Author Topic: How Do You Best Make These Classes?  (Read 424 times)

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How Do You Best Make These Classes?
« on: 22 January 2024, 21:28:32 »
I have been analyzing each of the masteries, trying to find skills that synergize well with others in all classes. I've made a list of what I think are the best ways to make each class based on the synergies. From looking at various videos on Youtube, I've concluded that each class can be optimized for one build to max its full potential.

For example, all classes using Defense are best used with a shield. Shield attacks can be boosted by Onslaught, Unearthly Power, Lucid Dream, Strength of the Pack, etc.

Some classes however are more difficult for me to synergize and discover the best way to make. They are:


Now I know that for the Contemplator, Melding Armor and Trance of Empathy stack together to give us the best damage reflection in the game outside of equipment, but Lucid Dream does not increase elemental damage of any of the elemental damage skills in Neidan, although the Vitality damage of Weakest Chakra is increased. Mastermind could improve the damage of the Terracotta Servants and their damage could be further increased with Lucid Dream. Consequences and Mutual Suffering together with Weakest Chakra could further reduce resistances with Trance of Wrath.

The Dreamkiller doesn't have as much synergies between both masteries. Lucid Dream increases the physical damage of Calculated Strike and Lethal Strike, Trance of Wratch could reduce poison resistance and piercing and bleeding damage from Throwing Knife with Flurry. Mastermind could improve the traps.

For the Trickster, Seal of Fate could reduce the resistances of enemies to poison, piercing, and bleeding from Throwing Knife and Traps. Anatomy could increase the bleeding damage of Aftershock.

What are your opinions? What is the best way to make all three of these classes?


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