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General Discussion / Your Titan Quest Story
« on: 04 February 2018, 01:09:34 »
Hey guys, i wanted to suggest that we talk about our titan quest history/background here. Like, when did you first play titan quest, how did you find out about it, at which point in your life, and so on.

I will start

I got an original copy of titan quest back in 2005 or 2006, so did 2 of my best friends in highscool (yea i was in highschool). Immediately got to love the game, and shared it with another friend of ours, the 4 of us would play titan quest after school for several months. They stopped playing after awhile though since we were about to finish highschool and had other priorities, like jobs and university! But i kept the game disks.

 I remember my PC would really lag whenever i launched titan quest, i was using a single core hyper threaded pentium 4 clocked at 3ghz back then, with like 512mb of ram and an 80gb hdd, my gpu was a gt 5700LE :D . After a year or so i got a new PC from the money i was getting from my university scholarship, it was a dual core athlon with like 2gb of ram and a gt 8600 graphics card. The Game would run much better on that one, but still a bit laggy at times. Funny thing is that many years ago you actually needed a good PC to play titan quest, the only time i was able to play TQ in max settings without any lag was around 2010-2011 when i upgraded my PC to something modern.

 Long story short, i never really got tired of titan quest.
It is true that there were times in the past 12 years when i stopped playing TQ, but i would always eventually return to the game. What helped me the most was forums where i registered several years ago, and since then TQ has been something like a more permanent activity in my every day life. I've played many games in the past 15 years, spent years playing online MMO's too, but the only game im still playing after 12 years is titan quest.

Hey, so i wanted to use my conqueror who is currently in legendary act 4. But i decided to go to epic difficulty and unlock act 5, not sure how that's done but i figured i had to kill hades, so i went to the portal and the moment i tried to kill mobs a melinoe hit me with something that almost killed me, 5k life went down in less than a second. I suppose this is due to -15% bleed resistance and 10% vitality resistance in epic. I would like to mention that my conqueror was having a blast in legendary act 4 even in massbosses and achilles mod in TQ:IT, so with the changes they made in TQ:AE now hes pretty weak, if i didnt run for my life he would be dead by the very first group of monsters in hades. Since this is an older toon, all his gear is based on what i knew in TQ:IT era, now whatever hes wearing is obsolete and i need to rebalance the gear. What would you suggest me to do? I want to keep using him but with what hes wearing now its going to be impossible, and this is a self found char, no twinking!

Sometimes i miss playing TQ:IT, i would only miss out on the new act and the new items, all the other new mechanics so far are something i really dislike.

Spirit AE / Spellbreaker ADCT life leeching
« on: 24 January 2018, 02:18:06 »
So i loaded my trusty beast spellbreaker with whom i had destroyed many great undead enemies in the past, only to find out that his life leech/adct does no longer work with undead, but it still works with undead dogs. How is this possible? Have they increased life leech resistance on undead in general but left undead dogs with the old resistances? Basically how does spirit work right now?

Other Modifications / Modded database, has anyone used this?
« on: 23 January 2018, 01:45:00 »

i came across this and was wondering if anyone used it. It basically puts back all the old caps from tq it.

Hey guys, its already  6 am and maybe im seeing things. But i had not used any of my old TQ characters since i bought AE and Ragnarok. I decided to login my conq for a test run, and when i kill the 1st mob i gained like 10 levels.. My conq is now level 77 (he was around 68 or something).

Off to bed :/

I dont know if this has been mentioned before, but take a look. love that ending

Hello, can anyone explain to me how this works? I started in a new act completely naked and level 40, but from what i know, ragnarok is not really easy. So what is the purpose of this?

Farming Runs / Pazuzu's Video Land
« on: 10 January 2018, 19:09:40 »
Hey guys, since im back to the game and i bought a new GPU and some hard drives i figured i would start recording again.

If anyone wants to check out my old videos you can do it in my youtube profile here

Im starting this topic with a video from my runesmith in act 1 normal.

So i was about to reach sparta and i encountered a skeleton normal monster wielding some kind of knife. With every hit the skeleton would replenish 100% of his HP, i was not able to pick it up but it was a green item, if someone tells me where the screen shots are being saved in anniversary edition i can upload it here. I searched the TQ IT screen shot location but it wasnt there.

took me like 5 minutes to kill the skeleton, it was incredibly annoying as i had to use a bow and hit and dodge, because if his attack touched me he would gain his hp back :/

I've pretty much completed the game with most toons in tq IT, i want something fun and preferably melee to start my TQ AE career, any ideas?

EDIT: My character is level 3 btw, i have yet to pick a mastery. Might go all the way to level 8 before i pick masteries and add the points.

I was about to buy TQ Anniversary edition from steam but then i saw titan quest ragnarok. Can anoyone tell me what is going on?

What is the difference between the 2 games? I have only played TQ vanilla and IT so i dont know anything about those expansions.

Which one do you all play?

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