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Here is how it works:

Use the items picked up in the first field of the game where you rescue the horse. The weapon you get determines which is the first mastery:

Club = Defense
Copper Spear = Hunting
Bronze Spear = Dream
Axe = Warfare
Copper knife = Magic
Bronze knife = Rogue

Now to the armor for second mastery choice:

Leather BREASTPLATE = choose another melee-type mastery.
Leather HARNESS = choose a mage-type mastery (Spirit, Nature, Earth, Storm)

If you get the breastplate, when you reach Sparta go to armor vendor and count each weapon (Swords, Clubs, Axes, Spears). Whichever one has the highest number of weapons of will be chosen (so if he has 13 Axes, 9 Spears, 4 Swords and 11 Clubs, Warfare will be your second mastery). If the mastery you chose already has the highest type of weapon number, then go for second best. If there is a tie, then go for the lowest. Whichever wins is your second mastery:

Sword = Rogue
Axe = Warfare
Club = Defence
Spear = Hunting
Hoe = Dream

Now for magic. If you got a Copper Knife go to the vendor in Helos. Count the number of staves of Cold, Fire and Lightning he has and choose the one with the highest number. This is your first mastery:

Fire = Earth
Cold = Nature or Spirit (Nature is Pine, Spirit is Ash. Choose whichever one has more)
Lightning = Storm

If you got a Harness when you get to the mage vendor in Sparta count the number of Cold, Fire, and Lightning staves there are. Whichever is the highest is your second mastery. If the mastery you chose already has the highest number of staves, then go for second best. If there is a tie, then go for the lowest. This is your second mastery:

Here's an example:
I went into the field and got a Leather Harness and a Copper Spear. I am now a Hunter. When I get to Sparta I will choose the staff the mage merchant has most of. The highest number of staves he has are Cold ones. There are more Ash than there are Pine, so I will be Spirit. I am now a Bone Charmer.

« on: Today at 13:43:45 »
Albino Spider Web: 21 Armor
Bat Fang: 2-5 Fire Damage
Boar Hide: 4 Armor
Demon's Blood: 20% Energy Leech Resistance, 30% Stun Resistance, +1 Health Regen per Second
Diseased Plumage: +10% Poison Damage
Fury's Heartblood: 13 Vitality Damage
Hydradon Hide: 21 Armor
Hag's Skin: 4 Armor
Lupine Claw: 3-5 Piercing Damage
Mechanical Parts: 4 Armor
Peng Claw: +10% Damage
Pristine Plumage: +15 DA
Raptor Tooth: +10% Damage
Rigid Carapace: +10% Fire Resistance
Saber Claw: 1-4 Piercing Damage
Shard of Erebus: 66% Slower Attack for 3 Seconds
Spectral Matter: 10% Energy Drained
Spiny Shell: 15% Chance of 18-25 Piercing Retaliation
Tortured Soul: +50% Damage to Undead
Turtle Shell: +8% Pierce Resistance
Venom Sac: 5% Chance of 1.5 Seconds Stun
Vile Ichor: 5% Chance of 1.5 Seconds Stun
Viny Growth: 4 Armor
Yeti Fur: 4 Armor
Amun-Ra's Glory: +95 Health
Ankh of Isis: +95 Health
Anubis' Wrath: 36 Life Leech over 3 Seconds
Archimedes' Mirror: +10% Cold Resistance
Artemis' Bowstring: +10% Damage
Blade of Thanatos: +8% Attack Speed
Chill of Tartarus: 14 Elemental Damage
Code of Hammurabi: +5% Intelligence
Cunning of Odysseus: +11 Intelligence
Dionysus' Wineskin: +25 Defensive Ability
Djed of Osiris: 36 Life Leech over 3 Seconds
Domain of the Dragon Kings: +95 Health
Golden Fleece: +11 Intelligence
Guan-Yu's Grace: +35 Defensive Ability
Hecate's Crescent: +11 Intelligence
Herakles' Might: +10% Damage
Hermes' Sandal: +50 Defensive Ability
Iron Will of Ajax: 20% Energy Leech Resist, 30% Stun Resist, +1 Health Regen per Sec
Jade Emperor's Serenity: +95 Health
Li-Nezha's Guile: +35 Defensive Ability
Monkey King's Trickery: +35 Defensive Ability
Persephone's Tears: +95 Health
Prometheus' Flame: 1-4 Fire Damage

This info was gathered to help players who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The name of the merchant is followed by their speeches when you enter their shop, leaving shop are the things they may say when you exit.

Guan Zhong (West Silk Road)
Enter shop
Aaah, another heroic traveller.
Now, what have you got today.
I have tripled my caravan since the monsters.
One man yesterday, 12 pairs of Neanderthal boots.

Leave shop
So long.
Tread lightly and with speed.
Fear not, your goods are safe.
Sure you got everything?

Lu Meng (Chang'an)
Enter shop
Do not carry your house on your shoulders.
A caravan is like memory, that never forgets.
Auspicious greetings.
Why carry what you can put down?
What you cannot part with, leave with me.

Leave shop
So long, noble hero.
I will treat your goods like my own.
Sun and wind are at your back, not in your eyes.
So long.

Epicles (Rhodes)
Enter shop
Caravan store.
A fine day to ease your burden.
Store your goods?
First chest is free.
Store your goods - or ship them off.

Leave shop
A real hero, my caravan.
An honour.
Your goods are safe with me.
Hera smile on you.

Horemwia (Plains Judgement)
Enter shop
I don't do business with those daemons, I'll tell you that much.
We can accommodate you.  Yes.
Welcome, mortal.
You've nothing to do with those daemons, have you?
My stores are just as good as up there.

Leave shop
Goodbye, living traveller.
Ghostly stores for earthly goods.
So long, mortal.

Mydon (Elysium)
Enter shop
I once ported 50 chests of petal gold to Ionia.  Myself.
A true hero.  You are welcome here, friend.
One in Parthia my ox died.  Pulled the cart myself.
I've heard of you, Titanbane.
Shipping plunder from Troy is how I got my start.

Leave shop
Fight bravely.
Come back any time.
Good luck, friend.
Your goods are safe with me.

This info was gathered to help players who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The name of the merchant is followed by their speeches when you enter their shop, leaving shop are the things they may say when you exit.

Eratodes (Helos)
Enter Shop
I can ease your load.
A good day to you.
You can store your goods with me.
I'll hold your things for you.
Hail traveller, store you things with me.

Leave Shop
Hera keep you.
Your goods are safe with me.
So long.
Hermes guide you.

Pianhk (Megara & Memphis)
Enter Shop
Our chests are spacious and secure.
I can hold that for you.
Storage for the burdened traveller.
Good day.

Leave Shop
Your goods are safe with me.
Good day then.
Safe travel.

Deon (Delphi)
Enter Shop
Make light your heavy burden warrior.
Stores deep and wide, as the poet said.
Ah, another traveller with goods to store.
Do you know, Semonedes?  Fine poet.
Be as a mouse and decide provisions, Dartasian.

Leave Shop
Safe journey.
Apollo smile on you.
Live long, o traveller.

Konon (Athens)
Enter Shop
By Hermes and Isis both, welcome.
At your service.
Well, another overburdened warrior.
What can I hold?
A caravan is what you need, eh.

Leave Shop
Athena guard you.
I keep goods safe.
Good ... bye.
So long then.

Philoctedes (Knossos)
Enter Shop
Oh - just - luck - magically.
Good day.
Goods stored and transferred.
Have something to store?
Caravan storage.

Leave Shop
Travel lightly.
Come again.

Xuthus (Rhakotis)
Enter Shop
Have you seen that good-for-nothing servant?
What? Do you need something?
Just - careful where you put everything.
I have some space - just a little.
Where is that lazy boy?  Oh, hello.

Leave Shop
Ah, I need another camel.
That's it.  We're out of space.
Yes, yes, come again.
So long.

Sinon (Thebes)
Enter Shop
I could ... store goods for you.
Do you need to ... store something?
Storage?  Caravan storage?
Can I ... be of help?
Very fine credits, keep your goods safe.

Leave Shop
Your goods are safe with us.
Thaaank you.

