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General Discussion / Re: Funny screenshots
« on: 18 June 2018, 13:29:14 »
Gosh, how very weird. ;D Never seen anything like that in the game before.

General Discussion / Re: Funny screenshots
« on: 18 June 2018, 09:31:49 »
Never seen Polymepheus manage this before. A sunbathing warrior on the rocks.  Must have really shot him up into the air.  ;D

New challenger - Todd Hereward, a Warden.  He's L11 and at the Halcyon Coast.

Unfortunately I don't think I'd manage to stay self-found long enough to gather all the bits to socket.  I'm trying a new Yellows Only Warden as self-found, but expect I'll get tired of it pretty soon and raid the Vault collection again.  What I could do I guess is take a piece from the Vault, dup the required extra pieces and then socket into whatever gear is needed and see what comes up.  Not sure I have enough spare bits though, I don't usually keep those in the Vault.  :-\

Here's the old list:


Albino Spider Web: 21 Armor
Bat Fang: 2-5 Fire Damage
Boar Hide: 4 Armor
Demon's Blood: 20% Energy Leech Resistance, 30% Stun Resistance, +1 Health Regen per Second
Diseased Plumage: +10% Poison Damage
Fury's Heartblood: 13 Vitality Damage
Hydradon Hide: 21 Armor
Hag's Skin: 4 Armor
Lupine Claw: 3-5 Piercing Damage
Mechanical Parts: 4 Armor
Peng Claw: +10% Damage
Pristine Plumage: +15 DA
Raptor Tooth: +10% Damage
Rigid Carapace: +10% Fire Resistance
Saber Claw: 1-4 Piercing Damage
Shards of Erebus: 66% Slower Attack for 3 Seconds
Spectral Matter: 10% Energy Drained
Spiny Shell: 15% Chance of 18-25 Piercing Retaliation
Tortured Soul: +50% Damage to Undead
Turtle Shell: +8% Pierce Resistance
Venom Sac: 5% Chance of 1.5 Seconds Stun
Vile Ichor: 5% Chance of 1.5 Seconds Stun
Viny Growth: 4 Armor
Yeti Fur: 4 Armor
Amun-Ra's Glory: +95 Health
Ankh of Isis: +95 Health
Anubis' Wrath: 36 Life Leech over 3 Seconds
Archimedes' Mirror: +10% Cold Resistance
Artemis' Bowstring: +10% Damage
Blade of Thanatos: +8% Attack Speed
Chill of Tartarus: 14 Elemental Damage
Code of Hammurabi: +5% Intelligence
Cunning of Odysseus: +11 Intelligence
Dionysus' Wineskin: +25 Defensive Ability
Djed of Osiris: 36 Life Leech over 3 Seconds
Domain of the Dragon Kings: +95 Health
Golden Fleece: +11 Intelligence
Guan-Yu's Grace: +35 Defensive Ability
Hecate's Crescent: +11 Intelligence
Herakles' Might: +10% Damage
Hermes' Sandal: +50 Defensive Ability
Iron Will of Ajax: 20% Energy Leech Resist, 30% Stun Resist, +1 Health Regen per Sec
Jade Emperor's Serenity: +95 Health
Li-Nezha's Guile: +35 Defensive Ability
Monkey King's Trickery: +35 Defensive Ability
Persephone's Tears: +95 Health
Prometheus' Flame: 1-4 Fire Damage
Rage of Ares: +15% Damage
Set's Betrayal: 6-10 Piercing Damage
Shade of Hector: 20% Energy Leech Resist, 30% Stun Resist, +1 Health Regen per Sec
Sheng-Nong's Dark Medicine: +10% Poison Damage
Udjat of Horus: 15 Armor
Valor of Achilles: +10% Damage
Yen-Lo-Wang's Bloodletting: 36 Life Leech over 3 Seconds
Zeus' Thunderbolt: 1-4 Cold Damage

Great, just what I needed - different default completion bonuses.  Now I'll have to do my old list all over again.  :(

Another general question - have the default bonuses for relics/charms when completed by socketing into items been reinstated?  I think it was removed when the game first came out.

Depends on how you want to play the game.  Do you want to go melee with close in fighting or stand back firing off your staff while your pets do most of the killing for you?  Thing is Nature doesn't rely in Int to boost its damage potential so unless you want to use a staff and wear caster gear you're probably best going str/dex. If you want to be a caster type then int/dex is the way to go.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: SP on normal?
« on: 15 June 2018, 07:39:54 »
There are a relic and a charm.  Djed of Orsiris and Spectral Matter both can roll with %damage to Undead.  You can also find "... of Necromancy" weapons/staves that have the same %damage to Undead on them.

Yes, that's not a problem.  I only have AE since I couldn't get the GOG version to work with the disc version also installed.  You may need to set the paths properly, but usually they should find them on their own when you install them.

Shadowmaw hangs out in the cave in the Phocian Swamp so a long way from Egypt and Act 2.  You haven't even reached Delphi yet.  He makes Polyphemus seem easy peasy.  :o

What toon were you playing that had to tackle 3 of him 1cec0ld?

Good luck if you try 1cec0ld.  He's a nasty one to deal with when fully kitted out.  I hadn't seen him for a long while and wondered if the devs had taken him out in one of the game updates, but he popped back up when I was playing another toon so he is still ingame.  I'm just glad he's a random spawn and also optional.  ;D

Spectral Matter can roll with %damage to undead as well as a bonus.  There are also weapons/staves that have "... of Necromancy" as a suffix which deal undead % damage.

Iirc Plague line slows them down so may also do some damage.  Haven't tried a fully maxed Plague lins on them yet though.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 13 June 2018, 08:20:44 »
Shadow wolves of course.  ;D

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 12 June 2018, 19:39:05 »
Now those are figures I like.  Mastery and all skills maxed and still 221,811 unused skill points left to play with.  ;D

what about tow?

is the range large enough for throwing builds?

I don't think so.  According to the TitanCalcAE it's only 5 meters.  You could try it out and see though.  You can always buy the points back at a Mystic if necessary.

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