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Which pet is the best?

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Core dweller is so helpful defensively. But for Immortal Throne, the Liche King's debuff and life reduction are very powerful.

Probably the core dweller, helps you survive, you can actually make him take all aggro and never have to defend.. Especially helpful in massbosses, and if you have a nature toon you can just keep healing him. My summoner was my number one overpowered character because of the dweller.. 100% CDR was helpful but now that we cant have it, i think he can still be fine.. BTW anyone know the cdr cap?

Medea Fleecestealer:
The Coredweller and Liche King have always been considered the two strongest pets to have in the game.  But wolves and Nymph potshotting foes are just more fun to me.

I voted Nymph, because she's jolly. I always enjoy playing with a character with the Nymph more simply because of that.

Objectively though, it's rather situational. Corey and Lich are considered the best indeed, but the Nightmare is very usefull in combination with other pets, and the Wisp provides some massive buffs to elemental damage users (at relatively little skillpoint expense). When it comes to co-op gameplay, the Wolves trump all: having three Wolves spamming SotP in co-op with other non-pet party members is just insane.

Wolves are #1 for me.


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