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Titan Quest All Side Quests Complete Guide by Kalimon


Medea Fleecestealer:
This ‘guide’ if you like was made using a few guides I saw here and there, plus my own knowledge. I noticed there was not one single side quest guide so here is a complete one.
The side quests from the original game (so the first three Acts) were taken from here, so all credits to Zenpo for his fantastic work there. Also, credits to Gamebanshee for being an awesome, awesome place and having screenshots of the map.
NOTE: The directions (North, South, East, West etc) are taken not from the direction of the player but from the direction OF THE MAP. If you are unsure, check the map.
NOTE: If I am incorrect anywhere, please comment and I will change.
NOTE: Anytime you see the exclamation mark above a person’s head go gray, it means you’ve spoken to them enough. If it is still yellow, TALK TO THEM AGAIN! Some people require you to talk to them several times.
NOTE: If you don’t have the Fanpatch and complete a quest with a reward that requires the Fanpatch, have no fear. When you download the Fanpatch, talk to the man next to the Helos Portal and he will give you all your missed rewards.
NOTE: If you require any further information about a quest, or you’re lost; just reply to the thread and I’m sure either I or any of the other Forumers will help you out!
ACT 1 (Greece)
– Monstrous Brigands
– Given: By a farmhand just east of Helos.
– Complete: Inside the cave next to the first rebirth fountain outside Helos, talk to farmhand inside cave.
– Medicines Waylaid
– Given: By a traveller in Laconia Hills
– Complete: Kill the Satyr Brute just up the road from him, return to man with news.
– The Cornered Man
– Given: In a farm just off the road (East) in Laconia Woods.
– Complete: By talking to the man you saved.
– The Lost Dowry
– Given: On the road before the Spartan Road
– Complete: Inside the cave East of where you received the quest, return to man with Necklace.
– The Ancient Of War
– Given: Southern part of the Spartan War Camp.
– Complete: Eastern part of Pellena Valley, talk to the Quest Giver after finding Hippias.
– The Poisoned Spring
– Given: Man next to Rebirth Fountain in Tegea.
– Complete: Defeat the 3 groups of Arachnids inside the Fetid Lair, then return and talk to the Naiad. They are surrounded by the shining aura and have purple names. They are all Deathspinners and Deadly Orbed Stalkers.
– NOTE: Before entering the Fetid Lair, you must talk to the Naiad. She is outside the cave entrance.
– SPECIAL REWARD: +75 Health (Permanent).
– Skeleton Raiders
– Given: Talk to a man in Megara Square, then talk to TWO men just above the Megara Portal.
– Complete: Kill the 3 Princes in Old Eleusis, Northern Part of Kerata Forest, then return to man just North of the Megara Portal.
– News Of A Shipwreck
– Given: A sailor in the Western jetty of Megara Square.
– Complete: As soon as you reach Halycon Coast, turn left. Chests are inside a broken ship.
– A Proper Offering
– Given: Talking to Timon in Megara.
– Complete: Killing the Spider Queen and taking the Sacred Olive Branch, then bringing the branch to the Temple Attendant outside the Delphi Temple.
– NOTE: Not necessary for completion of game, despite it being given by a Main Quest Character.
– SPECIAL REWARD: +5% in a random resistance (permanent).
– The Good Centaur
– Given: Talk to Chiron in the Northernmost part of Ambrossos Farmland.
– Complete: Defeat Maenad Princess in Cave North of Chiron, then return to Chiron with his bow.
– SPECIAL REWARD: 2 Attribute Points.
– Goods Abandoned
– Given: Talk to the man next to the Trader in Ambrossos.
– Complete: After Rebirth Fountain in Helicos Pass, turn left and then left again to find some undead. Chests are in the North Part of the ruins.
– A Master Blacksmith
– Given: Man in Southern part of Ambrossos, South of the main Square.
– Complete: Just before entering Crisaeos Falls, continue North instead of going East over the bridge. Termerus is in a clearing.
– NOTE: Easy way to complete this quest is to maximize the size of the map and then look for the ‘Trader’ icon. Also, interact with him, his stuff is very advanced.
– The Grieving Widow
– Given: Woman South of the first Rebirth Fountain in the City of Delphi, just before the main Square.
– Complete: Inside the second cave in Parnassus Caves, kill the Boarman, then return to the woman.
– Spartans Lost
– Given: In the Western part of Kephisos Valley, there are some ruins. Talk to the soldier.
– Complete: Talk to Scout in the Northernmost point of the Athens Marsh, then return and talk to soldier.
