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Art Manager / [Tutorial] Create a custom artifact!
« on: 07 August 2018, 13:47:59 »
↜ Create a custom artifact! by WNG ↝


Many thanks to @nargil66, he inspired me to become sort-of useful to the community and make my own tutorials. I hope I will not mess up my first one. :S

This guide will show you how to create an artifact with (hopefully) clear explanations. You will be shown how to insert your own custom images, give bonuses to your items and create new skills for your artefact so you may showoff your modding skills to your family and friends.

I may assume you have some basic knowledge and overlook some manipulations. Feel free to tell me if anything is unclear.

Without further ado, let's get started.

I. Creating your own image

This step will require:
  • Software for image-editing
    A custom artifact isn't truly "custom" without your own picture. To make one, you will need a software that edit images, such as Photoshop. If you don't own it, GIMP is a free software that will suffice for this task. MS Paint just won't cut it.
  • Artefacts' Models
    When you think of an artifact, you think of that spheric light around the picture. I've made some sweet canvas for you :


I. Load your canvas and draw a picture:
If you haven't used such software in the past, you should try out a few tools and experiment. Also, you may use some images as models to get the shape of an item just right. Anyways, we're not here to make work of art.

Spoiler for Hiden:
This is one I done in around 15 mins (not going to lie, I used a model.)

Very important to save your picture in .tga/.psd format! Those are the only formats the Art Manager can read.

II. Import your picture in your mod:
Open the Art Manager and select your mod. It will now be time to import your texture into your mod. Before importing it, I'd recommend creating a folder specifically for your custom textures. To do so, right-click on "name_of_your_mod/source > Create New Directory".

Now, select the matching folder, right-click, and select "Import...". Find your texture and select it. It should appear in the menu. Right-click it and choose Auto-Create Asset. You will be prompted to choose between Texture or Bitmap. Choose Bitmap, and proceed by pressing OK.

Spoiler for Hiden:

III. Build your texture:
Your texture isn't quite in your mod yet. You will need to visit the "Assets" tab, and seek your texture in the folder structure, wich should be the same as in your "Source" tab. Right-click on it and choose "Build". When that is done, build your mod by pressing F7. Your texture will now become usable in your mod.

Spoiler for Hiden:

II. Create the artifact itself


I. Grabbing some templates:
Iron Lore has been very nice to us. They granted us blank artifact and formula files for an easy creation. Go in "Databse > Import Record..." and import those two files (they are handy when you intend to create multiple artifacts/formulas.) Those do not need to be built.
  • records\xpack\item\artifacts\blank_artifact.dbr
  • records\xpack\item\artifacts\arcaneformulae\blank_arcane_formula.dbr

II. Create the artifact:

Make a copy of "records\xpack\item\artifacts\blank_artifact.dbr" and paste it in a directory where you see fit (ideally a directory of yours that is proprely identified.) Let's open it and look at the inside. Below I will list the parameters you may modify. Irrelevant parameters will be omitted.

General Parameters
Spoiler for Hiden:
File Description : For your eyes only! Leaves a description or a note for the developper. No effect in-game.

Artifact Config
Artifact Bitmap : Tells the game wich texture will appear in the inventory. !!! Modify it to show your own texture !!!
Artifact Classification : Selects the quality of the artefact.

Item Parameters
Most of the parameters are irrelevant for us.

Item Requirements

Actor Variables
Description : The name of your artefact.
The other parameters are irrelevant for us.

Item's Bonuses Parameters
Spoiler for Hiden:
This is a review of the many (not all!) basic parameters you may set on your item. If you know about those, skip this.
Many of the parameters share the same proprietes. I'll explain them once.

Offensive Parameters
Spoiler for Hiden:
Offensive Global (for offensive bonuses with a global chance (5% of +10% Total Damage, +20% Poison Damage, ...))
Spoiler for Hiden:
  • offensiveGlobalChance : Chance of offensive global effects to occur (choose the effects with booleans in the sections below.)

Offensive Absolute (for flat/percent based damage bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • offensiveXMin : Minimum of flat X damage.
  • offensiveXMax : Maximum of flat X damage.
  • offensiveXChance : Chance of the X damage set above to occur.
  • offensiveXXOR : Boolean. Set to 1 to select only one bonus in the global pool.
  • offensiveXGlobal : Boolean. Set to 1 to make the bonus part of the global chance pool.
  • offensiveXModifier : Increases by X% the damage of the selected type.
  • offensiveXModifierChance : Chance of the percent damage bonus to occur.

