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First of all, apologies for cluttering this board with my threads, I tried scouring the web for answers but came up empty.

What stat increases do monsters get in Epic and Legendary, especially regarding health? The old GlobalProperties aren't used anymore apparently, and while I was able to track it down to the monstergamebalanceattributes.dbr, there are 18 levels with no way to tell what is applied when.

My second question is: is there any way to have a player skill use different values for each difficulty, e.g. 100 in normal, 250 in epic and 500 in legendary?

Other Modifications / Modding description text
« on: 04 June 2019, 10:59:13 »
I want to change the names and description text for some of the vanilla skills, how to?
I think I remember you could place modded loose files somewhere, but I haven't found anything searching the web.

Skill Reworks is a bounce mod that aims to overhaul the vanilla masteries, making formerly weak skills more interesting without nerfing the strong ones.

The goal is to make all skills worth investing points in, get rid of one point wonders, and have all classes stand on more or less equal ground. To achieve that, most of the skills have been reworked, sometimes even exchanged for entirely new ones, and the mastery bonuses adjusted. Ideally, this should open up new interesting mastery combinations and play styles.

Please note that Skill Reworks will most likely make your character stronger compared to vanilla and the overall game a little easier! But beware, some enemies will use these stronger skills against you, too!

The mod works with or without any of the DLC and can be safely used with existing characters!

It's up to date with the current v2.6 of the game and includes the new Atlantis skills as of v1.1!

Features of this Mod:
- The bonuses all masteries grant to Abilities, Health, and Energy were adjusted to match the strongest one (Defense) in overall value (on the basis of 1 Str/Dex/Int equals 10 Health/Energy).
- Many of the vanilla skills were adjusted regarding damage and other effects. Things that didn't scale before now usually do. Scaling of all values was reworked to have equal or increasing returns.
- Some skills have their maximum skill level reduced or increased. (If you use an existing character that has more ranks in a skill than the reworked version, the excess points can be bought back!)
- A few skills were replaced completely for (in my opinion) more interesting ones.
- Pet skills are now included!
- There is now a txt version of the mod that has edited skill names and descriptions (in english).

A full Changelog can be found here:

While I have played with these changes for some time already, it's impossible for me to test all masteries on all difficulties, so if you think something is too strong, still too weak, or simply not working right, let me know.

Note: the download contains four versions, skillreworks (only this mod), skillreworkslp (a merge with LootPlus, my other mod), and an additional version of each with edited skill names and descriptions (-txt)

Download v1.12:

Legacy Downloads:

Other Modifications / [MOD] LootPlus - More Loot, Better Stuff
« on: 15 April 2019, 10:25:56 »
Searching for a mod that somewhat recreated the drop rate enhancements from the old Defiler, I surprisingly came up empty and decided to give modding TQ a try myself.
This is a bounce mod made for v2.8a and the changes affect all acts and difficulties.

Update: Version 1.23 is out and includes the changes to the game in v2.8

Features of this Mod:
- Increased amount of loot from all containers depending on quality (the better the chest, the more loot it has)
- Roughly quadrupled the chance for epic/legendary items from containers (increased chance and amount means it's about 10x more likely to get an epic/legendary item from bosses)
- More loot volume also means more relics and green items (but not that much)
- Roughly doubled the chance to get formulas from containers
- All Bosses have completely new repeat loot tables
- Normalized the weird distribution of unique throwing weapons (nor more Ladon's Maw by the dozen from bone piles)
- Increased chance to get weapons from boss chests/orbs
- Rectified the discrimination of spears (chance was lower than for other weapons, Typhon and Hydra couldn't drop spears at all)
- Most quest-relevant containers have improved loot tables
- Hades' Treasury now actually contains treasure
- Monster infrequents drop more often
- Some infrequents that couldn't drop before now drop correctly (except for the Jackalman Sling and Polyphemus' Tenderizer, because they break the monster's animation)
- Infrequents have a higher chance to have both a pre- and suffix
- Bosses that equip weapons have a higher chance to wield uniques
- Jewelry quest rewards (almost) always have pre- and suffix and a high chance for rare ones
- Most item quest rewards have a higher chance to be uniques
- A few monster charms (mainly in early game) have a higher drop chance
- The Gambler (Atlantis) uses custom improved loot tables
- Tartarus chests and boss orb will yield a lot more gold (enough to buy a gambler orb with 1-2 boss runs)

The distribution of loot (with one single exception) or the items themselves haven't been modified, you just don't have to farm as much for the good stuff.

Download v1.23 (now with a database replacer version!):

Legacy Downloads:

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