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Path of Poseidon


Walking this Path is to pursue becoming the Avatar of Poseidon. Powers over oceans and storms, the blessings of horses, and many skills relating to Poseidon's children are gifted to a devoted follower.
Religious Warriors, Cultists, Priests, Fanatics, Sea Druids and Wizards are just a few of those who swear fealty to Poseidon.
-Powerful Summon
-Strong Offensive Spells
-Incredible Crowd Control
-Strong Weapon Enchantment
-Natural Burning Resistance
-Skills are not versatile
-High energy cost for skills with small energy pool
Path Level
-Bonus % to Strength
-Bonus Health
-Natural Vitality and Lightning Damage Resistance

Active Skills:
Chain Lightning
Send out a bolt of lightning that has an 80% chance to jump to another foe when it hits. Closely grouped enemies can be devastated. Cooldown:12.0
Storm Trident - Brother's Favor
Launch three bolts of lightning by focusing the power of mighty ocean storms. The shock is quite powerful up close and against tightly packed groups of foes. Anyone hit has a chance of catching on fire. Cooldown:0.4
Though Poseidon commands the legendary ocean storms, true mastery of lightning is the domain of Zeus, Poseidon's brother.
Raise a terrible thunderstorm to strike foes with bolts of lightning. Cooldown:40.0
Call on a powerful storm of rain, hail, and strong winds to whirl around you for a short while. Grants immunity to Cold damage while active. Cooldown:28.0
Water Prism
Create a shield that effects friend and foe alike, disrupting projectiles badly. With more training, allow allies to move more fluidly than enemies within the shield. Cooldown:30.0
Summon Charybdis
The fabled whirlpool appears even on land at Poseidon's call, destroying and pulling in enemies. Cooldown:30.0
Create Geyser
Hurl a ball of magical water that burrows under the ground then erupts in a massive column that is powerful enough to shatter bones and send foes flying. Damages friend and foe alike. Cooldown:25.0
Unleash a torrent of ocean waters to wash enemies away. Cooldown:3.0
Earthshaker - Focus of Storms - Focus of the Ocean
Enchant your hands with the power of Poseidon, the Earth-Shaker, increasing the power of your weapons, staves and bare-handed attacks.
Further imbue yourself with the power of storms, adding lightning shock to your attacks.
Add a chilling magic to Earth Shaker and slows and freezes enemies.
Poseidon was not always the god of the seas. Before he was assigned that duty, he was the god of earthquakes, called the "Earth Shaker" with his mighty trident. Summon his power and create a destructive earthquake that can topple even the strongest foes. Cooldown:180.0
Mystically expose foes to the elements, dehydrating and weakening them temporarily. Cooldown:16.0
Impale - Precision
Thrust with a spear or trident so powerfully it strikes down several foes in front of you. Cooldown:16.0
Lunge more efficiently, using less mana and striking more often.
Horse's Endurance - Poseidon's Favor
Falling Star
The guide of sailors and a wonder of men, the stars can be friend or foe. Through Poseidon's will, cast down a star to smite your foes. Cooldown:240.0
Reanimate Polyphemus
Call for the service of one of Poseidon's children, the mighty Polyphemus. Blinded by Odysseus and his men, then later killed by an unnamed hero. Through total devotion to Poseidon, you can call for the ressurection of Polyphemus as your faithful servant. Polyphemus gains more and better abilities as you increase his level. Cooldown:120.0
Blessing of Poseidon
Gain the blessing of Poseidon. Poseidon only grants this blessing to the truely devoted and it cannot be cast on others. Absorbs only Shock and Cold damage.
Stance of Antaeus
Son of Poseidon and Gaia, Antaeus was a giant of legendary strength but because of his connection to the Gaia he was only strong while touching the ground. Heracles defeated Antaeus by lifting and crushing him. This stance is the embodiment of Antaeus. Absorbs all types of damage.
Stance of the Pindos
Pindos are a stubborn greek horse breed reknown for their stamina and determination. This stance is the embodiment of Pindos.
Stance of the Skyros
Skyros are a fast greek horse breed that are usually used as workhorses in the mountains. This stance is the embodiment of Skyros.


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