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Titan Quest - Eternal Embers Update #6 (Publicbeta)
« on: 21 August 2022, 21:00:27 »
New Content:

Repick Stat Points Potions:
5 new potions that allow players to repick their stats individually.
1 potion that resets all 5 stats all together.
Potions can be obtained only in the new Dungeons or in Electrum Orbs.

Added 2 new hero monsters into EE Egypt areas (Great Osiris Temple & Burial Vaults)

New Items:

These items can only be obtained from the HC dungeons (monsters/loot orb drops)
Ares' Weakness - Legendary Shield
New item as voted on by the community. Original item concept by The Line of Epic Heroes.

Bow of Upis - Legendary Bow
New item as voted on by the community. Original item concept by nargil66.

Medusa's Anguish - Legendary Staff
New item as voted on by the community. Original item concept by TheFrostLich.

New Rare Monster Spawn: Golden Scarab

Recent rumors among those who have returned from braving the vast deserts of Egypt report seeing a fabled creature known as the Golden Scarab.
This is a randomly spawning encounter found only throughout the exterior environments of Act 2 and EE Egypt.
For each game session a single golden scarab can be found in Act 2 and in EE Egypt respectively.
Once killed it can drop its own rare valuable monster charm, made up of 5 pieces. As with other charms this also has a Normal/Epic/Legendary version.
Additionally the golden scarab drops a significant amount of gold and hero tier experience

Updated EE Divine Artifacts:

Discipline of Kunlun
Added new proc skill "Way of the Monk" (Aura)

Orb of Sihai Longwang
Added new proc skill “Sihai’s Vortex” (AoE)

Essence of Anubis' Haste
Renamed to Anubis’ Judgement
Added new active skill “Funerary Rites” (Summon)

Strength of Pangu
Added new proc skill “Cosmic Strike” (AoE)

Peach of Immortality
Added new proc skill “Ascension” (Aura)

HC Dungeon Changes/Fixes:
Added Traps to the Hades HC Dungeon
Added permanent buff rewards which the player receives once each HC dungeon boss is killed for the first time
Finished redesign/rebalance of Hardcore Dungeon reward sets
Added proper stats to their epic versions
Removed random levers in Dungeons, each door now has one lever at a specific location
Fixed issue where player could get a key of chaos from the minor boss in Heavenly Place area
Lowered the drop rate of the new potions in Dungeons
The Manticore boss joins the party and will now also drop keys for the HC dungeons

Hades HC Dungeon Boss:
Added 'Crystalfire’ skill which activates the 'Poison Flames’ via markers within the boss chamber (designed as crystalline lines placed strategically on the floor)
Replaced 'Bonecage’ projectile vfx with more readable purple vfx and impact (Needed to be clearly telegraphed since this skill locks the player for a duration in a bone cage)
Reduced 'Bonecage’ fragment shards upon impact from 12 to 6
Reduced 'Profane Bolts’ fragment shards upon impact from 12 to 6
Reduced 'Profane Bolts’ Cold DoT and removed Vitality damage

Hades HC Dungeon:
Improved boss chamber layout including initial area where the player teleports in, now the boss is no longer instantly pulled into combat
Added crystalline lines as visual indicators for where the Crystalfire flames appear

Egypt HC Dungeon:
Added extra collision boxes under walkways where players have reported falling through
Egypt HC boss; due to an exploit all are now hidden until the player enters arena
Removed 'CastShadows’ from door archways to avoid shadow conflicts with player light source
Skeleton Assassin (Chaos Monster) created a more refined 'Bone Shard’ projectile attack, similar to Throwing Knives from Stealth Mastery.
Reduced amount of shards thrown and changed range indicator from 'Any Range’ to 'Medium Range’ due to some players reporting being one shot by this skill
Fixed excessive physical resistances for Chaos monster aura in Egypt HC dungeon.

Bosses - Zazamankh
Reduced summon skill chance in order to balance out use of his other skills while also keeping his summons up for longer before being re-cast

Fixed missing links for his ranged default attack skill and summon skeleton skill.
Increased Sandwave chance to be cast
Increased health pool, added Physical and Fire resistance.
Slightly increased his attack speed and cast speed and gave him added Defensive Ability.
Improved his skills, added x3 projectiles and impact fx to his default attack, added triggered duration passive (vitality retaliation).
Buffed his pet summons from 1 summon to 3 with max of 9 and gave them an aura buff.
Slightly increased boss scale.

Other Fixes/Changes:
Added new monster equation formula for better CO-OP performance
Changed racial profile of all Potamoi from “Demon” to “Magical”
Added Act 4 and Act 5 Random Encounters Scenery
Added DoT component to Manticore’s Lightning Breath
Increased Burn Damage on Conflagration, especially beyond maximum level
Removed Energy Reserved from Sandwing heroes’ Disease Aura
Limited Liche King’s skill Soul Blight to 16 levels (actual maximum)
Charon’s second form now has proper Undead type resistances
Sinmara now summons her adds more reliably
Reduced XP gained from killing little Sprigglings
Adjusted size and fixed projectile range on Fjord Ichthian staff
Improved sound and effects on “Health refill” item skill
Clasp of Mothers; Increased its trigger chance from 10% to 25%
Apples of Idun; Increased its trigger chance from 25% to 33%
Increased drop chance of Hesperide MI staves
Added some Life Leech to Locus of Crantor
Fixed visual artifacts on Unyielding Phalanx attacks
Disconnected Transmutation from Rune Weapon (independent skill)
Disconnected Inner Equilibrium from Potent Elixir (independent skill)
Increased chance of Atlantis jewellery dropping from Tiamat orbs
Unique Atlantis armor pieces no longer display forge affixes
Adjusted defensive protection of Ragnarök helms to match that of other armor pieces
Fixed music duplication in some areas
Fixed regular scarab proxy spawns throughout EE Egypt which were not linked to any existing pools and therefore didn’t spawn
Updated opening sound and vfx for breakable urns/pots
Mummy - High Priest (of Ra); updated aura vfx
Summoner’s Trinket (amulet); updated skeleton summons with armor and sword, replaced Envenom Weapon with Spiritblade buff. Also fixed skill icon UI issues.
Added loot to trapped chests of EE to accommodate the risk vs reward
Sobek Guard (melee); Re-assigned shield buff ability in order for them to have it active before players engage them
Hero Bandit Loot Leader (Funerary Ruins); Updated missing skills, added Ensnare + Modifier and Rally Buff
Fixed pathing issues in certain Ragnarok cave
Fixed issue where players who did not have specific DLCs could still see dropped Epics/Legendaries
Localization fixes/corrections
Added majestic chest reward in the secret crypt (Burial Vaults)
Replaced spiders with scorpions in some dungeon sections of EE Egypt
Minor map improvements to EE
Minor map improvements to HC dungeon entrance areas
Adjusted name layers around Atlas Highlands beach area
Fixed the exposed mechanism of dungeon wall traps
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Re: Titan Quest - Eternal Embers Update #6 (Publicbeta)
« Reply #1 on: 17 October 2022, 22:03:54 »
Its now live!

nothing have changed between beta and live, so far i know
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Re: Titan Quest - Eternal Embers Update #6 (Publicbeta)
« Reply #2 on: 14 January 2024, 12:25:32 »
Hey mate,

Did it ever happen to you reaching the end of the HC Dungeon and the boss is not there? It happened to me in Act 1 Epic, already survived the thing TWICE and the boss is simply not there. Do you know what could be causing this bug? Been searching for this all over the internet and I haven't found anything about it.



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