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New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 22 January 2019, 19:39:44 »
Just a curiosity:How is it possible to make lyres weapons.I have read Apollos description and it says that he also has lyres as weapons.I didnt knew this was possible.Will they work similar to staves?

Humor / Re: Funny Videos
« on: 22 January 2019, 15:31:05 »
This is for Diablo fans:

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 22 January 2019, 15:16:08 »
I am the Twinkmaster! :D

My first character just farms pet rings and amulets so my next characters can get decked out with pet bling at level 3.

I think equipment, especially pet and any +skills are the secret to greasing your wheels in this mod.

EDIT: Also remember you can't buy any pet rings or ammys until act 5. You have to find them. Or get them from your shared stash like me :D

Untwinked is a real slog at first. Skip what you want in early act 1, soon you will be railroading through bosses.

EDIT: And just so you all don't feel bad/frustrated, I was just killed by a poison gas trap in epic Egypt. :)

I posted a video of my Elementalist in the game videos thread.
Take a look at the equipment and you will see why I just steamroller over everything. (I forgot to show my Eye of Flame another character put in the shared stash...+2 to Earth Mastery? Yes, please.)

EDIT: I just started modifying the petgamebalanceattributes.dbr. This won't affect Normal difficulty, but I removed all the pet resistances for epic and legendary.
Thanks for sharing some tips.Im not frustrated,its just that some bosses are too hard for my character at the moment.Im gonna keep an eye out for those rings.

Bumble said it some posts ago, ITS  no shame turning back and face some bosses later, you still are in early act1, but as long you go deeper into the game you will face more dangerous bosses that will be hard on 1st time, no need to worries since all of then are placed on side areas, away from main quest. Unless you like playing your character beyond their limits, like myself :P

You are not doing anythig wrong, if you cant defeat then, come back later with full arsenal :)

Also thanks sauruz.I know there are a lot of side bosses and like you,I like playing my character beyond their limits(or you know,at their maximum potential).I only get frustrated when I mess up a build completly,wich now isnt the case.

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 21 January 2019, 18:25:22 »
Greetings!I have some things to report.....

The new tomb in Tegea Graveyard is not marked on the map,although the exit is from the inside:

This npc in Tegea is floating in the air:

This is not a bug report,though I was wandering if there is any way we could have those cannon as items.Those were on some pirates(and dverg only in vannila).Probably a dumb,Im not a modder,just asking:

When I tried to exit the catacombs in Old Elusius,the game stopped for a second and then straight up crash!There is no image of this,because.....well,it was a crash.
I didnt played much today.It wasnt really a great day for me.I am currently in Kerata Forest at level 13.I think Im going to skip the Prince Brothers in Old Elusius for now,until I get more powerful.Even in previous versions,my LOC strategy was to skip very powerful enemies and come back later.Since you are the developer,what do you say?Is skiping certain enemies normal or am I doing something wrong?When I was playing the old version I didnt felt like I did something wrong,though to be fair,that version wasnt as buffed as this one and it was less detailed.I whould like to have your thoughts on this.

PS:The Xl mod "will be a fine additon to my collection".

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 21 January 2019, 15:35:59 »
The crafting skills idea is interesting,though I am assuming that the crafting options will change as you progress trough the game,because crafting a knife in Legendary wont be very helpful to say the least.The Artemis skill tree seems to have been improved,but does that mean you scrapped most of the original tree?Ah,anyway,I hope the development process goes well.You still have a long way to go until release,but your motivated and you love what your doing and thats what matters.
One more question:what deity will offer the most vitality and life leech damage(and also ressistance)?Im assuming that will be Hecate,right?

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 19 January 2019, 17:24:34 »

Don't stand next those obsidian crysta;s for too long. They have an aura that takes a % of health and can confuse, frighten and even convert your pets.
Good to know.

Bug Reports LOC AE / Re: Alpha tester bug reports
« on: 19 January 2019, 16:16:06 »
Alright,so I started playing an assassin(Warfare+Rouge),wich uses spectral archers as pets(maybe more later on).

There are not a lot of things to report,no bugs so far.

This is the only thing close to a bug that I could find:

Even though the skill Weapon Training is for pets in this mod,it says "-17% Dexterity Requirement for all Weapons".This does not make sense, since pets dont use items.Is it supposed to be for the player as well?Or it was simply left of from the original skill?

Anyway,I continued on and I found this giant crystal sticking out of the ground.Nothing special about it,but it adds more detail and makes the TQ world look more ravaged:

Here there was a trowing knives/spikes(whatever they are)trap wich almost killed me.In fact,I died 3 times because of them:
Nice ideea,deadly,but nice.
Oh,hellooo Boar Snatcher!Didnt expect to see you here in Normal Difficulty(I skiped him,he was level 17,Ill come back for him).

