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Path of the Venefici


Deal with magic in its purest form. Walls of force, shockwaves, beams of energy, tricks and incantations. Most of the spells require a great deal of study to unlock.
This Path attracts Wizards, Sorcerers, and any manner of powerful magic users.
-Versatile Deadly Spells
-Magical Enhancements
-Potent Energy Recovery
-Reduced Dexterity Requirement for Armor
-Low Health
-Vulnerable to Poison Damage
Path Level
-Bonus Intelligence and Energy
-Energy and Life Leech Resistance
-Natural Energy Absorption

Active Skills:
Skyfall - Gravity - Hammer
Call the energy of the stars to strike down your foes in a violent shower. Cooldown:3.0
Harness the power of gravity to pull the energy from the sky, giving them enough speed to punch right through foes.
Increase the inertia of the falling energy to pummel your foes.
Evulse - Potency
Send out an arc of power that rips the target towards you if they can't keep their footing. Cooldown:16.0
Add energetic feedback to Evulse, sending a shockwave out from the target.
Dark Sphere - Feedback
Launch a slow-moving sphere that tears apart any foes who are unlucky enough to get hit by it. Cooldown:1.5
Your Dark Spheres lash out randomly after each foe they hit.
Energy Rift
Open a rift in the fabric of the universe, rending the earth below and tearing foes apart. Allies are protected by the Veneficus' will. Cooldown:35.0
Force Javelin - Slam
Hurl bolts of force that can shatter your enemies. Cooldown:0.1
Your hurled Bolts of Force hit harder and have a chance of stunning.
Shield of Will
Through force of will, protect yourself for a mere second, sending damage back at your enemies. Absorbs all types of damage. Cooldown:6.0
Infuse your mana into an ally to assist them.
Through strength of will alone a Veneficus can mend their own flesh and bone. By refining this technique a Venefici can become nearly immortal for several seconds. Cooldown:60.0
Power Barrier - Kinetic Protection
Through intense, consistent focus, the Veneficus is protected from harmful energies. Absorbs all types of damage.
Slow down fast-moving attacks such as spears and arrows so they are much less dangerous. Strong brute weaponry like clubs and axes are uneffected.
Focus of Will - Tenacity
The potency of a Veneficus' willpower resonates not only within, but to others as well. Absorbs all types of damage.
Through sheer determination, the Veneficus can ignore some bodily harm. This powerful resolve toughens nearby allies as well.
Harness Mana - Charge - Drain
Channel the power of the universe into your body for use in spellcasting.
You bind yourself to your inner energies, connecting spirit and body.
Draw mana from anyone who hits you. The trauma of this process can stun them.
Sight Beyond - Power Echo - Awareness of Energy - Solid Body
With sharp focus of mind, the Venefici were able to perform superhuman feats.
By freeing your mind of its mental shackles, a Veneficus can absorb the energy of attacks or avoid them altogether.
As the Veneficus travels deeper into their own mind, they can unlock more and more of their inner energies.
Brace your physical body against harm, binding yourself together with pure energy.


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