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Hello, I'm trying to create a green ring with the "Socrate's" prefix and the "of the Tinkerer" suffix, but when I put base item in the forge screen its stats are automatically boosted by 25% (a purple writing says "?attributeScalePercent?: 25.000000"), so the ring in the end gives +25% int instead of +20% and so on. It happens only with some items, it didn't happen with an amulet for instance. Is it the base item that is good quality and has a boost or am I making something wrong with the program?

I don't understand well how it works since all items with the same name seem to have the same stats in the vault but in game those are randomized. Is there a way to see actual item stats in the vault?

Thank you!

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Max DPS for Prophet
« on: 02 August 2022, 22:25:48 »
Hello, I'm trying to max out my prophet's dps and I'm now at 22k. I have 2 questions:

- I took one of the items, "lightning mother's wrappings" (leg armor), from TQVault. This is because even in TQDatabase it's not stated where it drops (it just says "phantoms" at 0,0056%). Does anyone know where to farm it?

- Does anyone know better items I can use to further increase my dps? I mostly use staff attack and passives, so don't care about active skills.

Items at the moment are:
--- Staff: Yu's Sacrifice
--- Rings: 2x Shai's Whim
--- Amulet: Shavo's Relic
--- Head: Hesione's Golden Veil
--- Torso: Vestement of the Overlord (mostly for the +2 to all skills)
--- Arms: Archmage's Clasp (+40% attack speed is great)
--- Legs: Lightning Mother's Wrappings  <=  the ones I don't know where to find
--- Artifact: Icon of Zeus with +35% attack speed as completion bonus

Vault is very useful, thank you!

Any chance you will be add artifact formulas any time in the future? I have a lot of them stored orderly if it may be of any help

I'm asking because people may want to craft their own artifact to get the completion bonus they want. I found the formula I was looking for by farming but it required a lot of time.

Also I'd add in the main storage some quest items: the wand that rarely drops from Loki (for the secret quest) and the items for the Giesel quest (wolf teeth necklace and sheep pelt) since many people get stuck in it. I have them if you need want.

If it's not possible don't worry obviously, thank you again for what you've done! :-)

Items / Re: Is there a way to trade items?
« on: 31 July 2022, 04:43:46 »
Novermind, I abused atlantis orbs and found them :-)

(by the way, the verification method on this forum is terribly bothering)

Items / Is there a way to trade items?
« on: 29 July 2022, 17:45:37 »
Hi everyone, dorry to bother with a stupid question but, is there a way to trade items?

I miss 2 formulas to craft Eye of Ra and they don't want to drop. Wondering if anyone has them (Tongue of Flame and Spirit Blight formulas)

I have a lot of other formulas to give if you want, maybe we can exchange saves or something like :-)

Meanwhile I'll go back killing Nessus XD

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