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General Discussion / Map issues and bugs
« on: 22 March 2018, 15:06:51 »
Here you can post any map issues you encounter while playing Titan Quest.Bugs as well,although,I mainly started this topic to highlight strange/odd issues with the main campaign map,as I find them extremely annoying and they can really ruin your experience sometimes.If you dont know what Im talking about,then this will probably make understand.
I think this was caused by the 1.54 update,because I know for a fact that this wasnt there when Ragnarok came out.

New Members Introduction / Greetings!
« on: 02 March 2018, 16:36:44 »
Hello everyone!I want to thank those who revived the forums.I like the fact that this  site looks more old school than I expected.My name is Vlad Mateescu Nicolae(lol just call me Vlad).Just one more question:what does "karma" means on these forums?

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