– Trapped In The Ruins
– Given: In the Western part of Kephisos Valley, there are some ruins. Talk to the soldier.
– Complete: Defeat the giant Limos in the ruins, then return and talk to soldier.
– Xanthippus The Healer
– Given: Man in Herakleion Square.
– Complete: Talk to Xanthippus, then kill the Arachnid Hero in the Cave, then return to Xanthippus with his staff.
– NOTE: After crossing the second bridge (into Triton’s Ridge), go South to find the Cave and Xanthippus.
– The Undead Tyrant
– Given: Man in Herakleion Square.
– Complete: Kill the Undead Tyrant in the Ancient Tomb, Northermost part of Tritons Ridge, then return to man.
– NOTE: Do NOT cross the third bridge in Triton’s Ridge, the Tomb is just North of that.
ACT 2 (Egypt):
– The Family Heirloom
– Given: Soldier next to Rebirth Fountain in Northernmost part of Rhakotis.
– Complete: Kill an Elite Berserker Jackalman, then return to soldier with Ancestral Blade.
– NOTE: The Berserker can usually be found in an alley off the Northern part of the slums, if you need any more help look here. Either next to ‘6’ or ‘4a’ on the map.
Lower Nile
– The Beast Of Legend
– Given: In Hathor Basin, just after the first basin.
– Complete: Kill the Beast of Legend in the Cave in the Northernmost part of Hathor Basin / Wadjet Canyons.
– NOTE: Do NOT cross the rocky bridge taking you to Sais, just keep going North to find the Cave.
– SPECIAL REWARD: 2 Skill Points for completing this quest.
– Plight Of The Nile Farmers
– Given: By a peasant in Sais (the Lower Nile).
– Complete: Go South of the Dock in the Lower Nile itself, and there are loads of Reptilians to kill, then return to woman by the Rebirth Fountain in the village.
– A Promethean Surrounded
– Given: By the Promethean North of the second tomb after Sais.
– Complete: Save them and then talk to them.
– Lowest Of The Low
– Given: An aged beggar just before entering Memphis.
– Complete: Defeat all the Shadowstalkers (you will be informed when you have), then return to the beggar.
– The Missing Brother
– Given: By a woman in Memphis Plaza.
– Complete: Defeat the Beast in the Cave on the North-East side of the Giza Plateau, then return to woman.
– The High Priest’s Request
– Given: Talk to the High Priest at the raised, North end of Memphis Plaza.
– Complete: Go into the Tomb Of Khufu, then when you reach the fork go RIGHT. Slay the monsters at the top and take the staff from the sarcophagus. Return to High Priest.
– NOTE: As soon as you pick up the staff, Undead casters will pop up. Just be prepared. Also, according to Medea Fleecestealer, there is a way to avoid the Mages popping up. They are very easy to kill, but if you want to avoid it look at the fourth reply.
– Khufu’s Curse
– Given: A nomad just in front of the Tomb of Khufu.
– Complete: Go through the MIDDLE door in the tomb, and slay the mini-boss.
– NOTE: As inviting as it looks, do NOT open the sarcophagus, it will hit you immediately with fire, ice and poison.
Fayum Oasis
– Caravan Woes
– Given: Man in Fayum Oasis, then talk to a man next to the Portal to update.
– Complete: About thirty seconds walk North is a Dune Raider camp. Defeat the leader, then return to the oasis and talk to the man next to the Fayum Portal.
– Hidden Treasure
– Given: Man in Fayum Oasis.
– Complete: In the cave North-West of the Fayum Oasis.
– The Corrupted Priest
– Given: By a man in the centre of the Temple of Seti.
– Complete: Kill the Corrupted Priest in the Mysterious Tomb in Meretsger Ridge, then return to quest giver.
– NOTE: Meretsger Ridge is easy to pass. As soon as you leave the Temple of Seti, turn RIGHT.
ACT 3 (The Orient):
– The Seeds Of Destruction
– Given: By a farmer in who runs into the village at the Babylon Outskirts.
– Complete: Clear the farmland South-East of the village of the Icthians, then return to quest giver.
Silk Road
– Mystery In The Mountains
– Given: A man in the Shangshung Village.
– Complete: A long quest. Firstly, at the Northern end of the Chumbi Valley, talk to the Shangshung Elder (Do NOT cross the bridge, just continue North), then defeat all the Shades in the Cave just East of it. Then, return to the Elder with the news. After entering the Tsongmo Peak area, you will see a young man. Talk to him (he is the son of the quest giver), and then make your way through the cave just North of him. You will fight three Neanderthal Chieftains and then fight the Neanderthal High Warlord, Barmaru. He is a tough boss, beware.