I like those spider egg clutches.I know there was something similar in previous versions,but those are much better:

That was kind of it.I am currently in Tegea at level 10.

I do have a question:Are the masteries finished?I mean,you are going to realease them in this form or are you planing on adding more skills?Because even though I have not played all masteries yet,I looked trough their skill trees and most seemed to have less pets than the previous version.The only masteries who looked like they had more pets were Spirit,Nature and Rune(who had none and wasnt featured in previous versions,because it didnt exist at the time).This is just my opinion,maybe others feel different.There a lot cool new things like the shield sling skill from Defense mastery,but the pets from previous versions seem to be left out.Why not assign the old pets from other versions to items(weapons,armor,artifacts,rings,etc)?Again, this is just my opinion.
I will report to you if I find any bugs and I might do an occasional report even without bugs.

Edit:Damnn!My images are not posted!This didnt happened to me on other forums.I will try to see whats wrong

Edit2:Nevermind,I used Pasteboard.

New Projects / Re: [WIP] Shadow Champions (Mastery Mod) - WNG
« on: 18 January 2019, 18:47:59 »
Thats isnt 100% truth, most of time people check the work in progress in quiet, prefering waiting when the mod hits on testing phase.
I think many players underestimate their own influence on the modding process. Trust me, a modder can get alot of fuel from simple comments or any kind of feedback. Talking from experience.

I have not thought of it that way,not until now.

New Projects / Re: [WIP] Shadow Champions (Mastery Mod) - WNG
« on: 18 January 2019, 16:22:32 »
Well, some stuff has been going on recently. Been working a lot on it and getting near the end of the mastery-design part, after wich I'll have to do the playtesting and fine-tuning.

With that said, there will probably no more news regarding the mod until the last 3 masteries have been finished. Mostly because the studies will kick in soon enough, also nobody seems to give a flying falafel about the mastery showcases, so I'll save the time doing these for something else, maybe further working on the mod itself.

In short, I'll see you again eventually. I say take care.
That is not true!I am intersted in the mod and I did follow progress,but without commenting or replying or anything like that.The masteries are pretty original,esspecially Aqua mastery,wich will probably be my first mastery,combined with either Necromancy or Time(though there are still 2 masteries to be revealed),because I always wanted to see how an aquamancer class(however you want to call it)plays in an arpg(quite ironic,since I cant swim).Not sure if it will be my favorite mastery though.I rather Necromancy(I always liked those kind of classes).Anyway,if you want to post some updates go ahead.If you want to save time and finish the masteries,again,go ahead.I follow progress regularly(though I check on the forums daily).
About the masteries,will Barbarism be similar to Chaos or one will be tanky while the other one will be more berserk?

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 13 November 2018, 21:20:27 »

 I tried and it dosent work.Eh,not really a problem.I will keep on playing and let you know if it gets fixed(somehow).I will also report other bugs I encounter.Oh,and I really like the sound from the Call of Phobos skill.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 13 November 2018, 19:44:34 »
By the way,I think I have found a bug...or maybe two.

Bug1:Hoplite training is the skill for dual wielding,right?I have maxed out the skill and can not dual wield.Im currently level 8.Im not sure if this is a bug.Am I doing something wrong?

Bug2:When I try to command my spartoi to attack an enemy he wont move or he would go,but after 3 steps he comes back.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 13 November 2018, 17:45:09 »
Nice! This voice will be perfect for Act 4.

Edit:Are you planing on updating the alpha demo with another mastery?You dont need to do that in order to spot game-breaking bugs though.I am just asking.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 12 November 2018, 15:45:00 »
All new lampad sounds added. I tweaked their Bane of Styx attack to Charged Finale like Calculated strike and addeed the jump AoE animation from Underlord to it, just for cooler looks.

Here is a spoiler :P:

Quality is still bad, sorry for that.
Hello Nargil!
I havent interacted with the community in 2 months(or more,I dont know).I did followed the progress though.I also played the pre-alpha/demo version a little bit.Ares mastery is indeed promising and I havent encountered any bugs yet.I am going for a dual-wield spartoi squad build.About your question on Youtube,I think you should change the color(of the torches)to something gohstly.I belive this will fit with the class,since Hecate is supposed to be calm and clever,an ether like color will give a feeling of tranquility(you can also use it for auras).Just my opinion.Regardless,you can not leave it on default.It doesnt fit with the skins.And,after all,Lampads dont use earthly weapons,right?

New Projects / Re: Doom Island Custom Map
« on: 31 July 2018, 18:25:32 »
I find the charms quite intriguing.Will all of them are going to be based on materials and substances?

New Projects / Re: My custom maps don't show up ingame
« on: 31 July 2018, 18:22:08 »
Hmph.I think I may have just ended up as a fool.How can I help him,if I dont know anything about modding.Sorry for rushing my words.

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