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« on: Today at 13:59:03 »
it would be nice if we can make an updated list of this.. anybody care to contribute? some of the things i know:

artemis bowstring - attack speed
valor of achilles - attack speed
anubis wrath - attack speed
demons blood - defensive ability
monkey kings trickery - pierce resist

Earth AE / Re: Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: Today at 13:40:16 »
the armor in stone skin, battle awareness, and rally are all flat so they should be additive.. the mutiplicative part in armor is armor absorption

but you're right, where will i get reduced resists? Benitot hasn't updated his guide yet

edit: mammoth i have megingjord and mjolnir.. they're over rated i think.. not that good

Earth AE / Re: Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: Today at 12:59:34 »
yep that's why i mentioned Benitot

man your explanation makes me wanna run a hybrid juggernaut.. ohohohoho I'm not scared to build hybrids  ^-^

ok but hmmm well I'm also thinking str+int caster summoner

edit: summoner as in nature + earth but I'll play it mage

Rogue AE / Re: Concept: Traps and Poison Assasin
« on: Today at 12:29:00 »
ok so I've looked at my toon.. i forgot my exact marbod's mask + archmages clasp setup so i just played around a bit

Spoiler for Hiden:

it's still good even though it only has 1 pet ring because i also attack with onslaught and throwing knife.. +3 all skills but battle standard makes it +4.. 80% CDR.. i might've put a few points on int but if i did, it's not more than 5 stat points.. my bleed res was on secondary.. no poison damage, just physical and pierce.

but i like to play my thunderer more so i gave it my archmages clasp.. this is the current setup of this char:

Spoiler for Hiden:

maybe it's easier if i equipped a shield but I'm adamant that this be a dual wielder

If you want closer to pure trapmaster, it's easier if you go str+int+dex, then requirement reduction like Odysseus Armor or Thoth's Glory.. I've tried this before with Mbutis Advocate + Shield + 2 or 3 pet jewelries

and you're right in maxing ancestral warriors in your titancalc because at 80% CDR, cooldown becomes just 1 minute so you can use it even against heavy mobs and it will still be ready when you get to bosses.. very useful in late legendary

Rogue AE / Re: Concept: Traps and Poison Assasin
« on: 13 August 2018, 23:30:12 »
i have the same character but different build.. same recharge battle standard traps idea though.. one thing i noticed is pre-ragnarok, it's very hard to equip if your stats are str+dex, i had to sacrifice some resists.. but with all these OP ragnarok items, it's possible now.. i had to sacrifice DA but whenever I'm under battle standard, I'm ok.. i still like it better than high DA but low recharge.. of course that means you have to play more carefully because if you forget to cast battle standard, you become squishy.. one thing i can guarantee: 3 pet jewelries (physical), and you won't need poison.. most of the time i don't even need to attack.. it's different from other trappers like illusionist because you usually throw traps away from you, but with assassin you cast traps near you so they get under battle standard.. battle standard gives high 200+ flat physical damage to traps and throwing knife and those are both rapid multi attacks

if you have marbod's mask and archmages clasp, it becomes easy to gear.. but if you have some of those OP ragnarok items, it's possible even without those 2.. I'll take a look at my toon in a few hours

edit: you need some cast speed for this build

General Discussion / Re: Task for everyone
« on: 13 August 2018, 01:16:55 »
2-3 months silent huh what happened to the guy?

as for titancalc AE/R, if i send you html files, can you make a titancalc here just like what Pain did? or maybe a separate website but associated with this site?

one thing about it though, the early release of titancalcAE the return link wasn't working.. i didn't know how to make it work.. Pain was the one who fixed it.. so if he can't be contacted, you guys will have to fix the return link

bonepiles and containers don't get multiplied.. and i think the best source of loot is secret passage and hydra.. but enough about that.. this is something i want to tell you, and Hector, and WNG and anybody whose experienced enough: just try xmax :)

i play x3.. playing 3x Typhon or Hades for the first time will make you say "fuck shit hell fucking shit" :)  but then, when you get used to it, try vanilla.. it will make you say "pfft"

this is no joke or exaggeration.. i can swear by this  :)

Spoiler for Hiden:
minotaur lord
golden boar
demon bull

Earth AE / Re: Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: 12 August 2018, 09:44:56 »
pure str + dex is out.. it's too uhhh what's the right word? mundane? playing safe?

this is not a knack on your character.. just not my idea of fun

and i think i won't need 80% CDR.. maybe about 40% would be enough

edit: or not.. i might get 80% if it proves to be more fun

Hunting AE / Re: Elemental Archer Sage build showcase
« on: 12 August 2018, 09:13:53 »
lelz.. well, it's not a demand, just a request.. if you can't upload, i won't be mad.. if you can, I'll be sure to watch O0