– A Gargantuan Yeti
– Given: A man in the Shangshung Village.
– Complete: Defeat the Gargantuan Yeti in the Tsongmo Ice Caverns.
– Caravan In Trouble
– Given: By a man in the Tsongmo Peak area.
– Complete: Save the man from the Ice Sprites / Rime Sprites surrounding him.
– NOTE: Apparently, this quest does not always work. If the man by the broken caravan does not start running, then continue North, activate the Rebirth Fountain, Save, and then reload the toon.
Great Wall
– The Child And The Raptor
– Given: Woman just East of the Yerren Camp.
– Complete: Defeat the Raptor next to her child, just East of where she is, then return to quest giver.
– BANTER: Arguably the easiest quest in the game.
– Peng Problems
– Given: Talk to soldier at the beginning of Great Wall.
– Complete: Defeat Xiao the Colossal Peng, then bring news to the Captain at the end of the Great Wall.
– A Stalker In The Woods
– Given: Man in the Village of Zhidan.
– Complete: Defeat the Arachnos Hero just South of the bridge into the Jingyang Woods.
– The Wealth Collecter
– Given: A wealthy merchant in Zhidan.
– Complete: Usually found in a Mahogany Chest in a cave East of the bridge to Jingyang Woods. However, according to Gamebanshee the Jade Figurine the collector is looking for can be located also in the in the Cave in the Northernmost part of the Jingyang Woods. Return to the Collector. For more help finding the second cave look here.
– SPECIAL REWARD: He gives VERY good jewellery as a reward, I got Chiron’s Loop in Epic.
– A Lesson In Despair
– Given: Save a man in the Jingyang Woods from Icthians.
– Complete: Talk to the man three times. To find him, as soon as you enter the second part of Jingyang Woods, go North.
– The Emperor’s Clay Soldiers
– Given: A soldier in Chang’an.
– Complete: Defeat Bandari in the Palace. He is a tough boss, be prepared with potions and a good kit.
– NOTE: There are two rewards for this quest. Firstly, talk to the shade of the Emperor at the back of the Palace, then return to quest giver.
– SPECIAL REWARD: Talking to the Emperor will get you two Attribute Points.
– NOTE: Also, when you complete the quest, talk to the Emperor IMMEDIATELY. If you do not have the Fanpatch, if you were to quit out without receiving the attribute points, you would not be able to acquire them upon reloading (no idea why you would though).
– Terra Cottas At Large
– Given: Soldier in Chang’an.
– Complete: Eradicate all the Terra Cotta Warriors in Chang’an. Some are in the path up to the Palace in Chang’an. Return to the soldier.
– Behind The Waterfall
– Given: By a man just South-East of the bridge from the Village of Binxan to the Jinghe River Valley.
– Complete: Go North-West, to the waterfall at the Northernmost point of the river, and kill all the Shades in the Cave.
– NOTE: The cave is crawling with Undead, so if you’re finding the game tough, equip -% dmg from Undead items.
– A General In Repose
– Given: By a general in the Quinta Bamboo Forest.
– Complete: In the Cave just East of his position. Scour every inch of the Cave.
– The Hermit Mage
– Given: Talk to a man in the Village of Binxan.
– Complete: Defeat the Tigerman outside the burnt house at the Southernmost point of the Jinghe River Valley. Three Mahogany Chests are in the house.
– The Three Sisters
– Given: By a sister just after the first bridge into Mount Qiyun.
– Complete: Find her two other sisters. They are in the second area of the Jinghe Wetlands, the first is in the centre of the area, the third is East of her location. Talk to the second, save the third and then return to the second.


Medea Fleecestealer:
ACT 4 (Underworld)
– A Crab Story
– Given: A man in Rhodes.
– Complete: Go through the Cave of Orothea to Damatria, talk to a fisherman. The Giant Crab is on the beach. Kill it, then return to the fisherman in Damatria.
– An Impossible Task
– Given: A Woman in Rhodes.
– Complete: In Medea’s Grove, talk to Procne. Then go to the Altar Of Kallixnia, kill her and receive the Tome. Return to Procne, then return to the woman.
– BANTER: Can you ‘kill’ an Undead?
– The Torch-Lighter’s Gauntlet
– Given: The Torch-Lighter in the Eastern Part of Coastal Asomata (after the Secret Passage entrance).
– Complete: Follow and protect him, then return to the quest giver.
