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Today's the day!  Farthest Frontier goes into early access on Steam in a few hours' time.  Price $29.99 US.   :)

Updated and here's hoping it keeps going well for you Overnight.   :)

And #9 - last one before the game goes into early access on the 9th August.

No, not needed to go back and do the satyr and Nessus again.

Well done and that takes you to the top of the leaderboard.

Well done and good luck in Legendary.  :)

Forum News and Info / Re: Birthdays
« on: 18 July 2022, 17:12:29 »
A very happy birthday to you Bumbleguppy.  Enjoy the day. 

Yeah, I tend to jump between the 2 depending on what I feel like playing on the day.  Need to get back into the challenge as well, been a while since I did any of my characters for it.  But been playtesting Crate's new town builder so most of my gaming time is going into that atm.  ;D

Welcome back Overnight.   :)  Halu updated and good luck.

Android/Console / Re: Ps 4 how to transfer account
« on: 04 July 2022, 06:38:52 »
Could be extra protections from the PS4 end since the advice of last year.  If it won't transfer then I don't know what to suggest. I'm PC only myself so no idea how saves work on other devices.

Personally I don't get the attraction of randomised areas.  From the little I played D2 many years ago I don't even remember it having such things; the starting camp had entrances in a different place, but that's about it from what I remember.

I think it's more about individuals and how they play games than whether a game has randomisation of stuff or not.  Most people will just play through Normal difficulty, if that, and then move on.  Others like yourself will play until they burn out on a game; some can come back again after a break, others can't.  And then there are others like me who play a game for years and years and never get tired of it.

TQ as we know it will never get randomisation; it's far too late in its development lifetime for such things.  If THQN ever decide to make a TQ2 maybe they may consider something like that.  To mix things up for yourself you could try starting with an Accomplished Hero which means you start at Corinth in the Ragnarok expansion or you could even make a Legendary Hero to start on Legendary difficulty in the new Eternal Embers expansion since it's Legendary difficulty only.  Or try some of the mods for the game that are out there; Soulvizier, Legion of Champions, Titanomachy, etc.

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