This ‘guide’ if you like was made using a few guides I saw here and there, plus my own knowledge. I noticed there was not one single side quest guide so here is a complete one.
The side quests from the original game (so the first three Acts) were taken from here, so all credits to Zenpo for his fantastic work there. Also, credits to Gamebanshee for being an awesome, awesome place and having screenshots of the map.
NOTE: The directions (North, South, East, West etc) are taken not from the direction of the player but from the direction OF THE MAP. If you are unsure, check the map.
NOTE: If I am incorrect anywhere, please comment and I will change.
NOTE: Anytime you see the exclamation mark above a person’s head go gray, it means you’ve spoken to them enough. If it is still yellow, TALK TO THEM AGAIN! Some people require you to talk to them several times.
NOTE: If you don’t have the Fanpatch and complete a quest with a reward that requires the Fanpatch, have no fear. When you download the Fanpatch, talk to the man next to the Helos Portal and he will give you all your missed rewards.
NOTE: If you require any further information about a quest, or you’re lost; just reply to the thread and I’m sure either I or any of the other Forumers will help you out!
ACT 1 (Greece)
– Monstrous Brigands
– Given: By a farmhand just east of Helos.
– Complete: Inside the cave next to the first rebirth fountain outside Helos, talk to farmhand inside cave.
– Medicines Waylaid
– Given: By a traveller in Laconia Hills
– Complete: Kill the Satyr Brute just up the road from him, return to man with news.
– The Cornered Man
– Given: In a farm just off the road (East) in Laconia Woods.
– Complete: By talking to the man you saved.
– The Lost Dowry
– Given: On the road before the Spartan Road
– Complete: Inside the cave East of where you received the quest, return to man with Necklace.
– The Ancient Of War
– Given: Southern part of the Spartan War Camp.
– Complete: Eastern part of Pellena Valley, talk to the Quest Giver after finding Hippias.
– The Poisoned Spring
– Given: Man next to Rebirth Fountain in Tegea.
– Complete: Defeat the 3 groups of Arachnids inside the Fetid Lair, then return and talk to the Naiad. They are surrounded by the shining aura and have purple names. They are all Deathspinners and Deadly Orbed Stalkers.
– NOTE: Before entering the Fetid Lair, you must talk to the Naiad. She is outside the cave entrance.
– SPECIAL REWARD: +75 Health (Permanent).
– Skeleton Raiders
– Given: Talk to a man in Megara Square, then talk to TWO men just above the Megara Portal.
– Complete: Kill the 3 Princes in Old Eleusis, Northern Part of Kerata Forest, then return to man just North of the Megara Portal.
– News Of A Shipwreck
– Given: A sailor in the Western jetty of Megara Square.
– Complete: As soon as you reach Halycon Coast, turn left. Chests are inside a broken ship.
– A Proper Offering
– Given: Talking to Timon in Megara.
– Complete: Killing the Spider Queen and taking the Sacred Olive Branch, then bringing the branch to the Temple Attendant outside the Delphi Temple.
– NOTE: Not necessary for completion of game, despite it being given by a Main Quest Character.
– SPECIAL REWARD: +5% in a random resistance (permanent).
– The Good Centaur
– Given: Talk to Chiron in the Northernmost part of Ambrossos Farmland.
– Complete: Defeat Maenad Princess in Cave North of Chiron, then return to Chiron with his bow.
– SPECIAL REWARD: 2 Attribute Points.
– Goods Abandoned
– Given: Talk to the man next to the Trader in Ambrossos.
– Complete: After Rebirth Fountain in Helicos Pass, turn left and then left again to find some undead. Chests are in the North Part of the ruins.
– A Master Blacksmith
– Given: Man in Southern part of Ambrossos, South of the main Square.
– Complete: Just before entering Crisaeos Falls, continue North instead of going East over the bridge. Termerus is in a clearing.
– NOTE: Easy way to complete this quest is to maximize the size of the map and then look for the ‘Trader’ icon. Also, interact with him, his stuff is very advanced.
– The Grieving Widow
– Given: Woman South of the first Rebirth Fountain in the City of Delphi, just before the main Square.
– Complete: Inside the second cave in Parnassus Caves, kill the Boarman, then return to the woman.
– Spartans Lost
– Given: In the Western part of Kephisos Valley, there are some ruins. Talk to the soldier.
– Complete: Talk to Scout in the Northernmost point of the Athens Marsh, then return and talk to soldier.
– Trapped In The Ruins
– Given: In the Western part of Kephisos Valley, there are some ruins. Talk to the soldier.
– Complete: Defeat the giant Limos in the ruins, then return and talk to soldier.
– Xanthippus The Healer
– Given: Man in Herakleion Square.
– Complete: Talk to Xanthippus, then kill the Arachnid Hero in the Cave, then return to Xanthippus with his staff.
– NOTE: After crossing the second bridge (into Triton’s Ridge), go South to find the Cave and Xanthippus.
– The Undead Tyrant
– Given: Man in Herakleion Square.
– Complete: Kill the Undead Tyrant in the Ancient Tomb, Northermost part of Tritons Ridge, then return to man.
– NOTE: Do NOT cross the third bridge in Triton’s Ridge, the Tomb is just North of that.
ACT 2 (Egypt):
– The Family Heirloom
– Given: Soldier next to Rebirth Fountain in Northernmost part of Rhakotis.
– Complete: Kill an Elite Berserker Jackalman, then return to soldier with Ancestral Blade.
– NOTE: The Berserker can usually be found in an alley off the Northern part of the slums, if you need any more help look here. Either next to ‘6’ or ‘4a’ on the map.
Lower Nile
– The Beast Of Legend
– Given: In Hathor Basin, just after the first basin.
– Complete: Kill the Beast of Legend in the Cave in the Northernmost part of Hathor Basin / Wadjet Canyons.
– NOTE: Do NOT cross the rocky bridge taking you to Sais, just keep going North to find the Cave.
– SPECIAL REWARD: 2 Skill Points for completing this quest.
– Plight Of The Nile Farmers
– Given: By a peasant in Sais (the Lower Nile).
– Complete: Go South of the Dock in the Lower Nile itself, and there are loads of Reptilians to kill, then return to woman by the Rebirth Fountain in the village.
– A Promethean Surrounded
– Given: By the Promethean North of the second tomb after Sais.
– Complete: Save them and then talk to them.
– Lowest Of The Low
– Given: An aged beggar just before entering Memphis.
– Complete: Defeat all the Shadowstalkers (you will be informed when you have), then return to the beggar.
– The Missing Brother
– Given: By a woman in Memphis Plaza.
– Complete: Defeat the Beast in the Cave on the North-East side of the Giza Plateau, then return to woman.
– The High Priest’s Request
– Given: Talk to the High Priest at the raised, North end of Memphis Plaza.
– Complete: Go into the Tomb Of Khufu, then when you reach the fork go RIGHT. Slay the monsters at the top and take the staff from the sarcophagus. Return to High Priest.
– NOTE: As soon as you pick up the staff, Undead casters will pop up. Just be prepared. Also, according to Medea Fleecestealer, there is a way to avoid the Mages popping up. They are very easy to kill, but if you want to avoid it look at the fourth reply.
– Khufu’s Curse
– Given: A nomad just in front of the Tomb of Khufu.
– Complete: Go through the MIDDLE door in the tomb, and slay the mini-boss.
– NOTE: As inviting as it looks, do NOT open the sarcophagus, it will hit you immediately with fire, ice and poison.
Fayum Oasis
– Caravan Woes
– Given: Man in Fayum Oasis, then talk to a man next to the Portal to update.
– Complete: About thirty seconds walk North is a Dune Raider camp. Defeat the leader, then return to the oasis and talk to the man next to the Fayum Portal.
– Hidden Treasure
– Given: Man in Fayum Oasis.
– Complete: In the cave North-West of the Fayum Oasis.
– The Corrupted Priest
– Given: By a man in the centre of the Temple of Seti.
– Complete: Kill the Corrupted Priest in the Mysterious Tomb in Meretsger Ridge, then return to quest giver.
– NOTE: Meretsger Ridge is easy to pass. As soon as you leave the Temple of Seti, turn RIGHT.
ACT 3 (The Orient):
– The Seeds Of Destruction
– Given: By a farmer in who runs into the village at the Babylon Outskirts.
– Complete: Clear the farmland South-East of the village of the Icthians, then return to quest giver.
Silk Road
– Mystery In The Mountains
– Given: A man in the Shangshung Village.
– Complete: A long quest. Firstly, at the Northern end of the Chumbi Valley, talk to the Shangshung Elder (Do NOT cross the bridge, just continue North), then defeat all the Shades in the Cave just East of it. Then, return to the Elder with the news. After entering the Tsongmo Peak area, you will see a young man. Talk to him (he is the son of the quest giver), and then make your way through the cave just North of him. You will fight three Neanderthal Chieftains and then fight the Neanderthal High Warlord, Barmaru. He is a tough boss, beware.
– A Gargantuan Yeti
– Given: A man in the Shangshung Village.
– Complete: Defeat the Gargantuan Yeti in the Tsongmo Ice Caverns.
– Caravan In Trouble
– Given: By a man in the Tsongmo Peak area.
– Complete: Save the man from the Ice Sprites / Rime Sprites surrounding him.
– NOTE: Apparently, this quest does not always work. If the man by the broken caravan does not start running, then continue North, activate the Rebirth Fountain, Save, and then reload the toon.
Great Wall
– The Child And The Raptor
– Given: Woman just East of the Yerren Camp.
– Complete: Defeat the Raptor next to her child, just East of where she is, then return to quest giver.
– BANTER: Arguably the easiest quest in the game.
– Peng Problems
– Given: Talk to soldier at the beginning of Great Wall.
– Complete: Defeat Xiao the Colossal Peng, then bring news to the Captain at the end of the Great Wall.
– A Stalker In The Woods
– Given: Man in the Village of Zhidan.
– Complete: Defeat the Arachnos Hero just South of the bridge into the Jingyang Woods.
– The Wealth Collecter
– Given: A wealthy merchant in Zhidan.
– Complete: Usually found in a Mahogany Chest in a cave East of the bridge to Jingyang Woods. However, according to Gamebanshee the Jade Figurine the collector is looking for can be located also in the in the Cave in the Northernmost part of the Jingyang Woods. Return to the Collector. For more help finding the second cave look here.
– SPECIAL REWARD: He gives VERY good jewellery as a reward, I got Chiron’s Loop in Epic.
– A Lesson In Despair
– Given: Save a man in the Jingyang Woods from Icthians.
– Complete: Talk to the man three times. To find him, as soon as you enter the second part of Jingyang Woods, go North.
– The Emperor’s Clay Soldiers
– Given: A soldier in Chang’an.
– Complete: Defeat Bandari in the Palace. He is a tough boss, be prepared with potions and a good kit.
– NOTE: There are two rewards for this quest. Firstly, talk to the shade of the Emperor at the back of the Palace, then return to quest giver.
– SPECIAL REWARD: Talking to the Emperor will get you two Attribute Points.
– NOTE: Also, when you complete the quest, talk to the Emperor IMMEDIATELY. If you do not have the Fanpatch, if you were to quit out without receiving the attribute points, you would not be able to acquire them upon reloading (no idea why you would though).
– Terra Cottas At Large
– Given: Soldier in Chang’an.
– Complete: Eradicate all the Terra Cotta Warriors in Chang’an. Some are in the path up to the Palace in Chang’an. Return to the soldier.
– Behind The Waterfall
– Given: By a man just South-East of the bridge from the Village of Binxan to the Jinghe River Valley.
– Complete: Go North-West, to the waterfall at the Northernmost point of the river, and kill all the Shades in the Cave.
– NOTE: The cave is crawling with Undead, so if you’re finding the game tough, equip -% dmg from Undead items.
– A General In Repose
– Given: By a general in the Quinta Bamboo Forest.
– Complete: In the Cave just East of his position. Scour every inch of the Cave.
– The Hermit Mage
– Given: Talk to a man in the Village of Binxan.
– Complete: Defeat the Tigerman outside the burnt house at the Southernmost point of the Jinghe River Valley. Three Mahogany Chests are in the house.
– The Three Sisters
– Given: By a sister just after the first bridge into Mount Qiyun.
– Complete: Find her two other sisters. They are in the second area of the Jinghe Wetlands, the first is in the centre of the area, the third is East of her location. Talk to the second, save the third and then return to the second.

