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General Discussion / Re: How feasible is a non-summoning summoner
« on: 18 September 2018, 19:46:46 »
In lategame, you will probably have maxed everything you needed and be left with an amazing amount of exceeding skill points. You will probably be forced to put some skills points on pets.

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 11 September 2018, 15:59:46 »
So I'm just waiting for that playtest opportunity, this looks awesome... =d

Paths masteries AE / Re: List of Skills for each class
« on: 07 September 2018, 23:08:33 »
Doesn't look like there is a list of skills from Paths' masteries online, let alone a calculator.

General Discussion / Re: About hamstring from onslaught skill tree
« on: 06 September 2018, 16:43:37 »
Skills parameters do not include such hit-detection, so it shouldn't require you to hit the legs/bottom part of your opponents.

You are using blades from act 5 normal? Haven't you found better ones in Epic yet?

Getting the item itself isn't so bad but getting it with decent affixes IS an insane grind. And like you said, you don't need to minmax anything, so keeping Sajun for now looks fine.

Also, that looks like TQ:IT. Why's that on AE board?  :o
It is the Anniversary Edition, it just doesn't have Ragnarok

That's weird... your screen shows much less resistances than AE does.

Anyways, for now I would stick with the Sajun and farm for a Prowler's Cuirass. It could be a better choice assuming it gets good affixes. It would require an insane grind.

What your rings too? Apollo's Will might be good for you.

I'd go for the Sajun over the Honor Guard. Resistances are often more valuable than armor, and the Honor Guard torso lacks a suffix too, making it much less attractive.

Also, that looks like TQ:IT. Why's that on AE board?  :o

New Projects / Re: Soulvizier Ragnarok
« on: 01 September 2018, 19:29:37 »
Yes, I hadn't expected you to include all the 100 affixes at once. I made a Google Doc with the most interesting ones. It will be sent to you with the forum's PM feature. Hopefully some of these will reveal themselves useful for you. ^^

Also, I figured I lacked experience with SV so I'm probably not best suited for the hero-design part. I guess I could help doing custom effects with PSEditor, though.

Lastly, I just figured you were from France. We could comunicate together in french by now. :p

New Projects / Re: Soulvizier Ragnarok
« on: 01 September 2018, 12:42:32 »
Looks very promising.

I would volunteer to make new heroes with spells and stuff, you would have to tell me what are your criterias.

Also, I had made ~100 new affixes for my previous mod, they were made for a Legendary level, but making a Normal/Epic version is not a problem.

General Discussion / Re: Strength of Atlas
« on: 01 September 2018, 12:20:43 »
Uh, Strenght does not boost piercung damage at all, isn't it? It only boost physical damage.

General Discussion / Re: Strength of Atlas
« on: 01 September 2018, 00:06:32 »
Lethal or Phantom Strike + Strenght of the Pack Buff + Combat Shrine + Scroll of Primal Chaos + Blood of Ares + Pendant of Immortal Rage + 2 Mark of Ares

All of the above combined plus other offensive gear could do it. Or, if you are lucky, some bug will give it to you for free ^^

New Projects / Re: [RELEASED ]Doom Island Custom Map
« on: 31 August 2018, 01:14:18 »
@Diego982 I haven't forgot your request. I've uploaded the mod folders outside of the Workshop, hopefully this will work just fine.

Regular version :
Kaizo version :

In case you didn't knew, slide the folder here : C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\custommaps

You will let me know if something is wrong, yes? :p

Around the world / Anyone else having weird weird dreams?
« on: 30 August 2018, 12:26:30 »
I have a fascination for the weird dreams. They have seemingly have no meaning but I can't help but to try to find one. Hopefully, some of you enjoy this kind of dream. I'll share you the one I just made.

The dream began in my basement, very early in the morning (around 3AM to 5AM) and my plan was to play some Super Smash Bros. on my Gamecube. I casually turn on the system. The startup logo does its stuff... then something happens.

A new splash screen appeared. The Gamecube logo, much smaller, was appearing at the center of the screen, encircled by a grid. Just below was written the word 'Content'. Also, as the whole thing appeared, some Xbox-360-ish sounds were playing. Since I had never seen this before, I was confused, but I didn't bothered more than that. The screen faded away, and the Gamecube's startup cinematic played again. I knew for a fact there already was the right CD inside even though I hadn't checked. I was starting to become nervous, so I tried to open the CD compartment, but I think this angered the Gamecube, or whatever is responsible for the ongoing mess. As I opened the CD compartment, multiple Gamecube's startup sequences played at once, causing a massive earrape and afraid me. In the fear, I mashed the POWER button and it ultimately turned off after a few attempts.

I had noticed my brother was looking at my direction, he probably was awoken by the previous events. I had told him something was wrong about the Gamecube, but he said he had to go eat a breakfast first, so he ran upstairs. I was again left alone with the Gamecube, I had decided to turn it ON again. The startup screen played normally. Then, something very strange happens.

A game launched automatically. But it wasn't the game from the CD. It wasn't a game I had the chance to play. It wasn't even a Gamecube game! It was none other than Super Mario World for the SNES. At first it made me wonder, where does the game come from? But then, I felt so much like playing ANYTHING so I just sat on the couch, grabbed the controller and navigated through the menus to ultimately start a game. I should've seen what was coming...

The startup sequence launched, sending me out of the game. I nonetheless persisted and wait for the console to launch another game. This time, it looked like it was Pokémon Stadium 2. It sent me directly at the team creation screen. I was halfway done that my brother came back from upstairs. I hastly told him about the issue, that the console wouldn't launch the right game and that it was acting very strange. It probably was due to my inactivity, but the game suddenly switched to Super Smash Bros. Melee. Of course, it threw me in a random screen, this time it wad the No-Contest screen. Something wasn't right though...

I looked closer. You know you see the fighters clapping hands inside a small box? Well... it wasn't any of the regular fighters. It was characters from Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64! I knew at this point it was useless to bother with the console. There was a virus in it, though how could it have even catch a virus in the first place?

New Projects / Re: [RELEASED ]Doom Island Custom Map
« on: 29 August 2018, 21:50:25 »
I haven't found any performance issues regarding the scrap wood.

Also yes there might be some minor imperfections here and there.

I hope you will like the rest of it.

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