Offensive Duration (for damage/debuffs over time bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • offensiveSlowXMin : Minimum of X damage over time (every second).
  • offensiveSlowXMax : Maximum of X damage over time (every second).
  • offensiveSlowXDurationMin : Minimal duration of the DoT effect.
  • offensiveSlowXDurationMax : Maximial duration of the DoT effect.
  • offensiveSlowXChance : Chance of the X damage over time set above to occur.
  • offensiveSlowXXOR : Boolean. Set to 1 to select only one bonus in the global pool.
  • offensiveSlowXGlobal : Boolean. Set to 1 to make the bonus part of the global chance pool.
  • offensiveSlowXModifier : Increases by X% the damage of the selected type.
  • offensiveSlowXModifierChance : Chance of the percent damage bonus to occur.
  • offensiveSlowXDurationModifier : Increases the duration of the DoT effect by x%.

Offensive Influence (for debuffs for a set duration, such as Confusion, Mind-Control, etc.)
Spoiler for Hiden:
See the above sections, they share similar parameters.
Retaliation Parameters

Spoiler for Hiden:
Retaliation Global (for retaliation bonuses with a global chance (5% of 15 Piercing Retaliation, 20 Elemental Retaliation, ...))
Spoiler for Hiden:
  • retaliationGlobalChance : Chance of retaliation global effects to occur (choose the effects with booleans in the sections below.)
Retaliation Absolute (for flat retaliation bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • retaliationXMin : Minimal damage of the retaliation of the set type.
  • retaliationXMax : Maximal damage of the retaliation of the set type.
  • retaliationXChance : Chance of the retaliation to occur.
  • retaliationXXOR : Boolean. Set to 1 to select only one bonus in the global pool.
  • retaliationXGlobal : Boolean. Set to 1 to make the bonus part of the global chance pool.
  • retaliationXModifier : Boosts the damage of the retaliation of X type by a set percent.
  • retaliationXModifierChance : Chance of the percent damage boost to occur.
Retaliation Duration (for DoT retaliation bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • retaliationSlowXMin : Minimal damage of the retaliation of the set type (per second.)
  • retaliationSlowXMax : Maximal damage of the retaliation of the set type (per second.)
  • retaliationSlowXDurationMin : Minimal duration of the DoT of the set type.
  • retaliationSlowXDurationMax : Minimal damage of the DoT of the set type.
  • retaliationSlowXChance : Chance of the retaliation to occur.
  • retaliationSlowXXOR : Boolean. Set to 1 to select only one bonus in the global pool.
  • retaliationSlowXGlobal : Boolean. Set to 1 to make the bonus part of the global chance pool.
  • retaliationSlowXModifier : Boosts the DoT of the retaliation of X type by a set percent.
  • retaliationSlowXModifierChance : Chance of the percent DoT boost to occur.
  • retaliationSlowXDurationModifier : Boosts the DoT of X type's duration by a set percent.
  • retaliationSlowXDurationModifierChance : Chance of the percent duration boost to occur.

Defensive Parameters
Spoiler for Hiden:
Defensive Absolute (for resistances bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • defensiveX :  Increases resistance to the damage type of by a set percent.
  • defensiveXChance : Chance of the resistance to the damage type of by the percent set above.
  • defensiveXModifier :  Increases the resistance bonus by a set percent.
  • defensiveXModifierChance : Chance of the resistance bonus to the damage type by the percent set above.
  • defensiveXDuration : Same as above, for the matching DoT.
  • defensiveXDurationChance : Same as above, for the matching DoT.
  • defensiveXDurationModifier : Same as above, for the matching DoT.
  • defensiveXDurationModifierChance : Same as above, for the matching DoT.
Defensive Special (for resistances versus certain DoTs)
Spoiler for Hiden:
    See the Defensive Absolute section, they share similar parameters.
Defensive Misc (for blocking/reflecting bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:
    See the Defensive Absolute section, they share similar parameters.
Defensive Influence (for secondary resistances)
Spoiler for Hiden:
    See the Defensive Absolute section, they share similar parameters.
Monster Defense (for tertiary resistances)
Spoiler for Hiden:
    See the Defensive Absolute section, they share similar parameters.