– Outpost In The Woods
– Given: A soldier in the Ixian Woods.
– Complete: Talk to the Captain (just North-East of the quest-giver), then enter the Den of the Anteok and slay the great Anteok. Return and inform the Captain.
Ixian Woods
– The Stolen Sigil
– Given: By Semele in Medea’s Grove.
– Complete: Enter the Ampelian Caves, kill the Insectoid Hero, then return to Semele.
– The Wealth Of The Ancient Kings
– Given: Talk to Carme in Medea’s Grove.
– Complete: Firstly, in Soronis, rather than cross the bridge to enter the Tsakonian Ruins, go North-East and into the Tomb of the Tsakonian Queens. Defeat the Undead Queen there, and take the Ancient Moon Key she drops. Then, as soon as you have crossed the bridge into the Tsakonian Ruins, go LEFT. You will see the Great Tomb of Aegimus, enter here and kill the Undead King. With the two keys, in the second half of the Tsakonian Ruins (the two halves are separated by a small swamp passage), enter the Great Tomb Of Dorus. It’s in the South-Easternmost point in the Tsakonian Ruins. Go RIGHT and open the Moon Lock first, then the wooden door to the Sun Lock should be open. Open that, defeat Dorus and claim your reward in the Treasure Room.
– Lampido’s Potion
– Given: Lampido in Medea’s Grove.
– Complete: Easy. Once in Soronis, look for the three yellow quest icons on your mini-map. They are a Nightshade Root, a Cybean Mushroom and a branch from the Aestivius Tree. Return to Lampido with these three herbs.
– SPECIAL REWARD: + Health, + Strength.
– The Treasure Hunters
– Given: In the Great Tomb of Aegimus, in the Southernmost point there is a woman surrounded by Undead.
– Complete: In the central part of the Tsakonian Ruins (just North of the Altar of Kallixenia, although you have to walk a while to get there) is her brother. Talk to him for your reward.
– Among The Ruins
– Given: A soldier in Epirus.
– Complete: Talk to Theogenes to update. Save the 8 refugees from Keres, then return to Theogenes.
– A Dangerous Mission
– Given: Pisistratus in Epirus.
– Complete: Find Admetus in Paseron, directly North-West of the bridge from Epirus. Talk to him, then return to Pisistratus in Epirus.
– The Enemy’s Captain
– Given: A soldier in Epirus.
– Complete: Kill the Demon Captain in the final area of Paseron (on the map, directly North of the bridge to Epirus), then return to Pythes.
– The Stygian Lurker
– Given: A shade at the dock on the River Styx.
– Complete: Kill the Stygian Lurker in the Stygian Marsh. It is at the very Northern end of the Stygian Marsh.
– NOTE: Don’t search for it in the River Styx, it’s after you defeat Charon.
– SPECIAL REWARD: +% increases in Str/Int/Dex
– NOTE: To obtain the +% increase, you need to have the Fanpatch.
– One Who Would Lead
– Given: A shade at the dock on the River Styx.
– Complete: Hipparchus is just South of the Shrine of The Golden Bough. To find him, the easiest thing to do is to hug and follow the Western Wall. A troglodyte hero will attack you when you near him. Defeat him, and then Hipparchus will ask you to get Charon’s Oar. Defeat Charon, pick up the oar, and return to the dock (Hipparchus is now there).
Plains Of Judgment
– Hades’ Treasury
– Given: In the Southernmost point of the City of Lost Souls, enter Hades’ Treasury. Go straight forward (NOT left or right) and you’ll come across a shade.
– Complete: This will be a long time before you can complete it. You must secure a stone from each of the four Empusa Heroes in the Underworld. The first is in the Lower Demon Camp, the second in the Fourth Domain (the second level in the Tower of Judgement), the third in the Fields Of Diadochi, and the final one in the Polis Daemonai (in the Royal Chambers). After obtaining all four stones, go back to the treasury and claim your reward.
– NOTE: if you can’t find the Heroes, look on Gamebanshee for the heroes: Hero 1, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 4
– The Dust Of A Titan
– Given: Talk to a shade in the Upper City of Lost Souls (Plains of Judgment Portal).
– Complete: Make your way to The Far Plains, and directly North-East of the entrance to Erebus are The Deep Caverns. In here, slay Krog the Toothless, take some Ashen Powder from the Mysterious Urn and then return to the shade.
– SPECIAL REWARD: 2 Skill Points for completing the quest.
– Eurydice And Orpheus
– Given: Talk to a shade in the Upper City of Lost Souls (Plains of Judgment Portal).
