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@MedeaFleecestealer  my relic/charm completion bonus trick is allowed right? it's in here:

don't know if changing completion bonus through TQVault is allowed but i don't do that.. i also don't duplicate items through TQVault.. that's not something you can do in-game.. i have my own rules :)

@Tauceti  apologies for calling you darned s**t.. i was rooting for you and you died.. you were so close..  C:-) i meant no bad thing

still unlikely to continue my toon at least until near xmas

Tauceti you darned s**t careless again.. auughh.. and after killing hydra and manticore.. awwwhhh well

late edit: i meant no bad thing with my comment dude  O:-)

there is also the instance that when you get scrolls as quest rewards, me I'd rather use it than just sell it

i actually find epic easier than normal for twinked characters.. using divine scrolls on normal makes things ridiculously easy on normal.. i feel it defeats the purpose of challenge.. and this is supposed to be a challenge.. but as i said, allowed or not it's fine with me

i might not play my toon until after xmas or near xmas.. if there is no decision by then i won't use epic or legendary scrolls on normal.. but even if it's decided it's allowed, i still might not use em.. elementalist is supposed to be a glassy character and i plan to find out just how far i can get it to.. using OP scrolls also defeats that purpose

i did a quick test with divine scroll of behemoth on normal.. you might want to disallow it after these findings medea.. it's fine for me if you do

1) for some reason, behemoth lasts until the cooldown of the scroll expires.. so if you have lots of behemoth scrolls, you can have an OP pet up at all times

2) it can clear the way to Typhon all on its own including cyclops mobs.. and this was full xmax.. by the time it gets to 3 Typhon it will die because it's health is too diminished already.. but it still did a lot of damage to 3 Typhon


3) I tried summoning behemoth right before Typhon battle so it has full health.. i removed any pet jewelry, i wasn't wearing any pet items.. i did not summon any pets and did not cast anything.. did not help at all except for the HoO aura which i forgot to dispel.. and 1 behemoth took down all 3 Typhon all by itself.. and it still had a bit of life left so HoO might not have been needed

regarding relics/charms, I'm open to using epic/legendary charms on normal.. i have lots of items socketed already from previous characters.. if i give that to my character, I'm not willing to remove an epic/legendary charm just to replace it with a normal version.. and then when i get to epic i remove the normal charm and replace it again with epic version.. it's a waste of time and money

continuation of my earlier answer.. blacksteels are MIs so you can socket them with charms or relics.. when you get blacksteel spear, check if you got it with attack damage converted to health.. if yes, socket it with valor of Achilles.. if not, socket it with anubis wrath.. complete the relic on the weapon, not on your inventory.. that way you get attack speed bonus

@MedeaFleecestealer i have a question.. i used to do this trick years ago in TQIT.. it makes things easier but can be considered cheating depending on the person.. am i allowed to use epic and legendary scrolls on normal? imagine summoning behemoth or legendary storm witches on normal to battle act 3 Dragonians.. or using divine scroll of arrow dancer against normal machae archers

allowed or not.. it's fine with me.. what's not fine with me is using defiler to get lots of money to buy lots of scrolls.. or to buy uber items

edit: for additional info: legendary storm witches and behemoth last for 3mins and scroll cooldown is 3min 33secs iirc.. so if you load up on scrolls, there is only 33secs where you don't have uber pet.. and nature can heal them

I'll try to answer just so i could bump this and hope some of the modders read this.. obviously they know better than me

some simple bounce mods like xmax, there should be an instruction.. you need to copy the right folders to your custommaps folder found in uuhhh iirc Documents/My games/Titan Quest.. Then when you enter the game, you choose Play Custom Game instead of Play Titan Quest.. if you copied the right folder to custommaps folder, the name should appear when you choose Play Custom Game.. it will then redirect (bounce) you to the previous menu where you enter it again

some mods completely changes the skills.. there are i think 4 in this forum: shadow champions mod, dieties, LoC, Hamunaptra.. eh does Hamunaptra change skills? dunno

i don't even understand my own instructions  :))

update for eiko-chan:
last big boss killed was barmanu

Spoiler for Hiden:

hey thanks @Tauceti for your tests and your recent posts.. used nubian deflector, adepts mantle, and 2 cernunnos majesty.. managed to get 80% stun res, 80% cold res, 33% physical res, and 43% less damage from beastmen.. i did get hit by one fragment but it did very little damage.. i may have also discovered this mage weapon that's anti-barmanu,minolord, and goldtooth: obsidian crescent.. low str requirement with 50% damage to beastmen.. i say mage weapon because the base damage is low but it does not matter to mages.. used it against barmanu and gargantuan yeti

edit: lolz just found out that the gargantuan yeti is a beast.. not beastman so obsidian crescent was useless in that fight.. lolz
in act 3, since i don't have entrapment resistance, my spell breaker was in full use.. i use it on myself so i don't get mobbed when enemies cast ensnare
dem full xmax is really laggy.. my 4gb ram doesn't help much either

good luck on your xmax HC toon

Spoiler for Hiden:

eiko-chan is now lvl 37.. last rebirth fountain: outer mongolia

General Discussion / Re: Challenge: Theorycrafting alternative builds
« on: 10 December 2018, 00:34:44 »
then how about lyre of Apollo? should help with stats and survivability since it's a dual wielder

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 09 December 2018, 23:41:48 »
btw, rage of ares is very good for str build throwing knife
If the point is to make a direct damage knife thrower you can just assemble all things Ares then. Blood of Ares, mark of Ares, rage of Ares... pendant of immortal rage.
i never said you should make it a direct damage knife thrower.. you are missing cast speed already and rune doesn't offer anything for a physical damage knife thrower.. i just said rage of Ares is good for a physical knife thrower.. how other people use that (if they want to) is up to them.. my illusionist for example can deal 3k - 4k with throwing knife and it procs everytime and it even outperforms calculated strike because it's a multi-hit spam skill.. it just uses SB cuffs with rage of ares and 1 mountaineers armor.. but nature has strength of the pack and plague RR

Multiple DOTs on a weapon do stack and will appear as a single bigger DOT. But generally DOTs from the same source do not stack. Like multiple hits with the same weapon or different spells cast by the same hero.
this is true.. and even if you have poison damage from armor, it will stack with the poison from weapon together with poison with envenom because it's from one attack only.. but for example you deal poison from weapon attack, then cast PGB..the poison will not stack.. just the higher damage will apply

f*** i have no ardent greaves.. i was thinking about barmanu.. next real threat to my elementalist xmax HC

imagine dropping eruption in the middle of those 3 minolords

welp.. tq-db says veteran's prefix is only warrior.. still, archmages mantle + sthenos wisdom + 3 dionysus wineskin = 78% physical resist

that said, my casters wear shields.. one of my favorite shields (since i don't have aionios) is priams gate.. it has 10% physical resist.. my dreamkiller uses that
first char

and for earth toons, heat shield has physical res

edit: i have poor eyesight.. the 48% resist on archmages mantle is pierce res.. physical res is only 30%.. so 30+12+18 is only 60% physical res

then again on priams gate, physical res is only 8%.. not 10%

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 06 December 2018, 21:29:56 »
- You can equipped two Green ring which add Monkey King's Trickery and using Throwing Knives to reduced resistances enemies.
glad to see I'm not the only one using this trick.. it makes traps stronger.. i use this trick on my illusionist and one of my dreamkillers.. my dreamkiller has -40 RR flat from 2 monkey kings + twisted coil of the parasite.. also makes distortion wave stronger

btw, rage of ares is very good for str build throwing knife

Guides AE / Re: [Paladin] Tanky tanky Ice Shards
« on: 06 December 2018, 05:37:02 »
i don't mind seeing a video but this is enough honestly.. except against frost jotuns.. and the reason isn't even persephone's caress.. this is something you only see when you've played several ice sharders already.. the reason is ice shard is strongest when you are in melee range.. and defense gives you that luxury.. that and nature hiding in briar ward

hmm.. i could just load up on DA and hope squall + core dweller takes care of the archers, right? that might be my first priority

@botebote77 : Have you found a protective build for your elementalist, will it be more storm or earth friendly  ?
no idea.. what i do know is i will equip a shield.. what concerns me is my stats.. so for now i will be aiming for rings of the rhine + thoths glory for reduced requirements.. but long term plans, no idea

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