Character Parameters
Spoiler for Hiden:
Character Base Attributes (Is irrelevant, do not touch.)
Spoiler for Hiden:
    No need to touch this.
Character Bonus Attributes (for direct stats bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • characterStrenght : Flat strenght increase.
  • characterDexterity : Flat dexterity increase.
  • characterIntelligence : Flat intelligence increase.
  • characterLife : Flat health points increase.
  • characterMana : Flat energy points increase.
  • characterStrenghtModifier : Percent strenght increase.
  • characterDexterityModifier  : Percent dexterity increase.
  • characterIntelligenceModifier  : Percent intelligence increase.
  • characterLifeModifier  : Percent health points increase.
  • characterManaModifier  : Percent energy points increase.
  • characterIncreasedExperience  : Increases experience gained.
  • characterPhysToElementalRation  : x% converted to elemental damage.
Character Speed (for speed bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • characterRunSpeed : Increases base run speed. Unused at this date.
  • characterAttackSpeed : Increases base attack speed. Unused at this date.
  • characterSpellCastSpeed : Increases base spell cast speed. Unused at this date.
  • characterRunSpeedModifier : Increases run speed by x%.
  • characterAttackSpeedModifier : Increases attack speed by x%.
  • characterSpellCastSpeedModifier : Increases spell cast speed by x%.
  • characterTotalSpeedModifier : Increases total speed by x%.
Character Regeneration (for regeneration bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • characterLifeRegen : Increases health regeneration by a flat amount.
  • characterManaRegen : Increases energy regeneration by a flat amount.
  • characterLifeRegenModifier : Increases health regeneration by a percent amount.
  • characterManaRegenModifier : Increases energy regeneration by a percent amount.

Character Ability (for dodge/critical hit bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • characterOffensiveAbility : Increases OA by a flat amount.
  • characterDefensiveAbility : Increases DA by a flat amount.
  • characterOffensiveAbilityModifier : Increases OA by a percent amount.
  • characterDefensiveAbilityModifier : Increases DA by a percent amount.
  • characterDefensiveBlockRecoveryReduction : Reduces shield recovery time.
  • characterEnergyAbsorptionPercent : Recovers energy when hit by spells by percent amount.
  • characterDodgePercent : Increases melee attack dodge chance.
  • characterDeflectProjectile : Increases projectile dodge chance.

Character Reserve (for mana reservation reduction bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • characterManaLimitReserve : Not quite sure...
  • characterManaLimitReserveReduction : Decreases energy reserved by a flat amount.
  • characterManaLimitReserveModifier : Not quite sure...
  • characterManaLimitReserveReductionModifier : Decreases energy reserved by a percent amount.

Requirement Reduction (for requirement reduction bonuses)
Spoiler for Hiden:

Self-explanatory. Also, you do NOT need to add the negative.

Skill Parameters (for bonuses that regard spells)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Skill Reduction (for reduced recharge and mana costs)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • skillCooldownReduction  : Flat cooldown reduction.
  • skillCooldownReductionChance : Chance of flat cooldown reduction.
  • skillManaCostReduction : Flat mana cost reduction.
  • skillManaCostReductionChance : Chance of flat mana cost reduction.
  • skillCooldownReductionModifier : Percent cooldown reduction.
  • skillCooldownReductionModifierChance : Chance of percent cooldown reduction.
  • skillManaCostReductionModifier : Percent mana cost reduction.
  • skillManaCostReductionModifierChance : Chance of percent mana cost reduction.
Projectile Bonus (for projectile speed)
Spoiler for Hiden:
  • skillProjectileSpeedModifier  : Percent increase of the projectile speed.
  • skillProjectileSpeedModifierChance : Chance of percent increase of the projectile speed.
Skill Augment (boosts or grants skills)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • augmentSkillName1  : The database entry of the skill you wish to boost. (ex.: records\skills\stealth\envenomweapon.dbr)
  • augmentSkillLevel1  : Level by wich the skill above is increased.
  • augmentSkillName2  : The database entry of ANOTHER the skill you wish to boost.
  • augmentSkillLevel2  : Level by wich the skill above is increased.
  • augmentMasteryName1  : The database entry of a mastery you wish to boost all of its skills.
  • augmentMasteryLevel2  : Level by wich the skills of the mastery above is increased.
  • augmentMasteryName2  : The database entry of ANOTHER mastery you wish to boost all of its skills.
  • augmentMasteryLevel2  : Level by wich the skills of the mastery above is increased.
See this for masteries names :
Spoiler for Hiden:
  • Warfare : records\skills\warfare\warfaremastery.dbr
  • Defense : records\skills\defensive\defensivemastery.dbr
  • Rogue : records\skills\stealth\stealthmastery.dbr
  • Hunting : records\skills\hunting\huntingmastery.dbr
  • Dream : records\xpack\skills\dream\dreammastery.dbr
  • Nature : records\skills\nature\naturemastery.dbr
  • Earth : records\skills\earth\earthmastery.dbr
  • Storm :records\skills\storm\stormmastery.dbr
  • Runes : records\xpack2\skills\runemaster\runemaster_mastery.dbr
  • Spirit :records\skills\spirit\spiritmastery.dbr
  • augmentAllLevel : Level by wich all skills should be increased.
  • itemSkillName : See the part IV.
  • itemSkillLevel : See the part IV.
  • itemSkillAutoController : See the part IV.
Racial Bonus (for increased offense/defense versus certain races)
Spoiler for Hiden:

  • racialBonusRace  : Races that will be affected by the bonuses below. You can have as many as you like.
  • racialBonusPercentDamage  : Percent damage increase versus the race.
  • racialBonusAbsoluteDamage  : Flat damage increase versus the race.
  • racialBonusPercentDefense  : Percent reduced damage received from the race.
  • racialBonusAbsoluteDefense  : Flat reduced damage received from the race.
Pet Bonus (for bonuses to all pets)
Spoiler for Hiden:
  • petBonusName  : Select a pet bonus for the item. May explain the creation of one of these later.

Play around those bonuses, experiment, and try to make something original. Once your work is done, save it. Then, right-click on your database file, build it. Then, F7 for mod building.

Check out next post for the rest of the tutorial.

Guides AE / ↜ Hunting Mastery by WNG ↝
« on: 22 July 2018, 04:14:24 »
↜ Hunting Mastery by WNG ↝


Hello, people. This is a small guide discussing Hunting's skills, giving insights on wich skills are worth investement and wich ones are less important. It's purely based on my opinions and shouldn't be considered like the one and only truth. You are free to share your disagreements below.

Back in my early TQ days, I wasn't a fan of bows and hunting stuff, so I had little interest in this mastery. I was more into melee stuff. That was until I bought AE a few months ago, and decided to try something different for once : Hunting mastery. And I fell in love with it. It remains my favorite mastery at that day, and has a lot of awesome stuff that I think needs to be shared with anyone who wants to use this mastery.

Well, let's get right into it.

The Mastery

Hunting revolves around piercing and bleeding damage, preferably with bows and spears, making it one of the most offensive masteries. It offers a wide variety of skills and passives that allow for impressive damage both on single-targets and large troops of ennemies. With its high damage potential and its handful of buffs, a hunter can be very independant, but also a remarkable team player. When all that is considered at once, Hunting becomes a mastery that can be either principal or complementary, making it able to succeedly combo with any other mastery.

Hunting's skills

Tier 1


It's a decent skill. On one hand, it offers a defensive ability debuff. Quite nice, but since you can't make critical hits with your bow, this is only useful if you switch for a spear/shield. Also, the strongest ennemies (such as heroes, bosses, etc.) are immuned to the net alltogether. You may also use it to keep regular mobs away from you, but it isn't really worth spending a ton of points, if any.

Take Down

More often used as a mobility skill rather than a damage dealer, though it can hurt a lot when upgraded. It needs a big investement to become really good, though, and you have many other skills that you will want to boost before this one. You may boost it later on.

Wood Lore

This is an amazing passive, and there really isn't any point to not pick it up. Bows have a low attack speed in early levels, and this passive allows you to fix that. Also, you get an appreciable bonus of flat defensive ability. On the top of that, it only requires 6 points to max out! Really, just max this already.

Tier 2


I assume you will be using bows at some point if you are using Hunting mastery. This thing will make your bow AAs much more deadlier with the piercing bonus it gives. Using Marksmanship will also unlock more powerful upgrades for your bow attacks. This is definetly a skill you will want to max, too.

Art of the Hunt

This aura will boost your piercing and bleeding damage. It also affects any pets or party members nearby. No debate needed, this is a must.

Herbal Remedy

This thing will provide a huge boost in poison resistance for your character, so you have less to worry about it when choosing your gear. The flat regeneration bonus is a little cherry on the top, as in it shouldn't be the reason why you're picking this skill in the first place.

