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Actually I have both maxed
that just doesn't add up.. an accomplished hero character has 455 health.. that means if you complete all quests, your base health should be 455.. storm mastery at lvl 32 gives 672 HP.. nature gives 640.. 455+672+640=1767.. I'm reading your HP as only 1704

and true enough my accomplished hero ice shard has 1767 HP

Spoiler for Hiden:

it should be like this:
base HP: 300
the poisoned spring: +75HP
lampido's potion: +80
storm: 672 HP
nature: 640 HP

Actually I have both maxed, I maxed them both out as early as possible. Although now I'm told that's a bad idea.
for a caster or petmaster, yes i would say so.. but you are 39 and at late act 4, you need those HP and free stat points

But it didn't really work out all that well and I actually did worse.

Now I have to reset my skills again but I can't even remember what I had them as so I don't really know what to do with it now.
you did worse because your jewelries are for petmaster.. shop farm for plato's of something and occult of something.. it shouldn't be that difficult finding them from vendors.. don't know what skills you chose but you don't need lightning bolt for now.. choose ice shard

for caster, try this

that's 40 but looking at your XP, it won't be long till you lvl up.. that also means you replace your staff with something for a mage.. it shouldn't be difficult finding one either from loot or vendors.. for casters, i always keep 2 full stacks of energy pots (50).. that is the life of a caster.. but the good side, as long as you play it right, i say it is safer

for petmaster, I'm not really sure as i don't really play a petmaster so I'd rather not give a titancalc link.. but i can suggest a few things:

1) replace your artifact with either a razor claw or summoner's totem

2) your staff, put it on secondary and only switch to that when you are summoning pets.. for your main, find a pet staff

I probably made every singe wrong decision and now I'm screwed right?
at 8 deaths, if that is really true, and especially that you claim you don't know much about the game, i say you are doing well.. quite good

edit: that artifact you have, fist of the heavens, grants tidal wave skill.. it is not a proc, you cast it.. does quite a lot of damage especially on normal.. if you choose to play caster, don't ignore that.. good for bosses

edit 2: well you know you will do better as a petmaster than a caster if you are geared towards a petmaster right? those are 4 items that are either useless or helps but very little for a mage

edit 3: and please don't say you can't find an occult or a plato's.. i always find my rings from vendors even at normal.. if you say that, it's clear you just don't want to

so can i butt in again? I'm actually scared but I'm pushing myself

you see even 1 pic reveals many things.. you don't even have to add artifact, we can identify it by just the appearance: eye of heavens

1) socket your items with charms/relics.. it won't be a waste.. or rather, it will be a waste if you don't use them

2) your right click is ice shard but your jewelries are pet items.. your artifact is also a mage gear.. so which is it? are you a petmaster or caster?you can't be both at lvl39.. well actually you can but it will be a nerf.. I've played many many many casters already.. i can say that if you want to play caster, ditch pets for now.. if you want to play petmaster, ditch ice shard for now.. if it's me, you know what i would choose

3) i think your HP is quite low.. since you have refresh, that means you have nature maxed.. but i think you don't have storm maxed yet.. at lvl 39 and at late act 4, it's time to max both

edit: eh my eyes are playing tricks on me.. no refresh.. i am also getting old and slow

WNG, wow you did it

I usually read 70% of posts, avoiding long posts,
you just gave me an idea of what to do if i want to post obscene languages >:D
lol just kidding

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Gambanteinn question
« on: 15 July 2018, 23:32:31 »
i have my own answer here but I'm not 100% sure so might as well ask

Gambanteinn has 25% chance of +200% elemental damage.. that proc elemental damage should also apply to spells right since it's from an artifact? like ice shard, volcanic orb, eruption?

actually even if it's from a weapon i think it should apply also to spells because it's also %elemental damage, just a proc

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 15 July 2018, 14:22:56 »
wow.. here's to hoping you can play past those 2 years

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 15 July 2018, 11:55:02 »
Hey botebote77

Am aiming to release later this year after beta testing.  On that note, I'll likely invite some of you guys from the TQ community to take part in the beta  8)
I'm in

don't want to do any more tests I'm too lazy for that.. i can't even use my PC right now it's having problems.. btw those are not my mechanics too i merely provided links to

1) steamcommunity
2) titanquest.wikia
3) something that i previously debunked

and I've tested quick recovery before and it works.. so it's not useless because the only way it would be useless is if it doesn't work

one thing i noticed about your tests, you used it against empusa but empusa deal AoE damage right? shield can't block that right? it's not that i don't trust you man but i think empusa is not the right monster to test it with.. actually i don't care if it's before or after.. it's not a big issue for me

What is it about? the game itself or something else?

this it but i wanted to keep it light, so...

