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How many times have you been killed by Toxeus?

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Toxeus the Murderer.

Showed up in the Mino maze on epic. I quickly realized after several attempts that i should just reload the game.

Medea Fleecestealer:
Yeah, he's nasty and best avoided.  Medierra said in a stream back in 2013 that although he doesn't have that much health he does use all the skill slots the game allows - something like 15-20 of them. 


--- Quote from: sauruz on 21 July 2019, 15:16:49 ---Skelletons are the common foe  found in any game, because  they can fit perfectly without much myth behind. Same as  spiders

In terms of modding creatures, one of best thing about skelletons or anykind of common monster, is you can transform in something different and unique

--- End quote ---

True, they are indeed great allrounders.

About Toxeus random spawning, i've actually only met him 3 times outside of the secret passage in my long time playing this game.
Quickly switched to a lower dmg weapon, as his "Damage reflected" skills are the most annoying imo.

I do the same with the Titan from time to time depending on my chars current equipment/stats/skills.
Using a low lvl bow and killing him from great distance if i feel like my char is on risk of getting murdered.

Encountered him today in the Minoan Labyrinth on my level 59 pet Soothsayer in Legendary. TQ+IT. Definitely a nasty surprise. Lived through his initial burst only thanks to having 8K HP and Spirit Ward, before I realized it was Him, the dread himself :P

Nothing a bit of kiting wouldn't fix, but the main problem was that he has some form of AoE life leech. Seems it's on his fan of knives. Several times, he was nearly dead or at least below 50% health, then he cast knives, hit all my summons and insta-healed to full. He tanked through the Outsider, 3 Wolves, Liche and the Nymph that way. Ultimately had to aggro him myself so he wasn't always surrounded by the summons, which couldn't out DPS him and then, mostly my Liche with his unavoidable attack slowly wore him down while he was chasing me around, with an occasional bite from a wolf, when they could catch up to him while he was Plagued. All I did was run around without stopping, only casting Plague, Refresh, Briar Ward and Dark Covenant whenever he whiffed an attack while chasing me. Once I luckily got him locked inside a Briar Ward, it was over for him. He seems hellbent on chasing you down once aggroed so he had a lot of trouble doing anything inside the Briar Ward while also surrounded by 3 Wolves, always just trying to run at me and not fighting. In the future, I will only summon the Outsider once Toxeus is aggroed on me, should make it much easier.

Before, I only met him once on my Conqueror and he got steamrolled. Just popped Colossus and downed him nearly instantly due to his low health and the massive absorption on the Colossus form.

So my death count against him is still at zero. But encountering him as a pure caster must be an absolute pain. No idea what I'd do in that case.

He's definitely up there as far as threats in this game go. The only thing worse than him that comes to mind are the Gigantes Dactyls, who spam one hit KO wave attacks with 2 second cooldown. Any melee class that does not include Defender might as well just quit the game and reload the session :P. Not even Toxeus is that bad.


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