This is what I have come to think of how these health related attacks work… Test em and correct em maybe. I’ll try and be a specific as possible. Any suggestions are welcomed. I have updated this everytime something has been tested and proven. This is accurate.
Life leech is a life leech dmg type over time. It is resisted by life leech resistance. It is increased by +%life leech. This is true for both heros(our toons) and enemies. The amount of dmg that is inflicted on your enemy gets returned back to you as health.
Vitality dmg is a vitality dmg type. It is not increased by any character stat(possibly increased by intellegence). It is resisted by vitality resistance. It is increased by +%vitality dmg. This is true for both heros(our toons) and enemies.
##% reduction of health is a vitality dmg type. It takes the total current health (like the static charge skill from the sorc in D2) value, determines the %reduction and inflicts that number. The number is then resisted by vitality resistances and for enemies there is also an additional resistance to specifically %reduction of health attacks. This is why this dmg has little to no effect on bosses. When using items that reduce resistances all resistances (including the hidden %health are lowered) This dmg can NOT be increase by +%vitality dmg.
% of Attack converted to health. This stat will take the “flat” dmg that you inflict (physical, pierce, fire, cold, lighting, vitality) (no dots). Once that dmg has been resisted by the armor and resistance of the enemy is it totaled, multiplied by the %conversion to health and then before this health is granted to you it is reduced by the life leech resistance of the enemy. The amount of health recovered can NOT be directly increased by +%life leech, but indirectly the amount CAN be increased by lowering the -life leech resistance of the enemy.

Dmg type and resistances
I think it would be nice to spell out what out there, what goes to what, and how we can stop them. I’ll update this original post as FACTS are established. I’ll begin with what I thought I knew.
Dmg types
Fire (burn)
Cold (frost burn)
Lighting (electric burn)
Vitality (%reduction to health and vitality decay)
Life Leech
now to work on
+% dmgs
Whenever it says +%total dmg it affect all forms of dmg. Every kind (expect %reduction to health)
Whenever it say +% dmg it refers to physical dmg ONLY
+% pierce dmg effects pierce dmg only
+% fire dmg effects “flat” fire dmg ONLY
+% cold dmg effects “flat” cold dmg ONLY
+% lighting dmg effects “flat” lighting dmg ONLY
+% burn dmg effects burn dmg
+% frostburn dmg effects burn dmg
+% electrical burn damage effects electrical burn dmg
+% poison damage effects the damage of poison damage
+% poison duration continues the length of your poison with the same psn/sec
+% bleeding damage effects the damage of bleeding damage
+% vitality damage effects vitality damage and vitality decay
+% life leech damage effects the damage of life leech damage
+% Elemental damage effects Fire, Cold, lighting, and elemental damage AFAIK it DOES NOT effect any DOT(damage over times, burn frostburn, electrical)
Physical dmg is reduced by “physical resistance” or “damage resistance”
Pierce dmg is reduced by “pierce resistance”
Fire (burn) is reduced by “fire resistance” and “elemental resistance”
Cold (frost burn) is reduced by “cold resistance” and “elemental resistance”
Lighting (electric burn) is reduced by “lighting resistance” and “elemental resistance”
Poison is reduced by poison resistance
Bleeding is reduced by bleeding resistance
Vitality (%reduction to health and vitality decay) are all reduced by vitality resistance*
Life Leech is reduced by life leech resistance only
*More information on Vitality related and life leech related damages can be read in link
Note that “Damage absorption” is not type dependent. 100% damage absorption would be invincibility. “Damage absorption” is applied AFTER armor and resistances. It is NOT additive. i.e. 50%dmgAb +50%DmgAb = 75% DmgAb(dmgtaken*.5*.5= .25dmgtaken or 75% absorbed)

You don’t know what build to do, and you want to go to legendary and kick every monster easy shot. This build is made for you.
After 1 weak of playing Immortal Throne, I was building an Harbinger. I’m now lvl 61 at Act4 Legendary and I found that this build is really powerfull and easy to do. Here is my Harbinger Build:
Firts of all, this build is focused on offance, speed and strong damage. I don’t really have alot of defence beacause my “pirate stuff” have only 288 Def. eash parts, but in revange I have 9200 health and 45% of damage resistance. In fact I don’t really need defence because I own every monster in a few second.
Here is my Skill build:
Ultimate build: The ultimate build is the best of the two world. Combine BossRunBuild and NormalBuild.
Warfare Mastery
For sure an Harbinger was not an Harbinger if you’re not maxed all the dual wield skills. Most of the strenght of this buill is in Dual Weild, The speed is restrict at 199% but dual = double damage and double speed. Max out the usual warface skills ( all the Onslaught branch, weapons traning and dodge attack)
Put 1 points in battle rage, crushing blow and counter attack. Battle rage is really useful, apend often and boost your attack power and critical hit chance.
Dream Mastery
The first skill that you must use in the beginning is PhamtonStrike, begin per put 1 point in phamtomStrike and then max DreamStealer. you can also use Trance of Empathy at the beginnig. (Replace it per maxed Trance of Wrath lately in the game.) put some point in Lucid dream and Premoniton. Later max Phamtom Strike, LucidDream, Premoniton and Temporal Flux. Put 1 point in Distort Reality and max TemporalRift. Petrification is really usefull, none of ennemy have resistance to this skills (WARNING: DOESN’T WORK ON BOSS)
You can also use Distortion Fiel, but not really usefull or put only one point.
When you’re doing boss run use Battle Standard and Ancestral Horn instead of PhamtomStrike and Distort Reality ( those skill are not useful against Boss(they are Immute to petrify and phamtom strike is more useful against mass of ennemis). So use the original Battle Standard and Ancertral Horn, always strong against boss.
Equipments and Stuff
Most of the stuff I wear are really easy to find in the secret passage in legendary for Iris, Aphodite’s Favor, Phobos and Epic for Buccanneer’Grab.
You’ll need also 2 ring that give you Strenght and health.
The Buccanneer’grab is really nice cause he give you a bonus of 1000 health when the set is complet and elemental resistance, poison, pierce,stun,sleep. This set give you a good attack power, +26% total damage , 400 offensive ability. Low defance but so mush power and really easy to find.
Iris, the mort powerfull weapon in the game, also easy to find (20 run in legendray’secret passage.) This weapon hit hard, elemental damage, bonus dmg, dex, and a fast attack speed for a club.
You need also a good arm bracer, I took phobos that I found in the Secret passage again. But you can easily take warrior bracer, conqueror bracer, someting that give you attack speed. (30% -40% needed)
You need 2 good ring, Strenght and healt is your priority, I’ve found some heal ring in chop (those ring are preaty easy to find in epic and legendary in shop, In normal you can have it often when you make sme spiderqueend run (just before Delfy) You can also put some Dionysus’ wineskin on it. Really powerfull for 6% dmg resistance and health bonus.
And then you need a great amulet, like Aphodite’s favor (bonus of 800 health, 2 all skill, elemental resstance)But an 2 all skill and bonus health can be found in a shop (rare but I found one)
Star of Ishtar, my divine artifact: really Hard to find all the relic, charm and Fomulas but when you found all of that Star of Ishtar is really nice (20% str and 20%dex plus a bonus of elemental resistance and dmg resistance . Alos a great summon ativate on low heath, he deal nice dmg.
So with this stuff you will have near 9k health, alot of strenght(around 800 and decent dex (400). You’ll have 45% dmg resistance , 80% elemental resitance, around 90% stun resitance.
In overall This build own, I do some secret passage run in under 2min, I beat Toxeus The murderer easily. You’ll enjoy mass of ennemis literaly exploding in front of you and aloso killing boss easily.
Future Needs: In fact this build is not perfect, I need some stuff to leash life, I’m thinking about to change my second weapon to Scepter of Thanatos that give my around 11% damageconverted to health
I need also more perce resistance and posion resistance, and maybe some bleeding and energy resistance. But where to find them?

