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Thank you   :))!

War camps are if not one of my favourite places ingame, i can say they are a classic duo how unique the areas are and how paced they are, beastman on the left , undead on the right and gorgons in the front lol

There will be more undead types in greece, more diverse than our friendly warriors skelletons, there will be new types of zombies ,from elemental revenants to putrid mothers, ghouls and vampyres bats and skelletal beastmen from centaurs to gorgons

You can remove some walls/colluns in the ruined area, it can make that spot a bit larger.


Not really happy with Dread Pirate Robert's location; it's difficult to see what's going on with that camera angle.  I preferred his location in the previous version of the mod.

Didnt Dread Pirate Robert always appear in that location? where you find the sailor chests, in previous versions ? I think he always showed up in that spot

When i face him i tend to lure him near the cliffs entrance of Halycon Coast, since he have a medium chasing vison, wouldnt be a problem.

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 21 June 2021, 21:00:58 »
Hey yeah! I mean, if I removed the stun...would I get angry mobs with torches assaulting my home? Doubtful lol

What if you give a fear effect to centaur flag ? the horn can still cause stun but the flag can cause litle chaos to your pets, making you fell alone for a period of seconds.

Also i notice the Athens Lich dont have a long vision aggresion radius, not sure if this is the correct term, as what i mean is i could attack him and he was still walking/passive in long distance

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« on: 21 June 2021, 10:03:15 »

Centaur Horn does cause fear, but it causes stun also in Epic and Legendary.

Dont  fear and stun at same time overlap one or another ? I mean if they get caught in stun the fear dont work right ? Or Vise versa.

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 20 June 2021, 19:03:38 »
I completed act I, few minuts ago.

I went back after defeat telkine and i was able to defeat the Satyr Brute, i think it can be my dps wasnt good enought. Maybe instead of removing, lower a bit the values ?

I was happy after i could defeat the Helos Graveyard skellie boss, he was tuff! Can i sugest maybe to increase or buff his majestic orb ?

I could defeat the Athens Liche! Holy it was a epic batle and enjoy very much, specially how equal balanced he is. Hes Majestic Chest is very worthy to farm! I got 2 legendarys and few blues, i might to kill him a few times before going to Egypt.

Overall, the act was fun. Telkine and Minotaur were balanced.

I couldnt defeat Talos, Ghost Spider and Goblincatcher ( this one is for obvious reason dont mind me), probably need to boost my equips, also im using a satyr mi staff wich is fire based probably they have a solid fire resistance.

Shouldnt Centaur horn cause fear ? because i think its like vanilla, cause stuns

I got my 2nd crash , inside the Minoan Labyrinth, after i defeat the 2x deamon groups after the 2nd rebirth fountain. Not sure why, maybe its the game, but my 1st crash was around the Labyrinth before enter Minotaur Lord. I will do more runs to see if i can spot more.

BTW, maybe you can copy the shadowmaw or Leimon or any special fixed proxies that AE give and use for the itchian ? i think atleast when i use then for fixed boss spawn it always work. in case you dont use it,

I think i didnt forget anything O:-)

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« on: 20 June 2021, 16:04:18 »
Btw, what should the map/mod say in Custom Game for this mod?  I show LegionofChampionsAtlantis -  Is that correct?  Just wondering since I had trouble getting the mod installed properly.

Yep it should be it, since its showing to me as well

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 20 June 2021, 13:19:38 »
Alright new update is lovely!

I can admit im no longer a mana addicted ahah , its feels so  good spaming the archers at will ah!

Completed Normal diff! I enjoy how reworked Atlantis quest to unlock the barrier as well with the serpentoid leader rework!

Also Atlantis gameplay is very smooth, theres no fps drops, who knew the ragdoll could affect negatively the performance. Its great.

So i advanced to Epic difficulty and right now im in Ambrossus.

I think im facing the same problem with Satyr Brute from Medicine Quest, hes dmg is fine , but hes absorv dmg bit to much dmg, not counting in colossus form, so i skipped for now until i advance bit more in the act.

