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Random Class Generator by Shadowblade


Here is how it works:

Use the items picked up in the first field of the game where you rescue the horse. The weapon you get determines which is the first mastery:

Club = Defense
Copper Spear = Hunting
Bronze Spear = Dream
Axe = Warfare
Copper knife = Magic
Bronze knife = Rogue

Now to the armor for second mastery choice:

Leather BREASTPLATE = choose another melee-type mastery.
Leather HARNESS = choose a mage-type mastery (Spirit, Nature, Earth, Storm)

If you get the breastplate, when you reach Sparta go to armor vendor and count each weapon (Swords, Clubs, Axes, Spears). Whichever one has the highest number of weapons of will be chosen (so if he has 13 Axes, 9 Spears, 4 Swords and 11 Clubs, Warfare will be your second mastery). If the mastery you chose already has the highest type of weapon number, then go for second best. If there is a tie, then go for the lowest. Whichever wins is your second mastery:

Sword = Rogue
Axe = Warfare
Club = Defence
Spear = Hunting
Hoe = Dream

Now for magic. If you got a Copper Knife go to the vendor in Helos. Count the number of staves of Cold, Fire and Lightning he has and choose the one with the highest number. This is your first mastery:

Fire = Earth
Cold = Nature or Spirit (Nature is Pine, Spirit is Ash. Choose whichever one has more)
Lightning = Storm

If you got a Harness when you get to the mage vendor in Sparta count the number of Cold, Fire, and Lightning staves there are. Whichever is the highest is your second mastery. If the mastery you chose already has the highest number of staves, then go for second best. If there is a tie, then go for the lowest. This is your second mastery:

Here's an example:
I went into the field and got a Leather Harness and a Copper Spear. I am now a Hunter. When I get to Sparta I will choose the staff the mage merchant has most of. The highest number of staves he has are Cold ones. There are more Ash than there are Pine, so I will be Spirit. I am now a Bone Charmer.


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