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How many times have you been killed by Toxeus?

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I have played alot and i havent found him yet, maybe i dont play legendary much :S


--- Quote from: sauruz on 14 November 2017, 21:44:27 ---I have played alot and i havent found him yet, maybe i dont play legendary much :S

--- End quote ---
he's always there in SP if you play TQIT/AE

No idea.  I'm either running for my life or dead!  :D
i like this answer

Medea Fleecestealer:
Toxeus the Green can appear anywhere on any difficulty iirc.  My first encounter in M4ssboss3s was in Normal so I had very little gear to tackle him (them) with being only around L20 or so by that point.  I think his favourite places are in the MinoLab and the tombs in the Vally of the Kings iirc.

botebote77, there are two versions of Toxeus in the game.  The one in the SP is always there and that's the only place he spawns.  Toxeus the Green on the other hand can appear anywhere else in the game - he's never in the SP.  And he is much nastier than the SP one.

TQ the original: I'm sure you're right
TQIT: can't remember.. haven't played it in years
TQAE: haven't found him yet.. not saying he doesn't appear anymore.. i just haven't found him yet.. or he got too weak for me to even notice (i don't think that's the case)

i think he also spawns in megara.. i have mixed feelings if i want to see him in AE

anyway, Typhon dude there are tricks to beating him (the SP one).. Dactyl might even be more dangerous.. or the demon bull in act 3 (the legendary version hits hard).. as for toxeus the green, if you meet him, run away or just lay dead.. or quickly escape and exit the game lol

I can throw a bone in his general direction and hope he goes away... but no, I always quit to the main menu and load back in if he's there :P


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