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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum, but playing Titan Quest from time to time, for years now.
Work and family is keeping my time very limited on playing, but I still enjoy the game :)

I stumbled upon the Evoker Guide from Anuchyfilm

The build looks very fun, but I already have an Evoker, using staff and psionic beam, being also a caster.

That's why I thought about a melee caster conjurer, using flame surge, as an LMB Attack, with life drain, eruption and fire nova.
Not quite sure, if a hybrid will work out, since there isn't much resistance reduction, besides Death Chill Aura.
Could try to go with monkey kings trickery, or shen long, but will it be sufficient?

Usually I just start and see where it's going, but besides having 8 chars all played with xmax3 (3 on legendary act3), I never went for any hybrid chars.
So I'm very new, using this type of char and I guess, this time could be the first time, to kind of think ahead and planing the char a little bit :)

Like Anuchyfilm, I thought about going mainly for int and spending some points into strength gear dependend wise, pushing mostly elemental dmg and vitality dmg.
But eruption and volcanic orb deal phsysical dmg as well, so would it be better, to invest a bigger amount into strength, damage wise?
I'm also having in mind, equipping legendary stonebinder cuffs, which would require a certain amount of dex.
With odysseus Armor, i would have 30% Reduction to all Requirements, which would give me good alternatives from the start.

I'm not asking for a complete guide, just asking for some tips, hints and suggestions, or someone telling me to forget about this char :)

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