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[MOD] Triumph
« on: 19 July 2022, 14:03:43 »
From the ashes of raises Triumph

Disclaimer: Triumph requires Anniversary.
Ragnarok, Atlantis and Eternal Embers are fully supported, but not required.

What the Hades is Triumph ?
Well, it's a mod that brings pain, reward and satisfaction to Titan Quest, featuring quality of life, rebalance of enemies and general loot.

Most importantly, this is NOT a mod for beginners, and I would say even intermediates should be prepared, the difficulty it's not unfair or frustrating, but also not a walk in the garden.

The whole concept behind the mod is to have a Titan Quest experience that challenges most players, removing the grind of leveling up and the general redundancy of having a low level character with 2 or 3 skills to spam over and over again, let me explain what I mean; In Triumph the player levels at more than 2x than vanilla, because first of all the level cap it's increased to level 105, and secondly the whole game it's harder and it adapts to the player level (for example, in Act 1, you can be level 30 and monsters can be 32/34 or more)

The loot: The loot system has been revamped, now you get more and better loot chances from creatures and good tier chests, the grind it's still there but much less than vanilla.

Quality of life: Relics and materials fragments can now be bought from general store merchants, and if you're lucky you could even find a nice formulae for artifacts, of course their price it's considerable. Ranged weapons have more range (thrown, bows, magic, staves), pets scales better with difficulty so they don't die often even in Legendary.

Diffuculty: Every enemy and boss has been revamped by stats and skills, they're much more competent and they are better represented from what they can do, for example skeletons have an higher dodge chance, as they have many gaps in their bodies, but they are weak to strike damage due to their brittle bones, satyrs hates fire but their tough skin is resistant to cold and strike damage, and so on. The spawn rate of enemies and champions it's been increased quite a bit, and also the spot you from further distance.

Full list of features:
Spoiler for Hiden:
XP gain increased by 2x
Player starts with a weapon for each class
Increased penalty of death
Decreased maximum defence and dodge cap from 80 to 75
Increased max and min camera distances
Raised level cap to 105
Each assigned attribute point raises the stats by 5 instead of 4
Player created with the mod starts with 2 attribute points to assign and 3000 gold
Female starts with more dex and mana (she is also smaller), Male with more str and hp
Added a very slight global chance that every attack player, the enemy can counter it dealing retaliation damage
Player base attack speed raised by 25%
Mana and life regen raised from 2 to 4 points per second
Bosses deals more damage for each difficulty
Bosses hp and attack speed increased a bit based on player level
The more players, the more xp and drop rate, but also global difficulty
Buffed all pets based on difficulty, now it's 100% possible to have a good pet build
Increased spawn rates for regular and champion enemies
Increased projectile speed slightly for all enemies based on difficulty
Enemies level gap has been increased for each difficulty
Enemies regenerates life slightly even in normal difficulty
Increased vision range for enemies and they stalk for longer time
Increase ranges of all ranged weapons and all skills
New spinning effects to various projectiles
Doubled loot size in chests
General store Merchants now have a decent chance to sell materials and relic fragments and even formulas (all of those are expansive)
Increased prices for potions
Potions have a longer cooldown, but they heal over more time

To do:

Enabled common vitality and poison staves (unsure)
Shrines time has been slightly increased (unsure)
Increased drop rates for relic fragments and materials
Increased drop rates for magic, epic and legendaries items and decreased amount of broken (tier 0) items
Revamped loot pools for chests
New skills for various enemies and bosses

Merchants have a wider selection of items and their quality is increased
Better rewards for quests
Show affixes to monster infrequents

Each creature stats have been revisioned so that they represent more what they are/do and their strength and weakness
A potential rework of some skills that could need a buff
Potential bugfixes (don't know about that as the game now it's been frequently updated)

Download: Still a work in progress, as I don't like alpha, beta, demo, early access and so on. It's difficult to say when I will release it as I just begun working on it, could be a few months, it needs test.

I have other features in my mind and I still don't know if I want the mod to be a bounce mod or not, as I'm not too found on making two separate branches (one bounce and the other not)

I'll keep you updated.
"The world began without knowledge, and without knowledge will it end."

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Re: [MOD] Triumph
« Reply #1 on: 21 July 2022, 15:40:26 »
the level cap it's increased to level 105

How did you do that? I thought it is hardcoded.

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Re: [MOD] Triumph
« Reply #2 on: 03 August 2022, 08:34:23 »
Dude I love your Glorius mod and I will surely love Triumph, I can't wait to see how cool the mod will be when you finish it.
And adding a normal version and a multiclass version for those of us who want a different experience of the game and the mod, that would be great.
I wish you success in your work and please don't take so long :3


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