Earth AE / Hybrid Melee/Caster Juggernaut
« on: 12 August 2018, 08:48:20 »
My last 2 characters (spellcaster thunderer and elemental archer dreamkiller) have given me some headaches on gear optimization :))

I'm quite content with my thunderer but my dreamkiller, although it's still on epic, i can already see I'm gonna have more headache when i get to legendary :))

so to keep my sanity, I'm planning to make a hybrid melee/caster juggernaut.. although it's a hybrid, my experience says hybrids are easier to gear than unconventional builds.. I'm quite sure I'm gonna bore with pure melee so I'll get volcanic orb and eruption

now here is why I'm making this thread: when i play hybrids, i either go str + dex first or int + dex first.. not start it as a hybrid as early as lvl 1.. skills won't be a problem i think because i can just respec and i don't think I'll have any difficulties before i get to delphi where the oracle first appears.. but stats are a different matter because i can't buy them back.. and it's been long while since i last played earth.. so my question: do i start as str + dex first or int + dex first? anyone can give their opinions but


i want you guys to chime in :)

i don't have many early game items but i remember i have:

amulet with + 1 to earth
fell blade
oath breaker
oracle's wreath
normal green helm of the magus (int req)
hallowed normal green helm (int req)
and the cheat weapon * although i might not use this except probably if shadowmaw spawns

edit: this is the * i meant
i can't link to the weapon probably because of the name..
so i just linked to staves.. first weapon on the list

right now I'm leaning towards int first either flame surge or volcanic orb.. I'm starting this as a lvl 1 character and as always, xmax x3

you can also say it's something some die hard TQfans do because they (we) know it's time to let go and move to other games.. but somehow it's too hard to let go of the game :)

Hunting AE / Re: Elemental Archer Sage build showcase
« on: 11 August 2018, 21:39:31 »
can you upload another video of this?  ;)

i want to see more gameplay of this.. maybe muspelheim area?

edit: and if it's ok, jotuns and frost jotuns?

edit: tunic of the magi + crest of hypnos + torc of the ancestors
Sounds like using three blessings at once. I don't mean any offense, just sarcasm.

I'm also looking at:

golden agris
SBC cuffs with primal magma (attack speed) this one has poison res
tunic of the magi (10% total damage)
torc of the ancestors (30%)
leggings of the defiled (10%)
green bow tyrant's of speed (30%) found this with my thunderer

the 2 rings I'm not sure yet but one is likely occult of immortality with demon's blood

total damage boosts my envenom weapon and elem damages, as well as PGB and distort reality.. I'm likely keeping PGB because it's fun and i have too many projectiles already so i chose it over throwing knife

what do you think?

i looked at your elemental sage and oh wow your DPS is 7k.. i can't go anywhere close to that.. i have traps though and hopefully my damage will be fine late game

can't use blessing of the moirae because i have no str to equip shield.. and i really don't like the short range.. it's fine for now but it's still in epic act 5.. actually, I'm considering equipping 2 eitrs + gambanteinn (90% conversion).. and equipping tunic of the magi + crest of hypnos.. those 2 items should take care of all resists even in legendary.. but i think that would be like last resort.. for now I'm thinking equipping lots of total damage then just enough resists to make it low positives or zero on legendary.. then just change items like getting more vit when I'm against Hades

edit: tunic of the magi + crest of hypnos + torc of the ancestors

cheating is something you do to make things easy for you right? xmax is the opposite.. xmax is something you play just so you can continue playing the game because you've reached the point where you find vanilla too easy.. but if you want to call it cheating.. fine by me.. but if there is no xmax, i wouldn't be playing the game anymore.. if i play untwinked, there would be some challenge.. but i didn't spend all those hours days farming and not use them at all.. and the first release of AE, i lost all my saves so i had to play self-found.. it was vanilla.. and quite honestly, i find playing xmax twinked to be more fun than playing vanilla untwinked.. but hey we all play to have fun.. that's why we play, right? so yeah we can play how we want to play.. in WNG's case, he merely explained the definition of cheating, which i find entirely correct.. in my case, i just said what i felt when i used to cheat in diablo 2.. there was a time when i felt playing it clean.. but diablo 2 is way too old now.. so I'll do it in TQ instead

Spoiler for Hiden:
i wanted to say this somewhere but don't know where that people won't take it the wrong way.. I'll just say it here.. xmax is a fast way to improve.. not because of the loot but because it forces you to do well.. if you can beat 3 Typhon, 1 Typhon would feel easy.. of course to beat 3 Typhon you need good gear.. which brings back to what i said earlier

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