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i need a little advice


I want to start a live streaming my gaming but i currently have a weak PC and occasionally have bugs when playing, could you give me some advice on what to change on my computer to make it feasible, i currently have this PC [url=https://www.pametno.rs/pc-gotovi-racunari/ewe-racunar-intel-g5400-cena-intel-pentium-gold-g5400-4gb-ram-37ghz-67992171]https://www.pametno.rs/pc-gotovi-racunari/ewe-racunar-intel-g5400-cena-intel-pentium-gold-g5400-4gb-ram-37ghz-67992171[/url] i bought it in Serbia is from there, by the way. Any advice would be welcome since I've tried multiple forums related to gamin and simply get an inadequate response or delete my post. I would be very grateful for the help. Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum. Please post info about your PC and not links, so someone might give you some useful advice. Also are you Titan Quest player? This topic is not related with this game.


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