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cast speed about 250 and above :)
but that won't be a problem with int gears

if you're just starting your druid, i suggest you start with storm and rush to the 3rd upgrade of ice shard.. max it then max the other 2.. that's what i do on my ice sharders back in TQIT.. now i just start accomplished hero.. something like this
Spoiler for Hiden:
but that video was just to show ice shard is a good early game skill.. of course it would be better if you have legit items :)

I'll look into it more and the items tomorrow or some other day.. it's 1:00 am here right now :)

i don't have druid in AE.. that vid i borrowed from someone i met on reddit.. but I'm quite familiar with a druid.. it's an int build with dex only to meet requirements.. the goal is to get 80% CDR or very close to that.. it is permanent briar ward build.. briar ward offers some protection and sanctuary, aside from the damage absorption, reduces energy cost.. energy cost reduction is important for an ice sharder.

so the skills you would want are ice shard tree, heart of frost, squall, eye of the storm, spell breaker (for the purposes i stated above but you can leave it at 1pt for the most part of the game), briar ward, sanctuary, plague, and of course HoO tree.. pets become only secondary for this build at least if you ask me

then get some cast speed.. an occult ring of something is a good option

edit: and 1pt on refresh.. cast it after you cast briar ward

i think it's corny :/
i get the modern look but this is TQ.. TQ lovers have embraced the age of mythology theme
it's usual to only equip 1 or 2 of the set pieces anyway.. those will look terrible when matched with other TQ gear

but since it's primrose passage only set, I'll give it a pass.. it means they're just easter egg items just like santa's

Gameplay / Re: Open PvP Coop
« on: 24 June 2018, 02:15:40 »
great.. when i finally have 1.57 i hope i can join you

i kind of fancy 2v2 or 3v3

hopefully some of these days

Gameplay / Re: Open PvP Coop
« on: 23 June 2018, 18:38:57 »
can anybody do a capture the flag PvP mod? would it be feasible?

@ALL let's have some fun team PvP battle :)

went all the way to Hades and Dactyl did not spawn.. so i figured the most logical thing to do was to save and exit and reload until Dactyl decides to appear.. on the 3rd try he decides to appear and he was kind enough to follow me to the door where i can pass but he can't.. i used to do that back in TQIT but i can't remember how i do that because in AE/R, i can't seem to do that.. he won't follow me to the door.. this time he did.. well, once he does that it becomes easy picking because i can hit him but he can't hit me.. i tried to do it again to see if ice shard can trigger that (Dactyl follow me to the door) but for the next 10+ tries he just wouldn't spawn.. I'll try it again some other day

i wasn't even able to cast spell breaker tsk this is my curse for not playing storm for a long time

finally i'm switching to this playstyle probably full time and can now add a few things
i'm still in epic (haven't played this in quite a while) but i'm sure damage will still be good..
the question is survivability but i've seen clips where menhir wall still holds in legendary..
so probably it's just a matter of me using it well (which will come in time)

it's now a dual wield icesharder/lightning bolt.. both maxed including heart of frost and static charge..
about -70% energy cost (seal of the high priest, Lykaion Malleus, volva's boots)..
still not fully optimized but for epic, it's more than enough..

rune weapon and thunder strike, arguably the 2 best skills of rune, can kiss my ass  ;D
range is very short.. i just finished killing 3 Cerberus by staying at the gate.. something i wouldnt be able to do with throwing weapons

i have svalinn (req lvl 66)and am still open to wearing it but if it means sacrificing the coolness factor, then nah i'm staying with Persephones and Lykaion Malleus  ;D


I'm trying to remember that thorny skill but I can't.. maybe the one in the occult mastery which looked a little bit like seal of fate with some kind of ADCtH (the spell damage used to give you life back while damaging the enemy or something like that)..
you're probably right.. my memory is like that of a 65 yr old ;D
I think skeletal warrior summons and that undead rhino type monster were added much later into the mod so you didn't get to play those versions.. it was such a beautiful experience...I'm sure you would have loved it..
maybe.. but I'm not really into pets.. i believe pets should only be used for distraction.. a little CC just so you don't get mobbed.. but i prefer to do the killings

except in the case of my illusionist but it really doesn't feel like a petmaster.. and my skinchanger but i still like to attack with rune weapon and thunder strike


I actually considered an assassin since he is the coolest warrior build IMO..
just a little warning.. a traditional assassin is very squishy.. i got my DA to 1400 with high armor on all my gear, just to become squishy again in act 4 legendary.. and that wasn't even ragnarok, just AE.. traps saved it for me.. but permanent battle standard takes it to another level.. my assassin is str/dex btw with 50% reduced requirements

it was troublesome for me but i realized my mistake.. i ditched my shield too early

edit: i did try UL and SV but it was like 2012 or 13

i don't remember much anymore except that spirit (or was it spirit?) has that thorny skill (not reflect) that comes from underground.. looks like the skill by the bug hero in warcraft 3 (undead?)

