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General Discussion / Re: How feasible is a non-summoning summoner
« on: 19 September 2018, 00:29:04 »
the way I'm understanding this you want a mage but it's ok to have pets if they are just side points, right?

well, take this from someone who has played mages all his gaming life :)
pets are always side points when you are playing mages

edit: just consider the jewelries.. for mages, you want something like occult, socrates.. but for pets, you want wraithlords and the like.. if you make it mixed, you won't have an area of excellence

but WNG is right, you will have to put points in pets because you will have maxed everything you need

Guides AE / Re: Earth: An Attempt at a Comprehensive Guide [Ragnarök]
« on: 18 September 2018, 04:56:52 »
my nephew's prophet uses a caduceus.. not for attacks but for %lightning and EBD + resists.. non-ternion staff attacks just get laughable late game.. he didn't continue ragnarok and ragnarok probably have OP staves.. the new devs are crazy

archmage's clasp is probably BiS for any mage it's just difficult to find.. I got 3 nerthus armbands by just playing through the game

anyway i just want to say that i got back to playing and started this mage summoner.. I'll make a thread of it soon.. and of course i don't use a staff

I'll try to answer because you didn't get the response you were hoping for

but to answer your question right away: no i have not tried either builds as a dual wield melee.. i have thunderer but it's a spellcaster

i too have preferred ranged/casters all my gaming life even before this game.. i prefer casters than bow or throwing weapons

your choices are weird.. the problem you will face with either of these builds is survivability.. and therefore dream is my vote but only because you want it dual wield melee.. you may want to consider dual throwing instead.. they are half melee anyways and thunderstrike is better used with ranged weapons

many people seem to find playing casters difficult in this game.. i honestly think it's because they are doing it with the wrong approach.. this may draw negative response but I'm also tired of them saying "don't play casters in this game, casters suck endgame" nonsense they are talking about

but i have to say you are also doing your druid with the wrong approach.. lightning bolt has a long cooldown and it stops at 2.4 secs.. you need something in between those casts

in case you are interested or curious, here is my thunderer

welcome to the forum

almost full build at around level 55-60
that's one of the problems since ragnarok.. before ragnarok, 55-60 was like act 2-3 legendary.. now, it's just act 1-2 epic

they adjusted the XP curve and added more skill points but the skills remained the same

more info here:

pls scroll down

too lazy to copy everything  ;D

i did more tests.. dem what am i doing today? ;D

i think i've read in multiple sources before that str adds a flat amount of physical damage per i can't remember points..
but looking at poinas attribute guide:

Every 50 points in strength increases your physical damage modifier by 10%, and adds 2 flat physical damage

and the same with int
Every 50 points in intelligence increases your elemental (fire, cold, lightning) damage modifier by 7.7%, and adds 1.25 flat elemental damage

but when i tested:
adding int first, weapon deals pure physical:
Spoiler for Hiden:
and when i added 57 stat points on int:
Spoiler for Hiden:
where was the flat elemental damage?

and when i tested str:
Spoiler for Hiden:
those jewelries are just so i could wear the staff
when i added 50 stat points to str:
Spoiler for Hiden:
where was the flat physical damage?

it's not like staves don't carry flat physical
here is with battle standard:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Poinas said it and i will never say he's wrong.. and as i've mentioned above, iirc i read it before from multiple sources (although i don't remember where)
so am i misunderstanding it or was it changed in AE so that str and int now don't add flat physical and elemental?

nobody asked but here is proof for P2 (vit damage scaling with int)

no other vit damage than from the weapon, no elemental damage either
Spoiler for Hiden:

and when added 20 stat points to int:
Spoiler for Hiden:

it's a tiny boost but you can't expect much from 16 vit damage
that's an accomplished hero test character

i also don't like 3:2 lolz.. i mean i don't like any mindless fixed ratio distribution

let's say for example you want 2:1.. then you found 2 hale rings.. one is hale of immortality and the other hale of might.. no one can fault you for equipping those 2 rings.. if you equip those 2 rings, your str will be so much higher than dex.. what do you do then? do you continue going 2:1? if you do that, your str will be very high but at this point, what you need is dex

i mean you should be able to know when to adjust.. to keep it simple, just put points on str and dex but keep a few unspent stat points, like 5-10

hybrid, this future build option is like after spending 500-1000 hrs gameplay  ;D  this one is based on the diviner hybrid.. I've seen a build like that before.. dream has psionic touch and lucid dream.. vit damage from 2nd mastery.. warfare doesn't have that so it will have to make up with items, items, and items.. and true enough, hybrids are gear dependent.. but that's also what's good about hybrids, it can wear just about anything