Immortal Bow Haruspex Guide
I have finished the game with my Immortal Bow Haruspex for some time now, so I decided to make this guide. You can`t do much wrong with this build, but I thought it was still worthwhile.
Attribute Points
I went for 1 : 1 dex : str till I reached around 450 dex and then put all the points in strength.
Skill Points
I started out with Hunting and Climbed the tree putting 2 points in the mastery and 1 point in the skills available when leveling up. I maxed wood lore and put one point in all the other useful skills in the process. When I reached the top of the tree I spend a couple of levels putting points in Volley and Scatter shots. I ran in some minor mana problems and had to equip some rings with Hecate`s to counter that.
Level 20
Now it was time to climb the dream tree, I wasn`t rushing it as I was doing it with the hunting tree, but was still putting 1 out of 2 skill points in the mastery and putting the other points in the most important skills, maxing out scatter shots and study prey and putting some in Puncture shot and art of the hunt as well. At the fourth tier of Dream I spend points in ToC, which took care of my previous energy problems and at the fifth tier I put points in Temporal flux.
Level 40
Between level 40 and 60 I was maxing the dream tree. I also maxed puncture shot and the Lucid dream tree. At the start of Legendary I took monster lure and did a lot of gorgon sisters and hydra runs.
Level 60
After this you can max the marksmanship tree and grab some points in sleep or DR/TR, but this isn`t going to make a major difference.
Endgame gear:
Weapon: Bramblewood bow with Incarnation of Achilles
Head: Hallowed helm of Immortality with Incarnation of Heracles Might or Trackers Hood
Torso: Any Veteran`s armour socketed with Mechanical parts with flat DA bonus or Alexander`s Cuirass with at least 15% Ctap
Arm: Stonebinders Cuffs with rage of Ares or Phobos (when wearing Alexander`s and Hallowed Helm)
Legs: Batrachos Greaves socketed with something that gives you flat DA as a Completion bonus
Rings: 2x Apollo`s Will
Amulet: Myrmidon`s Pendant
Artifact: Knot of Isis
The gear is relatively easy to come by, you don`t need the trackers hood, Phobos, Myrmidon`s Pendant or the Apollo`s Wills to make this work. You can Farm the Gorgon Sisters for a Veterans Gorgon Sash with at least 20% Ctap and for the Stonebinder`s Cuffs. Then you can farm Soronis for the Batrachos Greaves and the Bramblewood bow. That are only two places to farm to get the stuff you need to get immortal and have the best bow in the game, with also taken care of at least +3 skills.
This is arguably defensively the best build in the game, Myrmidon`s Pendant and a Hallowed Helm will give you max stun resist and almost max vitality resist on top of the 2k DA and 100%Ctap. Against groups of monsters you are also offensively top notch, because of study prey + scattershots
You are not the fastest of killers against single bosses, a conqueror for example would do much better. You are actually faster at boss killing on Xmax as on Vanilla TQ.
You are vulnerable against reflecting damage monsters (Toxeus, Typhon, Draconians)
Strong AOE effects can still kill you, beware of Dactyl`s and Toxeus.

It’s a given that the difference between the attacker’s OA and the target’s DA affects chance to hit.
They also affect the chance and magnitude of critical hits.
But defensive ability does more than that.
For a start , here’s the probability to hit equation ;
(offensiveAbilityDV – defensiveAbilityDV + 1000) / 10
There is a second part , which I mistakenly thought applied to chance to hit , but it only applies to criticals.
Anyway , if the probability to hit is over 99% there is a chance to critical.
If the probability to hit is 99% or less you not only get a chance to dodge , but also take less damage from the attacks that that actually hit.
My experiment was done using an attacker of known damage (1268 per hit) and OA (807).
I used a naked skill-less char changing his DA with custom-made rings.
And this is the table showing the actual damage taken.
As you can see , if my DA is up to his OA + 9 , he does full damage.
At that point his chance to hit is 99.1% .
When I hit a DA equal to his OA + 10 I immediately get a 5.52% dmg reduction.
At that point the chance to hit is 99%.
Every point of DA over that offers an extra 0.05% dmg reduction.
So 100 points of DA would give an extra 5% dmg reduction , besides giving the guy a 10% chance to miss.
For example , if your DA is 210 points higher than his OA , he’ll get a 21% chance to miss and do 15.52% less damage even if he hits.
I repeated this test with a much higher damage number to make sure that it’s percentage based reduction.
And I also tried a much higher OA to make sure that it was proportional to the DA-OA difference.
Furthermore , this is NOT the attacker throwing full damage attacks and the target reducing them.
The attacker just throws attacks for less damage.
So this effect comes before everything else (resistances , armor etc).
Also , if the attacker is using a piercing weapon , him doing reduced physical damage will result in equal reduction to his piercing damage.
This only happens because piercing damage is a part of physical , any flat non-physical damage is not affected by OA and DA.
If this is not obvious , this is what happens when you get attacked but also what happens when you attack.
To sum this up ;
If the attacker’s OA is equal to DA-9 or higher ; full damage , 99% or higher chance to hit , chance to critical
If the attacker’s OA is equal to DA-10 or lower ; listed_dmg*(1-5,52%-(DA-OA-10)*0,05%) damage , (DA-OA)/10 chance to miss , no chance to critical.
Let me tie this up with an example ;
Attacker ; 790 OA , 1000 dmg – 30% of which is piercing (spear) , so a total of 700 physical and 300 piercing dmg.
Target ; 799 DA
The attacker does full damage , 700 physical and 300 piercing , which then has to go through resistances -> armor -> dmg absorbtion , in that order.
Target ; 1200 DA
DA is 410 points higher than OA , which gives a 41% chance to miss.
The first 10 points give a 5.52% reduction , the rest give 0.05% per point , so a total of 25.52% reduction.
The attacker does 1000*(1-25.52%) = 745 dmg , 70% is physical = 522 , 30% is piercing = 223.
So 522 physical and 223 piercing damage will then get modified by the target’s defense.
Piercing damage is affected ONLY as a part of physical , if the attacker has a weapon with a flat piercing damage bonus then that flat bonus will not be reduced.
Oh and another thanks to Whisk33 for confirming this one.

While most of the list is mine, there are some people who have contributed to it either by PM or in the previous topic. If you are one of those and want your name on it, I’ll add a credits section. I’d do it of my own initiative but I’m lazy.
Table of Contents:
1. Monster Charms
2. Bulk Farming
3. Relic Farming
4. Hades relics
5. Where to get formulas
6. Formula Info
Bat Fang – Bats. Found in act 1 caves and Knossos (Parnassus caves has them for sure).
Boar Hide – Boars. Ambross Farmlands has the highest concentration of them (it’s the place where you get Chiron’s quest) but might take time to get to. The area between sparta and Nessus has fewer boars but they’re easier to kill and easier to get to.
Demon’s Blood – Dropped by euronymos, limos, orthus. Knossos palace has lots of them, and you can always hunt in the cave where you have to find that man’s ring (first relic quest in greece). Farming inside Wusao Mountain (do the run between the telkine and the last rebirth fountain, killing all the magma sprites and wyrms) is probably more profitable if you can handle it.
Diseased Plumage – Crows. Farm the area between Sparta and Nessus
Hag’s Skin – Harpies in Egypt. There are some in the area before you enter Giza.
Lupine claw – Hyenas. There are some left of Thebes, and a lot of them on your way from Thebes to Memphis.
Mechanical parts – Automatoi, traps. knossos has plenty of both. I recommend you start the run outside the actual palace since there are a lot of automatoi out there.
Peng Claw – Peng. Great wall is packed with them.
Pristine Plumage – Greece harpies. Second area out of Herakleion has them (past the maenad camp but before you cross the first bridge, it’s easier if you flag the res shrine across the bridge as you don’t have to go through the maenads to get to the harpies).
Raptor Tooth – Raptors. Most mid-late act 3 green areas have them.
Rigid Carapace – Insects. Farming giza for scarabs is the easiest way as far as I know.
Saber Claw – Saber lions. Snowy areas in act 3. Ice caverns.
Spectral matter – Sand wraiths. Farm giza for them.
Turtle Shell – Turtles. Both Greece swamps and coast areas have them.
Venom Sac – Spiders. Garden where olive tree branch and arachne are is full of them. Scorpions can also drop them, and a good chunk of them can be found between Rhakotis and the Rhakotis library (first area in Egypt).
Vile Ichor – Worms, antlions. Lots of worms in the passage between Giza and Fayum.
Viny Growth – Plants. Gardens of Babylon. Area between Jade Palace and Chang’an. Soronis Swamp in the Hades act also has its own selection of plants.
Yeti fur – Yeti. Snowy act 3 areas. Ice caverns.
Immortal Throne only:
Tortured Soul – First couple of levels of the Tower of Judgement is packed with those poisonous monsters that drop them.
Spiny Shell – Crabs, Hades beaches.
Hydradon Skin – Hydradons, Ixian woods, near the waterfall.
Crystal of Erebus – Do the five crystals quest, you can only get one complete charm per difficulty level per character. They are all found in Hades’s palace. Two of them are on the path right before Hades so don’t go hunting for them.
Furies’ Heartblood – Furies. The Salt Flats and Elysium have plenty of them.
Albino Spider Web – Albino spiders. Cave of whispers (where you get the mirror of psyche). The last rebirth fountain before Hades also takes you through a group of them on your run.
Bulk Farming
These are areas you can farm for multiple types of relics. It’s usually more efficient overall than just aiming for a specific one.
Area between sparta and Nessus: Diseased Plumage and Boar hides.
Knossos: Demons’ blood, pristine plumage, bat fangs, mechanical parts.
Parnassus Caves: Venom sac, Bat fang, Demon blood.
Pyramids (Giza waypoint): Rigid Carapace, Spectral Matter, Vile Ichor
Thebes to memphis (Don’t need to go back all the way to memphis. IIRC, there are mostly crocodiles there): Lupine claws, demon’s blood.
Snowy Asia areas: Saber lion claws, Yeti fur.
Farming Relics:
Telkines are your best bet. I haven’t done much testing in Hades but I’d assume Charon works too. On my last Typhon run he dropped 4-5 asian relics (in IT), so I’m thinking he may be a faster way to get Asian relics than the telkine.
New IT Hades relics:
Chill of tartarus – Adds cold damage (not %) and slows down enemies. For weapons.
Persephone’s TearAdds a large ammount of reduction to damage from undead (not %). For jewellery.
Iron Will of Ajax – Adds stun resistance and a small % health increase. For armor.
Cunning of Odysseus – % intelligence. Headgear only.
Shade of Hector – Defense and dodge missiles. Shields only.
Thanatos’ Blade – Small % of total damage. weapons.
Rage of Ares – Small % chance to do a lot of damage and skill disruption. For bracelets.
If I missed something, let me know. If you want anything added to the list, post it in here and I’ll update it. If you want your name on it, also post here.
Where to get formulas?
Gamebanshee has a list of all the formulas in the game.
Where a particular formula will drop can be recognised from the creation cost.
Lesser Artifacts:
Normal: 75 000
Epic: 150 000
Legendary: 500 000
Greater Artifacts:
Normal: 300 000
Epic: 500 000
Legendary: 750 000
Divine Artifacts:
Normal: N/A
Epic: 1 000 000
Legendary: 2 000 000
So if you’re looking to farm a specific formula, look up its description on gamebanshee, check the price, then farm a boss in that particular difficulty level.
Formula Info
Bluesky went through the trouble of compiling this, so I’ll put it here for easy reference:
So, here are the all Arcane Formulae, categorized by level and dificulty mode, so you will now where to farm for them (Normal, Epic and Legendary)
Lesser Formulae in Normal Mode
Deathrattle – Lvl 5
Molten Orb – Lvl 5
Scroll of Oneiros – Lvl 5
Wraith Gurad – Lvl 5
Amber Flask – Lvl 10
Pale Moon – Lvl 10
Shroud of Eternal Night – Lvl 10
Star Heart – Lvl 10
Chaos Cube – Lvl 15
Leafsong – Lvl 15
Skyfire Pendant – Lvl 15
Touch of the Fool – Lvl 15
Cinderbolt – Lvl 20
Razor Claw – Lvl 20
Song of the Serpent – Lvl 20
Soul Shiver – Lvl 20
Bloodrage – Lvl 25
Crystal Tear – Lvl 25
Sunstone – Lvl 25
Lesser Formulae in Epic Mode
Dark Core – Lvl 35
Earthen Tallisman – Lvl 35
Emerald Quill – Lvl 35
Jade Idol – Lvl 35
Phylactery of Shadows – Lvl 35
Spirit Blight – Lvl 35
Ebony Globe – Lvl 40
Nexus of Insanity – Lvl 40
Raven`s Shadow – Lvl 40
Summoner`s Tottem – Lvl 40
Tome of Transfiguration – Lvl 40
Lesser Formulae in Legendary Mode
Effigy of the Panther – Lvl 45
Etheral Veil – Lvl 45
Maiden`s Kiss – Lvl 45
Silver Heart – Lvl 45
Thunderfist – Lvl 45
Tongue of Flame – Lvl 45
================================================== ====
Greater Formulae in Normal Mode
Book of Dreams – Lvl 25
Druidic Wreath – Lvl 25
Soul Prism – Lvl 25
Eye of Heavens – Lvl 30
Fury of the Ages – Lvl 30
Shadow Veil – Lvl 30
Greater Formulae in Epic Mode
Dragontongue – Lvl 35
Effigy of Skyfire – Lvl 35
Kingslayer – Lvl 35
Lion Heart – Lvl 35
Sphere of Eternity – Lvl 35
Blood Gem – Lvl 40
Crimson Viper – Lvl 40
Final Breath – Lvl 40
Hand of Gaia – Lvl 40
Hearth of Earth – Lvl 40
Greater Formulae in Legendary Mode
Arcane Mirror – Lvl 45
Conqueror`s Mark – Lvl 45
Elemental Rage – Lvl 45
Glorybringer – Lvl 45
Symbol of the Polymath – Lvl 45
Tyrant`s Fist – Lvl 45
================================================== ==============
Divine Formulae in Epic Mode
Blood of Ares – Lvl 50
Crescent Moon of Artemis – Lvl 50
Crosier of Osiris – Lvl 50
Demeter`s Bounty – Lvl 50
Knot of Isis – Lvl 50
Might of Hephaestus – Lvl 50
Poseidon`s Net – Lvl 50
Divine Formulae in Legendary Mode
Eye of Ra – Lvl 55
Golden Eye of Sun Wukong – Lvl 55
Ikon of Zeus – Lvl 55
Lyre of Apollo – Lvl 55
Marduk`s Tables of Destiny – Lvl 55
Morpheus Dreamweb – Lvl 55
Sigil of Bast – Lvl 55
Star of Ishtar – Lvl 55
Talisman of the Jade Emperor – Lvl 55
Thot`s Glory – Lvl 55

