Author Topic: The Turtles in Titan Quest (not the actual monsters)  (Read 1010 times)

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Re: The Turtles in Titan Quest (not the actual monsters)
« Reply #15 on: 11 June 2018, 12:27:31 »
Yes, that's the one. Although they're not invisible at the moment, for instance aforementioned squirrel before cyclop boss is an actual quest object.
Also I'd add this practice became obsolete in IT, most quest actions had a proper delay timer built in by that time, as far as I remember. Albeit squirrels are still in use to this day.

They could've added some squirrels to Ragnarok,.. the quest timing is horrible in Act V  ;D

I needed to talk to Wodan after he ran, but he wouldn't run unless I talked to him, and once he started running the dialogue cut off. The result was quite funny, as it made him look like some angry spoiled kid, rather than the allmighty Allfather.

By the way, does anyone know how to access the dialogue texts outside of the actual game? Stuff like the above happens a lot in Act V, and I also sometimes click through dialogue a little too eagerly, so I'm missing parts of lore. I'd like to read them casually afterwards.

To do this, you need to use ARCExplorer ( and locate the ressources of your game, mine is here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Then go to the Text folder, and use ARCExplorer to open the text file with the language of your choice. From there, you will see different text files with self-explanatory names. Select the one(s) you desire and extract them.
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Re: The Turtles in Titan Quest (not the actual monsters)
« Reply #16 on: 11 June 2018, 12:31:28 »

Thank I'll try that. I've beaten the game so many times anyway, so I don't feel like trying to read them ingame.