About Diablo, yeah that synergy bullshit right?
yes exactly

General Discussion / Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 15 July 2018, 09:51:39 »
(This is not a critique or resentment to the game.  Sometimes itís good to have fun  ::)  )

Aloha!  So letís talk about items.  I know many items are good, some are so so.  But some are just plain out weird.

What is up with that reduced int requirement for armors and weapons? Why would you need to reduce int requirement when the item itself requires high int already?  Well i know it has itís uses butÖ really? -30% int requirement for a lvl 48 mage item?  The reduced int requirement for weapons is even more weird.  The only int based weapons in this game are staves.  Reduced requirements, especially as high as 30%, is usually sought out so you can keep said stat to as low as minimum.  So basically, if you want to equip a staff, you would want to keep intelligence to as low possible because why would you need int for a staff weilder right?  Eh?  Is that right?  bonkers.

Veterans know that the best use for that is if you want to twink your toon to equip lvl 48 or below staves but with higher int requirement like Caduceus and Eye of Osiris to name a few.  But veterans also know that itís a poorly thought out design because soon you can equip it anyway without the need for -30% int requirement.  The boots will just outgrow itís usefulness and itís a shame because itís part of a pretty good set.

80% Reduced Defensive Ability.  On a bow.  Really now. Well yeah itís still useful for a petmaster and for multiplayer.  Ok ranger, because this is one of the best weapons for a ranger right?  Surely a good tactic for a ranger is equipping a bow that reduces defensive ability right?  Forget about your own damage, the important thing is your wolves deal more damage.  And multiplayer because if you want to play an archer on  a multiplayer, surely you would want to be a support.  Right?  Get a grip.

So letís talk about Ragnarok items..

Devs:  Itís Ragnarok and part of the new content is we will be adding a new type of weapon
Us:  Ok weíll farm for them
Devs:  Yes.  Weíll make sure you find them.  Lots and lots and lots of them
Us:  This is too much really.  We want to find other items too  :-\
Devs:  You're welcome  >:D

Devs:  You know you should really try a club for a Hunting toon
Us:  Eh? Why would we want a club when a spear or bow is the ideal weapon?
Devs:  Because weíll make it very good for you
Us:  Ok Iíll use it for my conqueror
Devs:  No please. Weíll even add +2 to Hunting

there  ;)

Devs:  Weíve included many new items.  You should try them
Us:  Ok weíll mix it with some of our items
Devs:  Ah no.  Those vanilla items are outdated now.  You can forget about them.  Weíll prove it to you

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 15 July 2018, 06:57:00 »
it's not surprising at all.. normal i hardly buy any potions if at all.. late legendary most of my characters buy health potions.. i think the only characters that don't is my haruspex and skinchanger.. those 2 characters are focused on survivability.. buying health potions does not mean that your character is weak be it normal or legendary.. some are just focused more on survivability, some on offense.. nothing wrong with that

Nature AE / Re: The optimal Ritualist build?
« on: 15 July 2018, 01:59:01 »
there is one downside to a pure strength dream caster

good luck getting very high physical resistance when facing mobs and bosses that deal thorns damage

this is one advantage of an elemental build.. it's easy to get high elemental resistance and absorption

ternion cold staff is the only other cold damage skill
but we want a cold spell

i once said somewhere before that i think it's better if freezing blast be replaced by a less CC focused but more damage cold skill.. mmm sorceress blizzard diablo 2

edit: but ice shard is pretty strong if you focus on it and if you manage to solve energy problems.. except it's weak against frost elementals.. but that's just fair considering there are also fire elementals

Guides AE / Re: Mage Haruspex Build
« on: 14 July 2018, 18:33:49 »
after rereading my guide, i think i might've been a little too harsh on the old build Haruspex :)

of course a veteran can make it work

perhaps it's the result of some of what I've read :D

still, this clears mobs faster, also has high DA, and much probably safer because of  monster lure and all those CCs

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