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Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Max DPS for Prophet
« on: 02 August 2022, 22:25:48 »
Hello, I'm trying to max out my prophet's dps and I'm now at 22k. I have 2 questions:

- I took one of the items, "lightning mother's wrappings" (leg armor), from TQVault. This is because even in TQDatabase it's not stated where it drops (it just says "phantoms" at 0,0056%). Does anyone know where to farm it?

- Does anyone know better items I can use to further increase my dps? I mostly use staff attack and passives, so don't care about active skills.

Items at the moment are:
--- Staff: Yu's Sacrifice
--- Rings: 2x Shai's Whim
--- Amulet: Shavo's Relic
--- Head: Hesione's Golden Veil
--- Torso: Vestement of the Overlord (mostly for the +2 to all skills)
--- Arms: Archmage's Clasp (+40% attack speed is great)
--- Legs: Lightning Mother's Wrappings  <=  the ones I don't know where to find
--- Artifact: Icon of Zeus with +35% attack speed as completion bonus

Items / Is there a way to trade items?
« on: 29 July 2022, 17:45:37 »
Hi everyone, dorry to bother with a stupid question but, is there a way to trade items?

I miss 2 formulas to craft Eye of Ra and they don't want to drop. Wondering if anyone has them (Tongue of Flame and Spirit Blight formulas)

I have a lot of other formulas to give if you want, maybe we can exchange saves or something like :-)

Meanwhile I'll go back killing Nessus XD

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