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Which pet is the best?

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Which pet, excluding those you find from items/other, is the best? The number of pets (like the ability to have 2 wolves) can help influence your vote.  O0 The Core Dweller is quite nice  >:D Temporary pets are excluded as well.

Liche King, is on my opinion the best pet , he got great dmg can destroy any monster in secs

you can make ancestral warriors and outsider at your side at all times using refresh and 80%CDR.. and oh yeah this is TQIT so warfare/spirit is the best petmaster.. game got broke with 100%CDR.. one of the things they fixed in AE.. traps are also considered pets in AE and benefit from pet bonuses, making them 3rd best pets after ancestral warriors and outsider.. that is if scroll of the maddened god and behemoth doesn't count

Medea Fleecestealer:
Can't help it, I love seeing my wolves running around shredding things.  Of course combine Nature with Spirit for a Soothsayer and you get the Liche as well.  ;D

I vote for Corey. Awesome tank, not really a boss killer, but he can save your life many times with provoke without you even knowing it.


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