Tier 3

Barbed Netting

If you are using Ensnare, this may be an upgrade you would want to try. Though the bleeding damage isn't that extreme, it will be increased with your skills, gear, etc.

Call of the Hunt

This buff will make yourself much better at fighting for a brief duration. You will want to upgrade it to enlarge its duration and effectiveness. A common strat is to use gear with -x% recharge to use it more frequently, to the point you have its bonuses permanently. Tracker's Hood is a nice item for that. If you lack -x% recharge gear, you should only use it versus large ennemy groups, heroes you have trouble with and boss fights.


Putting skills on that depends on your needs. If you are using Take Down for mobility, you can put at most one point on it. The bleeding damage, when maxed out, is very good, but again, it needs a decent amount of points to make it shine.

Monster Lure

This skill can distract ennemies for a while, so you can avoid being hit. I guess it could have some uses, but there are other skills out there that you will want to boost first.

Tier 4

Study Prey

Perfection incarnate. Applies a buff in an area around the targeted monster, greatly reducing their resistances. Even though it has a great power, the skill's duration is equal to its cooldown. Wich means you can cast it as soon as the effect wears off. There's no good hunter without Study Prey.

Puncture Shot Arrows

So far, Hunting hasn't offered much options for clearing mass armies of ennemies. This will allow you to turn your strong single-target attacks into strong multiple-targets attacks. It will boost your waveclearing abilities by a lot.


With an high dexterity and your currently maxed out auras, you will be dealing a lot of bleeding damage. This allows you to deal even more bleeding with your AAs. Ineffective versus undeads (duh) but still a nice upgrade that costs only 6 points.

Find Cover

Makes your hunter less vunerable to all projectile attacks. You will want to put points into it. Remember though, the cap is set at 80%. If your gear's bonuses make your projectile-avoidance chance go over 80%, consider removing points on this skill (or else they will be sitting there doing nothing) and move them on other skills.

Tier 5

Exploit Weakness

This will further boost your damage while Call of the Hunt is active. This should be high in your priorities.

Trail Blazing

Provides a nice boost in movement speed and entrapment immunity. Leveling this up only provides more movement speed. The movement speed cap being very low (only 166%), odds are your gear will provide sufficient movement speed so that you don't need to max this to reach the limit. Even then, having 150%+ is more than enough.


It is not worth to invest any points on this skill, in my opinion. It deals a bunch of fire damage, wich might be interesting if you play with Earth along with Hunting, but in other cases, you will probably have nothing to boost its damage. Even then, with the help of all your buffs, your own damage should be sufficient enough to take care of your opponents; if you are using the lure in the first place, it's to distract ennemies, correct? In most cases, you shouldn't bother with this skill at all.

Tier 6

Flush Out

Makes Study Prey even deadlier, reducing elemental and bleeding resistances, wich makes basically any other skill hit much more harder on the targets. Very useful.

Scatter Shot Arrows

This will enhance even more your waveclearing abilities, allowing you to hit mass of ennemies at once with heavy bleeding damage. People could argue saying that it has been rendered useless because it was heavily nerfed by the AE, but I think it still remains awesome and is worth the investement.


Insanely strong passive, making your bow fire three arrows and your spear hit thrice. Only needs 6 points. This should be maxed as soon as possible.


I hope this make you want to build a Hunting toon and shoot every living thing down (was the intended goal.)

Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading through that post. Enjoy the rest of your day ^.^

Around the world / How did you choose your username?
« on: 21 July 2018, 00:31:52 »
Simple question, right? Maybe it's just me, but I like to know where does all those cool usernames come from.

In my case, it's just my initials. Not tough to guess ^^

What about you?

General Discussion / Submitting your characters
« on: 04 July 2018, 22:37:13 »

For my new map, I'd need people to submit their characters (a bit like for Titanslayers) for it to appear. I need to see its gear and skillset, and its name. I could always use or make up characters myself, but it's more fun to see members of the community.

If you like (cause I would), leave here a screenshot of your character.


New Projects / Doom Island Custom Map
« on: 11 June 2018, 17:09:39 »
The Doom Island

Hello everyone, I will present you my second custom map. It is a mini-adventure where you will encounter new ennemies, new quests and new challenges.

1. About the map
2. Gameplay
3. World
4. Progress

1. About the map

On the island of Nisheung lived a community of peaceful traders in a small village of the same name. They have been living here for centuries, until they were recently driven off by some emerging tribal people. Allies quickly came to help and fight back, but those primitive warriors were far more numerous, making any counter-attack vain. The only situation is to evacuate the people from the island to the neighboring island.

