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Best Way To Develop Each Class
« on: 18 January 2022, 17:19:05 »
I've decided to limit one build for each class and use what I think is the most effective way to make them. Here is my list of what I've come up with:

Assassin - Dualist Melee

Avenger - Elemental Bow/Spear

Battlemage - Dualist Physical Melee Caster

Berserker - Dualist Physical Melee

Bone Charmer - Bow/Spear

Brigand - Bow/Spear with Traps

Champion - Dualist Melee Petmaster

Channeler - Huangdi Elemental Caster

Conjurer - Fire Ternion with Pets

Conqueror - Melee with Shield

Contemplator - Elemental Beam Caster

Corsair - Melee with Shield

Daoist - Dualist Physical Melee

Disruptor - Poison Caster with Traps

Diviner - Elemental Ternion Caster with Pets

Dragon Hunter - Bow/Spear

Dreamkiller - Melee with Traps

Druid - Elemental Caster with Pets

Elementalist - Tri-Elemental Caster

Esoterist - Dual Throwing Elemental Caster

Evoker - Elemental Beam Caster

Guardian - Melee with Shield and Pets

Harbinger - Dualist Physical Melee

Haruspex - Bow/Spear

Hermit - Huangdi Elemental Caster Petmaster

Illusionist - Poison Caster Petmaster

Juggernaut - Physical Melee Caster

Magician - Elemental Knife Thrower

Monk - Physical Melee with Shield

Oracle - Lightning Ternion Caster

Paladin - Elemental Melee Caster

Pilgrim - Bow/Spear

Prophet - Lightning Beam Caster

Ranger - Bow/Spear with Pets

Ritualist - Physical Beam Caster Petmaster

Runesmith - Elemental Melee with Shield

Sage - Elemental Bow/Spear

Seidr Worker - Dualist Elemental Throwing Caster

Shaman - Ternion Elemental Caster with Pets

Skinchanger - Dualist Elemental Throwing Petmaster

Slayer - Bow/Spear

Soothsayer - Ternion Petmaster

Sorcerer - Elemental Knife Thrower

Spellbinder - Physical Melee with Shield

Spellbreaker - Dualist Physical Melee

Spiritualist - Ternion Elemental Caster

Stonespeaker - Dualist Elemental Throwing

Summoner - Elemental Petmaster

Templar - Melee with Shield

Thane - Dualist Elemental Melee

Thunderer - Dualist Lightning Throwing

Trickster - Poison Caster with Traps

Warden - Spear with Shield

Warlock - Ternion Knife Thrower

Wu - Elemental Huangdi Caster

If you know another way to build one or more classes, let me know.


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