Pandarus is alright, but i think is 2nd form have alot of life leech, or what i could see it is.

Is the Skelleton Boss from Helos graveyard same tier as Uberboss ?

Boarcatcher spider is alright, same with skelletal brothers.

I couldnt find the Itchian Queen in Cyclops lair, but there is her chest.

Nessus, well its more or less, i think he was more fragile thand Satyr Shaman boss, not sure.

Ajax Iberias sword have +2 invalid skill profile.

So far its fun, i enoy the new quest ambushes :)

Edit 1 : Ratman Priest Boss give 668 exp in Epic, isnt that low ?

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 20 June 2021, 00:52:12 »
When i was exploring Mimmer Dungeon , I just was looking at my pets UI icons and see their mana go up and go down in few moments. Ah

The phantasm tend to go close to player often, i think its a cool thing the devs did for a suicide type monster.

Edit : When i was reading the spellbreaker as chest trap i just remind the Greek Orator boss with his sleep aoe radius ah, not sure why

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 20 June 2021, 00:29:23 »
I think i used the word in a wrong way.

The i way i want to mean is about Troll King case, how about he is in vanilla, just my personal experience during in vanilla. Feels like a pouching bag.

In vanilla he have a huge value  in hp recovery as base status, making the fight kinda long if you dont have the dmg burst. That is the issue i see.

The mod is well made and very smooth, i smilled when i saw some elements in this case some monsters from the CD version and older versions , scorpos commander for exmple, sometimes it comes to my memory the previous discussions and even topic on the older forum, it feel the period of space betweens versions were none.

LOC will always have a special place on my heart.

Edit : The troll king experience is similar to phantasm in Mimmer dungeon, the speallbreaker casted on death, Vanilla shinigans i think :p

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 19 June 2021, 23:48:29 »

Not sure if just on my side i had some fps drops time to time when i was fighting Thrym, i might check again later.
Let me know, I can't imagine what would be causing it. Maybe that spawn of icicles is too many or something?

I went fighting Thrym again, and i got the fps drops, from what i can understand when he tried to cast the close ice crystals circle the game lagged then it went normal again, after that he casted for the 2nd time the ice crystal again and it was okay, in 4th time he tried to cast it the game lagged but nothing appear and just one show up.

But its better to wait until someone else can confirm or backup this sentence, it can be at my end as well.

Side note : It is okay to complain about Troll King ? For a side boss he have to many regeneration and dmg, oh also you can just take the quest iten in the bonepile as isnt locked. Probably that was the ideia for the devs when did that boss.

What i been working recently, still in the production  :)

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 19 June 2021, 12:42:31 »
The bonepile is a conflict terrain issue in TQ since 2.8 or 2.9, some chests and bonepiles are almost above ground.

I advanced bit during this morning with my conjurer.

Mimir is bit to tanky, took some minuts and 2x crushing vortex scrolls to take it down.

Nidhoggr , i wasnt able to defeat yet, but its seens a bit like Mimir and i think he summons so many undead in short period of time, in 3 minuts all the arena was full of minions my pets were just to confused to know what to do , just like me ahah.

Not sure if just on my side i had some fps drops time to time when i was fighting Thrym, i might check again later.

Bracers Of Alfheim MI is missing Bonus to pets discription

Edit: One of ghosts that Nidhoggr summons is called Blood Golem

Curious to try out, today i added a point in Dark Covenant and i didnt fell any difference in terms of my mana addict , if we say in that way ah, probably im not used at that skill and need to learn how to use it better.

Speaking about easter eggs in the editor, theres also a Hyena sit in a rock in the top of cliffs where you fight the 1st reptilians in Hathor Basin, i dont know why but i giggle for a minute after i saw that.

I just was wondering , what you will do with the lv 3 greek spider that appear in Parthian Highlands (Orient after the 1st bridge) ?

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