear any item if the player wants it

(not engaging in further debates  :-X   )

people should really explore being able to wear anything :)

it's been years now.. many people in the old forum used to do that.. not all but the pros.. those who know what they are doing

caster gear is so poor in TQ.
you really are a hater it's unbelievable.. but i won't start an argument.. sorry but i don't mean to be rude

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 13 March 2019, 12:01:47 »
ah i get it.. but Greek fire is not originally greek.. weird eh? but it's ok i guess.. as long as we can throw it like bombs

edit: ok I'm speaking from memory so might not be 100% correct.. the greeks first used greek fire but it's not clear it was never confirmed that it was greek fire.. just fire that continue to burn on water.. they called it by other names, one name i remember is sea fire

it wasn't the greeks that invented the name Greek fire and what was said to be the recipe (also never confirmed), never came from the greeks.. so it's not clear if what the Greeks used was the Greek fire that we know

edit 2: one thing for sure.. greek fire is byzantine.. they are Romans

but personally i would like to see it in your mod

so weird.. weird is good O0
but how did it become 100% volley?
and does the staff outperform nidbow?
we had the same idea of permanent dark covenant and CotH, but man (just checked) your bonecharmer is way weirder than mine
I've long thought of a pierce damage ternion but ugghh I'm just allergic to staves.. i love casters but I'm allergic to staves
and my playing time has been greatly reduced now.. this past 3 weeks, my total is about 1 hour
but hmm more pros are coming out now
sauruz, you have to release your..... nah jk no hurries :)

edit: why is your DA only 704 when your dex is 560 and your wood lore is 10/6?

edit2: ah because wood lore don't work with staves

edit3: ah i get it.. it's not 100% volley.. it just looks like 100% volley because of ternion with staff of the chosen

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