Resistance reduction comes in 2 flavors , absolute and percentage.
In the absolute case , the target’s resistance goes to ; original – debuff.
In the percentage case , it goes to ; original*(1-debuff%).
If the target’s resistance is negative ; original*(1+debuff%)
The 2 effects (percentage and absolute) are NOT always labeled correctly in the game.
Things with a percentage reduction ;
– All skills that reduce all resistances (ToW , soul blight , squall)
– weapons “of the betrayer”
– some epics/legendaries
Things with an absolute reduction ;
– All skills that reduce specific resistances (study prey , necrosis , triumph , plague)
– dark medicine and monkey king relics
– some epics/legendaries
As far as I see , percentage and absolute reduction are correctly labeled when they appear on most equipment.
So you know what you are getting when you pick up a sapros or pyrophoric lop.
If it is not obvious , percentage reduction has no effect on a 0% resistance.
It is possible to push resistances negative with percentage reduction , but good luck stacking 100%+ of percentage effects.
So for example if you hit a target with study prey (-50) , you’ll reduce his resistance to physical and piercing by 50 points = a 70% resistance will become a 20% resistance.
If you use squall (-30%) you’ll reduce his resistance by 30% = a resistance of 70% will become 49%.
Now this is the complicated part.
For effects on gear just add them all up apart from the ones on weapons and shields.
If both weapon and shield (or weapon and weapon) have the same type of effect (like both having absolute reduction) then only the stronger one will apply.
If they have different types of effects then they’ll both work.
You need to hit the opponent with the weapon/shield that has the debuff on it for it to work.
The effect is not shared by the weapons and the same goes for shields
So add the weapons effect (or effects) to your total , for a x absolute and y percentage total reduction.
These stack up as already discussed ; resist = orig_resist*(1 – pc_debuff) – abs_debuff.
For a start , multiple skills with percentage reduction DO NOT stack (or so it seems).
Yes , that’s right , squall and ToW don’t stack.
Only the strongest will apply.
Multiple skills with absolute reduction do stack.
Combining skills with different types?
In this case the absolute reduction happens BEFORE the percentage one.
So it’s ; resist = (orig_resist – abs_debuff)*(1 – pc_debuff)
Here is where I almost went insane.
For a start , percentage debuffs from gear don’t stack with percentage debuffs from skills , the stronger one is applied.
Absolute debuffs from gear stack with everything.
Then there’s the order.
Apparently skills get applied before gear , that simple.
It doesn’t matter what kind of reduction you have.
Which leads to this if you have percentage and absolute effects from both gear and skills.
resist = (orig_resist – skill_abs_debuff)*(1 – pc_debuff) – gear_abs_debuff
Where the “pc_debuff” is what you get from gear or what you get from a skill , whichever is larger.
You (somehow) have study prey (-50) , plague (-39) , ToW (-30%) , sapros the corrupter (-60) and a weapon “of the betrayer” (-40%).
And you use them all to nuke an opponent with a 30% physical resistance.
For a start , check the gear.
The 2 weapons don’t have the same effect , one is absolute the other percentage , so they stack.
A total of -60 and -40%.
There are 2 absolute and 1 percentage skill , so they stack.
A total of -89 and -30%.
Then combine the 2 ; absolute effects always stack , but the percentages from gear and skills DON’T.
The total effect from gear is -40% , the one from skills is -30% , so the one from gear will apply because it’s stronger.
And for the total calculation
1) absolute reduction from skills
resist = 30% – 89% = -59%
2) percentage reduction from skills ; we don’t have any , it’s overriden by the betrayer weapon.
3) percentage reduction from gear , because the resistance is already negative we use a + instead of a -.
resist = -59%*(1+40%) = -83%.
4) absolute reduction from gear
resist = -83% – 60% = -143%
If there is a lower limit to how far negative you can push an opponent’s resistance then it must be very low.
I’ve pushed an opponent’s resistance below -1000% and it still worked.