Another update !

TQ AE & Ragnarök 1.57 - Bugfixes & Tweaks
21st June 2018

Reduced the secret companion's damage output

so Ylva got nerfed a little :)
bah i still don't like her
she's no waifu material


Seal of fate is a great skill man, what a shame you bash it like that  ;D ;D ;D

Here we are with another necro thread gentlemen (I think I get my necro-satisfaction from here since I can't get to be an actual necro in the game).. I started a battlemage and just realized onslaught got nerfed terribly.. seems like the "doubled damage" factor is gone.. unless getting tons of physical damage and good equipment in the late game, I don't see any point to max it at the beginning.. maybe keep it at level 2 to just make the effects of other passives in the tree last a little longer..

So, do you have any suggestions on which skills to prioritize while leveling up?.. I haven't searched the forum yet but I'm quite sure there isn't any guide for battlemage.. or I'm just blind af..
weren't you bashing seal of fate just recently? ;D

man, I've played all the characters in diablo 2 and my favorite most fun to play is necromancer.. revives, corpse explosion, bone spirit, poison nova, curses.. and not just most fun, if i am to run a hardcore char, it would be a necromancer.. but.... back in the day, we don't do that.. we just play for fun and nothing else  :P  .. so i don't do that in TQ either although i hate dying

as for the topic, it really depends on the items you have.. if you have archmage's clasp I'd totally go for permanent battle standard.. i haven't played a battlemage yet but i have an assassin and when i switched tactics from a traditional fighter to permanent battle standard, it's really improved and is so much stronger now.. if you only mostly have str items, then of course str/dex build.. but then i don't know why earth.. dream would be better for that.. or the left click only conqueror  :P .. or even hunting

as for leveling up, if it's me i might just finish normal with pure warfare.. or i get earth just for the stats

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 21 June 2018, 06:48:03 »
i don't mean to be a smartass but that is a Caduceus.. the distinction is Asclepius rod has one snake and looks more like a wooden staff.. that one right there is a Caduceus

potions are easier to use than regrowth because no clicking of the mouse is needed.. but that one is a matter of preference

Rogue AE / Re: Petmaster Dreamkiller
« on: 20 June 2018, 12:49:36 »
I'm worried about its constancy in late-game and its actual benefits
that's where the fun is.. if it's a surefire strong character, where's the fun in that? :)

if it ends up to be a powerful one, that's double the fun

Keep us informed.
will do :)

Rogue AE / Petmaster Dreamkiller
« on: 20 June 2018, 11:18:29 »
This is not a guide.. I just thought of something crazy that i want to try with my dreamkiller in the coming days and i want to share it with you.. This is a theorycraft for now but the good thing is i already have a dreamkiller and it's a hybrid so i can go with whatever build i want

So how do we make a dreamkiller a petmaster hmm.. traps are pets now.. but why dream? ahh because of nightmare mastermind.. ok that's it, got the idea now.. that simple ...  ... nahhhh ;) .. those 2 are part of this build but it doesn't end there.. we need more pets.. and the only way to truly justify dream is by getting lots and lots of pets so they all get mastermind.. that's where one particular pairing of skill and item comes... aphrodite's favor and throwing knife.. AoE mind control.. good for xmax.. but that's dangerous right? because what if the duration ends? instant mob.. enter traps and distort reality ;)

this build has many holes:

1) it requires lots of skills so it takes a long time before the build takes shape

2) Aphrodite's favor is not easy to find and the level requirement is 52

3) build requires at least +4 to all skills, cast speed, and probably a bit of CDR.. maybe some pet buff rings as well

4) this build is useless in secret passage and primrose passage
(here i probably take back all the points from knives and envenom tree and put those on distortion wave)

those are the cons.. the pros are:

1) it is weird.. and

2) it is weird

that's good enough.. i will update in the coming days :)

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