– Complete: In the Daemon Camp, enter the Cave of Whispers and defeat The Bloated One. Take the Mirror Of Psyche and return to Eurydice. She will open a cave at the back of the City (easy to find) where you will have to defeat two Cyclopes. Rescue Orpheus and talk to Eurydice.
– An Invitation
– Given: Talk to a shade in the Upper City of Lost Souls (Plains of Judgment Portal).
– Complete: As soon as you enter The Salt Flats, follow the wall on the LEFT, and you will see three Demon Caravans. You must destroy all three, then return to the shade.
– NOTE: Upon destroying the first one, some demons will rush you. Just be prepared.
– The Necromanteion
– Given: Talk to a shade in the Upper City of Lost Souls (Plains of Judgment Portal).
– Complete: In Erebus, there is a small passage on the North-Eastern side, leading up to a very easy boss. Defeat the boss, then talk to the shade that spawns there.
– Admetus Among The Dead
– Given: Remember Admetus? He is in the central part of the Daemon Camp.
– Complete: You will see him again in the Tower of Judgment, in the very North-Eastern corner of the First Domain. He will warn you of Cerberus, so defeat it, and then talk to Admetus in Elysium to complete the quest. You need to go up the steps to the Rebirth Fountain / Portal Area where Agamemnon is, then walk back down to make Admetus visible. Little trickster.
– BANTER: It would be awesome if you could go right after defeating Cerberus to the place where the bad shades get tortured, Tartarus if I’m correct?
– An Inside Source
– Given: From the same shade that gave you ‘An Invitation’.
– Complete: As soon as you enter the Daemon Camp from The Salt Flats, turn LEFT. Talk to the shade you see there (his name is Keuthonymos), and he will tell you to kill a Demon Messenger. The Messenger is North-East of the shade, and on the way to Erebus. Deliver the news to Keuthonymos.
– NOTE: You must have completed ‘An Invitation’ to begin this quest.
– The Siege Striders
– Given: By a soldier shade North-East of Elsium (go straight from Elysium).
– Complete: Destroy the five Siege Striders (they are marked on the map). They are tough so watch out!
– Flight Of The Messenger
– Given: By a soldier shade North-East of Elsium (go straight from Elysium).
– Complete: Much like The Torch-Lighter’s Gauntlet, except he follows you. Clear the path and lead him to Ajax.
– NOTE: It is easiest if you just kill all the enemies first, then trigger the quest. The quickest way to do this is to start the quest, follow the messenger’s path and then kill all the enemies ONLY IN HIS PATH, then talk to the quest-giver again.
– The Achaean Pass
– Given: By Ajax and his soldier in Analasia.
– Complete: Don’t worry about the shade soldiers dying, just talk to Menelaus in Celestia. Be prepared for a mad fight, as you have to hold the Standard from a few waves of enemies.
– A Noisy Diversion
– Given: Talk to a soldier shade in the centre of Argolis.
– Complete: Defeat the Demon Queen, then return to Menestheus.
Palace Of Hades
– The Shards Of Erebus
– Given: By a soldier shade next to Odysseus in Argolis.
– Complete: Destroy the 5 Shards of Erebus in the Palace of Hades. Three of the Shards are in the Palace Of Hades, one on each level, the other 2 are in the Royal Chambers.
– Hades’ Generals
– Given: By a soldier shade next to Odysseus in Argolis.
– Complete: Kill the 3 Generals. They are all tough, and the first can be located in the Palace Of Hades, the other two in the Prison Of Souls.
– SPECIAL REWARD: You will receive +5% permanent dmg increase.
– NOTE: To obtain this +5%, you need to have installed the Fanpatch.
This guide was made for titanquest.net forums. Any reproduction of this guide must credit the forums.
First Edit: CrocMagnum, for some help about the effects of the Fanpatch, and for the Shards of Erebus.
Second Edit: Medea Fleecestealer, for the Inside Source confirmation, and the High Priest’s Request.
Third Edit: Thanks to both CrocMagnum and Medea Fleecestealer for quest completion help.
Fourth Edit: Ditto, these guys are legends .
Fifth Edit: Thanks to Sugar Kane, for information about the Beast of Legend and Dust Of A Titan quests.
Sixth Edit: Thanks to Medea Fleecestealer for cleaning up some final mistakes. Hope this is the last update!
Seventh Edit: Thanks to jowshie for noticing the mistake in A Hidden Treasure.
Eighth Edit: Thanks again to jowshie for noticing a mistake in A Dangerous Mission.


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