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Decided to gear up a bit and finally use my sockets before Typhon, and it worked out quite nicely!
The use of Demon's blood in the jewelry quite helped against Barmanu, and the overall biggest threat in this act were just regular tigermen and dragonians.
Onwards to Hades, with a short stop in Gadir to gamble all that coin away!

Thank you, Medea! We'll see how far it'll go - but at the moment, it's going quite well!

The second Telkine's down, and it's going onwards to act III:

Llewellyn's current loadout...

...and his masteries.

I initially heavily depended on the wolves for damage while just firing slingshots from the background, but since it's going to get a lot more rough in the upcoming act(s), I decided to focus more on my own abilities instead. The wolves will come back later on though, I just enjoy travelling with companions too much to let go of them forever ;D

Llewellyn, yellow ranger of the forests yonder, has reached Rhakotis at a proud age of 17:

Hi there. I'd also like to partake; TQAERA, selffound, untwinked.

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