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Max DPS for Prophet


Hello, I'm trying to max out my prophet's dps and I'm now at 22k. I have 2 questions:

- I took one of the items, "lightning mother's wrappings" (leg armor), from TQVault. This is because even in TQDatabase it's not stated where it drops (it just says "phantoms" at 0,0056%). Does anyone know where to farm it?

- Does anyone know better items I can use to further increase my dps? I mostly use staff attack and passives, so don't care about active skills.

Items at the moment are:
--- Staff: Yu's Sacrifice
--- Rings: 2x Shai's Whim
--- Amulet: Shavo's Relic
--- Head: Hesione's Golden Veil
--- Torso: Vestement of the Overlord (mostly for the +2 to all skills)
--- Arms: Archmage's Clasp (+40% attack speed is great)
--- Legs: Lightning Mother's Wrappings  <=  the ones I don't know where to find
--- Artifact: Icon of Zeus with +35% attack speed as completion bonus

That I can help you with. I'm sitting at 34K dps and much better health and resistance. I need one more affix on arm to get perfect dps which should be 36K-37K. All purple with no enchantments so I'll skip screenshots.
And if you want to be tankier, swap armband to Armlets of Freyja, also swap artifact to Elemental Rage for more leech. All other items don't really need to change, they are already optimized.




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