Author Topic: Diary of a teenage Juggernaut  (Read 14769 times)

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Re: Diary of a teenage Juggernaut
« Reply #45 on: 20 November 2021, 01:07:51 »
Yeah, there's no way I can say "No" to -50% enemy res on a weapon. It just takes care of Juggernaut's biggest weakness - the lack of a debuff (which leads to big damage issues in Legendary). There's a reason why I chose to go with Pendant of Immortal Rage instead of Myrmidon's Pendant, which most players would agree is the superior amulet.

Though the use of Asphodel almost came to bite me in the ass during the Dactyl encounter. I "kinda forgot" that those guys have some ridiculous chance to avoid projectiles in Legendary. So every time I switched to the ranged weapon it felt like an eternity missing attack after attack and watching my HP go down (cause all my damage converted to health was coming from the Sabertooth). Even the energy was going down at an alarming rate (with almost 80% resist, mind you!) thanks to that guy's dual leeching weapons. Like, the game really wanted me dead there!  ;D

I guess it's the last time I throw away a Sapros. I thought I'd never be able to use it because of the STR requirement, then the dvergr surprised me with 14% reduction to requirements on my Veleda ring. But it's impossible to keep all the good stuff on you when the stash is not accessible and it's hard to decide which items are most worthy of occupying that precious inventory space.


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