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Caravan Drivers' Speeches Acts 3 & 4


This info was gathered to help players who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The name of the merchant is followed by their speeches when you enter their shop, leaving shop are the things they may say when you exit.

Guan Zhong (West Silk Road)
Enter shop
Aaah, another heroic traveller.
Now, what have you got today.
I have tripled my caravan since the monsters.
One man yesterday, 12 pairs of Neanderthal boots.

Leave shop
So long.
Tread lightly and with speed.
Fear not, your goods are safe.
Sure you got everything?

Lu Meng (Chang'an)
Enter shop
Do not carry your house on your shoulders.
A caravan is like memory, that never forgets.
Auspicious greetings.
Why carry what you can put down?
What you cannot part with, leave with me.

Leave shop
So long, noble hero.
I will treat your goods like my own.
Sun and wind are at your back, not in your eyes.
So long.

Epicles (Rhodes)
Enter shop
Caravan store.
A fine day to ease your burden.
Store your goods?
First chest is free.
Store your goods - or ship them off.

Leave shop
A real hero, my caravan.
An honour.
Your goods are safe with me.
Hera smile on you.

Horemwia (Plains Judgement)
Enter shop
I don't do business with those daemons, I'll tell you that much.
We can accommodate you.  Yes.
Welcome, mortal.
You've nothing to do with those daemons, have you?
My stores are just as good as up there.

Leave shop
Goodbye, living traveller.
Ghostly stores for earthly goods.
So long, mortal.

Mydon (Elysium)
Enter shop
I once ported 50 chests of petal gold to Ionia.  Myself.
A true hero.  You are welcome here, friend.
One in Parthia my ox died.  Pulled the cart myself.
I've heard of you, Titanbane.
Shipping plunder from Troy is how I got my start.

Leave shop
Fight bravely.
Come back any time.
Good luck, friend.
Your goods are safe with me.


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