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Runemaster AE / Re: Runic Elemental Shotgun
« on: 21 April 2018, 23:20:43 »
wow.. is it set to very fast? i only play on fast.. what those you're wearing? crown of dokmaar, 2 chakram of the sun, volva's boots.. what are the others? i remember on my sorcerer spell breaker made it easy because he couldn't cast his killer spells.. but it wasn't that fast.. i remember it wasn't easy in xmax but that is to be expected.. I've yet to face him on my other characters.. I can't rely on just spell breaker.. I have to find good tricks against him.. your vids are cool to watch you should post more ;)

you can play any way you want in this game.. but then again I'm so good that everything comes easy and mindless for me.. ughhh i got hurt by that comment you know? but nahhh none of it now.. also stop looking down on yourself.. please.. no seriously ;D you'll get better at this game but you have to put a little trust on yourself :)

Guides AE / Re: Spear Avenger Build
« on: 20 April 2018, 11:18:35 »
welcome to the forum

for dark elves and such, monster lure makes em easy.. it's not easy in xmax but vanilla, they're easy with monster lure and resists

edit: you should pull some of those steam users here :)

General Discussion / Re: Low health points for casters?
« on: 20 April 2018, 11:11:14 »
hello and welcome.. ahem i like casters.. i typically only play casters.. but my casters are different.. personally, i don't consider ternion users as casters but well it depends on the person that looks at it.. i too post videos but i don't suppose you've seen em yet?

no mods, no cheats, just hours of grinding ;D

edit: i correct myself.. xmax is a mod :|

i very rarely put points on health.. actually i don't think I've put points on health on any of my characters now.. my survivability largely relies on CCs.. also, i don't like using staves.. if you're curious you can check my sig (i eat mana for breakfast).. it redirects to a link.. now I'm not saying you ignore ternion.. it's just not my cup of tea.. for ternion oracle maybe you'll have difficulty stacking CDRs because you can't sacrifice attack speed and DPS.. i also don't see too many CCs on oracle so maybe you just have to focus on life steal.. is that enough? guhhh i realize now this is not my style so I'm probably not any help.. but welcome to the forum

edit: and yeah I'll say it again.. this might seem weird but one of the reasons why i like casters is because i hate dying.. kiting is my game and i find it hard to do that with weapon users ???

it does.. I've known that for quite some time :) ..  also works with staves.. but i like 10 projectiles better.. the bad part is thunder strike doesn't release fragments.. that one i think i said already

Farming Runs / Re: Some of my playthroughs
« on: 19 April 2018, 09:02:38 »
i don't have much experience with this char but i also have energy shield/reflection on my sorcerer.. and when i battle Typhon, when his health is low and he hits me with his meteor thing when i have energy shield/reflection up, he dies.. so i would say it reflects other types of damage as well not just lighting and cold.. energy shield itself is not bad because it's absorption so it's still good even if you have high cold and lightning res already.. but i wouldn't say it's worth maxing

hmm let's see the changes in this build compared to TQIT:

1) static charge now also boosts EBD, it used to boost only lightning
2) elemental DoT now scales with %elemental damage
3) vit now scales with int
4) physical damage from spells now scales with str.. distort reality has some physical damage also.. not much with this build because it's int build but still it's a plus

damn this really got boosted in AE/R.. the only nerf i can think is you can't stack 100% CDR anymore.. but then again every build with 100% CDR was broken

Farming Runs / Re: Some of my playthroughs - Mage Prophet
« on: 18 April 2018, 23:56:38 »

i hope you guys don't mind my videos.. as i said in another thread, i just want to help the way i know how.. again, this toon is not mine, it's my nephews.. if it's me, i might not be able to resist equipping it with a shield.. but still a caster of course

this was self-found so 80% CDR was only reached in legendary.. this was wearing adepts clasp till act 1 or 2 legendary (can't remember).. but it's ok because distort reality can carry you past epic even with long cooldown

it's hard to see here but if you look closely, spell breaker dispels Typhon's thorns

btw, i think I'm having way less lags now with windows 10 yaaay

I'll try to answer

1) can you please post the link? because those are flat out wrong.. I'll try to give a more accurate description just based on my experience (i have plenty though :)  ).. yellows and greens can have either 1 prefix, 1 suffix, or both.. there are yellow affixes and there are also greens.. scholar's, summoners, of mana.. those are yellow affixes.. examples of green affixes are hallowed, of the gods, of reckless power.. a yellow item can have 1 or 2 affix but if it has only yellow affix, it will only be yellow colored.. a green can also have 1 or 2 affixes.. if it has 1 yellow affix and 1 green affix, it's a green

this is a yellow with 2 affixes:
this is a green with only 1 affix:

there are no yellows or greens that has no affix except from some new ragnarok MIs but from my understanding, it's because the devs are/were still working on them.. lots have been fixed with the latest update but i don't know if there are still unfinished ones