I found the formulas for Shield Blocking. Melee Blocks are in fact based on DA partially, and Dex partially. I am making an excel sheet, stay tuned for more info on how the following work out.
ToHit Formula
( ((offensiveAbilityDV 3) + 3000) – (defensiveAbilityDV 3) ) 30
‘Actual’ Chance ToHit Formula (Takes the above formula)
((probabilityToHitDV 2) + 45) 100
MeleeBlock Formula (Uses the ToHit Formula, not the ‘Actual’ Chance ToHit Formula)
(blockChanceDV + blockChanceModifierDV) – ((probabilityToHitDV – 100) 0.5)
ProjectileBlock Formula (Does not use a Formula within, just total Dex)
(blockChanceDV + blockChanceModifierDV) ((dexterityDV 1000) + 1)
New Information
Every 50 more DA you have over your attacker, that attacker has a 5% chance less to hit you. 550 DA vs 500 OA, 150 DA vs 100 OA, and 1050 DA vs 1000 OA this is all consistent across.
Every % Chance below (or above) the chance to hit, there is half that chance change added to your melee block ratio. For example. If you have 50 more DA than your attack, your attack has a 95% chance to hit, which is 5% chance to miss. Half that 5% is 2.5% which is added directly to your chance to block Melee attacks. (That 95% chance to hit has one more modifier to run through before its the ‘Actual’ chance to hit). After it goes through the ‘Actual’ ToHit Formula, essentially the miss chance is from above is halved and an additional 5% is added to it. So, at same OA and DA, there is an ‘Actual’ 5% Chance to Miss, with 50 more DA than OA, there is an ‘Actual’ 7.5% Chance to Miss)
Every 100 Dex increases your chance to block Projectiles by 10%. If you have a 30% chance to bock (after mods), then your chance is now 33%. This means, with 1000 Dex, and 50% chance to block you will always block Projectiles (so long as the shield recovery isn’t cooling down).
What this all means, is against Archers, no amount of DA will help you, and only Dex and higher Block Chance will (This includes +Block Chance mods!). However, it is far easier to get high base Block rates than it is to get lots of Dex. Seeing as Dex only adds 1 DA for the Melee Block rate, this enforces, IMO, that increasing your base block rate is far more important than high Dex.
If you are recieving Crits (from Melees since they’re the only ones that can crit), then it is most likely your shield block rate is abysmal against them, you should quickly get more DA from your equipment to fix this.
More Info coming soon. (Such as the modifier to actual tohit which is not used for Shield Block system).
With 1500 DA vs 500 OA, Melee Block chance would go up by 50%. The ‘Actual’ chance to hit appears to be about 45%.
With 500 DA vs 500 OA, there is no change to Melee Block chance, and the ‘Actual’ chance to hit appears to be about 95%.
With 500 DA vs 1500 OA, there is a 50% reduction to Melee Block chance. The ‘Actual’ chance to hit appears to be 145% which allows for a 1.5x Melee Crit.
The following is a chart of Crit bonus vs OA above DA.
500 more OA 1.5x Crit Dmg
400 more OA 1.4x Crit Dmg
300 more OA 1.3x Crit Dmg
200 more OA 1.2x Crit Dmg
100 more OA 1.1x Crit Dmg
99 more OA 1.0x Crit Dmg (essentially, no Crit Dmg, unsure if it would display yellow numbers)
100 Dex Increases your chance to block Projectiles by 10%, this is not an additive it is a modifier. So 30% Block becomes 33% Block. (Evil part If you are an Archer you can not lower your targets chance to Block your arrows)
OA=DA means no chance to Critical, and a 95% chance to hit.
Every 50 DA above attackers OA increases the chance to miss by 2.5% and the chance to block melee attacks by 2.5%. (This part works in reverse, so every 50 DA below your attackers, reduces their chance to miss by 2.5% and your chance to block melee attacks by 2.5%)
You must have at least 100 OA more than your opponent to be able to critical. Every additional 100 OA above increases your Crit Dmg until you are 500 OA above your opponent.

Howdy, folks. It’s time to talk about Slayers. Not just any Slayers, but those deadly dealers of damage both direct and distant, the Weapon Masters. I’m talking about walking death machines bristling with blades and bow alike, capable of slashing down mobs before they even knew what hit them.
The principle is quite simple. Dish out as much damage as you can to as many targets as you can as quickly as you can. Sounds like fun, non? Of course it does. Problem is, it’s a little rougher in practice than it is in theory. Any rough-and-tumble frontliner can tell you, nothing’s more annoying than getting shot while you wade through the meleeing masses, much less those archers and mages that like to run around while you’re trying to beat them silly. Think archery’s the solution? It’s great at dispatching distant foes, but once they get into arm’s reach, you have to run screaming to avoid certain doom.
That means the word of the day is versatility. You need to be able to pick off your ranged foes before the meleers get to you, then tear the hapless mobs to pieces when they get up close and personal. Here is where the Weapon Master shines; through some careful planning and a little tactical know-how, the binary Slayer makes short work of any mob in the game.
Being a Weapon Master means using both your bow and your blades to take out your mobs. Get friendly with your weapon switch button and practice the timing when switching back and forth. The quicker your reflexes get, the more potent you’ll be.
There are three primary tactics that you’ll be using throughout the game, and the key to using them effectively is knowing when to employ each one.
Stand and Deliver
This is the most basic of all your moves, and the tactic that’ll get you through almost all of Normal and Epic difficulties. It’s really quite self-explanatory; start off with your bow, hold down Shift, keep a finger on W, and start shooting. You’ll draw aggro from your target mob and pick a few (or a lot) off before they reach you. If they actually make it to you, switch weapons and start swinging. More often than not, your attack speed should be high enough to take them out before they can even swing at you.
This little ditty is used most often against caster bosses, but it’s quite effective against caster mobs as well. The root of the idea is that enemy projectile speed is generally pretty low compared to your own. Fire at your target, and before their projectiles get to you, sidestep and resume firing. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Good Old-Fashioned Kiting
Many’s the time I’ve strolled into a room only to find piles upon piles of ranged and melee mobs in a fanned-out formation. Standing still’s a sure bet for extinction, so do what all good projectilists do and duck around a corner. Once they have a taste of your blood, they’ll try and follow, lining themselves up in neat lines and patches – perfect bow fodder. You can use this tactic against melee mobs, too; just retreat just a bit, turn around, and start swinging as they reach you.
Stats, Skills, and Equipment
Playing a Weapon Master is more than just a simple Str/Dex formula for stat allocation and a long-term build to shoot for. It takes planning and a degree of precision through the stages of the game. Let me break it down to you in terms of level ranges…
How the Hell Did I Get Myself Into This?
(Levels 1-10, Helos to Megara)
Welcome to the wonderful world of Titan Quest. Probability states that if you’re reading this, you’re already pretty well acquainted with the game, so I won’t bore you with the details. Getting from Helos to Megara’s pretty much a sleepwalk.
Get this in your head and make it stick: you are a front-line fighter first, an archer second. That means getting your Warfare skills up and running first. Max Weapon Training and get a few points into Onslaught before you start climbing up the mastery tree, since they’ll make the biggest difference early on. As you ascend, throw a single point into all the skills you’ll be maxing eventually; +skills items will take care of the rest for now. Don’t forget to assign Onslaught as your left-click attack for both of your weapon sets; firing off a few rounds before the mobs get to you will warm up Onslaught for you before you get down and dirty with them.
As for stats, go heavy on Strength. The reason you’re climbing up the Warfare tree rather than maxing out skills is so that your stats rise quickly and evenly. You’re still going to need Dexterity to use the good bows, but Strength gets you into the good armor.
Suggested equipment: Anything and everything that adds +% attack speed and +% damage is your friend for the entirety of Normal difficulty. At this stage of the game, you really don’t have to worry too much about dying if you have reasonably up-to-date armor.
Head: Helot’s Rage, Theban Crested Helmet, Labyrinthine Helmet
Body: Wayfarer’s Regalia, Theban Cuirass, Labyrinthine Cuirass
Arms: Theban Bracers, Labyrinthine Bracers
Legs: Greaves of Marathon, Theban Greaves, Labyrinthine Greaves
Weapons: Heartpierce, Hairsplitter, Fell Blade
Bow: Ram Bow, Chillwind
Rings: Storm Eye, Brimstone
Amulet: Moonclaw, Paean
Artifact: Deathrattle, Shroud of Eternal Night
Those Minotaur Horns’ll Look Nice on My Mantle
(Levels 11-18, Megara to the end of Greece)
By now, you should be getting into the rhythm of what to kill with a bow and what to kill with a swift blow to the head. There aren’t that many challenges waiting for you in the latter parts of Greece, so just keep on plugging.
Get Warfare up to 32/32 and start putting points into your skills. Remember what I said about being a frontliner first: max out Onslaught and put a few extra points into Dual Wield to increase your chance to proc. The Minotaur and the Telkine shouldn’t give you any trouble if you’ve played your cards right, just stay sharp and keep swinging until they drop.
Suggested equipment: You may have noticed by now that I’m suggesting using sets for these early levels. The reasoning behind this is twofold; in the early stages of the game, the set bonuses actually outweigh mixing and matching, and, well, let’s face it, the game’s not much of a challenge at this point, so you may as well look good while playing through it. Just remember, if you’ve found an equipment combo that’s working better for you than what I’m suggesting, keep on using it until it gets outdated!
Head: Obsidian Helm, Ramses’ Headdress
Body: Obsidian Breastplate, Ramses’ Coat
Arms: Bracers of Atlas, Obsidian Bracers, Ramses’ Coil
Legs: Ardent Greaves, Obsidian Greaves, Ramses’ Greaves
Weapons: Petroclus’ Shortblade, Soul Carver, Obsidian Crescent, Ramses’ Scepter
Bow: Horns of Cyprus, Nomad’s Hunting Bow
Rings: Blood Stone
Yo Mummy’s So Fat…
(Levels 19-27, Egypt)
Welcome to balmy Egypt, where the palms are in full foliage, the Nile’s always refreshing, and the enemies are slow and easy to kill. You should be having a ball by now. Concentrate on Warfare just long enough to get the skills you want amped up powerful enough for your liking, then start funneling points into Hunting for (you guessed it!) more stat points. By now, you should have two boss-killer skills in your portfolio: Call of the Hunt and Battle Standard. Apply them liberally.
Keep on going with a 2:1 Str/Dex ratio for now. You’re still going to want to keep your Strength high for equipment, but you’ll want more and more Dexterity as you start inflicting more and more piercing damage. Luckily, Hunting offers plenty of both.
Suggested equipment: Remember what I said about sets? I just remembered a third reason. Fighter equipment gets pretty thin around these levels, leaving you with few options when it comes to armor. It’s right around this time that a lot of experienced players switch off to rare equipment (coughSabertoothcough) that they’ve been storing up from higher-level characters. Don’t be daunted by the light selections; your skills will be more than enough to carry you through Egypt without any stress. And in case you were wondering, yes, Paean and the Shroud of Eternal Night should still be on your character.
Head: Lazarus Helm, Mede Cap, Imperial Helm
Body: Lazarus Platemail, Imperial Armor
Arms: Lazarus Bracers, Imperial Bracers
Legs: Lazarus Plate Greaves, Persian Greaves, Imperial Greaves
Weapons: Quicksilver Bludgeon, Juque, Bonesaw, Yin, Yang
Bow: Tendon Ripper, Scythian Touch
Rings: Ring of the Shang, Band of Domination
Like a Masochistic Typhon, You’re Olympus-Bound
(Levels 28-33, Orient and Olympus)
Ah, the Orient. Beautiful bamboo forests, scenic views of the Great Wall, and more Tigermen than you can shake a stick at. You might start to notice a few cracks in your armor now and again; this is a weakness that all Slayers must live with. Health potions are never out of style, just concentrate on dishing out more damage than you’re taking. And for the love of God, remember the fundamental tactics when you’re fighting Typhon – if you see the meteors, make a break for it, and if you see thorns, don’t be a hero!
Keep getting up on that Hunting mastery until you hit 24/32. Once you’re there, stop for a second and put a few points into a few of your new best friends: Study Prey, Exploit Weakness, and Find Cover. The first two round out your boss-killing array while the last is the third of the passives that will keep you alive in the long run.
Suggested equipment: Arm and Leg armors are nothing to write home about, but Diekenes’ Shade and the Somatophylakes Plate are ridiculously powerful for this stage in the game. Again, if you find equipment that works better for you, stick to it; I wore Athlon straight through Epic Egypt for the XP bonus. Also, since you’re starting to really build up steam with your piercing damage, switch over to swords that really bump that aspect of your damage range.
Head: Diekenes’ Shade, Athlon
Body: Somatophylakes Plate
Arms: Gauntlets of Implacable Will
Legs: Diekenes’ Iron Boots
Weapons: Ajax’ Iberias, Spartan’s Wit, Sword of Ohm’ehns, Ketos’ Chomp
Bow: Shredwind, Barrage, Dreadwind
Amulet: Shifting Beads
Artifact: Shadow Veil