hybrids usually rely on %stats from items or requirement reductions.. for this build, lots of %stats would be better, hale ring (%str), socrates ring (%int), talisman of the jade emperor (15% str).. those are good examples for this build.. then to make up for vit damage, maybe dire sword of something (reckless power? :)  ) enhanced with fury's heatblood (attack speed completion bonus), then dreadful amulet of something (of feasting?  :)  )

how does a melee warfare wearing archmage's clasp sound? it sounds like permanent battle standard.. and summoning ancestral warriors even against mobs

just want to say that this is still true for AE/R

might be nice to also post this on GuidesAE so players will see it more easily

as for P2, it is increased by int but i can't remember if it did in TQIT
anyways for TQAE, iirc it's 10% per 65 int
and for vit decay (DoT), 10% per 50 int

take note of P4 for those playing melee with spirit  ;)

you are understanding it wrong sorry.. it's not vit damage that got nerfed, it's the harrowing affix.. or to be precise, reduction to enemy's health.. but necrosis is still worth maxing even if you don't deal vit damage because your life steal will be so much higher.. so be sure to get ADCTH

frankly, for any melee spirit, i think going hybrid is the best way.. I'd argue that permanent unearthly power + necrosis + circle of power + items would give more damage than a str+dex.. but it's more for advanced users so just go str + dex.. I'm not a fan of 2:1 or 1:1 or whatever because it will always depend on items.. but if you want to make it simple, sure, go with whatever ratio distribution you want.. but i suggest str is a little higher than dex

for your last question, put 1pt on outsider and 1pt on death ward. unearthly power is worth maxing imo but not before onslaught and battle standard, deathchill aura tree

edit: also get the anti undead skill from spirit, 1pt

Guides AE / Re: Earth: An Attempt at a Comprehensive Guide [Ragnarök]
« on: 08 September 2018, 06:49:05 »
1) they do scale with attack speed and that's the problem.. if they scale with cast speed instead it would be easier.. I've played many casters.. it's difficult to up your attack speed as well as cast speed because aside from cast speed you also need CDR, all skills, resists, and something that helps with energy.. the other problem with a non-ternion staff attack is it's only single target

2) it has but it's not easy to use again and again

3) with 80% CDR, cooldown becomes 1 sec.. so semi spam is the correct term

4) mine is a str + int earth + nature.. weapon + shield but doesn't attack with a weapon.. already found a good bracers on my TQvault: nerthus armbands

Farming Runs / Re: Some of my playthroughs
« on: 08 September 2018, 00:33:24 »
For some reason i suddenly felt the urge to make this video
Don't know the connection
Agnetha is timeless
Hades is not the devil

I forgot to show my items so i just added it at the end

Also, notice that energy armor vanishes from Hades' spell attacks both in his flesh form and spirit form. Energy armor only blocks physical, pierce and bleed, no vit. Pierce is the least likely and it doesn't seem to be DoT so it's most probably physical. And considering that my energy armor blocks 6k+ damage, this means there is also a lot of physical damage on Hades's spell attacks

Spoiler for Hiden:
one reason is because, unexpectedly, i got some good feedback on youtube.. based on my low view counts on my videos, i'm very very very far from being popular and to be honest, i don't want to be.. but for those who have commented, if you're reading this, thank you.. it warms my heart

Guides AE / Re: Earth: An Attempt at a Comprehensive Guide [Ragnarök]
« on: 07 September 2018, 06:21:43 »
it's been a while.. i hope you remember me  :)

I'm probably not the one to answer because earth has never been my forte.. but I'm planning to play again this time also as an earth caster with volcanic orb as main attack

I've tried volcanic orb a bit before and i might have some answers to your question:

1) a true pure spellcaster doesn't attack with a weapon

2) a staff main attack that doesn't involve ternion just wanes later on.. i can say storm is a strength of mine and a staff attack with no ternion can never match ice shard.. even lightning bolt if not for the cooldown.. staff also is no match for distortion wave.. or throwing knife if you support it with something

3) volcanic orb is best used with shift key even if you bind it to RMB because if you press shift, volcanic orb seems to have no range limit.. and if your LMB is a spell attack, you press shift..  so there's that

although attacking with a staff is easier to reduce resistances.. so if your secondary mastery has no reduced resist, it makes sense to attack with a staff

of course early game when you have no enough CDR yet, you bind VO to RMB

as for your other question, eruption is very good

General Discussion / Re: About hamstring from onslaught skill tree
« on: 06 September 2018, 23:25:52 »
you have to press down then kick.. then "FINISH HIM!!"

up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start

edit: why is the video just a link?

this was written by irma2.. and not many people would bother with TQIT nowadays.. pretty sure medea posted it here more as a backup

a build is more than just a titancalc link  :-[

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