Author Topic: Rune Skills for Beginners [Ragnarök Guide]  (Read 19007 times)

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Re: Rune Skills for Beginners [Ragnarök Guide]
« Reply #30 on: 24 February 2018, 04:21:15 »
if you think you're not good enough because you're not as good as Poinas, don't worry none of us are.. that's why i called for this as a group work.. if many players chip in, there's a chance we can come up with something good.. just like this rune guide by CrocMagnum.. i only played earth twice.. one as elementalist but that was years ago in TQIT.. then as a stonespeaker which i haven't gotten past normal.. and I've also deleted it.. so I'm sure you can do better than me with earth.. anyways, i was thinking something like this:

Introduction blah blah blah which i hope could be done by someone with good writing skills

1) Rune Mastery Guide by CrocMagnum
2) Rogue Mastery Guide by botebote77
3) Earth Mastery Guide by Firebrand

and so on.. then each redirects to a link.. that's just my suggestion but perhaps there is a better way of compiling.. i want to do storm too because rogue and storm are the 2 masteries i have played the most.. it's my favorite in TQIT.. i still need a few more days with rogue but we're still a long way to go because we still have to wait for others vets to step up :)
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