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Well, this is what I get for trying to play a pre-AE character with AE tactics: YellowTrappe is dead, killed because I thought I could do a trapper-only on Very Fast mode. Proseia the Emupsa General in Epirus sniped her, lvl 29.

This is interesting :)

My entry:
Name: TankMageYellow
Class: Summoner
Game mode: Standard, No Mod, No Vault
Currently level 8 at Sparta

How do I attach screenshots? Couldn't find an attach button.

The best way for now is to upload them to another site like and then post the link here. It helps the forum save bandwidth while it's still cheap

I wanted to actually use all the green and better items I keep picking up during Yellow and Naked challenges, so I started my new Illusionist, LetsTryXmax.

Important: I had success killing the 3 (9) Gorgon sisters, but the game crashed when I tried to use my screenshot button. I started the game back up, expecting to deal with that annoying process again, only to find that they weren't there. I just had to speak to Feiyan to unlock the exit, and I could leave. I really didn't want to deal with them if I didn't have to, so I left without that picture, sorry.
Also, surviving hasn't been terrible. Wolves are good distractions, and traps are good to fall back on when they get overwhelmed. Only one hero, The All Devourer has managed to kill all 3 wolves, and then brought me to a panicked 20 health before I got away.
About to face the Statues in the Sphinx in Regular Mode, level 30.

Oh, and about the petmancer kill count requirement? I'm on the "don't require it" side, because 9/10 of the kills I try to get are stolen by wolves or traps. I have an effective 6 pets during most fights, and they all out-damage my Runed Staff I bought at level 10.

Yes, you can use items in the transfer stash.  If you have TQVault and want to use items from that as well then just let me know so I can mark your character as being twinked.

The rules for the challenge are in the first post on the first page.
I don't see rule about using items from other characters or not so i confuse :D
Thank you to let me know  C:-)

Toons are untwinked unless specified on the leaderboard.

"Twinked" meaning that you use items from other characters. So it is allowed, but please let them know so the ranking can show the twinked status
Might be helpful to reword that rule, I'm not sure how many people know TQ slang anymore  ;D

Attention Deficit Disorder go!  Conversation in Discord made me want to try a Trapsassin with the AE change to traps as pets. Battle Standard + %physical modifiers should be juicy, with War Horn as a panic button and Ancestral Warriors as boss killers.
Let the story begin, level 1 Helos, Name....


Update, Rhakotis, level 18

Level 41, Middle of Teutoburg Forest. I'm remembering why I hate the Act5 Side Quests again. Can't find the other bee hive, don't feel like running back and buying different colored Dyes... Bleh. 

Observations on Act 5:
  Trolls are funny. If even one of them is hit, the entire crowd will instantly come running. This makes traps extra effective. Similar with Hungry Wolves.
  Bandits/Robbers are pretty squishy, but they hit like trucks. Kiting them around is effective.
  Spriggans are soft hitting, and die to 3 trap bolts. Easy source of Viny Growth, since their offspring also has a chance to drop them.
  Rats in the caves are somewhat bugged, similar to how Sandwraiths used to be: They spend so much time dodging trap bolts that they don't actually do any damage.
  There aren't a lot of main-bosses here, so I wasn't sure who to take screenshots of. Got the Troll King, but that's all since the Ketos.

My equipment as I rest for a little while:

Lol playing vanilla, I consider myself lucky if I'm 8 when I fight Nessus. I average late 6.


Got the last hit, so my strongest monster killed is going to be that guy for a while  ;D

I'm level 40, but just keep my location as Corinth, I'll be posting again within the next 7 hours as I play at work   :D


Dactyl? I ain't afraid of no Dactyl. Ok just kidding, I was scared. Set up 3 traps on the stairs, then lured him over with Plague. Had to do this twice, but I was victorious!

I'm amused that I haven't updated my torso, head, or arm armor because I like the _Concentration and _Restoration suffixes so much. I only updated my leggings because I found _ of Journeying that gave me +1% more move speed :P

Level 39 sitting in Corinth!


Cheesed him.

Wolves kept dying on the path to Typhon so I went in without them. Went a lot faster than I remember! Might have helped that I had 2/3 Shen-Nong and a 2/3 Monkey King to tap him with.

1cec0ld, my you have been busy.  How do you find the fast speed play-wise?  I've not tried those options yet.

I wouldn't dare do it without a pet, but otherwise it's a great refreshment from the sluggish start of the game. By the time I got to the tigermen though, my wolves were getting low health frequently, and some of the dragonians were far too fast at running. I think I'm going to turn it off as I progress through here, probably until I reach Epic again.




Also, while I was in the Chumbi Valley, I took some pictures of the armor I was wearing, for future benefit:

PHEW. I've never used Very Fast speed before, and with 3 level 20 wolves, that setting is a RUSH. I've never gone through Act 1 so quickly in my whole time playing!
Especially when those wolves get a Battle Marker bonus, nearly everything just falls over as fast as I can run past it!
Surprisingly untwinked, I've been incredibly lucky with Mastery Shrines, I had about 4 or 5 "spares" that I could go back to if any wolf every fell, which was only 4-5 times total. Barmanu got one, Alastor got all 3, two crocodile heroes took out 1 each, and SlobberJaw killed all 3 before chasing me to the end of his "leash," so he gets an honorable mention in my photo gallery.
Level 31, just entered the Jinghe Wetlands, ready to save the 3rd sister!

Yeah, think I'm going Illusionist so I can let my wolves carry me to Athens instead of attacking everything myself.
I'll name the character... Illusion. Level 1, Helos  O0

I've only seen Shadowmaw one time ever, during an unchallenged xmax run. I still need the achievement, and none of my challenge characters can say I've beaten him either. I check every time, but he's afraid, I know it!

YellowTrappe is on my home computer, this one is during my not-answering-phones moments at work  :))

Killed Minotaur without a problem, this is the first time in a while that his Ground Stun attack didn't mean instant death right after!

Telkine fell just as fast, traps made quick work of the statues when I wear 2 physical Beastcaller rings and an elemental Beastcaller necklace.

Scarab, I even took a direct hit from a poison projectile, just to see what happened, and it brought me down to 2/3, then I was back to full 9 seconds later.

But I got cocky. I was clearing the cave just to the north of where you first find crocodile people. Couple worms, couple scarabs. Exit to the north, and there are some crocodile people there, and a hero. Drop a trap, tap him with poison, then run around him to tap his allies with poison-oh, I'm stunned. I'm still stunned. POTION! STILL STUNN-dead.
Came back and got a pic of his name, he seems like a Defense Storm hybrid, likes to summon a wisp, then run at you and keep you stunned for ages.

RIP level 19, Hathor Basin temple

New Entrant: Irrationality, a level 18 Trapsassin who is 1/3 through the Minoan Labyrinth as I write.
Rushed to 12 Poison, used that to get to Traps, but put more points into Rogue to reach Rapid Construction.
As we speak, Rapid Construction is maxed, traps at 13, warfare with 1 point to reserve it so I don't change my mind later.
Something you might notice in my later pics is my health regeneration at 25+
That's what happens when you stack 4 ____ of Recovery Armor items. I've been playing naked for so long, I feel like a god now. I actually stood in front of a harpy hero's thunderball attack just to see if I could.
Spoiler for Hiden:
I could.

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