However, the chieftan of Nisheung found out that the sacred gemstones had been stolen during the plunder. Those gems act as keys to open an hidden crypt, deep in the mountains, that grants great power... but also causes destruction. The chieftan failed at preventing the gems to fall into evil hands, now it is up to you to find the gems to prevent another apocalypse.

We all know you saved the world several times so far. You can do it once more!

2. Gameplay

This will be a map very similar to Titanslayers : a small main quest that will make you fight new enemies that are stronger than usual and will test your characters... or not. In wich case, you can play the Kaizo version. Yes, it will also include a Kaizo version, wich is a much harder version (and probably unfinishable alone with legit gear.)

Not only will the map be bigger than Titanslayers, but it will also include new loot, artifacts, relics and so on. The merchants will also sell new gear for you. However, remember that this new gear will not be usable outside of this map. For the curious, here is quick look at some items...

The image is kind of big, so I'm throwing it into a spoiler. Enjoy.
Spoiler for Hiden:

3. World

The map will be purposefully made bigger than necessary to give the players the feeling of exploration. The map will have a non-linear structure wich will allow you to go visit places in any order you wish. In every corner in the map may be hiding a secret quest, a treasure, or just a ton of ennemies you could have avoided. The goal is to provide every player a unique experience.

There will now be multiple types of scenery, as opposed to Titanslayers wich had only one. You will be going through peaceful groves, sinister forests, foggy swamps, rocky mountains, etc.

Since the mapping isn't quite done, I'll be posting pictures of maps later on.

4. Progress

Mapping : 90%
Item Design : 84%
Skill/Monster Design : 72%
Questbuilding : 15%
Normal and Epic adjustments : 35%

That's about it. Thanks for reading and have a good day.


So during my mod-making moments I noticed how the developers love turtles a lot.

For example, in the texture file of Diogenes' Chiton (a legendary mage body armor), we can see they put in a symbol of a turtle on the medaillon.

In the texture file of Harpies, they fit in a small turtle similar to the Overlord! (though it never appears in game.)

Speaking of the Overlord, he's the key to a secret passage...

I'm very confident that there is lots of other apparitions of those turtles. I'm just wondering what is this turtle craze about.

New Projects / Titanslayers Custom Map
« on: 24 May 2018, 13:50:01 »

Hello everyone, I will present you my first custom map. It is a mini-adventure where you will encounter new ennemies, new quests and new challenges.

1. About the map
2. Gameplay
3. World
4. Progress

1. About the map

The Bloodrealm is a sinister place, realm of many monsters, ruled by an unknown evil, its intentions unspoken. Not long ago, an evil spirit emerged from the depths of the Bloodrealm and mind-controlled several allied Titanslayers that stood up against him. You will have to explore this dark place with the hope to retrieve your fellow Titanslayers and free them from eternal enslavement. But be cautious, many warriors have attempted this task, but everyone has failed.

2. Gameplay

This is a rather linear map, where you advance to the next area and defeat enemies and bosses. It was meant to be harder than the original game to give some challenge. With that said, it's nothing like Kaizo or Chuck Norris, but in between. Will give some trouble to normal builds, but godly builds or heroes with godly equipment should get through it. If it is too hard though, bringing a friend should make things much easier.

New enemies will appear in the map, but some monsters are exclusive to some map zones (wich will be discussed below.) New heroes will also appear, and some of them own custom skills.

Spoiler alert : you will be fighting mind-controlled Titanslayers (wich are all true heroes from real players!). Each of them as a set of skills and some of them also own custom skills, and many of them are very strong.

The map also includes few side quests, to force you to wander around a little. Who knows, maybe you will find survivors, or more enemies. But isn't that part of being a Titanslayer?

3. World

If you scroll down a little more, you will see the worldmap.

The Bloodrealm is divided in five areas. Each of them has its own portal to easily travel to each place. Another area exists, but it is a bonus zone and it is much harder to clear than the five others. However, it is not required to clear it to finish the main quest.

Each zone has its own apparence (though they all share the Muspelheimesque style) and its own set of enemies.

4. Progress

The map is done and has been released on the Steam Workshop (the problems faded away, apparently.)

Here are screenshots for those that want some :
That's about it. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Special thanks to all those who submitted their hero.
Special thanks to Endymion who made it possible.

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