2) maybe the author does not want to include whites because they're too many.. i don't know the stats though

3) what stats you should be looking for? i think you can answer that better than we can because it depends on your char ;)  but try to get resists, damage, attack speed, some form of survivability

4) flat reduced resist.. reduced resists are powerful attributes that is sadly ignored by many.. it's easy to see how important resists are.. fight Hades with 30% vit resist.. then fight him again with 70% to max resist and see how much easier it is.. it's just the same with reduced resist but opposite

5) sacred (+2 all skills).. wraithlord's or allfather's of convocation would be dope for petmasters.. i used to have a tyrant's of speed sword, enhanced with anubis wrath i consider that S rank

wow how did you beat loki? haven't played in a few days and won't be able to for at least a few more days but i remember i had trouble separating even one of them.. does petrify work on either the 2 forms?

good luck

Tauceti, i don't know if you really want a poison and bleed build brigand but traps are still good in legendary.. a trapper brigand shouldn't be too far off from my illusionist.. i use calculated strike, a brigand has marksmanship

ok my findings, but you probably know about this already: poison/bleed is good against beasts/beastmen.. useless against undeads/constructs

nah it's all good.. ok here's my thought process.. the OA, attack speed and DPS should be obvious enough because i use spells.. that is my game.. the DA and shield block, ok here's why.. my survivability mostly comes from kiting and CC.. that has always been my playstyle even before TQ.. in this game it seems like all masteries have some form of CC or survivability.. monster lure for hunting, squall and spell breaker for storm, slow and petrify for dream, etc.. most of those get better with cooldown reduction.. so cooldown reduction for me provides me with continuous casting of AoE spells as well as survivability.. the other priority for me is +to all skills.. i think every character benefits from that.. resists too of course.. everything else are just bonuses for me like percentile damage, run speed, energy regen, etc

so there i don't think about OA, DA, DPS, attack speed, and block chance.. of course the familiarity with the game is a big help.. also this is just me.. other people have their own styles and preference.. i wish to learn actually from other people and i have.. that's why i like reading guides and watching gameplays

maybe you think i feel better with all those flattery but i don't.. it's true that i don't think about any of those when i play casters but i don't feel like explaining anymore.. we are trying to help you here but it seems you don't want us to

Farming Runs / Re: Some of my playthroughs - Mage Haruspex
« on: 14 April 2018, 00:23:52 »

there's a reason why i showed Grey sisters and water spirits.. this build is built for mobs and Grey sisters are boss mobs.. and water nymphs main weakness is lightning and EBD

there are some things i did not mention in my guide:

1) visor of the shadowlord is near BiS for this build.. high armor, +1 all skills, 50% EBD.. i just can't say absolute BiS because you can always get lucky with like hallowed revenant of the gods lelz

2) if you want, you can actually play this as a caster petmaster (see my GoldTooth fight).. you can spend lots of gold for summon scrolls like behemoth, or you can equip summon items if there are good ones but i don't know of any.. the doppelganger maybe but i don't know if it's worth it.. the achaean pass quest in act 4 where you are given 4 archer allies can be really good.. how do you boost your pets? ToC, nightmare mastermind, herbal remedy, and permanent call of the hunt.. plus the ability to spam study prey and monster lure really helps.. you can take them all the way to Hades if you want.. sadly, the achaean pass quest is bugged in my version of xmax

3) throwing weapons.. i don't know if i mentioned this in my guide but some throwing weapons can be really good for this build.. they can be like your wand (one hand mage weapons).. my favourite is neith's will which drops like candy in epic.. not too high dex requirement and really good stats for a mage.. plus it gives you additional DA from wood lore (like this build even needed a boost :)

4) the 33% damage to beasts/beastmen from call of the hunt works also for spells

5) never forget to have lots of mana pots in hand.. just look at my Hades fight lelz

6) it's not flashy enough: (


games aren't about being the best or being the worst, it's about having fun
Wouldn't it be nice if games were made this way?
But no, "modern games" are made for people to go around saying they beat this or that in a couple weeks or this is too easy on hardest mode and people who can't beat the game on hardest with no deaths are gaming cancer. People like me.
i don't know about other people.. maybe it's like that playing online nowadays? i don't play online anymore

but my videos and guides are not meant for boasting.. i just want to help the way i know how

@Laionidas you have a point.. i think it would feel clunky.. but it can be done.. you have a point

@Deepblue yeah you're overthinking things :)

man all this talk i feel they're complicated.. I'd rather stick with my casters where i don't have to think what my gear should be.. just recharge and + to all skills.. and playstyle is just mostly rightclicky.. I'm not pushing for it.. it is just what is simple for me :)

edit: no need to think about OA, DA, DPS, attack speed, shield block  ;D

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