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-9 entirely new "masteries" called Paths.
-24 complex skills per Path makes 216 brand new skills (not including all of the hidden/linked skills and pet skills).
-New artwork
-New Path Selection screen as seen above.
-Gameplay is designed with skillful play and thoughtful build creation in mind. Build-creation is tremendously more complex. Each Path has fundamental strengths and weaknesses. Build on two Path's similar strengths, or use one Path's strength to make up for a weakness.
-100+ heavily modified or slightly modified items and sets to fit the new Paths.
-3x monsters, 1x bosses that are tougher than before.
-Rewrote or edited most of the in-game formulas, here's some:
---Armor is more effective
---Compared to default Titan Quest, XP gained from monsters weaker than you is lower, while tougher monsters give MORE XP.
---Offensive Ability now makes use of Dex, Int, AND Str in various degrees.
---Defensive Ability now makes use of Dex and Int in various degrees.
---Much more...
-Changed the core gameplay drastically!
---Skills are now hugely more useful and potent, this is balanced with other weaknesses.
---Rather than spellcasters using spells occasionally and the staff being the primary attack used, there is at least one spell that can be used constantly instead of the staff.
---Some spellcasters use weapons in the place of staves.
---Path Level (mastery level) set to 100 instead of 32, with a unique Path bonus at 100.
---Increased level cap to 100.
---Gain 4 skill points per level instead of 3.
---Path Level (mastery level) rarely grants attributes such as str, dex, or int. Instead, you gain immunities, special resistances/bonuses, weaknesses, and other class-defining traits.
---Gain 16 attribute points per level instead of 2 (each attribute point increases an attribute by 1).
---Health is now rarely gained from increasing the Path (mastery) Level.
---Attribute points give you more health and energy per point.
---Potion cooldown is MUCH longer than normal, around 30 seconds.
---Potion stack increased to 20.
---"Stances" can be class-defining. Only one active at a time, last forever with no cost. 1 point max. Some have small benefits with no downsides while others have huge benefits but also big weaknesses.
---Bow and Staff projectiles much faster, arrows do not leave trails. Neither do melee weapons.
---Most skills are much more complex than normal TQ
(Any much more!)
***Difficulty Information***
-Monsters have normal health but deal half damage.
-Monsters have normal stats.
-Monsters have 33% more health and deal 50% more damage.
Very Hard
-Monsters have 33% more health, deal 60% more damage, 15% slow for 3 seconds on hits, 1-5% current life loss per hit, and 5% chance of 1 second of stun or skill disruption on hit.
-Monsters have 50% more health, deal double damage, 20% slow for 3 seconds on hits, 1-10% current life loss per hit, and 10% chance of 1 second of stun or skill disruption on hit.


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