(Levels 34-41, Hades)
Hades is chock full of annoying beasties. From the stunning effects of the Troglodytes to those shifty Machae archers, the time has come to switch up your tactics a bit.
Remember that bow? You know, the one in your weapon switch that we’ve kinda just relegated to a backup weapon to be used when you’re too lazy to walk all the way over to those skeleton archers? It’s time to start making that baby sing. Put the finishing touches on the Dual Wield line, then bring Hunting all the way up and get a point into each skill in the Marksmanship tree. Then, max Volley. It makes all the difference between rolling your eyes in irritation and laughing with glee when it comes to those packs of Keres, Melinoa and Machae.
Suggested equipment: Now that you’re really starting to come into your own as both a meleer and an archer, your +% attack speed gear should be coming less from your weapons and more from the rest of your equipment. Speed things up on both fronts, and you’ll quickly become a killing machine for the rest of the difficulty level.
Head: Ares’ War Helm, Tracker’s Hood
Body: The Khan’s Hunting Harness, Mantle of the Secretos, Armor of Achilles, Tracker’s Armor
Arms: Warrior’s Bracers, Phobos, Tracker’s Gloves
Legs: Warrior’s Buskin, Nebuchadnezzar’s Greaves, Athena’s Battle Greaves, Conqueror’s Buskin, Tracker’s Legguard
Weapons: Despair, Thorny Maul, Doxa Kalo, Griefmaker, Cerberus’ Bite
Bow: Teucer’s Warbow
Rings: Alke, Adroit Loop, Mark of Ares
Amulet: Aeon, Crimson Gem of Cytorius, Pendant of Immortal Rage

Play It Again, Sam
(Levels 42-55, Epic)
Well, you did it. You slapped Hades around like he owed you money, maybe even ran through the Overlord’s Passage a few times. Are you ready for the next level? The big leagues? Yeah, I thought you were.
Gameplay’s a lot like Normal, but with a lot more shooting things. With more points into Puncture and Scatter Shot, you should be able to clear out Epic Greece almost entirely with your bow. And the piercing damage, oh, the piercing damage. Get to work maxing out all those skills in the Hunting mastery that bring the pain when it comes to piercing – Study Prey, Exploit Weakness, and Art of the Hunt. If your bow’s too slow, then invest some points into Wood Lore rather than Find Cover or Dodge Attack; won’t hurt my feelings none.
A couple of points of interest. First of all, large, slow mobs (like Arachnos, Gorgons, and Formicids) LOVE getting shot. It’s their favorite thing in the world. Whenever you need a good laugh, just start shooting them. Secondly, keep an eye on your resistances. Don’t get so caught up in killing the crap out of things that you lose sight of your durability. And don’t get too overconfident; just because Greece and Egypt are a hoot doesn’t mean Typhon can’t still stomp you if you’re not careful.
This is an interesting time for stats. Take a careful look at your Strength – are you over 500? If you are, then now’s a good time to leave it alone for a bit and start funneling points into Dexterity. And you might notice that now that you’re using Marksmanship on a regular basis, your energy seems to be dropping quickly. A few points (no more than 4!) into Energy makes the mana use manageable.
Suggested equipment: This is it; the brass ring, the bee’s knees and the cat’s meow. Epic is when you should be getting into your endgame gear or at least start farming for it. Anything useful to a Slayer is going to be equippable from levels 42-50. You’re looking for high +% attack speed, +% damage, and +% pierce damage. As your bow skills ascend, you’ll be mowing down mobs like pedestrians in GTA, and if any poor suckers get close enough, they’ll be shredded by your bloody blades.
Body: Armor of Anubis, Odysseus’ Armor, Ferrus Gnosi, Mantle of Sa’jun, Wyrmskin Harness
Arms: Conqueror’s Bracers, Bracers of the Argonauts
Legs: Barbarian’s Spiked Greaves, Greaves of the Argonauts, Legguards of the Flameborn
Weapons: Mindrazor, Stymphalian Talon
Bow: Apollo’s Curved Bow, Atalanta’s Bow, Bladestring
Rings: Apollo’s Will
Amulet: Myrmidon’s Pendant, Aphrodite’s Favor, Cerberus’ Collar
Artifact: Blood of Ares, Symbol of the Polymath
Don’t Stop Believing
(Levels 56+, Legendary)
Congratulations. You’re in the All-Stars now. You’re also about to be really dead really quick unless you’ve got yourself a solid handle on your gameplay. Legendary takes reflexes of lightning, nerves of steel, and balls of turanite. If you haven’t already, max out your three defensive skills (Dodge Attack, Find Cover, and Ignore Pain) and bring Puncture and Scatter Shot all the way up. You want those mobs riddled with holes by the time they get to you if they get to you at all.
You’ll also start running across some severely pierce-resistant mobs, like the Terra Cottas in Chang’an and those really annoying crabs in Hades. Grit your teeth, keep Study Prey on your right-click, and power through.
Trying to write a full-on guide for Legendary is like trying to talk a blind man through a minefield. I’ve taken you as far as I can. The rest is up to you. Good luck, and kick some ***.
Statwise, you’ll want to just keep on piling points into Dexterity. When you get mobbed, you want to see yellow numbers flying with every swing of your swords. OA and DA are necessary to stay alive, so let your gear handle your Strength and keep your agility up.
Suggested equipment: Hey, look! You’re taking damage! A lot of it, at that. You’re going to have to make some tough decisions now, buster. Start sacrificing that juicy DPS for some good resistance gear. Remember, you can’t lay down the proverbial smack if you’re face down in a Chang’an gutter. Now’s a good time to start looking to your OA and DA to really plaster your enemies with criticals and dodge some incoming attacks yourself. Your bow’s going to have to downshift from mob-clearer to foe-softener, so keep your finger on the weapon switch. All the equipment listed previously will help you do just that; start mixing, matching, and plotting out what you need to stay alive.
Closing Thoughts
There are a few random things to keep in mind when you’re playing a Weapon Master, and I’ll leave you to mull them over.
– You want enemies to come to you, not the other way around. I know War Wind looks great, but you just don’t have the skill points to devote to it.
– War/Doom Horn is a great skill. I’m not going to lie. But the fact is, if you need to retreat, you’re doing something wrong. Killing your enemies should be a one-step process, not two.
– Don’t use Ancestral Horn when a Scroll of the Maddened God or Behemoth will do. You don’t have the skill points or the energy to make it worthwhile.
– Your attack speed cap is 199%. I like to keep mine around 170%-185%, just so that Ardor and Call of the Hunt have something to do.
– I like run speed as much as the next guy, but not enough to invest in Trail Blazing. That extra 50 energy reserved is about 12 more arrows that you could be firing while you’re entrapped.
– Treat Dactyls like bosses. Let your scroll-summoned crony get up in his grill, lay down Study Prey and Call of the Hunt, and pray to Zeus you kill him before he kills you.
– One point in Battle Rage won’t kill you, but it’ll kill plenty else.
– As of the writing of this guide, Triumph is broken. If this is ever fixed, for the love of all that is holy, max the ever-loving crap out of it.
-Guide by Warmonger Smurf

Attribute Points Explained
You get 2 attribute points per level up. You can spend them at any time you choose, or save them for later usage. You can not reallocate them. If you miss-click, you can undo the choise by clicking “undo” button next to your attributes. The choises are final after you close the character screen. There are five stats that you can spend them on; health, energy, strength, dexterty and intelligence.
Titan Quest is not an extremely picky game when it comes to attribute points, 20 points here or there won’t make or break your build.
The maximum amount of attribute points you can get from level-ups is 74×2 = 148. You get another 18 from quest rewards.
It is a good idea to keep around ten unspent attribute points. Let’s say your strategy is to increase strength and dexterity evenly. You may find a bow that requires a lot of dexterity. If you had spent all your attribute points already, you may not be able to equip the bow due to high requirements. But with unspent points, you could allocate them all to dexterity, and be able to equip the bow.
Anohter reason is that you may be wearing, let’s say, boots that have +15 intelligence among other stats. Then you find a better pair of boots, but with no +intelligence. It may be that you need that +15 intelligence to wear your stave for example. So if you replaced the boots you couldn’t wear the stave due to not meeting intelligence requirements anymore. This is where your unspent attribute points step in.
One trick with attribute points is that you can undo your choises as long as you don’t close the character screen. Let’s say you find a helmet with + 47 strength, and it requires 525 sthrength to wear, but you only have 510 strength. You can spend a few attribute points to increase your strength to 525 or more, then equip the helmet. Your strength increases by that 47. Now hit “undo” and the attribute points you just spent will be returned, but you’ll have 510 +47 = 557 strength due to the bonus of the helmet.
Similar stat boosting can be done with items. Use item A to reach the requirements of item B. Assuming item B has sufficient bonus to the required attribute, you can then remove item A, and still meet the requirement.
Maximum Attribute Requirements for Items:
Values listed by Normal/Epic/Legendary
Intelligence based weapons: 326/452/560
Intelligence based armor: 242/343/460
Strength based weapons: 320/428/524
Strength based armor: 335/470/600
Bows (dex): -/-/458
Spears (dex) : 242/340/427
Dexterity based armor: -/319/394
Health is the most important attribute for you, obviously. I’ve heard from fairly reliable sources that your DPS is quite low when you’re dead.
Every attribute point spent in health gives you +25 health. How much exactly is that worth, you may ask. Let’s do some math.
You start with 300 health. Quest rewards give you 155/300/400 (normal/epic/legendary) a total of +855 health if you complete all quests that reward you with health bonus.
Increasing your mastery levels increase your health too. Here by how much when masteries are maxed:
Dream: +1120
Defense: +1600
Earth: +720
Hunting: +784
Nature: +640
Rogue: +1120
Spirit: +640
Storm: +672
Warfare: +1280
So you have at least 300 + 855 + 640 + 640 = 2435 health if you choose two materies, max them, complete all quests that reward you with health in all difficulties. The maximum you will have is 4035.
Every attribute point spent in health increases it by 25.
You need energy to use spells and skills. You start with 300 energy. There are no quests that reward you with energy.
Here are energy gains from maxing masteries:
Defense: 0
Dream: 256
Earth: 192
Hunting: 0
Nature: 512
Rogue: 0
Spirit: 256
Storm: 460
Warfare: 0
You start out with 50 strength. Every attribute point spent in strength increases it by 4. Every 50 points in strength increases your physical damage modifier by 10%, and adds 2 flat physical damage. The formula is:
(physicalDamageDV * ((strengthDV/500)+1))+(strengthDV*0.04)
Where physicalDamageDV is the flat physical damage you’re doing without modifiers, and strengthDV is the amount of strength you have.
So if you had a mace that does 100 (physical) damage, and you have 100 strength and no other damage bonuses, you’d do 100*((100/500)+1)+(100*0.04) = 122 damage.
Strength does not increase the physical damage of your spells such as Volcanic Orb.
Masteries give you varying amounts os strength:
Defense: 51
Dream: 64
Earth: 0
Hunting: 56
Nature: 0
Rogue: 56
Spirit: 0
Storm: 0
Warfare: 64
Doing all quests gives you +42 strength.
Every attribute point spent in dexterity increases it by 4. Every 50 points in dexterity increases your pierce damage modifier by 5%, and adds 1.5 flat pierce damage. The formula is:
(pierceDamageDV * ((dexterityDV/1000)+1))+(dexterityDV*0.03)
Where pierceDamageDV is the flat pierce damage you’re doing without modifiers, and pierceDV is the amount of dexterity you have.
So if you had a spear that does 100 pierce damage, and you have 100 dexterity and no other pierce damage bonuses, you’d do 100*((100/1000)+1)+(100*0.03) = 113 pierce damage.
Dexterity does not increase the piercing damage of your spells, such as Scatter Shot.
Dexterity increases your defensive- and offensive ability, one point in dexterity increases both by one.
Offensive ability (OA) determines your chances to succesfully hit an enemy in melee combat. You can miss attacks with too low offensive ability. If you have high enough OA, you can do a critical hit which multilies your damage upto 1.5x. Staves and bows ingore OA, so if you use those you don’t need OA at all.
Defensive ability (DA) determines enemies chances to hit you in melee combat. Enemies can miss if you have high enough DA. DA reduces the physical damage that you recieve in melee combat even if you do get hit.
Further details on OA and DA:…criticals.html
Dexteruty also increases your chances to block projectiles, but only slightly. More info here:…ojectiles.html
Here are dexterity bonuses from maxing masteries:
Defense: 64
Dream: 0
Earth: 48
Hunting: 80
Nature: 48
Rogue: 80
Spirit: 48
Storm: 32
Warfare: 64
Doing all quests increases your dexterity by 18.
Every attribute point spent in intelligence increases it by 4. Every 50 points in intelligence increases your elemental (fire, cold, lightning) damage modifier by 7.7%, and adds 1.25 flat elemental damage. The formula is:
(elementalDamageDV * ((intelligenceDV / 650) + 1)) + (intelligenceDV*0.025)
Where elementalDamageDV is the flat elemental damage you’re doing without modifiers, and elementalDV is the amount of intelligence you have.
So if you had a stave that does 100 elemental damage, and you have 100 intelligence and no other elemental damage bonuses, you’d do 100*((100/650)+1)+(100*0.025) = 117 elemental damage.
Every 50 points in intelligence increases your elemental (fire, cold, lightning) damage over time (fire burn, frost burn, electrical burn) damage modifier by 10%. The formula is:
(elementalDamageDV * ((intelligenceDV / 500) + 1))
Intelligence increases the elemental damage of your spells. More info here:…omparison.html
Every 1 point in intelligence increases your mana regeneration rate by 0.01, so 100 intelligence increases it by 1.0.
Here is a list of how much each mastery increases your intelligence when maxed:
Defense: 0
Dream: 56
Earth: 90
Hunting: 0
Nature: 80
Rogue: 0
Spirit: 96
Storm: 96
Warfare: 0
Doing all quests increases your intelligence by 18.
What does all this mean?
Obviously your play style and class make a huge impact on how much health you need. Melee classes need more, and mages need less.
Your typical mage ends up at around 3250 health in legendary. Melee classes end up at around 4250.
When thinking of normal diffiuclty, you generally don’t need to put attribute points in health, because you get “enough” health from items, increasing mastery levels and doing quests.
But if you decide to complete legendary, it becomes more complicated. I would aim for at least 3500 health for mages and 4500 for melee classes in legendary difficulty.
If you have Nature mastery, and you have maxed Hearth of Oak (which you should), you gain +65% health. Now every attribute point spent on health becomes more valuable, you gain +41 health with every attribute point spent. However you may end up with a lot of health even with no attribute points spent in health, +65% health is a massive bonus afterall. If you’re a Guardian (Defence + Nature) for example, you have 4780 health when both masteries and Heart of Oak are maxed, and all quests are done. And that doesn’t include health bonuses from items.
Items can give you varying health bonuses, upto 899. +300 health is quite common value with legendary items. There is still a small chance you’ll end up with an item setup that doesn’t boost your health at all.
Mages should put at least 20 there since they end up with less health from masteries, and they are weak defensively. They also get away by not having to focus on two attribute points, so generally they have more to spare. It’s not completely bad idea to stop increasing intelligence after you reach the maximum intelligence requirement of 550, especially if you have a pet build.
Melee classes can get away with spending less attribute points to health, since they get more health from masteries.
You get 18 attribute points as quest rewards if you do all quests. I usually put all those in health with every class. It results in +450 health, 9 levels worth of attribute points.
My final suggestion is to put 0-20 attribute points in health.
So with some masteries you gain a lot of energy, and none with others. In about 98% of cases, you shouldn’t need to put attribute points into energy if one of your masteries gives you energy.
Some melee classes may end up with very little available energy, since some skills reserve a part of your energy pool.
For example Warden (Defence + Hunting) gets no energy from masteries, but has to good skills that reserve energy at his disposal. Art of the Hunt and Battle Awareness both reserve 75 , and if you use the upgrade skills you’ll be left with only 65 energy, and that is terribly small amount. About 8-10 attribute points will help a lot if you’re using skills that drain energy.
My suggestion is to put not a single attribute points in energy if both of your masteries increase your energy. In most cases you only need 4-8 points in energy, and that’s only when you get no energy at all from your masteries.
Strength and Dexterity
I lump these together since they’re so tightly tied to each other, and one of the most common question is what strength to dexterity ratio should one have.
If you’re a mage, then forget all about strength, unless you really, really know what you’re doing. And as you’re reading a guide about attribute points, chances are you don’t =)
Mages should shoot for 174 dexterity, since that is the highest dexterity requirement for intelligence based items.
For melee classes forget intelligence. Keep up with item requirements and you’ll be fine. I suggest you try to have at least 850 offensive- and defensive ability in legendary act 4. That way you have 100% chance to hit all basic monsters in there, and not get critted by them.
You’ll gain 99,9% melee immunity with 1900 DA. Nothing can hit you in melee combat because of your high DA. At 1400 DA you will be well protected. However those kind of values are difficult to reach.
Recommended values are 900 OA and 1000 DA.
Items play a big role in your OA and DA just as much or slightly more than your dexterity. You can get large bonuses to OA/DA from items, 100-400 a piece in legendary.
Recommendations for mages is none in strength, and get your dexterity to 174.
Recommendations for melee characters is 1:1 strength : pierce ratio for classes that use either bows, spears or both, and 3:2 strength : pierce ratio for sword/mace/axe wielders.
Melee classes should not put anything in intelligence.
Mages can put almost all there, some in health and dexterity too.
If you’re part mage, part melee then you can put some points in intelligence.

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